15 People Confess The Scariest Things They've Ever Experienced

We all have those experiences throughout life that make us question things. Some people consider these experiences to be things that they cannot explain, whether they are part of a hallucination or a real experience with ghosts. Maybe your experiences have nothing to do with the paranormal, and maybe they have more to do with a scary experience that you had that shook you to the core. We’ve all had weird or terrible things happen to us over the years, and some of us refuse to talk about them. Thankfully, we have 15 people ready to confess the scariest experiences they've ever had. Bless their little hearts.

What is the scariest thing that ever happened in your life? Can you remember a time that something happened that changed you forever? I think we all can. If you can’t quite remember, maybe reading these scary stories will jog your memory. We all have had messed up things happen to us, but do they compare to these stories? Life is a scary and mysterious place at times. We never know what’s going to happen to us, and often, we find ourselves in situations that we could never have imagined. There are bad experiences that we sometimes never get over. If you don’t have a scary story in your vault, then you can certainly consider yourself lucky. These people cannot, however. Tune in to read these stories that will cause you to count your blessings every single night.

15 A Ghostly Woman

Sometimes, we see something that we think just can’t be real until we touch it and almost have a heart attack. That was the case for this person who ran into a ghostly figure. I’m not sure hiding under the covers will help. Hopefully, this mystery woman does not return for more.

“When I was about ten, I was reading in my room late at night. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and on my way back to bed, I stood right in front of a woman['s] figure. She was gold and spongy looking, but you could just tell it was a woman. I stood there saying to myself, 'Shut up; it’s just your imagination.' So, I put my hand out to touch her, and she moved her hand out to do the same. I ran and jumped in[to] my bed, scared to death.” (Thought Catalog)

14 Haunted Mother

What would you do if your mentally ill dead mother came back to haunt you? Talk about a terrifying situation. How do you ever escape the woman if she's determined to come back from the great beyond?

“My mother had died about nine years ago. She had been very sick, mentally as well as physically. We had a bad relationship. A few months ago, I was lying in bed, almost asleep, when I heard her voice, crystal clear as if she were in the room with me. She sounded angry and scared and yelled, 'CAN YOU HEAR ME?!' A split second after, my baby boy wakes up crying.” (Thought Catalog)

This sounds like something out of a nightmare or a horror movie. A mentally ill person can be something dark and dangerous to deal with once dead. Maybe it’s time to move before mother gets angry again.

13 Predicting 911

It’s hard to tell if this story is really a premonition or something else. This man had an overall feeling that he would never see the twin towers again.

“In August 2001, I was attending a wedding in New York. I stood across the Bay from the World Trade Center, and thought, 'This is the last time I’ll ever see this.' I immediately chastised myself for being ridiculous and morbid, because really, I went to NYC fairly regularly at that time, at least once a year, so of COURSE, I’d see it again. What, was I expecting -- to die or something? I had forgotten about it actually, until a few years later when I found my old journal from that time period. Weird.” (Thought Catalog)

Predicting 911 a month before is definitely a creepy situation because I don’t think anyone could've predicted such a horrific day in history.

12 The Skin-Loving Creep

What would you do if you were on a date, and his favorite thing about you was your skin? Would that cancel out a second date?

“This girl confessed on Whisper that her date kept complimenting her skin. He interrupted her over four times throughout the date just to tell her that she had great skin. I mean, it sounds like a compliment, but the girl even said that she felt like she was on a date with Buffalo Bill. That’s not surprising, considering that Buffalo Bill carefully picks his victims based on their skin type so he can skin them in order to make a “woman suit” of real skin. Here’s a tip for all the guys out there. Compliment a woman on her complexion, not her skin. Or compliment her skin, but don’t interrupt her every five minutes to tell her. Just thinking about this girl’s date is making our skin crawl. No pun intended.” (Whisper)

11 Someone’s in the House

It’s always good to have a great security system, and having a gun doesn’t hurt either when you have to worry about people in your home.

