15 Photos of McKayla Maroney That Her Parents Don’t Want Us To See

While some say she is being a bad role model, we are actually glad to see her going in a new and more scandalous direction.

Few gymnasts have made as big of a mark on society as McKayla Maroney. She's definitely one of the hottest gymnasts ever to compete, and also one of the most controversial. It definitely helps that we live in the age of the internet, and the fact that she was used in a meme was instrumental in her long-lasting fame. Even if you didn't like sports, you probably saw pictures of her "not impressed" face posted on the internet somewhere. But there was a lot more to this girl than just a stupid meme, which she said she found "kinda funny." She was actually one of the best gymnasts ever to represent team USA at the Olympics, and arguably one of the greatest of all time. After all, she was the only female to ever defend a gold medal in the vault competition.

She's much more than meets the eye. But as far as what does meet the eye, there's a lot there to appreciate as well. And in recent years, she's been very open about showing off pretty much every inch of that amazing body on the internet, mostly on her Instagram page. She has started to see herself as a social media star, and those hot pictures she posts are winning her a lot more fans. But some of her fans are actually losing interest in her, saying she's setting a bad example as a role model. Her parents would probably agree. But what does McKayla Maroney say in response? She doesn't care in the slightest.

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15 Drinking Green Juice


McKayla Maroney was, of course, the girl who won gold and silver in the Olympics, as part of the United States female gymnastics team. She also was the only female in history to successfully defend her gold medal status in the vault category. She really was an excellent athlete, and it's sad to see her leave the world of sports. But with pictures like these, it's easy to see why people aren't missing her that much. She's kept us updated on every little moment in her personal life through her Instagram account, and these pictures are really jaw-dropping.

While she might have won gold medals in vault, she should probably also get a medal for how stunning she looks in this picture. Fans were shocked when she first started flaunting pictures like these, but it's clear that McKayla doesn't care one bit. She looks ravishing.

14 Bikini Girl


Of course, every girl needs one or two bikini pictures on their Instagram account, and McKayala Maroney is no different. But it's kinda different when a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete decides to post bikini pictures, and people really took notice. Gymnasts are known for having some of the best, most toned bodies in the world, and McKayla Maroney might just be the cream of the crop in this regard. She shows no hesitation in showing us all pretty much every inch of her body, and I'm guessing she made a lot of new fans and followers with this one.

But this was hardly the first time she made it big on the internet. But before it wasn't about her body or her looks. She actually became an internet meme in 2012 after she made a face when she won the silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. Dubbed the "not impressed" meme, it instantly became a hit all around the world.

13 Her Famous Dance


Although she started posting a lot of pictures on her Instagram in recent years, evidently it wasn't enough to get her the attention she wanted. She then did something that really got people talking; she filmed herself in just a thong and a t-shirt, and started dancing and shaking her booty in a very provocative manner. The video went viral, and pretty much everyone wanted to see this ex-Olympian bare her body for the world to see. We might have seen glimpses of her body before, but never "full on" like this...

Her fans were so shocked that people convinced each other that she had been hacked. But then they were in for an even bigger shock, when McKayla Maroney went online and revealed that she posted the video on purpose. She then hit out at all the people who said she was being a bad role model, suggesting that they unfollow her if they didn't like what she was posting.

12 Sticking Her Tongue Out


Here's another undeniably hot picture of everyone's favorite Olympic gymnast. She's sticking her tongue out in a way that's cute, naughty, and hot all at the same time. That's probably the main reason why she's so hot– she's one of the best examples of a "good girl gone bad." We all thought she was super innocent when we saw her competing at the Olympics, and that's why it was such a shock to see her act so risqué on social media. If you took one look at her, you'd probably think she was picture perfect, both inside and out.

But is there actually anything wrong with exploring your s*xuality? As a young girl, it's pretty much a natural process and something everyone goes through. McKayla Maroney herself has admitted that she'll probably "never stop changing," meaning we could see her get even more adventurous in the years to come.

