15 Photos Accidentally Captured By Trail Cams We Can't Explain

Trail cameras are only there to capture crimes. Trail cameras on used on people's property when they have enough acreage that they are unable to look after it all on their own. Property owners can't have their eyes on all areas of their property at all times, so they install cameras so that they know if anyone goes on their property. This includes criminals, vandals, and drifters.

Every now and then, though, something weird happens on those trails. Sometimes these things are even a little unbelievable. There have been things captured on trail cameras that are not only unbelievable, but also creepy!

If you are alone right now, you may want to turn on some lights or wait until you’re not alone. These are pictures that don’t make any sense and sometimes, you have to ask yourself if they are fake because you don’t want to believe for a moment that they are real. These pictures will probably make you re-think going on the trails ever again. You would certainly hate to meet up with the things found on these cameras. Most people expect to find deer or cute little creatures in the woods; sometimes they go down these trails to enjoy nature and the scenery around them. That is not what is found in these photos, in fact, some of them are so scary, they are hard to look at. Check out these 15 creepy things accidentally captured by trail cameras.

15 An Evil Creature

That is the only thing that can describe what is coming out of the woods. These two people are out on a walk together enjoying the woods and they have no idea what is creeping up behind them. These two seem to be taking a family photo together and we have to bet that they almost crapped their pants when they looked at the photo afterward. There are many close-ups of this creature on the internet, so it’s easy to tell that this is no animal. Sometimes, pictures can be distorted and from a distance, you can’t tell what certain things are. But this doesn’t appear to be a creature of this world. It’s terrifying, to say the least. These people could only be grateful that they got off the trails alive because clearly there is something out there that looks pretty evil to us.

14 The Lost Boy

Again, there is a slim possibility that the trail camera caught a random child on his way home from being at his friend’s house. It could totally be innocent. But there is just something so creepy about this photo. Maybe it’s the fact that the boy is alone or that his eyes glow. But more so, it’s just the way that the boy’s body is tilted to one side. It’s a familiar sight that one would normally see in a horror movie when something you don’t like is coming after you. There is a way in which ghosts or monsters are depicted onscreen and there’s just something terribly eerie about the way that the boy is slanted. We hope that it’s an innocent photo, otherwise, there are a lot of weird things that are going on in these trails.

13 The Biggest Bat You'll Ever See

Well, judging by this photo, it’s a little hard to say what else it could be but a giant bat or a demon. It’s super creepy, especially since it looks like this is a playground off one of the trails. The deer has the right idea, however, because it looks as if it's decided to jump ship. We have to hope that this deer got away from the creature because we doubt that it ended very well if it didn’t. Talk about creepy. It makes you wonder what really goes on in the world while we're sound asleep in bed. If it weren’t for these trail cameras, we would have no idea what was out there lurking and waiting for us. The Blair Witch Project is making so much more sense to us now. Those poor souls never knew what hit them.

12 A Giant Doll Or A Child?

There is a whole lot wrong with this photo and it starts with that little girl in the woods. Even the deer is aware that there is someone there that doesn’t really belong. Animals have great instincts and usually know enough to peace out when things get a little too creepy. As we can see here, once again, the girl is dressed in old-fashioned clothing, so it’s unlikely that it’s a modern little girl out for a stroll. The picture was taken in Big Spring, Texas, and it had to have given people just a touch of a shudder when they looked at it. Hopefully, this little girl doesn’t want deer for dinner.

11 Asylum Patient

Many people will set up trail cameras on their property to make sure people aren’t up to no good on their property. But we guarantee this image is probably the last thing they expected to see on their property. We’re not even sure exactly what it is, but it’s definitely one of the creepiest things that we've seen in a while. The outfit this man is wearing makes us think he's escaped from an asylum. The person is hunched over at a weird angle, which makes it all the creepier. Why is he hunched like that? We would never want to run into this guy in the woods.

10 Screaming Man

What on Earth is that thing behind the deer? Again, this is no innocent image of a person in the woods; it’s so much worse than that. It looks alien in nature and it looks like it's screaming. This deer doesn’t seem particularly bothered by what’s behind it, but we find this creature to be absolutely chilling. The creature doesn’t look very happy there in the woods and we’d hate to be around it at any point, never mind when it looks like that. For some reason, these odd creatures seem to always be around deer.

9 Dancing Girl

Yup, this is definitely not something you would normally see on a trail camera. We can't even imagine what it would be like to go through our property-camera footage and see this staring right back at us. Seriously, no good would come from seeing something like this in the woods. Again, the clothing indicates that this person might be from another time. It’s ghostly and practically glows in front of the camera. The whole demeanor of the ghostly girl reminds us of the girls from The Purge. Just the way that they would dance around the yard while holding machetes and axes. This one is no different; there’s the underlying sinister feeling that you get from this type of image.

