15 People Who Claim They Have Traveled Through Time

Time travel has long captured the imagination of people worldwide. The ability to move between certain points in time is an interesting concept. Usually, it is believed that a time machine is necessary if one wants to travel through space and time. There have been many stories of time machines being built and used for the purpose of time travel. However, there are no legitimate sources that would confirm that an actual time machine has ever been successfully built.

While time machines are often mentioned when talking about time travel, some say that accidental time travel is also not unusual. Accidental time travel usually involves time slips and moving time portals. People who have supposedly experienced accidental time slips describe their shock at witnessing completely different surroundings than the ones they’re used to. The biggest fear concerning accidental time slips is that one may not be able to return to the time and place he or she is originally from and will end up stuck in the past or the future forever.

Still others claim that the government has figured out time travel and is now carrying experiments related to teleportation. Of course, since time travel would most certainly freak some people out, the government must keep this revelation under wraps. Many people claim to have experienced time travel. Their stories are curious and not always believable but they do make us wonder nonetheless. There are also legends and stories describing people who have come from non-existent countries, speaking non-existent languages. They too could be evidence of time travel.

15 Andrew Basiago Claims He Participated In A Secret Government Project Testing Time Travel

Andrew Basiago is a Seattle lawyer who in 2016 ran for president as an independent. But he’s not famous for his skills as a lawyer or for being an exceptional presidential candidate. He’s famous for his claims of travelling through time. According to Basiago, between the time he was 7 and 12, he was enrolled in a secret government project known as “Project Pegasus”. “Project Pegasus” experimented with teleportation and time travel under the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. Basiago claimed that both children and adults were trained. Children, however, were seen as having an advantage over adults because they were quicker to adapt to the hardship of moving between the past, present and future. Basiago supposedly experienced 8 different time travel technologies but he mostly used a teleporter that was made based on papers found in Nikola Tesla’s apartment.

14 Al Bielek Lived In The Future For 2 Years

Al Bielek was a man who was supposedly recruited into the Montauk Project. The Montauk Project was a number of secret United States government projects conducted at Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island. The purpose behind the project was to supposedly develop psychological warfare techniques and exotic research such as time travel.

In the 1980s Bielek participated in a number of time travel experiments. He claims that during these experiments he traveled to Mars and to other planets to get Light and Dark energy, as well as to a research station in 100,000 BC, and the year 6037. Somehow, Bielek's memories were suppressed but in 1988, after Bielek saw the movie The Philadelphia Experiment, more and more of his memories regarding time travel began to return. He realized that he had also spent 2 years in the future 2749. According to Bielek, by then, the third world war had occurred and there was no government. Instead, the world was run by a Synthetic Intelligence Computer System. Floating cities was a reality and the structure of society was completely socialistic.

13 Andrew Carlssin - The Insider Trader From The Future With No Prior Record Of His Existence

The story of Andrew Carlssin is a curious one. According to the Weekly World News, a man named Andrew Carlssin was arrested for insider trading: he had invested $800 in businesses and in just 2 weeks made $350 million return. It was believed that he had illegally used insider information to gain his wealth. However, when Carlssin was questioned he claimed that he had traveled back in time from the year 2256 and thus had knowledge of future stocks. Of course, no one believed his crazy story. But when he was released on bail, he suddenly disappeared. Rumor had it that he went back to the future. The really interesting thing is that when Carlssin was questioned he correctly predicted the date of the US invasion of Iraq. Plus, no record of him existed before 2002.

12 John Titor Traveling To 1975 To Get Himself An Old IBM Computer With A Pit-Stop To 2000

In 2000, the internet community was shook to the core when a man named John Titor began posting on various internet platforms, claiming he was a time traveler. His first post said: “Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975.” People immediately began asking questions and John Titor answered them all. He even posted a picture of his time travel machine. John Titor was active between November 2000 and March 2001. During that time, he answered many questions online and was even interviewed on a national talk show. John Titor said that he was really time traveling to 1975 but that he had stopped by in 2000 for personal reasons. Titor revealed that he was a member of a military unit tasked to go back in time and retrieve various items that could help society get back on its feet. An internet cult grew around John Titor. However, as with most time travellers, one day he simply disappeared.

11 A Man From A Country That Doesn't Exist

In 1954, a man was trying to get through customs at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. But things were not going smoothly for him. In fact, he had quite some trouble with the customs agents. The problem? He was insisting that he was from a country that did not exist. And he had the passport and stamps to prove it. His passport said that he was from a country named Taured. According to the man, Taured was between France and Spain.

