15 Photos Of Famous Serial Killers Living Normal Lives

You're going to read about some of the most despicable people to ever exist. Together, they've caused immeasurable pain and taken the lives of hundreds of people from all over the world. They're rapists, abusers, torturers and the crimes they've committed are enough to make you want to lose your lunch.

They're some of the most famous serial killers to ever exist, but you've never seen them quite like this.

You may be left horrified as we pull back the cover and show them engaging in activities that you may have done earlier this week. Hanging on the beach, sharing a moment with Grandpa (who, unlike our candidate, you won't end up killing) or taking a loving family photo on Christmas are just some of the examples of these disgusting people living and engaging in activities that are downright normal. There's even a killer who shook hands with Mike Tyson!

Sure, you know Ted Bundy, but wait until you see a photo from his yearbook and the chilling quote that accompanies it. You know John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown, but have you ever seen him in action? And then there's Mikhail Popkov who claims to have murdered over 80 women, smiling with his daughter.

These killers were anything but normal, but that didn't mean they tried to avoid living a "normal" life.

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15 Daniela Poggiali (38 Murders) Enjoys The Beach

It is hard to make the argument that Daniela Poggiali felt bad about the 38 patients that she allegedly murdered during her time as a nurse. Especially when you consider Daniela made headlines in particular for the fact that she took a selfie of her smiling over a dead patient.

It was also reported that Daniela would go after patients who she would deem annoying and felt pleasure whenever she committed a murder.

The above photo shows that Daniela also clearly enjoyed spending some time on the beach! While we aren't too sure what is going on with her eyebrows, we certainly wouldn't have the confidence to say anything about it.

14 Jeffrey Dahmer (17 Murders) Passes Out With Beer And Takes A Family Photo

Jeffrey Dahmer may be one of the first names that come to your mind when you think about serial killers. Inflicting terror on the world from 1978-1991, Dahmer also gained notoriety when it became clear that he also engaged in necrophilia as well as cannibalism.

And while there are plenty of photos from Dahmer's crime scenes or apartment that will leave you with chills, perhaps none will affect you quite like seeing him in the above two photos. It's perhaps not shocking to hear that Dahmer was no stranger to alcohol and while we have no idea what is going on with his moustache in the photo on the right, we're sure he couldn't care less if anyone judged him.

13 Dennis Rader (10 Murders) Last Photo With Daughter And Son-In-Law At Christmas

'Last picture ever taken of me and Dad.' Christmastime, 2004, at the Rader family home in Park City: Dennis Rader, daughter Kerri and her husband Darian Rawson. Her father would be arrested weeks later and charged with ten murders.

One of the best parts of the year for many people is the Christmas season. That was probably the case for Kerri Rader, her husband Darian Rawson and Dennis Rader, all 3 who are featured in the above photo.

But unlike Kerri and Darian, Dennis is one of the worst serial killers of all-time. The above photo was taken in 2004 and only weeks before police were able to make the connections and identify Rader as the killer that had murdered 10 people from 1974-1991.

Known as the BTK Killer, standing for Bind, Torture, Kill. Rader would construct elaborate areas where he would often take photos of his victims prior to killing them.

You can imagine Christmas isn't quite the same at the Rader house anymore.

12 Ted Bundy (30+ Murders) Yearbook Photo With Chilling Quote

The above photo may not be the most focused in the world, but how do you complete a list of serial killers and not include Ted Bundy? Responsible for the deaths of over 30 individuals, Bundy is easily considered to be one of the most horrific people to ever exist.

The above photo is taken from Bundy's yearbook and includes the caption "Just wait till he turns his back, then throw it" which was allegedly said by Bundy.

Considering how many of his victims that Bundy must have snuck up on before beating, raping or murdering them (or all 3), we're sure that quote may send an extra chill down your spine.

11 Shaun Gallon (3 Murders) Takes A Costumed Selfie And Wears A Gas Mask

There is no telling how many people Shaun Gallon may have murdered. Gallon was already arrested and in custody for murdering his brother when prosecutors were able to make the link between Gallon and the horrific slaying of two lovers on Jenner Beach in Northern California back in 2004.

While it is not clear as to why Gallon was wearing a mask in the photo on the right, we're sure he doesn't have too many things going on in his life that will lead to him throwing up the peace sign anymore.

The photo on the left also appears to be a costume of some sort, but we're sure his future Halloweens are only going to be spent "dressing up" as a prisoner.

10 John Wayne Gacy (33 Murders) Shows Off Pogo The Clown And Meets First Lady Rosalynn Carter

This list includes a serial killer who shook hands with Mike Tyson, but there is no discrediting how terrifying it was that John Wayne Gacy also got as close as he did to First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Gacy was actively murdering people at the time of the photo being taken in 1978. Looking at the photo on the left, you also get an up close look at Gacy's character "Pogo The Clown".

Gacy would frequently attend charity events or children's parties dressed up as the clown. Talk about giving you a whole new reason to be terrified of clowns!

9 Elizabeth Wettlaufer (8 Murders) Shows Jamaican Pride

When it comes to horrific serial killers, one of the most shocking professions that someone can have is a nurse. Unfortunately for the patients of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, they were being taken care of by one of the worst serial killers in Canada's history.

Charged earlier this year with the murder of 8 senior citizens, Wettlaufer definitely won't be enjoying the sun anytime soon like you see in the above photo.

While the braids remind us of Monica in that episode of Friends when she goes to Barbados, that may not make the photo any less terrifying.

