15 Parents Whose Ages Will Shock You

When it comes to the right time to become a parent, everyone has their own opinion on what age would be the ideal time. But I don't know if I (or you) know anyone who thinks getting pregnant at the ag

When it comes to the right time to become a parent, everyone has their own opinion on what age would be the ideal time. But I don't know if I (or you) know anyone who thinks getting pregnant at the age that the 16 women below did would ever be recommended.

For half of our list, it's a heartbreaking tale of sexual abuse that led to pregnancy at an astonishingly young age, including one girl who was 5 years old. Some of these women were even entered into prostitution at a young age or were abused by some of the people that they should trust such as cousins, fathers, and even a 70-year-old grandfather.

The other half of our list is full of women, many of whom struggled to get pregnant their entire life. These women may all be eligible for a senior's discount at the local shopping center, but don't think that stopped their desire to have children! In fact, several of our women went on to give birth to twins, triplets and our number 1 candidate gave birth to 4 children. Sound crazy? How about the fact that she already had 13 kids from 5 other men!

While we were unable to track down the photos for many of our younger candidates, you may also be shocked by some of the photos of these seriously old women with their seriously cute babies.

16 Unidentified - 9 Years Old, Abuser Got 25 Years In Jail

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We don't know the name of the 9-year-old girl who got pregnant and later gave birth to a little girl, but we definitely know the name of the sexual abuser. William Edward Ronca was 26 years old when he got sentenced to 25 years in prison. He will not be eligible for parole for at least the first 21 years.

Ronca could have been sentenced to 30 years, but after a public apology to the family, the judge reduced the sentence to the 25 years. Ronca also admitted that he and the girl had been having sex roughly one to two times a week, and had been doing so for 2 years. Ronca did his very best to convince her not to tell anyone about it and arguably would have been successful had a guidance counselor noticed that the girl was exhibiting signs of being pregnant. She was already 7 months pregnant by the time she got to the doctors for her first inspection and later gave the kid up for adoption after giving birth via cesarean section.

15 Adriana Iliescu - 66 Years Old, Was Originally Pregnant With Triplets


Adriana Iliescu definitely always wanted to be a mother, in fact as well as being a professor she was the author of children's books! And in 2005 at 66 years old, Adriana Illiescu became the oldest mother in the world. Originally pregnant with triplets after undergoing fertility treatment, only one of the children was able to survive until birth which occurred through cesarean.

After giving birth in her home country of Romania, Iliesuc said to a reporter that she feels as if she has been given a new lease on life, as well as that her family has a history of living long lives. While we are not too sure if family history is enough to recommend someone get pregnant at such a late age, at least Adriana is confident in her decision. Plus I mean, there has to be no shortage of books on hand for the kid to read.

14 Rosita - 10 Years Old, From Nicaragua, Was Assaulted By Stepfather

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Rosita was 10 years old by the time she got pregnant for the first time, but her stepfather Carmen had been sexually assaulting her since she was 8 years old. In fact, the sexual abuse was so frequent that Rosita never experienced her first menstruation, instead, getting pregnant the first time she ever ovulated.

Her situation was discovered in 2007 and when interviewed about the situation in 2008 she made sure to note that her mother did not sexually abuse her. It was also reported that Carmen would often use a rope to choke and try and subdue her during the assaults.

Thankfully when Rosita was discovered by Dr. Douglas Rene Garcia Lopez when he was taking a tour of rural areas, she was put into "the Mother House" which offered daily medical attention and proper nutrition.

13 Elizabeth Adeney - 66 Years Old, Oldest Woman In Britain


We are going to go around the world traveling to different countries as we cover the oldest mothers in the world, but we start our journey in the United Kingdom. Adeney gave birth to her son in 2009 and at the time was 66 years old, making her the oldest mom (or should we say mum) in Britain.

Adeney defended her decision to get pregnant at such a late age saying, "It's not physical age that is important - it's how I feel inside. Some days I feel 39. Others, I feel 56."

Unable to conceive through natural means, Adeney traveled to the Ukraine in order to receive her IVF treatment.

While not much is known as to how the family is doing in 2016, it was reported in 2010 that Adeney had returned to her job as a managing director at a plastics company and had hired a nanny to help out.

12 Nuvia V.T. - 9 Years Old, Assaulted By 2 Cousins

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Nuvia was 8 years old when she was sexually assaulted by two of her older cousins, one of whom was 17 and the other, Avilio Arostica Berrospi was 28 years old at the time of the assault. While they were not able to initially prove who was the father, DNA testing later linked Avilio as being the father.