11 Partying On Halloween


Here's an unbelievably hot picture of McKayla Maroney partying with one of her hot friends on Halloween. I'm guessing that her parents probably don't want people to see these sexy pictures of their perfect little girl, but in truth they have no control over it. Even if she shut down her social media accounts, these pictures would still be online for the rest of eternity. She's dressed up as a sexy little cat, and she once again shows off tons of that cleavage we're all getting to know so well. Sometimes it's easy to forget that McKayla Maroney is still a young woman, because she seems to be 100% grown-up in these pictures.

It's obvious that she was partying pretty hard the night this picture was taken, and that's another reason that her parents probably don't feel great about these pictures being on the web. And they might have a point. Who knows, maybe in a few years McKayla Maroney will regret posting these pictures.

10 Hands On Her Shorts


A lot of guys out there probably watch the female gymnastics competition in the Olympics just to see girls like McKayla Maroney in their tight leotards. In truth, these guys probably comprise of about half the competition's TV audience. And who could blame them? With girls like McKayla Maroney strutting around, stretching, and doing all kinds of mouth-watering maneuvers, it's hard not to get excited. But just when you thought this girl couldn't get any hotter, she started to show us even more revealing pictures on Instagram.

There must have been a part of her that knew so many guys thought she was hot. After she stopped competing, she probably saw an opportunity to capitalize on that. If guys were fantasizing about her on the gymnastics court, why not give them what they wanted, and become a social media star in the process?

9 Massage Table


Sometimes the hottest pictures of McKayla Maroney don't even come from Instagram. This picture was taken while she was still an Olympic athlete, and it's unclear who took it or where this was. What's clear, though, is that McKayla Maroney looks hot as hell on that massage table. She's looking over her shoulder in an expectant manner, almost teasing you to let your eyes wander over her impressive body. But one part in particular really grabs people's attention– that amazing booty. This muscular gluteus was probably one of the main reasons she was so amazing at gymnastics, and you can see that it's one of the finest around.

Can you imagine being the lucky massage therapist who got to lay their hands on this fine specimen? It would probably be the best job of all time. I guess this is why so many people go to massage therapy school. Opportunities like this are almost too good to be true.

8 Stretching 


Of course, in order to stay nice and flexible, every good gymnast needs to constantly stretch. The power of the muscles is important for a gymnast, but there's also flexibility to consider. And McKayla Maroney is a very, very flexible girl. She probably still is, even after all this time since retiring from gymnastics. You can see from this photo that she takes her job as a professional athlete very seriously, making sure get those amazing legs of hers to full extension. Such flexibility is the result of years and years of practice, and you could say that her body has been shaped by a tradition that is famous for producing some of the hottest girls on earth.

McKayla Maroney is hardly the only hot gymnast to walk the Earth. There are even a few girls on team USA that rival her, such as Aly Raisman. Also, certain Eastern European countries like Russia or Ukraine are also famous for producing insanely hot gymnasts. So why did McKayla Maroney get so much attention? It's clear that she has a unique, special charm that no one else has.

7 Nice Leotard


Of all the girls who have ever competed in gymnastics, McKayla Maroney is probably the one who really made the famous leotard look the hottest. Doesn't she just look amazing in it? There's something about the way this thin, stretchy fabric squeezes her petite but curvy body. It just makes everyone's jaws drop. She had the looks, and she also had the talent, becoming one of the hottest and most successful female gymnasts in history. That leotard suited her in more ways than one. It was almost as if she was born to wear it.

Sadly, it looks like we'll never see her wearing a leotard again. At least, not while she's competing on the world stage. She's suffered from a ton of health problems since 2012, and has had surgery on one of her knees. She's also admitted to suffering from adrenal fatigue. And finally, in 2016, she announced her retirement from the games. Oh well, at least we'll still get to see her wearing a leotard on Instagram, right?

6 Lifting Up Her Skirt


Here's another picture of McKayla Maroney that her parents definitely don't want you to see. In fact, this one's so naughty that we can't even show you the whole thing. What's really happening here is that McKayla is lifting up her short skirt to show the world her sexy black undergarments. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination if you want to see the bigger picture... Or you could just look it up on Google! This picture was taken during a time when McKayla was almost aggressively showing off her body on social media, and her pictures seemed to get more and more naughty by the second.

But in truth, there were tons of pictures online that were way more naughty than even she intended to show the world. Back when everyone's iCloud pictures were getting hacked, McKayla Maroney was one of the unfortunate victims.

