17 Pathetic Celebs Who've Been Caught Trying To Steal

There are certain situations in one’s life in which your honesty is tested. If you found a wallet sitting on the sidewalk, opened it up, and discovered a fat wad of money in it, what would you do? Many people would probably remove the money, stuff it in their pocket, and either leave the wallet or drop it in a mailbox. There are a few decent folks that would check the wallet for ID and either return it to the owner, money and all or turn it into the police. Let’s face it; it is in most of our natures to take the cash.

We are also tested every time we walk into a store. We walk up and down the aisles and look at all sorts of things that we either need or just want. The vast majority of us pay for those items at the cash register. For starters, most retail outlets have cameras, security staff, and other measures in place to ensure that we don’t rob them blind. However, there are still loads of people that disregard these security measures and give into the seemingly uncontrollable urge to steal. They might be successful once, twice, or even a few times but they will eventually get caught and exposed for being the dishonest thieves that they are. They also suffer a great deal of embarrassment. Especially if they’re famous and can afford those things that you steal. Here are 17 Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Trying For A Five Finger Discount.


17 Amanda Bynes

First, we had the Britney meltdown, then the Charlie Sheen meltdown, and then we got to witness the much less entertaining Amanda Bynes meltdown. The former child star was all over the headlines a couple of years back for her unexplainable behavior which included loads of driving infractions, possession of narcotics, and reckless endangerment among others. She was even hospitalized for mental health issues which is pretty sad. She had her act together for a while but was again in the news in 2016 when she allegedly left a Barneys New York store with a hat that wasn’t paid for. Bynes claimed that it was all a misunderstanding. Yeah, it seems she misunderstood the basics of shopping. Store detectives decided to release her before police arrived on the scene. That’s enough out of you Amanda!!

16 Tila Tequila


Tila Tequila is one of those personalities that is famous for being famous. She has done a bit of television work such as her dating show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and she has been one of the most followed people on social media. She has stirred up a lot of controversy with such deeds as praising Adolf Hitler and making anti-Semitic comments. She also believes that the Earth is flat. One thing she didn’t believe in back in 2010 was paying for her convenience store snacks. She actually pulled it off but because she isn’t the smartest gal in the world she posted a video on her blog admitting to the theft. Brilliant!! The police paid her a visit, found the evidence, and charged her with shoplifting.

15 Winona Ryder

At the turn of the millennium, Winona Ryder was one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. With a plethora of seriously successful films under her belt, the Generation X icon was a multi-millionaire who had the means to live pretty much any kind of lifestyle she wanted. Kleptomania, however, knows no bank account.

In 2001, the Beetlejuice star was arrested for attempting to steal literally thousands of dollars worth of goods from a luxury boutique in Beverly Hills, California. The evidence against her was overwhelming and she was quickly found guilty with a punishment of three years’ probation. Almost two decades removed from the whole ordeal, Ryder considers her shoplifting arrest to be one of the best things that ever happened to her as it forced her to rearrange her priorities and focus on a life removed from the spotlight.

14 Shaun Weiss


Shaun Weiss, for those of you who do not recognize his name, achieved his greatest success playing the goalie in the 1992 family favorite The Mighty Ducks. Ironically, it seems that Weiss didn’t do very well saving the money he earned as a result of the film.

In July of 2017, Weiss was arrested in California after making an embarrassingly unsuccessful attempt to steal just $151 worth of goods from Fry’s Electronics. The arrest, which was Weiss’ second for petty theft, resulted in the fallen star being sentenced to 150 days behind bars. Shortly after the sentence was handed down, representatives for Weiss said that he would use the jail time to work on his stand up comedy routine (because who doesn’t laugh in jail?)

13 Lindsay Lohan

LiLo has lived a pretty turbulent life and she wasn’t exactly on top of her game in 2011 when she walked out of a jewelry store with a necklace that was worth $2,500. This is a pretty normal thing for celebrities but most of them pay for the jewelry. Lindsay didn’t. She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft. The troubled actress pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 120 days in the can. Lohan told reporters that she was glad that the episode was behind her. She might have been able to forget about it but we haven’t. Due to prison overcrowding, Lindsay served significantly less time. This was just one of the many times in which Lohan found herself in a courtroom. She has also faced the music for other offenses such as drinking and driving.

12 Megan Fox


There are loads of people on this Earth that deserve to be banned from Walmart for fashion violations alone. It is also reasonable that shoplifters should be banned and that is exactly what happened to the lovely Megan Fox. Before she was famous, Megan found herself in Walmart coveting a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson brand lipgloss. She couldn’t help herself from lifting it but she was promptly caught. Not only was she banned from the store, Megan also had to appear in court over the matter. The judge offered her two choices of punishment and she wisely chose to volunteer as a gift wrapper over the Christmas season. She claimed that she really enjoyed her time wrapping gifts and that she didn’t actually consider it punishment. By the way, the alternative was wearing a sign that read “I stole from Walmart” for three days.

11 Britney Spears

Britney Spears was putting on a pretty entertaining show back in 2007. We’re not talking about provocatively strutting her stuff on stage while she lip-synced one of her popular tunes. We’re referring to her infamous public meltdown during which her bizarre behavior made a lot of headlines. One such odd act occurred in 2007 when she got into an argument with staff at a Hustler store in Los Angeles. She tore the wig off of a mannequin and fled the store without paying for it. She was apparently upset that the staff wouldn’t let her try on some panties. This wasn’t the only time the pop princess stole something from a store. She also lifted a lighter from a gas station. It’s one thing to steal a loaf of bread for your starving family but these acts of impulse were far from that.


