15 People On Botched That Are Kinda Hot

Let's talk Botched. What's Botched, you may ask? Well, like with any reality televisions series, it attempts to give us a look into something we know exists but a concept that many of us are not personally familiar with. The show is geared toward those who are in favor of having cosmetic surgery done to them. Oftentimes, these are extremely shallow and wealthy people. On occasion, there are some feel-good stories thrown in there. But the idea is that there are many hacks out there attempting to do plastic surgery and somebody has to clean up their messes. That's where this show steps in, and people end up having elective surgery on top of poorly executed elective surgery.

Now, many of the participants aren't exactly heroes. More often than not, we're watching people with quite a bit of money try and get just a little hotter. Sure, the victims of botched plastic surgeries can be seen as empathy-deserving figures on occasions. But the reality is, many of them are not so deserving of. I mean, how bad can you feel for a wealthy woman whose boob job goes slightly array? Not very bad. Therefore, you kind of watch the show for the same reason you become hypnotized by the Kardashians or the Jersey Shore show; you watch for the ensuing train wreck. Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow are charged with making these people just a little bit more attractive. But make no mistake about it: Botched certainly has a few lookers who come through the door on the show. Make no mistake about it: there are some real hotties on the show that look pretty damn good. Here are 15 People on Botched That Are Kinda Hot.


15 Jessica Rabbit

Cassandra, seen above, is a transgender woman who has spent over $200,000 to look like this. Yes, she's a caricature of a human being. She has, in fact, fought to look like Jessica Rabbit all her life. The doctors at Botched marveled at this surgically enhanced creature, wondering what the heck was going on. Of course, we can clearly see what was going on. She has two giant hooters and a little waist with fire engine red hair. The real problem Cassandra was having was breathing through her nose. She felt like she wasn't breathing great through her nose and needed the doctors' advice on the next steps to getting yet another procedure done. Certainly, if you were looking for a Jessica Rabbit lookalike, maybe, on Hollywood Blvd in California or in a Las Vegas show, this flies, but the face needs some serious work to look like the gorgeous Jessica Rabbit. The body may be surgically there, but Jessica's beauty will always evade Cassandra.

14 Lacey Wildd


Now, Lacey Wildd isn't a supermodel. She isn't out-of-this-world gorgeous. But if you actually look at her attributes, she's attractive. But being a pretty girl wasn't good enough for her. Wildd was teased about being flat-chested as a youth. She wanted to get enhancements the moment she was old enough. And she hasn't looked back since. Her obsession moved her all the way up to Triple-L's. She arrived with the Botched team wanting to move her 21-pound boobs up to her Triple-Q's. Yeah, obviously it's a massive issue when a decent-looking woman can't have big enough boobs. At some point, you have to just wonder what the heck is wrong with a person like this.

13 Angelique Morgan

Well, when your name is "Frenchy," you know you have to have some things going on. This badass blonde has made a career of appearing on as many reality television shows as possible. From Playboy to radio's Howard Stern Show, Morgan has made the rounds, and successfully so, displaying her hotness in public. It all started when Morgan was an exotic dancer and model back in 2004. From there, the hottie appeared in adult films and on Playboy TV. Morgan, who already has had some work done, arrived in the offices of the Botched docs to attempt to get a redo on her fake boobs. She requested 1000CC silicone implants. Make no mistake about it, Morgan is a pretty hot, naughty beauty who definitely excites every time she takes her clothes off.

12 Tania Mehra


Tania Mehra was Miss India back in 2011. The former beauty queen was also an impressive Maxim model. Mehra is a reality darling. Her beauty obviously helps her with her exposure. The Second Wives Club was her most recent gig where you could see her flaunting her impressive assets. As for Mehra's big issue? Well, the extraordinary beauty wasn't thrilled with one part of her body: her nose. Mehra had rhinoplasty surgery, and the beauty queen described herself as "pig nosed." That's when the Botched team came to action. Mehra needed her "pig nose" reconstructed so she could once again go back to being that beautiful piece of privileged tail she has enjoyed being during her life. Obviously, she couldn't do reality television unless her perfectly enhanced boobs didn't match up with her perfectly sculpted nose.

