15 People Who Sent Chilling Text Messages Right Before They Died

Death is a real m-------ker, and we never know when it’s going to sneak up on us and snuff out our lives. People die every day, and yet, most of us just live our lives as if we’ll live forever. There's no guarantee of life, and we never know when our time is up. If you had the chance to send out a text message to a loved one before you died, would you do it? It’s hard to know if it’s the right thing to do. Would something like that cause more pain later on, or is it a great way to say you love the person before you die?

The thing about technology is that it can make an already tragic event even more terrible. You might think that you'd want a goodbye from somebody before he or she died, but sometimes, those goodbyes could be gut-wrenching to read. Some goodbyes are horrifying, tragic, devastating, and scarring.

In the case of these messages, they were sent from people just before they died. Some of them died in horrible ways, while other times, it was a case of suicide. Some were in situations where the person had no idea that they were going to die, but their messages have a certain “impending doom” quality to them. It can make the messages almost appear pre-planned, except they weren’t. These messages will give you the chills, and a few might even creep you out. We sure got the chills from a few of them.


15 A Kidnapping

Imagine getting a text message like this one from your girlfriend: "I almost got kidnapped, OMFG." (DailyStarUK)

It’s kind of one of those messages that you might not even take seriously at first. Did he send back an LOL at first? These days, phones can be traced, so if they would've gotten on it quick enough, they may have been able to locate the girl. It’s the story of fourteen-year-old April Millsap, who was indeed kidnapped in Michigan on a July evening in 2014. She was walking her dog on a trail one night when she sent that message to her boyfriend. Her body was found a few hours later in a drainage ditch. Sadly, her dog was found watching over her body. It’s definitely a sad story, and it’s unfortunate that the dog couldn’t help her. They were able to find her body pretty quickly, so it’s possible the boyfriend sought out help right away.

14 Sniper Death


Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in all of American military history. He was a badass soldier who had more than 160 confirmed kills. This guy knew his way around guns, and four years after his honorable discharge, Kyle tried to show another former soldier a little kindness by taking him out to the shooting range with his buddy, Chad Littlefield. While driving over to the range, Kyle must have gotten a sense that something wasn't right with the soldier because he sent a text message to Littlefield saying, "This dude is straight-up nuts." (DailyStarUK) His instincts were correct because Eddie Ray Routh ended up shooting Kyle and Littlefield dead. Routh suffered from PTSD and schizophrenia and later said he shot the guys because they didn’t talk to him on the drive to the range. The guy certainly sounds like a psychopath.

13 Message to Mom

The last message that Alesha Bell sent to her mother read, "Mom, if I make it home, I need you. I'm scared." (ScoopWhoop) Talk about a terrifying message, and mom had every reason to be freaked out when she got it. Bell was only eighteen at the time, and she was on her way to visit a relative. The girl vanished in Warren, Ohio, and her remains were eventually found in a fire pit. The only thing left of the young girl was her bones, and they were discovered in the backyard of James E. Brooks. He was charged with murder, tampering with evidence, and gross abuse of a corpse. It’s a disgusting and horrifying end to a girl’s life. Any mother who received such a message would be terrified right down to her core. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like to get that kind of a message.

12 Mass Shooting


There are just some people so sick in the world that they have no comprehension of the value of innocent lives. Killing innocent lives because you're in pain is just an awful way to live. The guy behind the horrific mass shooting that occurred on October 1 in Roseburg, Oregon thought it was cool to post this message on the message board website 4chan: "Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest." (Thought Catalog)

It was posted just hours before one of the most horrific mass shootings ever to occur in modern history happened. Bullying is never cool, but going to a school to handle a situation with guns is never the answer, and many lives were lost during this shooting. Sadly, no one actually saw the public message on the website until it was too late.

11 Malaysia Flight

One of the most mysterious flights in history is that of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared out of nowhere. No one knows what happened to the plane, and at this point, there have only been scraps of the plane found. Though one American firm has stated that there have been pieces found on the ocean floor, no one could say for sure if the plane crashed into the ocean. Before that flight disappeared, one passenger, a Dutch teen, Cor Pan, was on the plane and sent a message to a family member that stated, “This is what it looks like in case it goes missing.” (DailyStarUK) He sent a picture of the plane with the message, and it’s almost shocking that he was pretty much anticipating what exactly happened to the plane. The plane disappeared in March, and it took 295 people with it.

10 Child Killer


This man clearly wanted revenge on his ex because just before he committed murder, he sent her a text message telling her about it. "Enjoy your new life without us. You're not a parent anymore. He's dead and soon I will be too." (DailyStarUK)

The message was sent by Tony Moreno to Adrianne Oyola. He took their seven-month-old child to the Arrigoni Bridge in the American city of Middletown, Connecticut and threw him off the bridge. He planned on dying with the child, but when he jumped off the bridge, he survived the fall. He sent the text message to her before he jumped. He was charged with murder and actually had the nerve to plead not guilty. That’s certainly the kind of text message no mother wants to receive before a death. She must have been crushed and felt helpless about the situation.

9 Tornado Watch

There are times when sending out a text message may seem like a good idea, but maybe, in the end, it'll just cause more pain and anxiety. There were two separate messages that were sent by Jeffrey Hunter, a teen in Arkansas, in April of 2015. He sent the messages to his mother as an impending tornado was heading his way. “It’s heading right for me…Goodbye Mama.” (Thought Catalog)

In the case of this message, we would think that it might cause more anxiety than comfort. What must have it been like for the mother to get that message knowing that there was nothing she could do to help her child? He was killed by the tornado and never heard from again. She was probably pretty freaked out by the message and received no amount of comfort from it.


