15 People Who Came Face-To-Face With Their Doppelgänger

For these 30 people, it became clear that they aren't as much of an individual as they thought when they met the person with the same face as them

When we were children, many of us were told that we were special, unique, one-of-a-kind, all of that. As we get older, we find out that we aren't really that special. The universe doesn't care about us, and if we want something we have to go take it for ourselves. We still maintain the feeling of individuality for the most part, but if you really think about it we're not that unique either. Sure, there's no one else who is having the exact same thoughts as us at this moment, but there are enough people in the world that there's likely someone with the same sensibilities, drive, and even face as we have.

For these 30 people, it became clear that they aren't as much of an individual as they may have thought when they met the person with the same face as them. Some of them searched to find their doppelgänger, while most others chanced upon them in the strangest of circumstances. Some of these people met far from their own homes, in foreign countries that neither was familiar with. Others just came across each other at a party one weekend. It's a wild world, and while you may technically be the only you, chances are there's probably another you with a mole in Australia.

15 Twin Hipsters

Imagine going to a party with the plan of drinking and having a good time, only to meet someone who looks exactly like you. This happened to these two girls and it was documented for the community of Reddit to enjoy. The two girls, who have a similar style, similar face and similar hair, met at a chance encounter when they were both invited to the same party. One of the girl's friend had a camera, and posted the picture on Reddit for the rest of the internet to consume. It didn't blow up like some of the other encounters with doppelgängers on this list, but many of the commenters were still excited to see it. The most prevalent advice was that one of these girls should have killed the other, as it appears the Reddit community doesn't take individuality lightly.

14 Flight Of The Beards

Two doppelgänger men went viral in 2015 when they met on a plane for the first time. One of the bearded gentlemen was sitting in the other's seat, and when the rightful seat-owner asked the man to move, he noticed that he was essentially looking in a mirror. They took a selfie together and posted it on Twitter, which has since been shared thousands of times. The coincidences didn't stop there, as the two were also wearing similar black shirts. The man in the seat next to the original doppelgänger decided to move so that these two men could get better acquainted. Later on, the men found out that they were also staying at the same hotel in London. They went to the pub and got a few beers after finding this out, and probably told all of the girls they met that they were twins. I don't know if that helps in the bar-game arena but it seems like it would.

13 Prince George's Doppelgänger

As it turns out, the internet has found Prince George's doppelgänger before he's even old enough to know what that means. A Reddit thread went viral when a Canadian man posted a picture of his godson nest to a Hello magazine cover that depicted prince Charles. The little boy in the picture thought that it was actually a picture of himself on the magazine, so his godfather snapped a photo to document the occasion. A lot of commenters on Reddit aren't convinced that the little boy from Canada isn't the actual prince, and many suggest that his parents pull a Prince and the Pauper type situation. What makes this post even funnier is that the little boy's name is John III, a regal sounding name if there ever was one. The little Canadian prince lives in London as well, albeit in a different continent. It remains to be seen if the two boys will remain doppelgängers as they grow older, but it will be a Reddit story worth looking out for.

12 All Gingers Look The Same

Don't worry; I'm a ginger so I can make this joke. These two red-headed fellows met at a party and their friend posted about it on Reddit. The comments were skeptical, and didn't believe that the two of them were strangers. They contested that the two pictured above were actually twins, but the original poster insisted that they met for the first time at a party. The strawberry blonde surfer-flow is what really makes these two look the same, but even their facial structure seems like it's of the same family. One commenter hit the nail on the head when he said, "Someone's father has some explaining to do." Just because they don't think they're related doesn't mean they aren't...

11 Instagram Twins

Twenty-three-year-old Amanda Fisher was first alerted about her doppelgänger by a friend who happened upon her Instagram feed. Amanda was shocked, and immediately tried to contact the girl who had her face. Her attempts over Instagram were not successful, so she instead turned to Imgur to get help in tracking this stranger down. Fisher wanted the other girl to share her feeling of serendipity, but the comments weren't having it. People on the site insisted that Fisher was the woman pictured in both photographs, and that this whole thing was a hoax. Of course, it wasn't, and someone eventually figured out that the girl on the left was Meredith Pond. Fisher contacted Pond, and the two bonded over how freakishly similar they looked. They even swapped photos of their mothers to see if there was any resemblance.

10 Face-Off

You know the Nick Cage/John Travolta hit Face Off? Well a much less violent and a bit less criminal version of this happened at a music festival in 2014 when a pair of Doppelgängers met in-person. According to the Reddit post, the picture on the right is the original picture. Or maybe it's the one on the left? The OP (original poster) isn't even sure, so how can I be? Either way, the comments on this post mostly revolve around killing this person's doppelgänger, as seems to be the popular response of Reddit users when they see two people who look the same. The comments also point out that these guys are a sort of type. They certainly look the same, but I think we all know someone who would fit right in the middle of this picture. They frequent music festivals, just like these two, and you probably call them something like "sunshine" as a nickname. I'd agree that this type exists, but the face swap here is the ultimate mind-trip.

9 Chance Meeting In Germany

Ciara Murphy of Ireland and Cordelia Roberts of the UK both moved to Bremen, Germany alone, with no idea who they would meet when they got there. They both admitted to feeling scared and lonely initially, but they met friends and became comfortable. Eventually, Ciara started to get asked questions about her sister, to which she replied that she hadn't moved there with her sister. Eventually, she saw Cordelia for the first time and they both figured out what other people had already seen. The two of them look remarkably similar. In other circumstances, the two may never have met, but their story was quickly picked up by multiple publications and went viral. The two remained friends after their realization, and found that they had more in common than just looks.