Exasperated, the officials pulled out a map and asked if the man meant to say he was from Andorra. The man, quite angry by now, said that the location they were pointing out was correct but the name of the country was wrong. According to him, Taured had existed for at least 1,000 years. Unsure of what to do, the officials gave the man a hotel room for the night. Armed guards were posted outside his room and his passport was stored in the security office in the airport. But the next day, both the man and the passport had vanished.

10 Space Barbie Is A Time Traveling Alien Sent To Teach Us To Be Demi-Gods

Valeria Lukyanova is best known as “Human Barbie”. But is she really human? In 2013, Vice documentary Lukyanova claimed that she is "not a real girl at all, but a time-traveling spiritual guru whose purpose is to save the world from the clutches of superficiality and negative energy." In other words, she came to Earth to make people realize that they must move on from being “human consumers” to being “human demi-gods”. And according to her, her unusual appearance only makes humans more inclined to hear her message. Lukyanova has since been dubbed as “Space Barbie”. She now teaches seminars on meditation and out-of-body travel. After all, Lukyanova claims to have the ability to travel around the world and into the past and the future. She also speaks to the aliens.

9 Håkan Nordkvist Met His Future Self

Hakan Nordkvist is another man who claims he has traveled through time. On the day that he supposedly time traveled, Nordkvist came home after work, walked into the kitchen and saw water on the floor. Thinking the water came from a pipe under the sink he got his tools and tried to reach the pipe. However, the pipe was too far inside the cupboard and so Nordkvist had to keep crawling further and further inside the cupboard. Suddenly, Nordkvist had somehow crawled to the other side of the cupboard where he met his future self – a 70 year old man. The two talked, compared their matching tattoos and bonded. Since Nordkvist knew that no one would believe his time travel, he filmed the whole incident on his phone. However, sceptics claim that Nordkvist's story was an advertising campaign for an insurance company to promote the benefits of pension plans.

8 J. Bernard Hutton And Joachim Brandt Got Caught In The Middle Of A Raid

In 1932, a newspaper reporter named J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were on an assignment to do a feature story on the Hamburg shipyard located in Germany. The pair drove down to the shipyard where they conducted a couple of interviews and snapped a few pictures. As they were about to leave, they heard the sound of aircraft engines. They looked up and were shocked to see the sky filled with warplanes which soon began bombing the place. Chaos ensued.

Hutton and Brandt rushed to the gate of the complex and asked the security guy if they could help with anything. They were told to leave immediately. They did just that. But as they were driving back to Hamburg, they could not get rid of a strange sensation. During the attack in the shipyard, the sky was dark and now it was clear again. They stopped the car to glance back at the shipyard but were shocked to see no smoke or damaged buildings. Back in the office, they checked the film as Brandt had continued to shoot photographs even during the attack. But the pictures had no evidence of bombing. In 1943, Hutton moved to London. That same year he noticed a story in the paper detailing the successful raid carried out by a Royal Air Force squadron on the Hamburg shipyard.

7 L.C. And Charlie And The Woman In The Vintage Car

According to an article published in Strange magazine in 1988, a man who called himself L.C. and his business associate, Charlie, had just finished eating lunch in a small American town when they decided to hit the road. It was 1969. They were driving north along Highway 167. The highway was empty except for one car ahead of them, which was driving very slowly. As L.C. and Charlie caught up with the car, they noticed that it was an old-fashioned car that was nonetheless in mint condition. Its license plate said “1940” on it. The car was driven by a young woman dressed in vintage clothes and there was a child beside her. The woman was driving very slowly and seemed perturbed, looking back and forth of her in fear. L.C. and Charlie got her attention and asked if she needed help. She nodded yes, and they told her to pull over. The woman began to pull over and Charlie and L.C. began to pass her out so they could pull over in front of her. However, as they turned around, the old car had vanished. But the odd thing is, it couldn’t have gone down any side road because the car was on a highway.

6 Sir Victor Goddard Flew His Plane Into The Future

According to J. H. Brennan, author of the book Time Travel: A New Perspective in 1935 Air-Marshal Sir Victor Goddard accidentally flew into a parallel universe. At the time, he was still a Wing Commander and was tasked with inspecting an inactive airbase located in Drem, near Edinburgh. Sir Goddard found the airbase to be in poor condition with cattle grazing on the grass.