Nuvia later gave birth to a 2.5kg boy in Lima, perhaps sadly on the same day that she turned 9 years old. If there is a positive here, it may be that Nuvia was eventually hosted (and offered housing) by the Huanuco home for teenage mothers, which also specializes in special psychological treatment for young mothers. We can only hope that both Nuvia and her child were able to get the care and support needed.

11 Omkari Panwar - 70 Years Old, Gave Birth To Twins

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When Omkari Panwar became the oldest mother in the world in 2008, she did it in style giving birth to twins (one boy, one girl)! Panwar was impregnated through in-vitro fertilization treatments and while the family already had 2 daughters, they did not feel complete without a son.

When talking about her new family, Panwar said "My daughters' have got a little brother, my husband and I have got an heir – that is all we ever wanted."

While it could not be confirmed, it was estimated that Panwar was 70 years old when she gave birth. But if you think that age matters to her, think again. "If I am the world's oldest mother it means nothing to me. I just want to see my new babies and care for them while I am still able," she said in an interview shortly after giving birth.

Sounds like a pretty great attitude to have at the very least!

10 Hilda Trujillo - 8 Years Old, Abused By Cousin

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Hilda Trujillo was 8 years old when she got impregnated by her 22-year-old orphaned cousin in the country of Peru. The family found out about it when she was 5 months old and was taken to the doctor and when told her mother said, "Let God's will be done."

Thankfully Hilda was able to successfully deliver her daughter 3 months later (one month premature) with few complications. As a fun link, the Obstetrician Rolando Colareta was the same Obstetrician that worked on Lina Medina's pregnancy, who you'll read about below as she is the youngest mother in history.

Hilda's story gained more public attention when Time magazine ran a story on her shortly after she gave birth.

9 Maria del Carmen Bousada - 66 Years Old, Lied About Her Age To Doctors.


When Maria Bousada first received IVF treatment she lied to the doctors and said she was only 55 years old, which was the oldest they would allow for treatment. In reality, Bousada was 66 years old, later giving birth to twin boys only one week before turning 67.

Bousada admitted that nobody in her friend circle really took her seriously when she said she wanted children, but defended herself saying "Everyone has to have children at the right time for them. This was the right time for me. It was something I always dreamed of."

Bousada received the sperm from an anonymous donor, an 18-year-old blonde Italian-American! Bousada had several serious health complications during the pregnancy including concern that her kidneys were failing. This led to a premature cesarean section.

Sadly Bousada passed away in 2009 of ovarian cancer when her sons were 2.5 years old.

8 Dafne - 8 Years Old, Abuser Skipped Town

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Dafne was 8 years old when she met and got pregnant in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. The father was an unnamed 17-year-old boy who allegedly tried to get the 8-year-old girl to live with him and after she refused, skipped town.

The age gap constitutes a sexual crime, something that Jorge Villasenor who works for the state's prosecutor office was quick to point out, saying "We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case."

To make Dafne's situation all the more of an uphill battle, she is one of 11 siblings and her parents are always out of the house working, which helps explain why she was able to get involved with the older boy to begin with.

We can only hope all of those siblings will help raise the child!

7 Rajo Devi Lohan - 70 Years Old, Later Developed Serious Complications As a Result


Rajo Lohan gave birth to her daughter Naveen when she was 70 years old. She and her husband Baba Ram had been together since 1950 and had long felt shame and ridicule for their inability to procreate. "We were known as people who could not have children. It is not a good thing in the village. Family means children in our culture," said Baba Ram in an interview with TheGuardian.

In order to get pregnant, Rajo and Baba used Postmenopausal IVF treatment with oocytes donation. That's not to say everything went smoothly, as at one point Rajo was hospitalized after losing 3 litres of blood and nearly needing a hysterectomy.

When talking about the future of her child, Rajo said, "I am strong. I used to work 12 hours every day in the fields. The doctor told me I have the strength of someone half my age. Even when I am 80 I will be able to catch Naveen if she runs away."

Sadly, the reality was not the case and in 2010 Rajo fell ill due to complications from the IVF treatment, but she didn't regret anything saying, "I dreamed about having a child all my life. It does not matter to me that I am ill, because at least I lived long enough to become a mother. The doctor never warned me it was dangerous to have a baby at my age. But I was healthy before, and now I am very sick."

As well as this, Rajo said her household is full of wives and sisters that step in and are an active part of Naveen's life. This story broke in 2009 and at the time Rajo was also adamant that she wanted to also try for a boy, but does not appear to have been successful.