8 Aileen Wuornos (7 Murders) As A Child And With Significantly Older Husband

Aileen Wuornos may very well be the most famous female serial killer of all-time. Granted it definitely helps that she had Charlize Theron do an outstanding job portraying her life in the film Monster.

The above two photos show very two different periods in Wuornos' life. The one on the left shows her looking innocent as a child. If only society knew who she would grow into!

The one on the right features Wuornos with her temporary husband, Lewis Fell, who was 69 years old at the time of their marriage. The relationship, however, was abusive, with Wuornos frequently beating Fell with his cane in order to receive more money.

7 Christopher Pittman (2 Murders) Poses With Grandfather That He Later Killed

If we are going to be "technical", Christopher Pittman is not actually a serial killer. Instead, he only murdered his two grandparents, one of whom you see pictured in the above photo.

Pittman's murders drew particular media attention due to the fact that he was 12 years old when he decided to shoot both of them with a shotgun.

Pittman was angered at his grandfather in particular who had spanked him with a paddle as punishment for Pittman choking another student earlier that day.

It is heavily believed that the prescription drug Zoloft may have played a significant role, as Pittman was suffering from side effects of the drug and as a result, his order was doubled (yes, you read that right) 2 days prior to the incident.

Despite this, Pittman was sentenced to 30 years in jail which was later reduced to 25.

6 Dale Hausner (8 Murders) Gives A Thumbs Up And Shakes Mike Tyson's Hand

You can imagine if Mike Tyson knew what Dale Hausner was responsible for, that he would have made sure he crushed that hand and turned his face into soup.

Dale Hausner, alongside Samuel Dieteman, was known in the media as the "Serial Shooters'" and from May 2005-July 30th, 2006, the two men were responsible for killing 8 individuals and also responsible for 29-38 other shootings.

Prior to the shooting, Hausner worked as a boxing photo-journalist for RingSports and Fightnews.

Mike Tyson was interviewed about meeting Hausner, saying "He was a very frail, white guy. It's Ramadan, so I'm this very righteous, Muslim dude with the Qu'ran, and he was so nice, we took a picture."

Hausner was convicted on 6 of his 8 murder charges and sentenced to six death penalties. Hausner died in 2013 after overdosing in his cell on anti-depressants.

5 Wayne Williams (25-31 Murders) Spins A Record And Poses For Graduation

Wayne Williams clearly knew how to get the party popping with his skills as a DJ and judging by the hat on his head in the photo on the right, he at the very least appeared to be well educated.

Unfortunately, Williams is also one of the worst serial killers in America's history and while he was only convicted of two murders, the Atlanta police department is convinced that Williams was responsible for anywhere from 25-31 victims.

While you probably won't believe him, Williams maintains his innocence and says that it was really the KKK who was responsible for the killings.

4 Richard Ramirez (14 Murders) With Prison Wife And Family Dog

While some killers end up feeling a sense of remorse for their actions, that definitely was never the case with Richard Ramirez. Nicknamed the "Night Stalker", Ramirez would use a variety of weapons; including a tire iron and machete, to inflict punishment on his victims.

Officially charged with having 14 victims, Ramirez committed all of his atrocities in under 2 years with his spree running from April 10th, 1984-August 24th, 1984.

The above photos show off two sides of Ramirez, including his more "romantic" side as the one on the left is with his bride who he married in prison. The photo on the right, however, may be even more upsetting as it shows an incredibly young Ramirez with logically his family dog.

3 Mikhail Popkov (81 Murders) Smiling With His Daughter

There is no shortage of horrific serial killers in the world, but Mikhail Popkov is not only the worst one on our list but he's in the "top 5" of worst all-time.

Nicknamed "The Werewolf", Popkov claims to have murdered 81 different women during his reign of terror. While he may be exaggerating, the Russian FBI has accepted his claims and considering he was found guilty of murdering 22 people, it definitely isn't the largest leap in the world. Often posing in a police car, Popkov would offer stranded women a ride, take them to a remote location and then proceed to rape and murder them.

One of the most shocking things about Popkov was his family life that included his daughter Ekaterina who is pictured above.

2 Myra Hindley (5 Murders) Poses With Murder Outfit And Shows Off Dog

If we're being fair, there is no way we can talk about Myra Hindley and not also talk about her partner in crime Ian Brady. Together the two lured at least 5 children, all aged between 10-17 to their death.

Hindley was influential in helping get the attention of children and was frequently seen wearing the outfit that we have pictured for you on the right. The gloves that she was wearing were also allegedly often used in the murders.

It's also extra sad (and terrifying) to see serial killers interact with animals, as you also get a look at one of her pets. Hindley was the owner of two dogs, both of whom we hope were treated well.

1 Robert Pickton (6-49 Murders) Poses In His Murder Area

The stereotype about Canadians may be that they are very friendly people, but there may not be a single Canadian that goes against that stereotype more than Robert Pickton. Born in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Pickton murdered anywhere from 6-49 victims from 1983-2002.

Pickton did most of his killing out at his pig farm, and in 2007 several damning pieces of evidence were made present in court. This included a videotape of two of Pickton's associates Scott Chubb who said Pickton mentioned it was easy to kill heroin addicts with windshield washer fluid, and another associate Andrew Bellwood saying that he would kill prostitutes by handcuffing them, strangling, bleeding and gutting them and then feeding them to his pigs.

Most of Pickton's victims were women that he took from the Downtown Eastside, a notorious Vancouver neighborhood known for its rampant prostitution and low income.

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