On his way back home, the weather turned rough and he decided to fly back to the airbase and wait out the storm. On his way back to the airbase however, the weather suddenly turned good again. But that was not all. On approaching the airbase he noticed that it was in excellent condition and there were even mechanics wearing blue overalls working on the yellow planes that were parked on the runway. It was strange because the sudden renovation of the airbase was impossible. Furthermore, mechanics at the time wore khaki uniforms and Air Force planes were silver, not yellow. Years later, during WWII, Sir Victor Goddard was near Drem again. And he saw exactly what he had seen in 1935. It is believed that back in 1935 Sir Victor Goddard traveled to the future.

5 Did Charlotte Anne Moberly And Eleanor Jourdain See Marie Antoinette?

In 1901, Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain went to visit the Palace of Versailles in France. They didn't find the palace to be that impressive and decided to end their tour by walking to the Petit Trianon through the gardens. They soon learned that the gardens were actually closed to the public and so Moberly and Jourdain decided to explore the grounds further. However, they got lost and began noticing strange things. For example, they spotted officials in cornered hats and an old plough and farmhouse. A man suffering from smallpox showed them the way to the Petit Trianon. Finally reaching the gardens in front of the palace, Moberly noticed a young, fair woman sketching on the grass. At first Moberly thought she was a tourist but her dress appeared old-fashioned and Moberly believed that she was in fact, Marie Antoinette. The two women soon went back to the palace and joined a group of visitors. The surroundings had changed completely and it is believed that the two women had entered a time slip.

4 Father Pellegrino Ernetti Invented A Device To View Past Events

Pellegrino Ernetti was an Italian Roman Catholic Benedictine monk who claimed that he invented the “Chronovisor”. A chronovisor is supposedly a time viewer that works like a TV and allows a person to view past events. Father Ernetti claimed that with the help of his chronovisor he visited Ancient Rome, viewed Ancient Greek theaters and even listened to a speech given by Napoleon. Father Ernetti also claimed that he saw Christ being crucified and even offered “proof” in the form of a photograph. It turned out that the photograph was of a famous woodcarving of Christ from a nearby museum. And on his deathbed, Father Ernetti confessed that he had made the whole thing up. However, some people believe that Ernetti’s confession was forced and that to this day the Vatican uses the chronovisor.

3 The Green Children Of Woolpit

The legend of the green children of Woolpit tells the story of two children who appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England in the 12th century. The children, brother and sister, were almost completely normal. Almost. The weird thing about them was their green skin and their incomprehensible language. Also, they would eat only raw broad beans.

With time, the two children learned how to eat other food and most importantly, lost their green pallor. Both the boy and the girl were baptized but the boy was of ill health and soon died. The girl adjusted to her surrounding although she was considered a bit loose in her moral conduct. When she learned how to speak English, the girl confessed that she and her brother came from Saint Martin’s Land, a secret world inhabited by green people.

2 Jophar Vorin Came From A Parallel Universe?

In 1851, a man named Jophar Vorin was found wandering aimlessly around the German village Frankfurt-an-der Oder. Vorin spoke broken German and claimed that he was from a place called “Laxaria", located on the continent of“Sakria”. Vorin said that Sakria is separated from Europe by a vast ocean. Vorin claimed that he could speak “Laxarian” and “Abramian”. Of course, the officials were rather puzzled since no such place or languages exist. The man also claimed that he is a Christian by religion but that in his country it is called “Ispatian”. Vorin's reason for leaving Laxaria was simple: he was on a journey to find his long lost brother. But on his voyage he suffered a shipwreck and somehow ended up in Germany. He could not trace his route on any map or globe and claimed that the earth was divided into 5 continents: Sakria, Aflar, Astar, Auslar and Euplar.

1 Dr. EG Moon - Shot Into The 19th Century And Shot Back In Seconds

In 1935, a physician named Dr. EG Moon was visiting his patient Lord Carson in Thanet. Dr. Moon talked to Lord Carson and gave the nurse clear instructions on the medicine that Lord Carson was to take. When Dr. Moon left the house, however, he noticed that his car was missing from the driveway. But it wasn’t only his car that was missing. He had parked the car beside a large yew hedge and now the hedge was missing too. Plus, a once paved driveway from the highway was now just a muddy track. Suddenly, Dr. Moon noticed that a man was approaching him. The man was dressed in old fashioned clothes – he wore a cape and a top hat and he looked like he would have been right at home in the 19th century. Surprisingly, Dr. Moon was not at all perturbed by what he was seeing or by his missing car. Still preoccupied with his patient, he turned back towards the house. He did glance back at the strange scene one more time however. But as if by magic, his car and the yew hedge was back, and the strange man was missing.

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