11 Kristina Shannon

Calling upon Shannon twin number one. Here, we have Kristina Shannon. Part 1 of Playboy's "Shannon Twins" hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kristina and Karissa are both beautiful, but let's dive into Kristina first. For the most part, the twins are a package deal when it comes to appearances. They got appearances on Playboy's: The Girls Next Door television series. They also got into Big Brother. In addition to being reality and modeling darlings, they also managed to tag-team in a brawl as well, getting arrested for getting too rowdy. The girls appeared together in Playboy's August 2009 issue. The two were Playmates of the Month together. Certainly, the two women are beautiful, but there's more to their story and their Botched appearance...

10 Karissa Shannon


Part 2 of the Shannon twins brings Karissa Shannon to the table. As we stated above, the girls are pretty much a package deal. And despite being beautiful Playmates and regulars on anything Playboy, the blonde twins felt as if there was more they could get out of their appearances. First off, unlike many other Playboy participants, the Shannon twins didn't have the same boob size. They were also not thrilled with the shape of their noses, so the girls approached the Botched team in hopes of becoming the large-chested blonde bimbos they always hoped they could be. The end result, however, was a negative impression on the doctors when they called the girls out on drinking and potentially doing other harmful things shortly after their surgery. No matter how much partying or physical augmentation the doctors do, the Shannon sisters will always be the same attention-craving girls they've always been, just prettier.

9 Farrah Abraham

Reality star turned adult entertainment actress Farrah Abraham arrives on the scene. The end result of the most attractive Teenage and Pregnant star from MTV has had quite the ride over her dysfunctional reality television career. She's gone from an unfortunate pregnant teen statistic to a p*rn actress in the blink of an eye. There's so much to unravel with her career that we aren't going to get started here. Abraham has CLEARLY had a few surgical enhancements thus far (two, in particular, are staring right at you in the photo above!), but it was a botched lip implant surgery that got her in trouble. She wanted some help from the Botched team so that she could find a permanent solution for lip injections, but the Botched doctors coached her out of getting the implants due to health concerns. Abraham's roller coaster ride in life continues.


8 Kimber James


And here we have Kimber James. Sure, she's a trans woman, but that doesn't change that she has quite a few good-looking assets she sports. Plastic surgery has helped turn this person into a sexy woman who has appeared in many p*rnographic films. In 2012, James officially became a "she." She started with other surgeries, building her repertoire of budding assets, including her two most famous; those wonderful, bountiful hooters. Yes, James was originally born a dude. At this point, you would have no idea, as she's made the full transition to a sexy p*rn woman. And if you never knew about the gender transformation (which has included all the female bells and whistles!), then you wouldn't know about her more manly tone a few years back. Botched popped in to help her with her "Michael Jackson nose" and to bring in the "vagina whisperer" to help with her hips, thighs, and vagina placement. Yeah, I can't make that stuff up. That actually happened, and there's something called a "vagina whisperer" out there. I just thought it was always Ron Jeremy's nickname.

7 Vanilla Beauty

Sometimes, being "vanilla" or plain-Jane is alright. Here, in this episode, we have a busty blonde who wants some corrective work to be done. She needs scars to be removed off of her abdomen. It's clear that this woman can use a little help, but the reality is, she definitely has it going on. If she got decked out to go out on the town and added some make-up, there's no doubt she would turn heads. But in this episode, she has little in the way of style except for wearing nice underwear. If she does her hair up and dresses up, man, she can definitely pull some suitors. This blonde definitely has a lot to work with, and we're feeling her hourglass vibe.

6 Houston, We Have Butt Issues


No doubt, there's a tremendous amount of pressure on women to sport a nice behind. This is something that women deal with on a seasonal basis, in particular, the summer. Bathing suits are oftentimes a major reason why women stress and diet. Every woman wants to wear a bikini, but many get a little uncomfortable with the look. Whether they aren't in the best shape or they want that little extra butt bump, the backside is a big stress area for women. That's why this poor soul opted for a butt job. She wanted the flab gone and a nice perfect butt added in its place. However, the job went terribly wrong and the doctors from Botched had to step in to save her ass... literally. They needed to revamp the messed up butt which had a ton of extra sagging skin and repair a terrible plastic surgeons job. All was saved in the end.

