15 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets

Families can be crazy, like seriously kooky. We love them, and despite what we may think of them, they're our flesh and blood. Many people take that sort of thing very seriously, and when things go crazy inside the walls of a family, deep dark secrets are created and sometimes locked away forever. We sometimes think that we know the members of our families, that we’re all really close, but sometimes we don’t know the people closest to us.

Secrets can’t always be kept a secret, though, especially these days. Our ancestors used to keep their secrets locked up tight in attics, even in the walls of their homes. But these days, people confess their secrets in the strangest places, like through a Whisper app. Many people can’t keep a good secret in, and when it comes to doing so under the veil of anonymity, they feel it’s safe to let that secret out. It’s been bottled up for so long that they just need to get it all out.

Some of these secrets are truly disturbing and shocking, but most importantly they're an interesting look into some really bizarre families. There are stories here that involve abuse, death, and even the Nazis. It’s crazy, but there's a lot that goes on behind closed doors that we can’t even imagine. If you want to read some crazy confessions, then don’t go anywhere. These are some shocking confessions of dark family secrets that you just won’t believe.


15 A Member of the Manson Family

The Manson family was notorious for their manipulation and murdering nature. They were one of the most terrifying families in history, and to think that someone in your own family could've been part of the clan is certainly terrifying. In this case, the dark secret in this family was revealed when a child found out that his own mother had been part of the Manson family. Talk about terrifying. “My mother was part of Charles Manson’s ‘family’” (Thought Catalog). We wonder how he found out about it, and what he thought about his mother would be interesting to find out -- a great story that has some terrifying implications. Who was this family member, and was she one of the women who stayed with Manson all the time? She could've been one of his lovers or even someone that murdered for him.

14 Her Brother Wears Her Clothes


Well, it’s probably not the first time that we've heard this story, and it's usually a pretty funny one. This girl has reason to believe that her brother gets dressed up in her clothes when she’s not around. “I’m pretty sure that my older brother likes to try on my clothes and wear my makeup when he is home alone” (The Things). We’re not sure why she would come to this conclusion, but it’s safe to say that we all know when someone’s been in our room touching our things. Maybe she noticed some things out of place, or worse, maybe she's walked in on him in the past. Either way, the brother is up to some weird things when he’s home alone. Most guys have better things to do than dance around in their sister’s clothes when they're home alone, but hey, don’t knock it until you try it.

13 All the Children Were Abused

Unfortunately, when it comes to deep, dark family secrets, abuse is usually one of those secrets. It’s a sad day indeed, but abuse has been running rampant in our world for years. “My father used to physically and mentally abuse me and my sisters until we all left for college. My mother knew about this and would say she’d all cut us out of any inheritance if I told a living soul about it. I’m glad they’re dead” (The Things). Not only is it terrible that the father abused all his children, but then, the mother was covering for him. There was no safe place for these children to go. It probably would've been best if they would've forgotten their inheritance and protected themselves by telling on their parents. But of course, that’s no easy task for children who've been beaten their whole lives.

12 Daddy Has a Mistress


Yes, this could certainly be a shocking family secret. In this case, the child found out not only that his dad was having an affair but that he got his mistress pregnant as well. That can be a shock for any child, and it can also lead to some resentment. “My father has a daughter from his lover, heard him speaking about her with his friend while mom wasn’t at home (however, I think that she may know). I actually want to meet her; I always wanted to have a bro/sis” (Thought Catalog). It’s natural for a child to want to know siblings even if they come from not very good places. It’s never the kid’s fault, after all, that their parents mess around. One day, maybe he'll get a chance to meet his sibling, but then, of course, his mother will probably find out.

11 Her Cousin Is a Train Wreck

Having a drug addict in the family isn’t always easy. “My cousin D has some issues. She is addicted to Oxy and currently has two children who could be taken away any day now. She steals constantly. My aunts live near her, and they had to take her key away because she kept pawning stuff from their house (presumably to buy drugs). She even sold one of their cars once. D was always taken care of by my great-grandparents, and after they both passed, she was left everything (this was before the drugs). She pretty much sold all of their belongings and kept the house. My grandfather, as far as I know, was unable to retrieve any of his mother’s belongings.” (Thought Catalog).

10 He’s a Grand Dragon


The KKK is another dark organization, and no one would want to admit that one of their family members was not only part of the KKK but, in fact, a Grand Dragon. We’re shocked that these organizations are still going strong. The Grand Dragon is a very important person in the organization, and this family member probably was involved in some terrible things. “When going through my great (great?) grandfather’s things after his death, they found his huge, daunting, red KKK hood in the back of his closet, turns out he was the Grand Dragon of my hometown” (The Things). That’s not the kind of secret that you want to dig up about your grandfather. We wonder if anyone else in the family was aware of this dark secret. Surely, the kid’s parents knew that their father was in the KKK.

9 Scientologists

Scientology certainly has some murky waters, and there are a lot of people who really dislike the people involved in the organization. This confession comes from someone who knows family members who've murdered Scientologists. Crazy, right? “My granddad was an auditor for the Church of Scientology and decided to quit after one of his friends was brutally assaulted. He was hunted down and threatened repeatedly, and they threatened to kill off his family and a bunch of other f----d up shit. My uncle killed two of the men chasing him and hunting him down. Buried them in cemeteries in another person’s grave. He told me one day when I found some threat letters from the Cult” (Thought Catalog). Now, that’s one crazy story! This is definitely a story that we can understand why it was kept secret; we wonder if it stayed a mystery even to the police.


