15 People Who Solved Their Own Murders From Beyond The Grave

What's more shocking than a 3-year-old detective? One who solves his own murder... from his past life!

If you think about it, it's hard enough for murderers as it is today in the era of technology. Not that we should pity them for their tough jobs but with the modern advances made in forensic science, minuscule things such as a drop of sweat, tiny hair follicle or even a text message ping from a nearby tower can be the proverbial nail in the coffin. But even for the advanced murderer or professional hitman who pulls off the perfect crime and has thought of every way to wash their hands of the dirty deed, there is still one thing they can't control. Something that is more powerful than any deadly weapon: the afterlife. What you are about to read is fifteen true stories of murder victims who were bound and determined to get the best revenge on their killers by revealing the truth to everyone in any way they could from the other side. Some of their methods were creative. Some were done before the murders even took place. But they are all true, all ghostly and all full of sweet, sweet revenge. These fifteen people were tragically killed and turned the tables by doing the unthinkable and what police detectives couldn't do -- they solved their own murders from beyond the grave.


15 Fred Fisher's Ghost Pointed To The Field Where His Body Was Found

Imagine if one man's murder turned into a festival for celebrating community togetherness? That is the story that connects Fred Fisher to a treasured tradition in Campbelltown City Council, Australia. It all goes back to 1826 when no one in town seemed to recall the last time they had seen local Australian farmer, Frederick Fisher around the village until a neighbor and buddy of Fred's named George Worrall suddenly remembered that Fred left town and decided not to come back but not before signing over his farm and assets to George. Sounds legit, right? Four months later, a local guy named John Farley told everyone that he just saw the ghost of Fred Fisher pointing to a field before vanishing. People were curious enough to dig around the field and there, they found the murdered body of Fred Fisher. George eventually confessed and was hanged for his crime. Feeling down or creeped out by this story? Visit Campbelltown, Australia in November and dance your cares away at the ten-day Festival of Fisher's Ghost. Now that's how you leave a legacy!

14 Russ Stager's Shaky Voice Recording Gave His Murderous Wife Away

From the outside looking in, everyone thought that divorced high school basketball coach Russ Stager hit the jackpot when he met and later married pretty Barbara. But Russ knew better. That's why he began to keep secret audio tapes that he hid in his office at school. Russ confided everything to his tape recorder, telling it of Barbara's affair (he even caught her once!) and strange happenings like Barbara waking Russ up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night to give him sleeping pills. It turns out that Russ had plenty to be concerned of. He died while being shot in the head by his wife who claimed that the gun he slept with under his pillow accidentally went off. But things didn't add up. For one, Barbara was a shopaholic on a high school coach's salary and the couple was in debt up to their eyeballs. Forensics didn't match her story and her first husband died in a similar and strange manner. And then the tapes were discovered. Russ Stager's own voice helped the jury understand how fearful he was of his wife and she is currently serving life in prison.

13 Grace Brown And Her Letters Suggesting Her Boyfriend Had Motive

Grace Mae Brown, a worker at a skirt factory made her very own motto -- "Revenge: The Best A Ghost Can Get" after being ruthlessly murdered by her boyfriend, Chester Gillette, heir to the Gillette company and fortune. Grace was beautiful and caught the attention of the wealthy playboy, though he kept her as a secret girlfriend due to her poor social standing. On July 11, 1906, Grace thought Chester was whisking her away for a romantic getaway but he had more sinister plans in mind for their mini-vacation on Big Moose Lake. What happened next inspired four books, an Academy-award winning movie and an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Grace's drowned body was discovered in Big Moose Lake and when Chester (who had checked in under an assumed name) didn't have a good explanation for the head trauma that Grace suffered before "accidentally" drowning, he was sentenced to death but not before Grace's love letters to him were discovered in their hotel room where she pleaded with him to accept the fact that he got her pregnant. Many people claim that her spirit still haunts Big Moose Lake.

12 Zona Heaster Shue Came To Her Mother In A Dream

Elva Zona "Zona" Heaster thought she had found true love in a man with an equally fancy name, Erasmus "Edward" Stribbling Trout Shue. But poor Zona could not have been more dead wrong. From the start, Zona's family disapproved of Edward. For one thing, Zona worked and Edward was a drifter. Mary Jane Heaster, Zona's mother took an extra special dislike to her daughter's new suitor but despite all objections, the couple married. Things seemed to be going fine for the newlyweds until one day in 1897 when Zona was discovered dead in her home. The funeral was a strange event. Edward dressed Zona in a huge scarf and refused to let anyone near the casket. Four weeks later, Mary Jane said that her daughter appeared to her in a dream in which Zona said that Edward was cruel and abused her often until he broke her neck. Based on Mary Jane's dream, an autopsy was done which proved the ghostly claim. Edward was tried, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Zona's ghost was never reported to be seen again by her mother or anyone else.