6 Yelizaveta "Liza" Gryshchenko - 6 Years Old, Abused By Grandfather 

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The story of Yelizaveta "Liza" Gryshchenko is going to tug at your heart strings for several reasons. To start, she was impregnated at the age of 6 years old by her 70-year-old maternal grandfather.

It was reported that Liza had very little awareness of what was being done to her, as her father only would mention that "Uncle Doctor" was going to just make sure she was not growing a tummy anymore.

All of this happened in 1934, and at the time cesareans were considered to be more dangerous (especially in the Soviet Union where she was) and as a result, Liza gave birth with the assistance of forceps and retractors. Complications arose as a result and the baby did not survive.

It was also then reported that the family, which included the grandfather, then relocated somewhere else.

5 Daljinder Kaur - 72 Years Old, Believes God Will Take Care Of Baby


Daljinder Kaur entered the record books in 2016 when she gave birth to her son Armen on April 19th. It was reported by the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center in Haryana, India that Kaur was 72 years old. Prior to the successful IVF treatment, Kaur had undergone two failed attempts. When talking about her child, Kaur said "I feel blessed to be able to hold my own baby. I had lost hope of becoming a mother ever."

Dalkinder has been with her husband Mohinder for over 5 decades and while you may be concerned about the child's well-being as his parents get older, Mohinder has an answer for that.

"People say what will happen to the child once we die. But I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, he will take care of everything," he said to an AFP news organization. We can only hope that he has also has a concrete plan in place for how to help his son in case something happens.

4 Lina Medina - 5 Years Old, Youngest Mother In History


Lina Medina lives in Peru and has the distinction of being the youngest mother in the entire world. It was in 1938 that Medina was taken to the doctor expecting to be told that she had a tumor when instead was told that she was pregnant. When the baby was born through cesarean, it was found that Medina had suffered from precocious puberty which meant she had fully mature sexual organs, including having menstruation at the age of 3.

Her father was originally arrested on the suspicion of child sex abuse, but there was no evidence that linked him to the crime. Medina has never identified the potential father of the baby, leading to some speculation that she may not know who it was. Her son who she named Gerardo passed away at the age of 40.

3 Bhateri Devi - 66 Years Old, Gave Birth To Triplets


You can imagine having just one baby later in life would be exhausting, but could you imagine 3? Bhateri Devi became the oldest mother in the world to give birth to triplets (two daughters and a son) when she was 66 years old. Devi conceived her children through IVF at a fertility clinic in Haryana.

While there are health risks that come with having children at a later age, her husband Deva Singh (who was 64) was too busy being happy, saying "She has fulfilled my dream of having a child and gave my family an heir. She was my first wife and after she failed to conceive a child, I married twice but again I did not have any child from my other wives. I am very happy and I will provide all the best facilities to my children in the coming years."

Sadly their son Bhupesh passed away shortly after being born. It was clear that both Bhateri and Deva felt that a woman's body's main purpose was giving birth including Devi saying, "In any case, the body of a woman is meant for childbirth and irrespective of age, that is never easy."

Deva also talked about being ostracized from the community, "We were called childless, and no one would like to see our faces in the morning. They feared it would spoil their fortune in bearing children."

2 Leyla Mafi - 9 Years Old

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Leyla may not be the youngest mother on this list, giving birth to her first child at the age of 9 in 1994, but her story may be the most heartbreaking. Leyla who resided in Arak, Iran was entered into prostitution at the age of 8 and had countless men sexually assault her, including several of her relatives.

By the time she was 14, Leyla had gotten pregnant again, this time with twins. To make the matter all the more horrific, Leyla was later arrested and faced the death penalty for her sex crimes. The court also rejected information that proved that despite being 19 years old, she had the mental age of 8.

When talking about the abuse she suffered, Leyla said "The first time I was taken to a man’s house by my mum I was eight. It was a horrible night and I cried a lot but then my mum came the next day and took me home. She bought me chocolate and cheese curls.”

1 Annegret Raunigk - 65 Years Old, Had 4 Children


Annegret Raunigk may not be the oldest parent on our list, but she definitely deserves some serious "bonus points" for not giving birth to one, but children in 2015 when she was 65 years old.

Raunigk previously had 13 children from 5 different men but sought out pregnancy again because her 9-year-old daughter wanted a younger sibling. In order to get pregnant Raunigk had fertilized eggs implanted, something that is illegal in her home country of Germany.

While she has received criticism for her decision, Raunigk was quick to defend herself saying "They can see it how they want to, and I'll see it the way I think is right."

At least by this point, she is definitely familiar with the feeling of giving birth.


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