8 Call for Help


Some messages can be helpful if they're sent as a means of asking for help. In this case, a 23-year-old woman by the name of Louise Amantillo was trapped after a huge earthquake. She somehow managed to send her mother this text message, “Mummy I got buried. Please make it quick." (ScoopWhoop)

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any information for the mother to go off on. Her parents, however, didn’t have a prayer of helping the girl because, at the time of the earthquake, Amantillo was in Christchurch, New Zealand, and her parents were in the Philippines. The message must have come as quite a shock to them. Amantillo is believed to have died when the Canterbury Television Building collapsed during an earthquake on February 22, 2011. It was a sad story that left her parents helpless and unable to come to save her. The girl’s body was never found.

7 Plane Crash

This one has some mystery surrounding it because it involves some death threats. Multi-millionaire Muhammad Naviede died in August 2014, and the last message that was received from him went like this: “I’m in a plane out of control and it’s going down.” (Thought Catalog)

Naviede seemed very confused by the state of the plane that he was flying and many people believe that it wasn’t an accident that killed him and that he was murdered. Prior to his flight, Naviede had told multiple people that he'd received many death threats during the few weeks before his flight. The day he died, his Piper Tomahawk malfunctioned, and he crashed in a field. He was killed instantly. It makes you wonder if someone did something to his airplane before his flight. We think that anyone who’s rich should probably always listen to death threats because in this case, they were true.

6 Expression of Love


There are probably a lot of people who would love to receive a message of love from a person they know that has died. We suppose it really depends on the kind of message. Emily Keyes sent a message to her father that was simple but provided him with a lot of comfort after her death. "I Love U Guys" was a loving message that probably didn’t alarm the father in any way, as he probably had no idea that she was in danger at the time. (Thought Catalog) Shortly after sending the message, Keyes was killed by Duane Morrison, who was involved in a school shooting at Platte Canyon High School. Keyes was one of six hostages whom Morrison took down when he went crazy. That’s probably the type of message that's good to send, and it actually prompted a biker gang to hold a fundraiser in her honor.

5 Paris Attacks

When Paris was attacked by terrorists, there were 130 people who were killed in cold blood. It was one of the worst terror attacks that we've seen in recent years, though it banded many people together. Many lives were lost, including the lives of some of the killers. One of the killers' phones was found after the attack, and there was a message that read, "Ok, we're ready." (DailyStarUK)

Some of the killers got away, and there were reports that some fled to Africa. The attacks were focused around the city’s Bataclan Theatre. They rampaged a restaurant, and there were many explosions involved. The message, although seemingly innocent, really shows the cold and calculated way that a few men came into one country just to unleash terror and wash the streets in blood. It’s amazing how phones survived all these explosions, but it does give you a window into some pretty interesting events.

4 Cry for Help


We don’t think that anyone should send messages during a suicide unless it’s a cry for help. If you're actually hoping that someone comes to save you, then it’s fine; otherwise, we just think it’s cruel. Jasmine Mitchell tried to kill herself multiple times and always failed, but the third time was her charm. She was only 22 years old and obviously a deeply disturbed individual because when she tried for the third time to commit suicide, she sent this message to her boyfriend: “Third time lucky.” (Thought Catalog)

She was a London girl, and we’re not sure whatever possessed her to send a message like that out to someone she loved, but it was cold as ice. She wasn’t looking for a way out. If she was, she probably would've used pills or something that might slow the whole process down. Instead, she was found hanging from the ceiling in her apartment.

3 Diet Pills

"I think I am going to die. I am so scared. I am so sorry for being so stupid." (ScoopWhoop)

This was the last message sent out by Eloise Parry after popping a ton of diet pills, so much so that they became lethal. When she realized that she took too many and might die, she tried to get to the hospital as soon as possible. She didn’t make it, however, and she died on April 12, 2015. Before she did, however, she sent that message to her lecturer, someone who clearly thought she shouldn’t be taking diet pills. The pills that she was taking had highly toxic DNP or Dinitrophenol in them, and it has no known antidote. It’s actually a huge problem with young girls who take diet pills without ever knowing what’s inside of them, especially since they never take the recommended dose.

2 Suicide Message


When Bobbi Kristina Brown committed suicide, it was a shock to everyone, especially after the tragic death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Just before she committed suicide, she sent this text message to her friend: “Yeah, I just seriously don’t know what to do about him. You know how he is. I care about him but I’m so sick of the fighting and him telling me what I can and can’t do.…I’m devastated…I need my BFF baby love.” (Thought Catalog)

It was a weird message because it didn’t sound like a message from someone who was going to hurt herself. There was speculation at first that the death wasn't a suicide, but there wasn’t enough evidence to go on. The “he” that Brown was referring to in her messages was her boyfriend, Nick Gordon. She was only 22 years old, and she was found floating in her bathtub in July 2015.

1 Suicide Shooting

We will never understand how people who don’t want to live anymore have to take others down with them as well. It’s a common theme in school shootings. When fifteen-year-old Jaylen Fryberg decided that he was going to kill himself, he wasn’t planning on going alone. Just before he walked into his school and shot four of his classmates, he sent this message to his family members: “I needed to do this tho … I wasn’t happy. And I need my crew with me too. I’m sorry. I love you.” After shooting his classmates, he shot himself. The message implied that the kids that he shot were his friends, which makes the situation so much worse. Why would you end the lives of your friends just because you were unhappy? Did the boy really believe that he and his crew would just go hang out somewhere else together? What a waste of lives. (Thought Catalog)


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