11 Teresita Basa Through Remy Chua

Remy Chua with the assist! The most amazing assist ever, one that helped land a murderer in jail. First let me back up to February 21, 1977, when the Chicago Fire Department rushed to a burning apartment building. It was quickly discovered that the fire originated from the apartment of Teresita Basas, a 47-year-old respiratory therapist of a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, a ride to that hospital was not needed for Teresita, whose badly burned, naked and stabbed body was found under her burnt mattress. For such a headline-making story, leads were few and far between and the hunt for Teresita's killer turned cold. During this time, Dr. Jose Chua was involved in a very strange dilemma with his wife, who would randomly go into trances where she claimed to be the murder victim. Jose recorded all of the information that his possessed wife stated and turned it over the detectives working Teresita's case. It turns out that during a trance, Jose's wife, Remy, named the killer as Allan Showery and a way to catch him by finding Teresita's stolen jewelry with Allan's girlfriend. That's exactly what happened and he was sent off to jail.

10 Golan Heights Boy - "You Killed Me"

What is more shocking than a three-year-old detective? When that three-year-old detective solves his own murder... from his past life! If you don't believe in past lives, this story may get you thinking. The story, told by a Dr. Eli Lasch who was a physician in Israel, goes that a three-year-old boy who was born with a large red birthmark on his head constantly talked about living before. He knew the complete name that he used in his past life, where he lived, how he died and who killed him. His parents, the doctor and several other interested people went to the town where the boy claimed to have lived and watched as the three-year-old confronted a local man. "You killed me," the three-year-old, going on to say that he had been hit on the head with an axe by the man when he was four. Apparently the man looked shocked and in disbelief. Well, wouldn't you if your murder victim came back to life to accuse you publicly?

9 Nell Cropsey - Karma Or Ghostly Revenge?

Some say that the story of Nell Cropsey is an unsolved mystery that remains cold to this day... but her restless spirit demands justice. Others say that the spirit saw justice served, one way or another. In 1901, Nell was a North Carolina beauty who was a little tired of waiting for her longtime boyfriend, Jim Wilcox, to pop the question. To prove to him that she was a girl who wouldn't stay available long, she openly flirted with men in the town. Shortly after, a loud argument between the couple was overhead and Nell's body was found in the river. Jim, the natural suspect, was arrested and after a mistrial, he was found guilty. He was later pardoned and some time after, gave a candid interview to a newspaper editor. Weeks after the interview and before anything was published, Jim committed suicide and shortly after that, the editor died in an accident. Haunting revenge or not? You decide.

8 Ashley Howley - The Psychic Who Got A Ghostly Visit In Her Dreams

Imagine minding your own business when suddenly you solve a cold murder case that you knew nothing about previously. Well, with a little help from a ghost, namely the murdered victim herself. In this case, Ashley Howley, who was only fourteen at the time of her murder, visited psychic medium Kristy Robinett (pictured) to give her the details of her grisly murder. Kristy says she was sleeping when Ashley interrupted her slumber and asked for help solving her murder. Pretty straightforward, no ghosts in chains or cryptic messages to decode here. Ashley filled Kristy in on her killer, her boyfriend who had also killed his mom and mom's boyfriend, making him a serial killer. She also showed Kristy where her body was located. Sure enough, after Kristy informed police, the boyfriend confessed and showed where Ashley's body was -- in the exact same location.

7 Maria Scott Felt The Ghost Pass Through Her

A similar story to Kristy and Ashley's, is Debbie and Maria's. In fact, they were both featured on the show, Restless Spirits. Maria was just 27 when her decomposing corpse was discovered but she had already seen many rough years in her short time on earth. She had been working as a prostitute to support a drug habit but also had been wanting to work hard to better her life and get her kids back. Unfortunately, someone had other plans for her and police wanted to know who that someone was. They suspected a man Maria met in rehab named Mark. The only problem with interviewing Mark was that he had committed suicide shortly after Maria's death. Police hired Debbie Malone, a famous psychic and she gave exact details of the murder weapon and where the murder took place but her most chilling comment of all was that she felt Maria's murderer pass through her when she visited the murder site... as if he were a ghost. We'll never know if Maria led Debbie there herself or perhaps Mark's spirit was there, ready to confess to his terrible crime.