5 Botched Boobs

Now, boob jobs are a pretty common thing. If you look closely at various surveys, you'll see two things. The first: men go gaga for a nice set of boobs. Make no mistake about it: the male gender is a visual one. We definitely gravitate toward physical appearance. And one of the first things we see and hone in on are the female breasts. So yeah, boobs get a lot of attention, and women are well aware of that. They want nice curves. And after having a baby, they don't want their breasts to be a memory of what they once were. The second thing: women want to feel sexy and confident. For their own peace of mind, women want to feel like they're presenting the best image of themselves. There can be a lot of discussion over women doing it for men or just doing it for themselves. Either way, both sexes find that boobs are important, and when you get a boob job that makes your breasts look like a unibrow, it's a problem. You obviously want a boob job to look as natural as possible. Here, this woman looks like she got two large boob craters merging into one another. She obviously needed a little tinkering done, and the Botched doctors helped her.

4 Janice Dickinson


Back in the day, there were very few models who were as hot as Janice Dickinson. Sure, things have changed as she's gotten a bit older, but man, she was fire hot and was one of the most beautiful models around during her fantastic modeling run in the 1970s and 1980s. Her career has endured quite a few peaks and valleys. She's been a successful model, claiming to be the first ever "supermodel," coining the term for the first time in 1979. Dickinson has told everyone within earshot about her various sexual issues. She has had sex with men, women, and pretty much anything that could walk. She also let everyone know about the sexual abuse she endured as a child. Then, there was the revelation that Bill Cosby raped her in 1982. In 2014, Dickinson got her breast implants reworked by the Botched team.

3 Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany is a very fortunate soul. She's one of those end results who really gained from having plastic surgery done. She had a terrible situation with regard to her breasts. She was also struggling with facial features she didn't like. No matter how critical people want to get over someone having plastic surgery, Pollard's end result was a very positive one. She ended up having numerous things done, but the biggest by far was the reclamation of her breasts. She went from having large implants that didn't work to having large implants that shine like a diamond! Nicknamed "New York," Pollard is a reality television darling, so the extra exposure she's getting from her boob augmentation surgery is welcome. And what's more welcoming? How about a nice new set of boobs! Pollard loves the work done by the Botched team.

2 Nicole Eggert


Everyone remembers Nicole Eggert from the television shows Charles in Charge and Baywatch. It would be Baywatch that got Eggert into the public eye. From there, however, she would start to flounder. Through the early 2000s, Eggert was incredibly hot-to-trot. She was a sensational beauty. But time has changed her appearance quite a bit from the stellar young beauty that emerged in Hollywood as a teenager. That brings us to Botched, where Eggert had an issue. After years of having multiple breast enhancement surgeries, Eggert went to the Botched team to have her boobs reduced in size. They advised her against going as low as the B-cup she craved. Eggert started out small, went big, and then bigger, and now wants to go back small again. Eggert used to rule the small and big screen with her beauty and now, is more a reality television and Hallmark movie regular.

1 Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst

Okay, we get that Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst is starting to get up there in age. And prior to her getting attacked by a flesh eating virus, she was pretty damn hot. Her best years are obviously behind her, but that doesn't take away from how amazing she used to look. She appeared in numerous magazines and donned many covers. She was a blonde bombshell with an incredible rack. She used to compete with Pam Anderson for roles. But she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, so she got a breast reduction, but they turned out lopsided. She got another surgery, which led to the flesh eating virus. She essentially lost her breasts during this terrible set of circumstances and has claimed that it has cost her a lot of work in Hollywood. Fast forward to the Botched team who came in to help her out. Of course, Parkhurst opted to go big once again, getting D-cup breasts from the Botched guys, proving yet again that actresses always believe in "bigger is better."



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