15 Photos Of Celebs Being Gross AF

When it comes to the rich and famous, it’s commonly thought that celebrities have everything they could possibly need in regards to the comforts of life. From maids to clean their homes to personal trainers to ensure they stay fit, there aren’t any excuses they should have about living the best life possible. While their careers can be demanding in regards to schedules, traveling and the stress of fame, the benefits of having such an abundance of money should relinquish all the other hardships of life. Something that the public would never think a celebrity would have a problem with is a perception of being dirty. Yet, that is exactly what has happened to some celebrities once they reached a certain level of fame.

From rodent-infested homes to public displays of vulgarity, it’s actually quite surprising that so many celebrities would have difficulties maintaining a “clean” public persona. While the amount of money these celebrities have could keep a family of four afloat for generations long after their death, it seems that the money wasn’t enough to maintain some celebrities for just a few years. While most celebrities are able to maintain themselves at the start of their careers, there are many that start on a downward spiral once they reach the pinnacle of their fame. Check out our list of the 15 celebrity photos showing their dirty moments and see how money isn’t the solution to all things when it comes to the world of the rich and famous.


15 Kate Gosselin

When the world was first introduced to Kate Gosselin, she was not the fashionista or television personality she is thought of today. During the first few seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8, she had short brown hair and was quite sizable since she was a mother of sextuplets and twins. Yet, as the series progressed, she began to transform in her appearance, while her over-the-top personality wasn’t helping to create a likable public persona. The tabloids dubbed her “Monster Mom,” and the world was beginning to tire of her constant nagging and domineering manner. While she tried to exude the appearance of a hot, blonde TV mom that is somehow managing to keep it all together, she let a few dirty moments slip out. Although she always tried to make it seem like she was super clean, there were a number of times when she would walk around barefoot. One instance was at a gas station, where she dismissed it by saying that the rain water washes away any dirt. Other instances were around the house and the TLC cameras caught her with blackened feet and even putting her feet onto the kitchen counters.

14 Britney Spears


Britney Spears is a celebrity that has had more than her fair share of ups and downs. While she became known as the Princess of Pop during her heyday, she quickly went into a downward spiral that showed how difficult it was for her to handle gaining fame at such a young age. There were a number of incidents that made fans see her as less than glamorous, from her umbrella incident while shaving her head to walking around barefoot. Yet, some of her dirtiest moments have been captured during her regular routine. There have been countless photographs taken of Spears when she was in desperate need of running a comb through her hair and she’s also been caught partaking in some fast food while driving. Although there is some comfort in knowing that even celebrities run through a Taco Bell drive-thru, it’s not exactly the best look for someone that was once known as a sex goddess during her pop star days.

13 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was once only thought of as Lionel Richie’s daughter but quickly made a name for herself as Paris Hilton’s sidekick in the Fox series, The Simple Life. While the series was meant to highlight Paris Hilton as the beautiful socialite, the series quickly focused its attention on the hijinks and partying of Nicole Richie. During those crazy days, Richie went out of her way to be as shocking and in-your-face as she could be. It’s hard to say if all of her acting out was because she was trying to become a celebrity in her own right or whether she was just acting like a typical adolescent sowing her wild oats. Whatever the case, now that she’s turned into a fashion icon, mother, and wife, there are inevitably a series of photos that she wishes weren’t still out in circulation. From the drunken photos while partying with the Hiltons to flashing the audience while walking the catwalk, Richie has had a series of dirty moments that are undoubtedly more than a bit embarrassing.

12 Fergie


Fergie was first introduced to the world as the breakout star and frontwoman of the Black Eyed Peas. Like many music artists living the life of a rock star, Fergie didn’t have the most stable lifestyle while touring and performing with the Black Eyed Peas. In fact, Fergie has been very open about the struggles she faced during that time, regarding drug addiction. In an interview with Times of London, Fergie stated, “It started with ecstasy. I loved ecstasy. Loved it, loved it. It was great at first, then it just went…” She went on to talk about her next drug of choice, which was crystal meth. There’s no telling whether the incident of her soiling herself on stage was because of her drug use but whatever the case, it wasn’t a good look. Nothing screams dirty than a woman strutting her stuff while wearing a pair of pee-stained pants.

