15 People Teasing Animals That Got What They Deserved

Have you ever heard stories about people who were attacked by wild animals in their homes or on the streets? To people living in developed countries and living far away from national parks or forests, such an invasion is alien and unthinkable, but to other people, it's a different story. Some people live in regions where bears roam the streets at night, where tigers can appear anywhere along the streets even during the day, or where elephants attack villages and destroy their crops.

Although human beings have encroached in areas where wildlife used to thrive, the people who are born in such areas usually have little option but to continue living there. These people grow up knowing wild animals can attack at any time, and their past experiences help them to cope with any such attacks.

However, the people on this list are different from the ones described above. Most of the people here deliberately ignore the rules of engagement when it comes to wild animals, and others are here simply for making stupid decisions. The obvious and most sensible thing to do when you come across a wild animal is to keep your distance, unless it's trapped in a cage or if you are a professional trainer who knows how to handle yourself around it.

The people here have either suffered serious injuries or minor injuries or simply received major scares; all of which they deserve for either teasing the animals or invading their space. If you have ever been in such an encounter and got away safe, you are very lucky, since so many people have lost their lives in cases similar to these.

Here are 15 people who messed around with animals and got what they deserved.

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15 Trampled Reveler

Via TBO.com

One of the most famous "running of the bulls" takes place in Pamplona, Spain, during the weeklong festival of San Fermín. Here, people run in front of a group of toro bravo breed of cattle let loose in the town's streets, which are set aside for this activity. People from different villages and towns in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and even France take part in this tradition, and it's just as fun as it is dangerous.

If you are ever planning to run in front of bulls in this activity or any other involving angry bulls with sharp horns, make sure you can run fast and are ready for anything to happen. Some of the biggest challenges here are the number and speed of runners. The people in front might not be the fastest, so chances of the bulls catching up to the people at the back are extremely high. This reveler knows exactly how it feels for a bull to trample all over a human being, and he deserves it.

14 A Bison Reacts To Tourists Coming Too Close

Via YouTube

If you have ever been in a park or an area where you are likely to meet a wild animal, park officials and any other official will be quick to warn you not to get too close to wild animals. Even if you didn't pay attention or have the desire to heed to any warnings, it's common sense to keep your distance when you come across wild animals. However, people go crazy when they see an opportunity to take selfies, throwing caution and common sense to the wind, which is a terrible idea.

One of the best places in North America to see bison is Yellowstone National Park, a place these animals have called home for thousands of years. These young tourists are approaching this peaceful beast, but when they got too close, it started to charge towards them, and thankfully, none of them got hurt. In the recent past, numerous people have been tossed in the air by these animals, and it's so sad most of them were moving close to get a good picture.

13 Inside A Camel's Mouth

Via Our Naked Australia

This is one of the funniest images of people taking photos with camels, because this woman wouldn't have imagined that the camel would try to bite her head off. Just by looking at her face, you can imagine the horror she must be going through, especially since this camel's breath has got to be terrible.

Have you ever let anyone lick your face for whatever reason? If you have, then you know how that smell lingers for so long, and if you imagined it to be gross, washing your face just once wouldn't be enough to get rid of it. Therefore, this woman must have suffered through her whole time at the park, looking forward to getting home and spending an hour in the shower.

Her intention probably wasn't to tease the camel or attract it to herself, she only wanted a nice photo with a camel in the background, but it seems she got more than she bargained for.

12 Losing To An Ostrich 

Via YouTube

An ostrich is one of the most fascinating birds we have on the planet, despite its inability to fly. Although many people get to ride ostriches in parks and ostrich farms, this bird is still dangerous and can deliver a fatal forward kick to an individual or even a predator such as a lion. This bird's powerful legs also enable it to run at a top speed of 43 mph, a speed so high it's the fastest of all two legged runners on the planet.

With this information about ostriches, you can understand just how much danger this man was in. It seems as if he tried to ride this bird, but it got angry and didn't let him get on. He is lucky because he got to walk away from this situation since it would have been much worse if it had kicked him in self-defense. The ostrich ran off and left him lying on the ground, so he is lucky everything turned out just fine.

