15 Photos Kanye West Doesn’t Want You to See

What are your feelings about Kanye West? No really, what are they? You can be honest with us, because we will tell you our feelings about these 15 Photos Kanye West Doesn’t Want You to See. These pictures span from his adolescence, the beginnings of his career, and to present day, and we are sure that you will find at least a few of these to be cringe-worthy. After all, Kanye makes us all cringe, whether it is through his auto-tuned vocals, his blatant arrogance, or his attempts at appearing to be a family man to his children and wife. The fact of the matter is, Kanye West is an enigma, and it is really hard for people to understand him. In fact, he himself thinks that people don’t and can’t understand him; after all, he is a “true artist.”

Anyway, the 39-year-old rapper has solidified himself as a grown man with an immature way about him. He throws tantrums, he argues with anyone who disagrees with him or questions him, and he is a really sore loser. Just ask Beck, J.U.S.T.I.C.E., and Taylor Swift. Somehow, Kanye is married (although it’s to Kim Kardashian, so think what you will), and we really don’t see how anyone would willingly spend time with him. Unfortunately, Kanye West fans must be out there, because after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States (Lord help us all), people were calling for Kanye to run for the position in 2020.

15 When He Cried During an Interview


Wait, Kanye West crying? Lemme see, lemme see! In February 2015, Kanye was doing an interview on BBC’s Radio 1, and the results were just plain weird. Kanye was asked about his career endeavors and he started speaking about his plans to launch into the fashion industry, and how he tried that and he’s been doing such a great job, but people just aren’t recognizing it. It was sort of a “people just don’t get me” type of thing. It was so awkward. At one point (as you can see from this photo), the rapper put his head in his hand and just started to sob. He was reminiscing about his times with Louise Wilson, fashion professor, and mentor to Alexander McQueen. Remembering that she had passed and that he had visited her memorial, Kanye lost it. Was it real? Was he trying to sway fans in his favor? Who knows...this was just sort of eerie.

14 When He Canoodled With Chaka Khan


Back in 2004, Kanye West was so excited to go to his first MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. And he might have been a tad nervous (although he would never admit it), because he called in some help from iconic singer Chaka Khan. If you don’t know Chaka Khan, she has been performing since the 1970s and still has that funk and disco vibe going on. During the 2004 VMAs, Chaka Khan was actually suffering from laryngitis, but that didn’t stop her from being yanked onstage to be with Kanye. The photo that ensued was funny, confusing, and awkward. Kanye was dressed in a black velvet sports coat and a satiny salmon shirt, and he was standing alongside Chaka Khan to sing “Through the Wire.” The juxtaposition of the rapper next to a voluptuous diva with huge hair and too much stage makeup was really weird. Just plain strange. Let’s move on, please.

13 This Unflattering Shirtless Photo

Viewer discretion is advised. If you don’t want to see Kanye West without a shirt, then you might want to skip ahead to the next picture. This photo came about in the spring of 2015, and was accompanied with a headline stating that Kanye West hates his man boobs. Really! Just because the rapper is married to one of the sexiest women in pop culture, that does not mean that his own body can be compared to hers. In fact, Kanye seems to just be a pudgy dude who thinks that he is a creative genius. No offense, but rumor has it that the rapper is a bit discouraged and put off by his own man boobs. After all, his own chest shouldn’t be competing with that of his busty wife! Other tabloids have said that Kanye is seriously out of shape, and has the physical strength and endurance of someone twice his age. That’s going to be a problem!

12 This Throwback Portrait


Is this Kanye West’s version of the Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man? In this throwback Thursday photo, we can see Kanye as a young man, probably in his mid teenage years. In the photo, he is sitting at a Casio keyboard and wearing some clunky headphones and he appears to be tinkering with the keys. And guess what? He even had the Resting B***h Face back then! Some things just never change, do they? Kanye would definitely not want anyone to find this picture, and however it came about, we’re sure that he has some choice words (and actions) for that particular person. This picture shows us a dorky Kanye, born and raised in the United States Mid West, hoping that he can make it big-time. He wears an oversized sweater, and his face is still plump and tender with baby fat. Ah, the good old days, right?

