15 People Who Posted The Dumbest Comments Online

Having access to a keyboard and the internet means that you can write just about whatever you want, wherever you want. Most of it ends up on social media, because that’s where we spend a lot of our time. It’s so easy to type out a comment that most of us barely think about it before it’s done. The thought comes out in our fingertips, and we press send before reading it back.

That’s where the problems start to come in. You see, just having enough presence of mind to have a thought doesn’t guarantee that it’s a good thought. Or a smart thought. Or even a thought that makes any sense. In fact, a lot of the time, when we comment impulsively we can end up saying something stupid.

Having your brain disengaged when you comment can be pretty dangerous. It’s very easy to write the wrong thing, or to say something that everyone is going to remember for a long time to come. Especially if, say, one of your friends decided to screenshot that comment. And even more so if they decided to post the resulting image out in the world for everyone to see.

We aren’t in the business of allowing stupid commenters to forget their mistakes. In fact, we’d rather have a good old belly laugh at just how stupid these people were at the moment that they typed out their thoughts. Get ready – you might want to invest in some foam padding so you can survive all the facepalms that are coming up!


15 Death Of A Dinosaur

This post was put up in the most light-hearted spirit. It shows an image of Steven Spielberg next to the “carcass” of a Triceratops – actually one of the models used in a scene from Jurassic Park. The caption alludes to this in a tongue-in-cheek way, describing him as a “recreational hunter” and asking that people share the post in order to “name and shame” him. Most people in the comments seem to be on board with the joke, making references to the movie universe. One person, however, isn’t getting it. Even after being told that the man in the photograph is the director of the movie, he isn’t happy about the image. He writes, “I don’t care who he is he should not have shot that animal [sic]”. 9 people have liked the comment, though it’s not clear whether they are agreeing with him or falling over laughing about the fact that he doesn’t get it.

14 The Titanic Mistake


Facebook and Twitter are easy places to air our views in the quickest way possible. We can write something out, click send (or even press enter) and up it goes. This poster probably wishes they had spent more time thinking about, or researching, their topic before they wrote out a new status. They said, “Canadians think the titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be.” Turns out, you can apparently be pretty dumb. The original poster’s friends obviously know that the Titanic really was a ship that sank after colliding with an iceberg, and can’t believe that someone they know would be so stupid. Hopefully someone sent the poster a Wikipedia article or something to help them understand their mistake later. Really, this is the kind of thing that a quick Google would have solved – there’s no need to remain ignorant about it.

13 The Hashtag Conundrum

Ah, the youth of today. They don’t know what they are missing out on. They’ve never seen a floppy disk, a cassette tape, or a dial-up modem, and they are clueless as to the usage of things before their time. This poster wonders why an old phone, which came from the 90s, would bother to have a hashtag symbol on it. They go on to add, “twitter wasn’t even invented then why did they need a hashtag back then?? [sic]”. Not only that, but their friend appears to agree with them, finding it “weird” that there would be a hashtag there. Apparently, neither of them has ever had to use the pound symbol, or to specify a number of items in shorthand. Not to mention the widespread use, pre-emoji, of the smiley: :# Seriously though, they should at least realize that phones wouldn’t be made specifically to incorporate what would essentially be a Twitter button, when they aren’t manufactured by Twitter.

12 Sydney In Austria


Going on vacation is a lot of fun, and one of the best parts is coming home to tell everyone about your trip. You can show off all of your photos on Facebook and Instagram, and of course everyone is impressed to know about where you have been. This exchange, however, demonstrates that some people don’t have a good enough grasp of geography to know where you are talking about. The two friends are talking about the fact that blue is away in Germany, though soon will be going across the border to Austria. Pink apparently hasn’t ever heard of a country called Austria, and instead tries to correct them to the right spelling of the name – Australia. They also seem to lack understanding of how big Australia is, as they assume that blue can take pictures in Sydney no matter which part of the country they are going to.

11 Forgetting Her Privilege

At first glance, this just appears to be the kind of general moaning that you see from most teenagers. The poster, Nicole, comments that she wishes she didn’t have to study so much, with a workload that includes the Civil War. She even goes so far as to ask, “why did the civil war have to happen?”. It gets funnier when Ashley comments below, reminding her that “it was to free the slaves”. That’s when you look back and realize that Nicole’s profile picture shows a black woman. Yep, if it wasn’t for the Civil War that she was complaining about having to study, Nicole wouldn’t even be allowed to go to school. She would have to be working for her masters as a slave. This has to top the chart for one of the most awkward complaints a teenager could make. Hopefully she takes her studies a little more seriously after that comment.

10 Falling For An Obvious Prank


This status was written by someone who is an actual genius at hacking. Instead of taking the long route and trying to guess or decode someone’s password, why not just straight up ask them what it is? Of course, no one will tell you willingly, so that’s where the prank comes in. Rob set up a lengthy status which claims that Facebook will convert your password to asterisks in order to protect your privacy if you try to post it. Liesl was obviously in on the gag, as she quickly posted a row of asterisks and then claimed that it worked for her. Next up were Jeremy, and Heather, and Sandi… all of whom totally fell for it. They wrote out their passwords, which turned out to be fairly embarrassing in the first place even without adding the stupidity level. These are probably the same people that fall for phishing scams.

9 Geography 101 Fail

James is apparently using Facebook via his Blackberry phone, which means that he has access to the internet. He would be able to access it right now while posting on Facebook. He could so, so easily go to Google – or his search engine of choice – and put in one word: Africa. With that one word he would find out the answer to all of his questions, as well as those of his idiot friend. Sadly, he chose to write a status instead. James was totally shocked to discover that Africa is not a country, though he hasn’t actually found out what it is yet. Bekah is also shocked. She wants to know whether Africa is a “developing country or just a continant [sic]”. We’ll probably never find out what a 'continant' is. Just like covfefe, its meaning has been lost to time, confined only to Bekah’s mind and never revealed to any mere mortals.