11 Gwen Stefani

While the world has become accustomed to seeing Gwen Stefani on the red carpet looking nothing but glamorous, there was a time when she didn’t appear so put together. In the beginning of her career, she was a victim of the times because the ‘90s grunge era wasn’t exactly the best look. Although she was a huge improvement over other females of that time, saying that she was much prettier than Courtney Love isn’t saying much. Stefani used to stick decals all over her face and pair it up with ultra-dark lipstick but that wasn’t the worst of it. Although everyone wants music performers to give their all on stage, female artists aren’t generally expected to sweat and grunt in the way that Stefani was known to do back in the early days of her career. There is a definite double-standard when it comes to female performers since no one ever gave Mick Jagger a hard time for getting sweaty on stage. Yet, that’s not how the world wants to picture their female singers.

10 Emma Roberts


Born into the celebrity life, Emma Roberts is the niece of Julia Roberts and the daughter of Eric Roberts. She made a name for herself early on in her career through her appearance in the big-budget film, Blow, and then later went on to earn TV fame in American Horror Story and Scream Queens. While she may be related to America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, she has a completely different persona and doesn’t exactly have the same squeaky clean reputation. From the domestic abuse issue she was arrested for while dating Evan Peters to the numerous other scandals in her personal life, it’s becoming difficult to even think of her as Julia Roberts’ niece. While her aunt exudes nothing but class and sophistication, Roberts has been photographed on numerous occasions walking barefoot down the street. This isn’t exactly the look of a celebrity starlet but not everyone can keep a glamorous look even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

9 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is best known for her stellar work as writer, creator and star of the hit HBO series, Girls. While the show has become a huge favorite among audiences, it’s also been criticized for the various nude scenes involving Lena Dunham. While it’s not a new concept for a series to involve nude scenes featuring its stars, Dunham doesn’t look like the typical Hollywood starlet. The majority of her nude scenes have shown her in situations where she doesn’t look all that appealing and the photos from her personal life are just as unappealing. From being barefoot at red carpet events to posting Instagram photos of herself on the toilet, Dunham doesn’t exactly appear as one of Hollywood’s A-list elite. The 2014 Met Gala wasn’t the only instance when she stood on a dirty pavement without shoes and unfortunately, her toilet Instagram photo wasn’t the only time she was photographed in the loo.


8 Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer was first recognized for her stellar comedic ability in the 2013 sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer. There is no shortage of female comedians that have made their mark in the world, especially since celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey have become huge successes in the entertainment industry. Yet, there is something different about Amy Schumer since her comedy is often more on the side of raunchy and super sexualized. She’s spent much of her career fighting the media since there has been so much scrutiny over her weight. She has addressed the issue of weight in Hollywood through her comedy but she’s also been very unapologetic about the fact that she isn’t the typical size zero expected of Hollywood women. Magazines have loved to play up her sexualized humor through her pictorial spreads and not all of them have been in the best taste. While they are meant to grab a few laughs, they also can be seen is cringe-worthy.

7 Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is thought of as one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses in the entertainment industry. While she started her career in films like Bend It Like Beckham, she quickly transitioned into a full-fledged Hollywood starlet. She has become a favorite for filmmakers looking for an actress that can convey the appearance of a character in a period drama. From playing Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice to Georgiana Cavendish in The Duchess, Knightley has the unique ability to transform into a character while appearing effortlessly beautiful and sophisticated. The persona she’s created from her onscreen characters undoubtedly helped to land her the lucrative endorsement deal with Chanel. However, the paparazzi have caught her during some of her less glamorous moments in her personal life. As a British actress, it shouldn’t be surprising that Knightley spends a lot of time in London. The surprising part is that when she is in London, she sometimes walks down the dirty streets without any shoes and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that her feet look like she’s been walking on hot coals.