11 Lashing Out On Shade 45

Proving once again that he is a sore loser and has some seriously immature vibes going on, Kanye West got raw and rampant on Shade 45. During the radio interview, the rapper was sitting beside DJ Sway when the question of whether or not Kanye was still relevant came up. And trust us, you do not want to ask Kanye West if he is still relevant. The rapper went on a huge spiel, spitting and shouting into the microphone about real art and true artists and how he is the greatest of all time. It seemed like a show; could this guy really be for real? This photo shows Kanye pointing his finger at DJ Sway, who was actually quite innocent in the whole incident. He was merely running his radio program, and Kanye was the one who got into a tizzy. It makes for good drama, though, even if it is only on the airwaves.

10 Faceplanting Into a Street Sign

A few months ago, Kanye West was photographed while out and about with his pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian. They were strolling along, looking all sleek and cool in matching all black attire, when suddenly, Kanye walked into a street sign. Ouch. Not only did Kanye do this in broad daylight and out in public, but the paparazzi were nearby and managed to catch some snapshots of the whole incident. And that is when Kanye flipped his lid on the cameramen and ran after them, hurling threats and profanity while Kim just stood by and watched. To be honest, there were probably so many people out there who delighted in seeing Kanye West walk into a stagnant street sign. And now we have the photographs (and video footage!) of it happening for our repeated enjoyment. Kanye would probably argue that the street sign should be honored to have made contact with his precious face.

9 When He Likened Himself to Jesus


This was just a big no-no, all around. You do not, we repeat do not, liken yourself to Jesus Christ. Ever. And yet that is exactly what Kanye West did. In February of 2006, Rolling Stone released a cover of Kanye West in full Passion of the Christ garb. He had the crown of thorns and sweat pouring down his face, and he was gazing upwards as if he had some divine realization. In reality, this was a tasteless portrayal of Kanye West, and it outraged a lot of people. The rapper basically one-upped himself by not only referring to himself as the best thing since Jesus, but he decided to dress up as the historical figure himself. This will never be right, and even if Kanye somehow came to his senses, this magazine cover will be in the archives for decades to come. How could a revered publication such as Rolling Stone do something like this?

8 When He Insulted Beck


Yes, it has become protocol at any awards show involving Kanye West that the rapper will jump onto the stage and proceed to insult some other celebrity, usually one who is more talented and deserving than he is. It’s just the way things go now. Flashback to the 2015 Grammy Awards, in which Beck won Album of the Year. Once again, Kanye got his feelings hurt, and he was about to pull another 2009 VMA stunt on Beck. While the rapper didn’t give a whole spiel in front of the Grammy winner, he did interrupt Beck’s moment by beginning to walk up the stage stairs, but then thinking better of it and backing down. Sit down, Kanye, just sit down. Even after the show, Kanye had more things to say about that little moment, stating that the Grammys are disrespecting artists - real artists. Okay, so Beck isn’t a real artist now? SIT DOWN, Kanye.

7 This “Sexy” Pic


This was one of Kim's most unflattering moments, and some say this is what made her famous. If we were Kanye, we'd hate to imagine Ray J get intimate with Kim. Even though West has probably moved on from this moment, it's just not right and doesn't sit well with us. This photo was from that unfortunate tape, and it's safe to say Kanye probably wants to never see it again. As for Ray J, who knows what happened to him...Anyways, out of all the photos Kanye doesn't want you to see, this awkward makeout is certainly one of them.

6 The 2006 VMAs


In case you weren’t watching the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2006, here’s what went down. After the show, Kanye was backstage with some of the emcees of the night, and these folks should have known better, but they asked Kanye how he felt about losing the award for Best Video. That’s when we got a flashback of what happened earlier that night, which is what you can see from this photo. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. was the winner for Best Video, and when this was announced, Kanye jumped onto the stage, stood there for a few moments, and then yelled into a microphone: “Aw, hell no! This video cost a million dollars, I had Pam Anderson...if I don’t win, the awards show loses.” Hm, tell us how you really feel, Kanye. The rapper was noticeably younger in this photo, but his immaturity has only progressed through the years.