10 Kristin Cavallari


You have likely heard of and seen Kristin Cavallari. She became well-known for her role in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. She has made headlines for refusing to vaccinate her children too. She has been generally out of the public eye since 2013 but she gained a bit of public sympathy when her brother went missing and was later found dead. She didn’t get much sympathy when she got caught stuffing a bunch of clothes into her purse in a Tawney K store. You don’t want to mess with Tawney Kitaen!! Kristin was arrested, handcuffed, and hauled into the police station. Fortunately for Cavallari, Kitaen did not press charges. Even better was the publicity that the fledgling actress garnered. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. Right?

9 Bai Ling

Bai Ling is a 50-year-old actress who has appeared in such movies as The Crow, Wild Wild West, and Anna and the King. She has been on television numerous times and has recorded a few singles. She was at Los Angeles International Airport in 2008 when she was overcome by the urge to steal a couple of magazines and some batteries. Granted, the price of batteries at airport gift shops is insane but not half as crazy as Ling who once claimed to be from the moon. Another shopper reported her to store staff and Ling was apprehended. She eventually pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and was fined a total of $700. She was later featured in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew where she openly battled her alcoholism.

8 Kim Richards


7 Courtney Love

We are all most likely only too familiar with Courtney Love. She isn’t known for making the best decisions like the time she married a suspected transvestite in 1989 and banging heroin when she was pregnant. In fact, she has been tangled up in more messes than the average person could get caught up in over 10 lifetimes. She started her wayward path at a very early age. Back when she was just 14, the aspiring trouble maker was already well on her way. She was out and about one day when she saw a KISS shirt that she really wanted. Without a second thought, Courtney tried to swipe it. She failed. Courtney was arrested and ended up going to Hillcrest Correctional Facility. She probably had no idea that she’d be able to buy as many KISS shirts as she wanted if she waited a few more years.

6 Stephanie Pratt


If you have ever heard of Stephanie Pratt then you were probably a fan of the reality television show The Hills where she played a supporting role. She developed a pretty heavy addiction to crystal meth and other dastardly drugs in the mid to late 2000s. This led to a number of problems including an incident that resulted in her being charged with second-degree theft. She was caught with $1,300 worth of stuff that she pilfered from a Neiman Marcus. She was also found in possession of a whack of “harmful drugs” but the police took pity on her and overlooked those charges. She was charged a couple of years later for DUI but has remained relatively clean since and seems to be getting her television career back on track.

5 Tenille Dashwood (WWE’s Emma)

You might know Tenille Dashwood as the professional wrestling diva Emma. She’s hot, she’s tough, and she’s not afraid to try new things. Take, for example, her foray into the world of shoplifting. In 2014, things must have been going a little too smoothly for Raw star so she decided to muddle things up by trying to steal from a Connecticut Walmart. She was arrested for shoplifting an iPad Mini case which was valued at a whopping $20. Her lawyer claimed that Emma simply forgot to pay for the case when she was using the self-checkout machine to purchase some other items. The WWE initially fired the 28-year-old following the incident but she was quickly reinstated. She continues to kick butt in the ring and has remained on the straight and narrow.

4 Peaches Geldof


Peaches Geldof was far too young to leave this Earth but she succumbed to a drug overdose in 2014 just as her mother had 15 years earlier. Prior to her death, she had been a columnist, model, and a bit of a television personality but was mostly regarded as the partying socialite daughter of Bob Geldof. In 2011, the aspiring starlet was caught by store security at Boots in Central London with around $90 worth of makeup that she had snuck into her pockets. Luckily for Peaches, the staff didn’t call the police but they did ban her from the store. It wasn’t the first time Geldof had been caught stealing. It was actually the fourth such incident. Just a few months before this episode occurred, Peaches was busted for trying to steal about $50 worth of goods from a clothing store.

3 Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut was made famous through her outstanding gymnastics displays during the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics during which she earned 4 gold medals and a pair of silvers. She has been credited for changing the sport from one that focused on elegance to one that focused on acrobatics. She moved from Belarus to the United States in 1991 and quickly adjusted to the American lifestyle. She obviously wasn’t familiar with the American tradition of using a shopping cart because she used her purse to carry about $19 worth of figs, cheese, syrup, and some tea out of a Publix convenience store near Atlanta. She was arrested and was famous again. She entered a diversion program through which she completed a seminar in “values”. She was also barred from entering Publix stores.

2 Shelley Morrison


This veteran actress has been in the business since the early 1960s. She has been through quite a bit in her life such as battling breast and lung cancer. You may recognize her as Rosario the maid on the television series Will and Grace. One day she was on her way to the studio to shoot an episode of the show when she decided to stop to buy some shoes. Her recollection of the incident is foggy at best but she remembers entering the store and the next thing she knew she was surrounded by security guards who removed costume jewelry worth $446 from her pockets. She was arrested and held in custody for 8 hours before bonding out. She later pleaded no contest to misdemeanor petty theft which netted her a year of probation and a $300 fine.

1 Rex Reed

Rex Reed has appeared in a few television and film roles but he is perhaps best known for being a film critic and author. He is now 78-years-old and enjoying life outside of the spotlight. That’s a nice change from when he was in the spotlight for shoplifting in February of 2000. He was in a store when a security guard saw Reed pocket 3 compact disks. As embarrassing as it is to be caught buying Mel Torme and Carmen McRae CDs it is even more embarrassing when you’re caught stealing them. The judge must have felt sorry for Reed’s musical tastes because he agreed to drop the charges if Reed could stay straight for 6 months. Rex left the courthouse and joked to reporters that he would only give good reviews from then on.

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