11 Brave Duck Shames This Man

Via YouTube

According to experts, the word "Duck" is a name commonly used for numerous species of aquatic birds found in both freshwater and seawater. Ducks and human beings have had a close relationship for centuries, because domesticating them is easy and they provide great meat and eggs for our consumption.

Ducks usually mind their own business but usually get offended when someone teases them or when they feel threatened. However, ducks can't really hurt someone, it's their confidence when flying towards an individual that make people run away from them. Therefore, you can imagine how embarrassing it must be for a grown man to run away from a duck, as is the case in the image here.

If you watch the video, you will see this man teasing the duck, which was minding its own business caring for its ducklings. As soon as the duck sensed a jerk coming its way, it immediately attacked him. You will also discover another duck, and their combined efforts to make this grown man run so fast as if his life depended on it. He sure got what he deserved.

10 An Elk Reacts To A Tourist

Via Wide Open Spaces

Take a few seconds and look at the reaction of the people in this image. Do you notice the men aren't reacting in any way? Actually, apart from the girl running away from the elk, it seems like only the two ladies wearing white tops are reacting to the whole situation here.

The elk is a member of the deer family, one of North America's largest land mammals. At first glance, you might think this is a moose or the sambar of South Asia, although the three rival each other in size and appear to be similar.

These people appear to be tourists and they are interested in taking the best possible images. However, this girl seems as if she went too close to the wild animal, forcing it to retaliate. The elk is one of those wild animals that won't bother with human beings as long as they have their space; however, this girl got what she deserved for drawing too close to a wild animal.

9 A Rhino Delivers Justice 

Via Dailymotion

This is an image of two tourists trying to get a picture with two rhinos in the background. Although the rhinos are small, these two people were risking their lives walking so close to them. These two came from behind the rhinos and immediately one of the rhinos saw the woman coming too close, it charged towards her, threw her up in the air, and almost did much worse. Thankfully, these two rhinos ran on ahead and didn't do any further damage.

Regardless of the size or nature of a wild animal, people should know better than to approach them, because they feel threatened and they can do anything in self-defense. Furthermore, despite its size and weight, the average rhino can run up to 40 mph, meaning no human being can outrun it. So if you ever come across a hostile rhino, its best to go up a tree if no buildings are nearby.

8 A Bull Disciplines A Runner

Via Autodo

This is one of the scariest images on this list, and no it hasn't been altered in any way. The good news here is the man survived this terrible ordeal and now serves as an example as one of the worst things that could happen to any runner who, for any reason, falls behind and is attacked by a bull as is the case here. It's interesting how these bulls know how to remove an individual's pants, as has been the case in many instances, but they are never gentle in any way.

Originally, this activity was meant to transport bulls as fast as possible out of the city to the bullring, where people would either sell or slaughter them in the evening. Although there are faster ways of transporting the bulls today, the activity remains to be an event with cultural significance. However, it's important to note how dangerous this activity is, and if you willfully engage in it, you need to be ready for the consequences of your choice.

7 Angry Crocodile Attacks A Man

Via YouTube

If you are a fan of horror movies, this seems like a scene from one, but this is real life. Although the boat this guy is on seems to have the capacity to speed off faster than a crocodile can swim, the engine is off and his ability to turn it on and speed off in time is in question.

We cannot help but feel sorry for this man, but if you saw what happened before this image you would understand why this guy is getting exactly what he deserves. This man had seen the crocodile when it was just swimming by, but his desire to take a better picture led him to tease it and this is where we end up.

It's safe to say this guy will be careful the next time he wants to take a better photo to share with his friends on social media since this one nearly cost him his life.

6 This Baby Elephant Went Too Far

Via YouTube

Elephants are amazing creatures, and making your way to any circus where they are involved will prove it to you. In addition to being the largest land animals on the planet, no other mammal has a larger brain than an elephant, and it has the longest pregnancy period, which lasts a year and 10 months from conception to delivery.