8 Bigfoot

We are less likely to think that whatever this is, that it is the long-lost Bigfoot. There’s no doubt about it, it’s very creepy, but it doesn’t really look ape-like, it looks evil. Some person actually caught this image on their trail camera from their own property. “A couple of days ago, a coworker and friend of mine sent me an alarming photograph that was taken on her husband's trail-cam.” They had many speculations as to whether they had caught Bigfoot on camera and or if someone just dressed up as Bigfoot and started wandering the woods. We think that it’s more likely that someone is in a creepy outfit and was on the property doing misdeeds. Either way, it’s pretty creepy to see something like this roaming around your property.

7 A Winged Man

We’re not really sure what we are looking at, we just know that it’s chilling, to say the least. What is it? And why is it just standing there? There is just something so creepy about the idea that there are things just roaming around on trails or on people’s properties. The image itself is fuzzy, so it’s hard to really make out what it is. This ghost or creature has something draping down its back. Now it could be a few things. Maybe the creature has long hair or a cape, or maybe it’s wings that are furrowed on its back. What’s worse is thinking that this thing could even be a skinless monster. It’s possible by the outline of it. Then again, it might just be a kid with a backpack.

6 There's More Of Them

Judging from the image before, it appeared as if our creepy friend wasn’t traveling alone. If the last picture creeped you a little bit, then things are about to get so much worse for you. There are three creatures hanging out together and we're not too sure what they're doing. If you take a closer look, it’s as if these things are draped in fabric. There doesn’t seem to be any faces to these creatures, which is the most chilling part of all. What are these creatures and what are they doing out there together.

5 The Cloaked Man

Whatever that is in the woods, it doesn’t exactly look friendly. If we were to make a guess, we would say that it’s a demon hanging out in the woods in a cloak. The creature or ghost is either from another time, or maybe it crawled up from the pits of hell. The creature is rather wide and it’s something that you would expect to see in a horror movie. No thanks! Again, in this photo, you have the disturbing realization that there is no face to this creature and that just makes it all the more eerie. It’s hard to tell; the face could just be lost in all the leaves. It’s a terrifying image and we would not want to run into this thing in the woods.

4 Mesmerized Bear

This is not a ghost bear or some strange creature from the beyond — that’s not what we're suggesting at all. But there is definitely something very creepy about this photo. For one thing, the bear is just standing there in a very rigid and upright position. The positioning of the bear suggests that he seems to be looking at something off in the distance. We have to wonder what is over there that seems to have the bear completely mesmerized. You would have to agree. This would normally seem like a pretty innocent photo, but there’s just something about it that gives us a strange feeling. Any guesses on what the bear is looking at? We don’t even want to venture a guess.

3 Sinister Clown

Probably the last thing you would ever expect to find on your trail camera is a clown. It’s like literally the last thing you'd think of. Someone would probably guess demon before a clown. This picture is completely creepy because there is what looks to be a sinister-looking clown walking around in the woods. It looks like the clown is staring right at the camera too, it’s almost too chilling. With the popularity of the IT movie, we can only hope that this is someone’s idea of a sick joke, but if it isn’t, then it’s actually kind of scary. It’s grinning at the camera and that just makes matters worse because it suggests that he's aware of the camera. He’s definitely putting on a show and he wants these people to know that he’s watching them.

2 A Zombie

For all of those out there that wonder if the zombie apocalypse is possible, now you have your answer. We don’t even want to know what this thing is. Is it proof that there are zombies out there or is it something so much worse than that. This photo is beyond chilling and we don't even want to think that something like this could be lurking in the woods. This creature is terrifying to look at and the longer you do, the more horrifying it becomes. Maybe it’s a look of terror from someone running through the woods or someone who wants to terrify others. We're not sure which one's worse.

1 The Ghostly Girl

Seeing a deer on the trail is pretty normal and sometimes, it’s one of the reasons why people go on trails in the first place. But no one really expects to see a little ghost girl in pyjamas out there. The reason that this is clearly a ghost because no little girl is wandering the forest by herself at night. The girl wasn’t with the people on the trail, but the image is real enough because the deer in the photo is clearly aware of the girl. You have to wonder what exactly is going on in this picture. If it is a ghost, then why is she in the woods? Was she lost a long time ago and passed away there or did something more sinister happen to her? We’ve watched enough horror movies to know that it’s never a good sign if you run into a ghostly-looking little girl in the woods.

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