6 Pink


When Pink was first introduced to the world, it was difficult to pigeonhole her into a specific category of the music industry. Some of her singles bordered on the realm of hip hop, while there were others that made it clear that she was a rock star. During the beginning of her career, it was undoubtedly a bit overwhelming to be thrust into fame and fortune seemingly overnight. Pink’s rock star days were filled with a series of questionable incidents but one of them was by far the most interesting. Pink was photographed urinating in public and she wasn’t exactly embarrassed to be caught. Flashing a rock star pose and a smile, Pink looked like a dirty bum rather than an A-list music artist. The only good thing about the whole situation is that her urinating in public days are behind her. She is a seasoned performer and mother, so she has put those shenanigans in her past.

5 Courtney Love

As the frontwoman of Hole, Courtney Love has lived the epitome of a rock star lifestyle over the years. There have been a series of public meltdowns regarding Love both onstage and in her personal life. She’s always had an affinity towards garnering attention for herself and it hasn’t seemed to matter whether or not it was positive or negative attention. Yet, there have been certain moments that have truly made people think of her in the dirtiest light. In one particularly revolting photograph, Love was seen allowing a homeless man to suckle at her breast while being photographed. This wasn’t the first time she had exposed her breasts for fans but it definitely was a new low for Love. Through the years, Love has had a highly public battle with drugs and alcohol and there seems to be more instances of her wild and outlandish behavior than her normal moments.

4 Christina Aguilera


When Christina Aguilera was first introduced as a pop star, she looked like a squeaky clean version of herself. It’s commonly known that the first time an artist releases an album, they’re usually micromanaged by the record label. It wasn’t until her career was solidly off the ground before she started her “Dirrty” phase. While the song and corresponding music video showed her at her best weight and ultra-sexy, the song title was actually befitting her future self. Aguilera went through a major wild streak where she was seen falling in and out of nightclubs. From smeared makeup to an overall disheveled look, Aguilera has had many moments where she looked nothing like a glamorous music artist. She’s always been known for going up and down in weight but there was one particular performance where her excess weight wasn’t the biggest shocker. Although tousled hair can sometimes be appealing, her particular look appears like she stuck her finger in an electrical outlet.

3 Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus tried her hand at breaking out from her father’s shadow and getting away from her squeaky clean Disney image, she didn’t do it quietly by any means. Instead, she chose to come out of the woodwork kicking and screaming. While her foam finger performance with Robin Thicke was shocking enough, she constantly tried to outdo the shock factor through her other stage performances. Although she may have wanted to spark some controversy and a little conversation, all she really did was diminish the amount of respect she had for those in the industry and the world in general. Instead of looking like the Disney girl that’s all grown up, she looked like the dirty adult film star trying to masquerade as the newest pop sensation. Things have seemed to tone down a bit after she got a role on The Voice but her outlandish behavior is still rearing its ugly head.

2 Madonna


Madonna is considered an icon in the world of music ever since she released her first debut studio album in 1983. During the peak of her success, Madonna was all anyone could talk about as a rock star and a film darling. Over the years, she has tried a variety of different stunts to try and maintain the public’s interest, from barely-there ensembles to kissing Britney Spears on stage. Madonna seems like royalty in Hollywood terms and has a reported estimated net worth of $560 million. Yet, fans got to see how she was really living when she was featured in the online segment, Saturday Night with Romeo. The camera was positioned in Madonna’s bathroom while she answered questions asked by fans. During the segment, a rat crawled across her bathroom floor and could be clearly seen by the camera. It’s a little refreshing to see that even celebrities have rodent problems but it’s still something thought of as a dirty little secret that would have probably been better if it weren’t seen by millions of people online.

1 Lindsay Lohan

When Lindsay Lohan was winning over fans as a child actress, no one would have ever guessed that she would become such a train wreck in her later years. While there was a time when there were high hopes regarding the promise of her future, that was sadly just a small phase in her career. It didn’t take long for Lohan to start looking like a haggard celebrity that’s all washed up. As if the wrinkles and cheap makeup tricks weren’t bad enough, she had major hygiene issues when it came to her teeth. It’s no secret that Lohan has had a longstanding battle with drugs and alcohol abuse, which may be a reason for the issues regarding her teeth. Whatever the case, Lohan has appeared on the red carpet on more than one occasion with teeth that were stained brown and looking like they were rotting. Perhaps she should run a toothbrush against them once in awhile.

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