“I used to work weekend nights, and my wife would always be home alone with her car in the driveway. One particular Saturday, I was at work, and my wife happened to go out with her friend. Her friend picked her up, so her car was still in the driveway. When I got home at 1:00 am, the power to the house was out. I went to check the circuit breaker and saw that the padlock on it had been cut. I promptly went inside and called 911. Someone had been watching us for a while and knew our habits. That Saturday, they saw her car in the driveway, and my car was gone. They cut the lock and threw the circuit breaker. This would have baited her outside. She would have been outside with the front door unlocked and quite vulnerable. I bought a nice bottle of wine for her friend and a shotgun for the house.” (Thought Catalog)

10 Man Without a Face

Is this woman experiencing hallucinations, or is there really a man in her room?

“I woke up a few nights in a row around the same time in the early morning hours, looked at the end of my bed (husband next to me), the room dark, and sat up to a dark figure wearing a fedora-type hat, in what looked like a trench coat. No facial features, just black. It appeared to have a male form. Like I said, no facial features, but I still felt like it was staring at me, and it was really pissed off at me. This happened a few nights in a row. I did some 'research' (looked it up on the internet) and found other people have experienced something similar. Some people attribute it to sleep paralysis, but I have seen shadows before in previous homes, just not like this one (in both form and the extremely threatening presence).” (Thought Catalog)

9 Possible Kidnapping?

There's nothing creepier than your date suggesting that he might kidnap you. Uh, check, please!

“We’re not really sure what this next girl’s date was thinking when he said something that was equal parts creepy and terrifying. This next girl confessed that while on a date, her date said, 'Oh no, we are walking down a dark street… What if I kidnap you forever?' Could this guy be any creepier? Seriously, what did he think was going to happen? Did he think that the idea of being kidnapped on a dark street would turn her on or something? Maybe the guy should have tried asking, 'What if I was to murder you?' You never know, maybe she might have liked that line instead (NOT). I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good murder/kidnapping threat? What we do know is there isn’t a faster way to end a date than to imply you want to kidnap the person you’re going out with.” (Whisper)

8 A Death Prediction

What if you predicted someone’s death? Would that change your life forever? In this case, that’s exactly what happened with this guy. He predicted the death of his friend.

“I was telling a friend about a dream in which our mutual, deceased friend Bill appeared. Bill leaned his elbows on a desk and said to me, 'I’m waiting on the red-haired woman.' Another friend standing nearby, who had never known Bill, became noticeably upset. She had long red hair. A few months later she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she didn’t survive." (Thought Catalog)

Whoa, that’s pretty intense, and it makes you wonder if all the dreams that this guy has will come true. The poor girl. It must have been terrifying to hear that dream. Did she already know that she was dying? Definitely a creepy story that ended up coming true in the end.

7 Someone's Outside

I almost wish I knew the ending of this story! Who was outside?

“When I was a young child living in one of the high crime areas of town, I woke up in the middle of the night out of nowhere. This was something that never, ever happened to me, given how sound of a sleeper I was. I left my bedroom, went down the stairs and past the front door to get to the kitchen. After getting a drink of water, I turned around to go back upstairs to my bedroom. The front door was open. It hadn’t been open just a moment ago. Our car had been broken into a day earlier, so I was already on high alert. I stood, completely frozen, staring at that door for a good ten minutes before I could bring myself to move. When I finally did go over and shut the door, our porch creaked in the background as though someone was walking on it as I closed it. It was the scariest moment of my childhood. I still get the willies thinking about it.” (Thought Catalog)

6 A Stalker

In this story, you really have to wonder what could've happened if the girl had gone to work that day. Clearly, this wasn't a robbery.

“When I was 18, my car was broken into. I was on my way to work, so when I noticed, I immediately called the police. Once they arrived, we started sifting through the glass, documenting all that was taken. All the valuables were there… my CD player and phone accessories were intact. The only items missing were the contents of my center console: senior year photos, lipstick, my hairbrush, perfume, and my weekly work schedule. The Police advised me not to go to work for the remainder of the week.” (Whisper)

It’s a scary story because the person who broke in wasn't interested in the valuables, so what did the intruder want?

5 The Ghost Man

In this story, it sounds like this camper had a ghostly friend.