5 His Resting Busted B***h Face


In recent years, the term “Resting B***h Face” has become synonymous with certain celebrities, especially Kanye West. Just about all the time, Kanye appears to be ticked off, bored, or disgusted by human existence. Whether he is telling the United States that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, saying that “Beyonce should have won Best Female Video”, or just sitting at an awards show and looking seriously angry at everyone in the room, Kanye has basically one expression. And it is Resting B***h Face. Case in point? This photo, which is just one example of his expression. In this picture, we can see Kanye’s heavy-lidded eyes, his straight-lipped mouth, and his slightly furrowed brows. This is what he looks like ALL THE TIME. Probably on his wedding day, too. Kanye might not want you to see this photo, but it’s basically just a generic portrait of his everyday life.

4 This Rant Against Twitter

Kanye West is one celeb who is not afraid to speak his mind - to anyone. On May 12, 2009, the rapper got really up in Twitter’s grill and outright condemned it for allowing someone to create a fake Kanye West account. The real Kanye West took to his own keyboard, put his Caps Lock function on, and ensued a huge rant on the Internet. Writing on the blog Kanye Universe City, the rapper wrote that Twitter has nothing to offer to him, and that he doesn’t have time to it. Because he’s too busy being creative, or lying on a beach somewhere. He wrote: “Everything that Twitter offers I need less of”. In reality, the world needs less Kanye. Sure, this might not have even been the “real” Kanye, but it’s pretty darn accurate, which is embarrassing. Oh, and he also used the incorrect form of the word “there”. *Sigh*

3 I’mma Let You Finish

Ah yes, we all remember this one, even though a lot of us would just like to put it behind us and not open up that can of worms again. But for the sake of this list, let’s go back to 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards, when a young and bewildered Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video (“You Belong With Me”). She was astounded (as usual) to be the recipient of this award, and after gaping in amazement for a few minutes, she lifted herself from her seat and took the stage to accept the physical monument of her recognition. And that is when Kanye pulled a classic Kanye and jumped onto the stage to take the microphone from Tay Tay and tell her that she didn’t deserve the award. And when you see this photo, you can just see how confused poor Taylor is. Even if you aren’t a T-Swift fan, you gotta feel bad for the girl.

2 Taking Out a Cameraman


In fact, this other guy in the picture doesn’t even seem to be a paparazzo or even a professional cameraman. He appears to just be a fan who is holding a handheld video camera and wants to get a bit of footage of Kanye. Perhaps this man is just a typical dude who is excited about seeing one of his favorite rappers. We don’t think that Kanye will be this man’s favorite rapper after this incident though. In the photo, Kanye is seen reaching out angrily and grabbing the other man’s video camera, while the other dude grimaces and cowers backwards in fear. Oh, and to add to this, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, was with the rapper when this photo was snapped, and she is SMILING in the picture. Yes, she is grinning about this whole fiasco, which really makes us wonder what it is that she sees in Kanye.

1 This Towering Kanye


We all know that Kanye has a reputation for being a bit...rude. And yet we like to think that it is all a veneer and deep down (deep, deep down), he is actually a nice dude. Yet if you look at this picture, then you will see that it is really difficult to find Kanye being nice and pleasant to be around. Just ask the other guy in this picture. The photo shows Kanye hovering over a paparazzi man, who is curled up on the ground, cowering in fear of an angry Kanye West. And the rapper is just standing there, poised with his arms up in a shrug and his eyes looking down his nose in disdain for that other guy. We don’t know the context for this photo, but it looks like a pretty serious scuffle, and the guy on the ground seriously doesn’t want to be there.

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15 Photos Kanye West Doesn’t Want You to See