8 Bandannas 'n Beards

This one is more of a case of similar clothing style and beard aesthetic then a genuine doppelgänger situation, but it's always good to see two like-minded people together for the first time. It takes a certain kind of person to rock a bandanna like these two, so I'm glad it was documented. You could nit-pick things, like the thickness of the beard and the sad San Jose Sharks t-shirt, but the rest of their attire fits perfectly, down to the sunglasses. It's not clear from the Reddit post where these two met, but it seems like the outdoor concert vibe. There aren't many other places you can get away with wearing a bandanna like that in public.

7 Bald Bros

Some of the best cases of people meeting their doppelgänger come to us via Reddit, and it seems like a large amount of them just met at a party. Sure, there are entire websites dedicated to finding your doppelgänger, but it's much more interesting when the two just happen upon each other. That's natural, pure doppelgänger; not the contrived, make-up and lights garbage. These two gents found themselves at a party together, and one posted about it on Reddit, urging others to share their stories. Obviously, being Reddit, there were a good amount of suggestions revolving around killing doppelgängers, but there were also quite a few people sharing stories of how they met their twin from another mother. The natural doppelgänger meetings will always be the best kind.

6 Channel 7 Doppelgänger

A photo was posted to Reddit in 2013 that got a lot of attention from the r/pics community. It showed the side of a girl's face and the TV where an identical girl was being shown on the news. Apart from the obvious comments about how they probably are the same person, a lot of commenters complained that her and the tiger don't look anything alike. Most of the discussion, though, seemed to be centered on the caption of the news story. Are they saying tiger kids shouldn't be allowed to swim? Why can't kids swim with baby tigers? How does chlorine affect tigers when they swim in it? These are all valid questions, and the news story should have consulted some of the Reddit users for input. There was a solid, healthy debate in the comments about the morality of swimming with tigers. It's funny what a little doppelgänger post can generate.

5 Twin Strangers

These two girls met as a result of using Twin Strangers, an online doppelgänger encounter website dedicated to uniting strangers with their perfect doppelgänger. These two met for the first time, and both admitted that it was incredibly freaky to look at another person with the same face as the one they have. Their expressions and reactions were exactly the same, adding to the sense of a human mirror that these extreme doppelgängers experience. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the two can be seen doing their makeup and hair exactly the same, as to make themselves look even more similar. The result is stunning, as the two girls look like exact twins even though they were born in different parts of the world.

4 Doppelgänger Project

A lot of people are fascinated with the doppelgänger phenomenon, but no more so than Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle. He started a project entitled "I'm Not a Look-Alike" where he documented the meeting of doppelgängers from around the world. He spent 12 years on this project, and introduced many people to their siblings from different parents. Burnelle was inspired by multiple things, but references his own likeness to the character Mr. Bean as one of his chief inspirations. He was infatuated with the idea that two people can be born and raised on separate parts of the globe and end up looking exactly like each other. He chronicled his findings in a photography book, and some of the resemblances are uncanny. He didn't settle for slight resemblances; Burnelle wanted exact details in his photographs. If you're a fan of this article or doppelgängers in general, it's worth checking out his work for some of the most jaw-dropping visual similarities.

3 Immediate Match

As we've mentioned, Twin Strangers is a website dedicated to uniting doppelgängers from around the world. One of its most impressive and immediate success stories involves women from Texas and North Carolina. 33-year-old Jessica joined the site and found her doppelgänger within five minutes of creating an account. She found her face in 23-year-old Ambra, and the two made a video about their experience for the site. The two women do look remarkably similar, which is the point of the site, but I have to address the elephant in the room on this one. I'm not saying 33 is old, but if you're a 23-year-old and you look exactly like a 33-year-old, you should probably take a long, hard look at how you're living your life. I'm trying to be as diplomatic as possible, but the 33-year-old woman has had ten more years of questionable decisions than the other. Those ten years should be at least a little apparent. The fact that these two look so similar should be more of a wake-up call than anything to poor Ambra (such a millennial name by the way).

2 Retired Twins

When 69-year-old retired priest Neil Richardson, moved to Braintree, Essex, he didn't know anyone in town. He initially thought that everyone was remarkably friendly, as strangers would wave to him on the street and everyone seemed to smile at him. He eventually became a bit confused, as some people would walk up and call him John. Eventually, Neil met his match, when he found out that John Jemison was the one that everyone was waving to. Jemison was a 74-year-old living in town, and the two struck up a friendship. They found that their faces weren't the only thing they had in common, as they actually attended the same university and were both retired teachers. They even had accounts at the same bank and had similar stories about how they met their wives. Who knows what the two looked like in their prime, but the aged pair look perfect in their twilight years.

1 Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

The Will Ferrell and Chad Smith case is one of the most famous Celebrity doppelgänger encounters of all-time. Fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers had been referencing the similarity in their drummer and the comedy great for years, but tensions rose when Will Ferrell was asked about it in a Reddit AMA. Ferrell claimed that he actually was Chad Smith, and that the RHCP drummer was just a character that Ferrell had created. The two met face to face on Jimmy Fallon's show in 2014, and you could cut the tension with a face-melting drum solo. The interview with the two was hilarious, as can be expected from anything Will Ferrell does, and it ended with a passionate drum-off for their respective charities. It was all in good fun, and Ferrell got his ass handed to him when it came to banging sticks.

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