8 Life Before Google Maps


Here’s another person who is probably too young to be using social media anyway. If you don’t remember a time before Google Maps, then mentioning that is probably only going to make everyone over the age of 20 mad. The commenter, however, apparently doesn’t even understand where the name ‘maps’ comes from. They want to know, “how did people no what roads to take before google maps was made?? [sic]. Their friend has the very straightforward answer: “They used maps”. As if being schooled this badly wasn’t enough for the original poster, they went ahead and replied, as if to correct their friend. They said, “no i said before google maps [sic]”. Perhaps it’s no surprise that a person who doesn’t know how to spell a four-letter word isn’t too bright about the world around them, but still – it’s not like you can’t still buy and use maps today.

7 Smelling Of Colon

There are lots of ways to find out how to spell a word. The old-school suggestion would be to read a dictionary. These days, you can just type what you think is the spelling into Google and see what comes up. Most people, it seems, aren’t interested in learning whether they have it right or not. They’re happy just to put whatever seems right at the time and leave it at that. How else could you explain the fact that all of these different Twitter users don’t know how to spell the word cologne? Instead, all of them have been talking about the smell of the colon. What makes this even funnier is that the colon is probably one of the worst-smelling parts of the body. You certainly wouldn’t want to bottle it and spray it on yourself every day. When you read these comments with the real meaning of the word they have written, it gets a lot creepier.

6 Learning How An Elevator Works


This commenter is displaying such a complete lack of brain usage that it almost hurts to contemplate. They have taken a photograph of the elevator that they are riding in, complete with the display of buttons which allow you to go to all of the floors. They added the caption, “This elevator is so stupid it has a button for the floor that I’m already on [sic]”. Let’s just stop for a moment and think about this. Obviously, we all know that elevators move between the floors and that you need to be able to go to all of them. But what was this poster thinking? That the elevator would drop them off and then go back to the same floor to wait for another passenger? How many elevators would there have to be for this to work? How would they all fit inside the building? It boggles the mind to think of someone who is unable to think this simple a concept through.

5 Sweet Baby Angles

This one is yet another example of how people just don’t read what they post. It’s a lot of fun going onto Twitter and searching for a misspelt word, then watching all of the results coming up. With the search term of “angles watching over me” a lot of results already start to come up. It’s pretty funny to try and interpret the comments with the meaning of the word that they used, rather than the one that they intended to use. Most of these posts are dated in the past, which means that the posters didn’t actually realize their mistake at all and instead left it up there for everyone to see. Well done to everyone who doesn’t know the difference between angels and angles – you’re making the rest of us look smarter, and we appreciate it. Unless of course any of these people really are intentionally talking about angles because they love mathematics so much – in which case we take it all back.

4 Getting Some Help From Friends


We’ve all been in that position at one time or another when we need some help to understand something. We have to turn to our friends, family members, or teachers to say it in a way that we can comprehend. That’s when it all starts to make sense. Unfortunately for Rachel, that point hasn’t been reached yet for her. She took to Facebook to ask why “water on the bottom of the earth, at the south pole, doesn’t fall of the earth and go into space?”. She’s clearly serious about the question, as when challenged by her friend Joe, Rachel sticks to her guns and asks for an explanation. We’ll give her credit too for the fact that she has already tried to Google it. Sadly, some people are just born with a lower IQ than others, and putting your brain into gear can’t always make a difference to your intelligence.

3 Caught Telling A Lie

Oh, no, honey. This one is actually pretty tragic. The girl in the image obviously thought she would impress some people if she made out that she had a boyfriend, so she decided to stage something. Her idea was to take a picture of herself with her eyes closed, as if she was asleep, and then post it online. After all, it must have been taken by her boyfriend if she was asleep, right? Sadly, she forgot to check the image before she posted it. Or even after she uploaded it and while she was writing the caption. You can clearly see the reflection in the mirror, showing that she actually took the photograph of herself. Even sadder, it probably took multiple attempts to get the camera lined up right with her eyes closed. Now it’s been seen by at least 24 people, all of whom know that she’s lying – and the rest of the internet since it was then shared.

2 Not How The URL Works


Here’s someone displaying a complete lack of understanding about how the internet actually works. Sharon decided to post an image of her new prom dress for everyone to see. So, in order to do that, she didn’t just post a photo to one of her albums like most people would. Instead, she copied and pasted the link from her image’s location on the computer. Unless all of her friends are hackers, there’s no way that anyone is going to be able to see her photo any time soon. She really doesn’t get it, even when a friend calls her out on the fail. If her brain had been engaged enough when she was thinking about showing everyone, she could have just uploaded the photo and been done with. She’s definitely young enough to have learned about URLs at school, so there’s no real excuse for this level of stupidity.

1 Stuck By Stupidity

This one has to take the cake for the stupidest comment we’ve seen so far. Not only is it a stupid comment in the first place, but it requires hours of stupidity leading up to it. The original poster wanted to complain: she said that she “was just trapped on the escalator for hours… power went out!!” Her friend was quick to point out that she could have just walked down the escalator to get out. When she realizes her mistake, she doesn’t even try to cover it up by pretending she meant elevator – she owns up to it fully. Being “trapped” somewhere because you don’t have the presence of mind to simply walk forward is a really special kind of stupid. We’d love to have been a fly on the wall if someone walked by her while trying to get the power back on. What if it had been turned off permanently? Tragic.

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