15The Couple That Pees Together

It should be a standard rule that if you go out and get drunk and your friend lets you stay at his place, don’t pee somewhere randomly. These people must have the smallest bladders ever. How do you pee the bed as an adult?

“Had a couple stay over one night

after one too many drinks... they slept on our pull-out couch; never heard a peep from them. Woke up the next morning and everything was put away as if no one had ever been there. A few weeks later when I went to pull out the couch... I discovered one of them had peed the bed, made up the sheets and then closed the couch without saying anything. It smelled REPULSIVE... they were never allowed to sleep over again.” (Reddit)

What a disgusting story! And these people were friends? Did they not think he would ever find out?

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