6 Alexander Litvinenko Knew His Killers' Bad Intentions

Being poisoned to death is a heck of a way to leave this world. Fortunately, Alexander was able to let authorities know who committed this terrible crime before he left to rest in peace. Alexander's story is like a Hollywood spy drama come to life. A former Russian spy officer, Alexander was living in Britain where he worked as a journalist and reportedly, wasn't shy about giving opinions on Putin. When he went to a meeting, he couldn't have known that the real object was to spike his drink with a radioactive poison called polonium. In fact, the first attempt failed. But he eventually had just three or four sips of what he thought was plain sugarless green tea. Afterwards, he became deathly ill but before he died, he was able to understand and recount exactly what happened and why and give a full report. He named names and a complete transcript of this conversation is available online.

5 John Whipple - "Cherry Hill Murder"

It's a lovely yellow house, isn't it? But imagine that it costs you your life. Suddenly, it's just a house -- wood, nails and cement, right? Not for Elsie Whipple who loved this pile of bricks. She decided that she was also in love with another man, Jesse Strang. But she had to have her house and everything in it. Well, almost everything in it. Her husband, John Whipple, was the one thing she could do without. It was 1827 and back then, rifles could be purchased for the low price of $25. Jesse thought that was a bargain, picked one up, climbed up to John's window and shot him. According to reports, John's spirit was seen on occasion, moving through the house and through town, until his wife, who encouraged the murder, and her lover were brought to justice.

4 Catherine Ballesteros Whispered Her Killer's Name In Her Mother's Ear

A relationship between a mother and a daughter is a special bond. Catherine and her mother, Emer, took things to a new level when Catherine reportedly whispered the name of her killer in her mother's ear. As Emer wept after discovering her daughter's dead body, she heard her daughter's voice lightly whisper the name of the killer to her. "Baba." Of course, Emer relayed this information to police and the suspect, Ryan "Baba" Viscarra was apprehended. Viscarra's fingerprints and blood samples were found inside of the victim's bedroom, doing Baba's lawyers no favors. Now Baba is behind bars, Emer is heartbroken but satisfied with the justice system and Catherine hopefully is resting in peace.

3 Jane Furlong Solves A 20-Year-Old Case Through Her Diary

A diary to a fifteen-year-old girl is like a sieve. It's much more than a book to draw the initials of their crush in. They can tell anything and everything to it, spill all of their feelings without worries of judgement. In Jane's case, her diary helped solve a 1991 rape case 22 years after the fact... while she was murdered in 1993. Jane's diary gave a detailed account of her friend who was raped by Wayne McGrath, a friend of Jane's boyfriend. Jane had written a chilling account of trying to save her friend by literally pulling her away from Wayne who was tugging her in the other direction (towards his bedroom.) While Jane's diary unfortunately wasn't able to solve her own murder, solving a decades old rape case saw that a victim got closure and a rapist was put behind bars.

2 Timber Kate, Bella Rawhide And Tug Daniels

Two lesbians. One brothel. Three crazy names that you couldn't make up in your wildest dreams. This begins the story of Timber Kate, Bella Rawhide and Tug Daniels. Timber Kate and Bella Rawhide were reportedly in a relationship when they put on their famed girl-on-girl show at a local brothel. But things changed when Tug Daniels appeared on the scene and stole Bella's heart. Brokenhearted and abandoned, Timber Kate went on to perform solo shows until Tug and Bella showed up back in town but things were not on friendly terms. Apparently feeling jealous or threatened, Tug killed Timber Kate in a brutal fashion by cutting her stomach open. Her spirit is said to still roam, seeking justice for Tug that was never served when he ran off, leaving Bella and Timber Kate's corpse alone soon after the murder.

1 Maria Marten - "The Red Barn Murder"

In 1828, William Corder put forth a good amount of energy trying to pass off a whopper of a lie... letter by letter. Maria Marten "left" town supposedly after eloping with her longtime boyfriend, William. He didn't have the best reputation around town so the family wasn't thrilled at their union to begin with. But after William and Maria eloped, things seemed to be okay... according to William only. Maria never wrote letters home. One night, Ann had a terrible dream and when she woke, she begged her husband to check the Red Barn for Maria's body. Sure enough, her body was discovered hidden away with William's scarf around her neck. Even though he committed the sinful act of murder, you may just have pity on him yet when you learn that he got justice, 1828-style. After a public hanging, his corpse was cut open and dissected, available for any and all who wanted to see. Apparently, the local Cambridge medical students were even invited over. I'm willing to bet that Maria felt that revenge on his soul was unnecessary at that point.


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