5 Tiny String Bikini

Here's another insanely hot picture of Mckayla Maroney. As you can see, she's wearing an incredibly tiny string bikini, and it's even more revealing than the bikini we saw earlier in this article. But hey, at least she's repping USA colors, right? One thing that is clear about this photo is although it's undeniably sexy, there is also a strong girly vibe from McKayla.

Speaking about her influences as a young girl, McKayla revealed: "I remember watching Carly Patterson. She was one of my favorites. I loved her floor routine. I went to Olympic Trials that year (2004) with Kyla [Ross]. I remember seeing the gymnasts on the floor and I loved all of their leotards. I thought they were so little and so amazing. I thought, how am I going to stay this little? I was worried that I was going to be really tall because my dad is 6'3" and my mom is 5'2", so I didn’t know which one I was going to be."

4 Hot Yoga Pants


Here's another totally hot picture of McKayla Maroney. In this Instagram picture, she looks just like your average girl next door, but that just seems to make her even hotter. She's wearing some mouth-watering yoga pants that hug her butt marvellously, and her cute pony tail dangles tantalizingly right over her cute rear. She's just an average girl now, and you might not even recognize her if she passed you on the street wearing this outfit. But you'd probably still turn your head, seeing as she's so hot.

Her role in life now is a far cry from back in 2012, when she was chosen for the Olympic team of the USA. Back then, she gushed: "This is the best feeling– it's just so amazing. I'm in shock right now. I think this will be the happiest I'll ever be in my life. It's the absolute best feeling knowing that I trained so hard for this and all the hard things that I have accomplished, and now to be on this team. These girls are my best friends. My team mate Kyla Ross, we have been best friends since we were six years old, so it's just absolutely amazing to be going to the Olympics. If I do my job I know I can get the gold medal. That's what they picked me to be on the team for, so I need to be confident about that."

3 Chilling With Her Friends


Heres another insanely hot picture of McKayla Maroney hanging out with her friends in a hot outfit. They all seem to be baring a lot of skin in this picture, and it's obvious that they're really enjoying themselves. You might notice that they're all wearing the colors of the United States. This is because they are celebrating the 4th of July. And if anyone has provided a great service to her country, it's McKayla Maroney. Bringing home Olympic medals to America is one of the most honored things anyone can do for the great nation.

But what about her reputation today? What effect does that have on the reputation of America? She was talked about in a positive light on the news and across the world, because she was such a great role model and high-achiever. But is she now actually damaging the reputation of America with these risqué pictures? Some would say so.

2 Sultry Photo Shoot


Here's another incredibly hot picture of McKayla Maroney, as she poses with a sports car in what looks like some seriously revealing track pants. Her hair is braided in a cute but sultry manner, much like Kylie Jenner. She's also wearing some sexy heels that show off the curves and muscles of her tight legs. It's clear that even though she's finished with gymnastics, she's still got that hot body as a result of all that training, and this seems to be something that will never change– even though her public image seems to change drastically from one day to the next.

So what's next for McKayla Maroney? We've talked previously about the way she looks like an Instagram model or a pop star in this picture. Well, that might not be far from the truth in the coming years. McKayla has been very vocal about her upcoming music career, and it's what she's been focusing on since retiring from gymnastics. Her debut single is rumored to be called "Ghost," although it's not clear when it will drop.

1 Go Team USA


So what will we remember McKayla for? Are we going to look back at her and think about her amazing athletic abilities, or her hot body? Maybe a little bit of both? One thing's certain; this girl has definitely made her mark on society and history, and something tells us she's not finished yet. She's still really young, and has her whole future ahead of her.

But one thing she obviously doesn't want to be remembered for is her failures– namely, the silver medal win that led to her iconic "not impressed" face. Speaking about the fall that cost her the gold medal, McKayla revealed: "I didn't get my full block, my hands didn't really touch the vault. I still walked out with a silver medal and I'm happy about that. I'll have to watch the video and figure out what happened. It's really sad that I had to fall on that vault but I'm glad I won a silver medal. I know I can do better vaults but I also know I didn't deserve the gold medal because I fell on my second vault. It happens. It's gymnastics. You can't always be perfect. Sometimes things don't go as planned."


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