“Down around where I live in Texas, we hunt along an old dried up river. One night, I was out hunting some boar and found a nice camping spot. Made camp and got set up, and out of nowhere, a guy walks up and asks for food. Instantly, I knew something wasn't right about this guy; he gave me a terrible feeling. 25 miles from any road or civilization and someone just happens on my campsite? Fuck that shit. As soon as I saw him, I knew to unlatch my pistol from the holster and keep the safety off. I make dinner, and we eat and chit chat. After we eat, he says his thanks and walks off into the brush. I passed out around 3 am with my hand on my gun, slept lightly. I woke up and decided to try and find where he came from and where he went. Normally, I’m a damn good tracker, but I couldn’t find his tracks leading in or out of camp. It was soft, kind of muddy ground and should have shown his tracks. Nothing. Not even a broken branch or a smashed leaf. Haven’t been hunting there since.” (Thought Catalog)

4 The Pentagram

This would be a seriously twisted story. Imagine if that was your life! How did the Pentagram get on his window?

“I woke up one morning with a pentagram, scraped out of the frost, on the outside of my bedroom window. My bedroom was on the second floor, and while there was a first-floor roof, there were only three prints in the snow on the first-floor roof which had probably ten feet between the edge and my window. Also, no prints in the show at the ground level. This was 20 years ago, and I still wonder what it was about.” (Thought Catalog)

This is a mystery that may remain unsolved. Either way, it can’t be a good thing for something like that to be placed on your window.

3 Demon Dog

This is honestly the creepiest story I've ever heard.

“My uncle told this really f*cking creepy story about a good friend of his who worked in the K-9 unit (he is a police officer). K-9 officers have to take their dogs home at night. The officer and his wife were having marital issues and they had been angry with each other. The wife told the officer to put the dog outside and so he did. Locked up the house, went to bed. About 10 minutes later, the dog comes into the room and starts bothering the couple. The wife says, 'I thought I told you to put that damn dog outside!' The officer replies with 'I did…' 'Well, he got back in!' The officer then gets up to put the dog back outside and when he reaches the sliding glass door, he sees his dog, barking and growling running around. He immediately let’s [sic] go of the dog in his hand and stands back. The dog proceeded to stand on two legs and walk through the glass and disappear into the night. After the officer got divorced, occasionally, he will have contact with the wife, and she has reported seeing the same demon-dog thing multiple times and before, when she was a child.” (Thought Catalog)

2 The Sound of Footsteps

What would you do if you heard footsteps but couldn’t figure out who it was?

“One night, I was watching a movie in the living room of my grandma’s house, and right after the movie ended and I decide to go upstairs, I heard loud, fast footsteps near the window closer to the TV (like someone was running loudly). But it was around 2 am. And it’s a closed property, so no one SHOULD be there. And the dog, outside, barked as well. I was sure someone was there. No one knocked. I went to get a big f*cking knife and opened the door. I did this really fast. No one was out there. The dog was confused and didn’t know where to look at, but he was looking for something, so I wasn’t crazy. And there was no fucking way somebody would be out of there so fast because nobody can enter or leave the property unless they have the remote controller or a key for the gate, but even that would take long. So, I just went inside really scared and brought the dog in as well. And I slept with him on [sic] that living room with lights and the TV on. To date, I have no fucking clue what that was. But both me [sic] and the dog would agree someone was there. F--k. I’m scared again.” (Thought Catalog)

1 Ghost in the Room

Poor children, they seem to always get the worst of creepy situations. That’s where all these horror movies come from, after all -- these children stuck in situations that are horrifying.

“I was babysitting my 4-year-old cousin last week. Everything was normal. I put him to bed, read him a book, and he fell asleep. 20 mins later, I’m lying on the couch and I hear him whispering from the hallway. I get up and sneak up to hear what he’s saying. 'They’re scratching my face; they’re scratching my face.' He said it in a calm voice, and I asked him who, but he didn’t answer. I walked him back to bed despite my racing heartbeat. Sh!t seemed like it was straight out of a movie.”

How would you handle a situation like that from a little kid? Maybe it’s time to stop babysitting.

Sources: Reddit; ThoughtCatalog

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