In addition to being caring and sensitive, elephants have a very good relationship with human beings, except in areas where people are hostile towards them, where they become violent and extremely destructive. People used to hunt down these beautiful creatures for their tusks, a hostile exercise that would have led to their extinction.

This lady here approached this baby elephant to pose for a photo, and it must have been safe because the man behind her appears to be its trainer. We have to wonder whether this elephant is male, because its trunk seems to be conducting investigations in areas human males usually want to.

5 The Selfie-Hating Python

Via YouTube

This image is not so clear, owing to the speed of the events going on, but we can understand the events here. To explain what happened earlier, these people caught the python they are holding and decided to take it to a place where it wouldn't cause any harm to human beings. However, this guy in pink decided to take a selfie with the python and probably post it on social media and get a few likes.

At first, he took a few images from a distance and decided to come closer, but the snake didn't like the idea. Even before taking one close-up selfie, the snake immediately bit his shoulder and he ran away in pain. Holding a snake with your bare hands is dangerous, and it's even more dangerous to approach its head for a selfie. This guy got exactly what he deserved because everyone knows how dangerous pythons are.

4 The Squirrel That Shamed A Man 

Via Blueiskewl - blogger

Most people want to look cool in their selfies, and that would have been the case here if the second part of this image wasn't there. We might never understand the level of embarrassment this guy feels whenever he sees this image, but he sure deserves to be attacked the way he was. The squirrel is so small and cute, and seeing this grown man run away like that is just hilarious.

Squirrels are fascinating and very trusting rodents, since they can even eat food out of your hand. When they detect danger, they remain motionless and run to the nearest tree if they see it as the best way out. Furthermore, squirrels are extremely intelligent, storing food up for winter in order to survive, and at the same time storing bogus food in a different location for intruders or other squirrels to find and move on without searching for its true stash.

3 A Terrible Crocodile Stunt

Via The News Fact

Do you know those stunts magicians and daredevils who tell their audience not to try a certain trick at home? This stunt is so dangerous you shouldn't even think of doing it with any animal regardless of your relationship. Even putting your fingers in your dog or cat's mouth is not good, because animals can take games a bit further than you might be willing to take them.

When you look at this image, what is the worst thing that could happen? Of course, it would be for the crocodile to shut its mouth while this guy's head is in it, and then do a 360° rotation to remove his head from the rest of his body.

Thankfully, the croc didn’t do the rotation maneuver, but it shut its mouth at the exact moment this guy put his head in there, but then let go after a few seconds. Many daredevils have played this trick and suffered terrible consequences, but we can't feel too sorry for them because they outright tease these animals and end up getting what they deserve.

2 A Lion Attacks A Man At Home

Via youtube.com

The lion is the king of the jungle, a title it rightfully holds because no other species in the jungle can prevail over a lion or a pride of lions because they live and hunt together. Lions are dangerous and they know exactly where to deliver a fatal bite to any of its prey whenever they are out hunting.

Since it's the king of the jungle, a lion has no place living among human beings, which is what is going on in this picture. This lion lives in this home with the lady in the black top and her husband, and they have raised this lion since it was a cub. They should have looked for a dog or a cat, but they chose not to.

This poor man probably didn’t deserve to be attacked by this huge cat, since it actually wanted to eat him. However, he knew the lion lives here and still went ahead to come into the compound, sane people wouldn’t even live in the same neighborhood with this family.

1 This Piranha Bites Back In Revenge

Via YouTube

Going out fishing is considered one of the best ways a dad can spend time with his son and get to know him. This is the case because the two will have enough free time to talk and even kill something at the end of their catching up. However, if you happen to catch a piranha, which is rare unless you are in South America, don’t think of going with it to keep it in your aquarium. Hungry piranhas are dangerous and can easily kill other fish and even human beings who happen to swim in a location where schools of them exist.

The man in this picture caught a piranha when he was out fishing and decided to cut it up. He made a mistake of putting his finger in the piranha's mouth, a mistake that led to the fish cutting through his glove and into his flesh. The bite was so severe since the piranha's teeth sank all the way into his bone. Since he claimed to be an experienced angler, he did deserve the bite for his lack of concentration.

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