8 The Mother Who...


What would you do if you found out your mother had murdered your brother? We bet you would start wondering if you were next. “My mother murdered my brother a while back, and while no one else knows this, I was able to talk to the mortician and discovered that my brother had his neck slit by my mother and that he had bruises up and down his arms and face. Turned out to be defensive bruises from trying to block her stabbing him. I’m the only one in my family to know, and I don’t think anyone in the family could handle figuring that out, especially since it’s been over two years now” (The Things). What a horrific story and one that would terrify anyone. We’re not sure that keeping this secret is really best for anyone. Why would she murder her own brother in such a horrific way?

7 His Mother Does Bad Things

It’s hard for any kid to have respect for a mother like this one. “My mother is a notorious ‘bad girl.’ I could go into details about that, but [I'll try] to be on point about this particular case. It was simple; she had --- with her brother, but he was married and had his own kid. In order to be taken care of, my mother told the man I thought was my biological father that she was pregnant. He married her. So, my biological father is a falsely convicted felon, and I have a sister. We talk frequently and have been trying to find a way to overturn his ruling ever since. We did do a blood test and had confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that he is my father and she is my half-sibling. I have confronted my mother about it, but she denies it even with presenting her with the test results. The man who raised me, who is apparently my uncle and not my father, doesn’t know, as that would absolutely devastate him. We decided to keep this a family secret between me, my sister, my real father” (Thought Catalog).

6 Taliban Threats


This poor guy had a grandmother who was getting threats from the Taliban. We should probably feel sorrier for the grandmother because living with that kind of fear isn't right. This kind of life isn't healthy for anyone, and it’s a relief that she was never harmed in any way. “My gran had to move to England from Pakistan because she kept receiving death threats from the Taliban. Apparently, being an actress is a sin, and you need to be murdered for it. I’m pretty sure nobody’s supposed to know this besides my parents and her” (The Things). She was only an actress; it’s scary to think that someone could get threats over something that's considered normal in our country. No one should have to live in fear, and we’re glad that she was able to lead a normal life.

5 Retribution

Sometimes, when people find out that someone harmed their family members, they seek out revenge. “My late uncle tortured and mutilated the adult cousin who repeatedly hurt his nine-year-old sister. He purposely kept from killing him, cauterizing his wounds so he wouldn’t bleed out and so the scarring wouldn’t be repairable. He made very sure he’d never be able to hurt another child. My uncle passed away a few years later. The cousin underwent a ton of surgeries, but none of them could really fix the scarring or mutilation. Last that I heard, he was still in hiding overseas. I see his mom from time to time. 40 years later, she still blames the victim for her son’s injuries. The victim, btw, grew up to be an advocate for DV and abuse victims” (The Things). That’s definitely a disturbing story.

4 His Uncle is a Snitch


Snitching on a Kingpin is a dangerous game. “My uncle snitched on a Youngstown Kingpin. My whole family is or has been involved in some sort of criminal enterprise for around three generations. Growing up, we learned fast to never speak of family matters to strangers and definitely never to police. Back in the mid-'90s my uncle was driving drugs all over the East Coast and got hit in Virginia with 15 keys of coke. The DEA had tracked him from [a] pickup in Florida to Ohio once and had a video of both the pickup and [the] delivery. They offered him eight years if he gave them the man that [was] wanted, and he did it rather than the life sentence he would have had in federal max” (Thought Catalog). Those are very dangerous games to play, and hopefully, he got away with it.

3 He’s Not Supposed to be Alive

Abortion is a very controversial subject, and someone certainly would never want to find out that they weren’t supposed to be alive. Yikes! This confession is better off staying behind locked doors because it’s very hurtful for anyone to find out. “My grandmother was going to abort my uncle. When she left that day to get the abortion, my other uncle was hit by a bus. She took that as a sign from God not to have the abortion. To this day, my uncle doesn’t know that he was supposed to have been aborted” (The Things). How did this person even find this out? Some things happen for a reason, and there was obviously a good reason for the mother to change her mind about the baby. We hope that no one in the family lets this little secret out because it can only cause more harm than good.

2 Nazi Threats


Thinking that your family members could've been part of the Nazi organization is a little shocking and scary.

“My mother was the subject of a child --- ring held by her biological uncle on her estranged father’s side. Her stepfather was a huge Nazi sympathizer, [and I] stumbled upon photos of my uncle in Hitler youth garb. The abusers are no longer alive, but there’s a reason the moment she and my father had my older brother, she packed up and moved 3,000 miles away without a word” (Thought Catalog). We couldn’t even imagine something like that happening; it’s horrific. Many families run from their terrible secrets, and in this case, she had more than enough reason to run away screaming.

1 Her Father’s Alternate World

Some families are just too messed up for words, and we’re not sure that this father is living in reality. “My father is sexually and romantically attracted to me and would leave my mom to be with me. He was an alcoholic, and I was in my sophomore year of college, and he had always been a nudist, and as I grew older, I realized I was probably sexually abused, just not at an extremely invasive level. So, he was just drunk and naked and began doing things to himself and asked me to bring him tissues, and I threw the box in his face and went to my room. Then he just kind of told me that in an alternate world, he would be with me, and he’s attracted to me, but he understands it’s wrong, and we’ve never really spoken about it since” (Reddit).

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