15 People Who Unknowingly Adopted Evil Kids

The world can be a very sad place, and some of the saddest experiences have to do with children. Of course, some of the most frightening experiences in the world have to do with children also. I mean, have you seen Village of the Damned!? But we're not here to go on about children from fiction. We're here to go on about real-life children who have been through the system.

When I say system, I mean kids who have been abandoned, left in foster care, and put up for adoption. It's amazing just how many real-life horror stories there are from parents (or from the new after parents were killed by these kids). As one who isn't too interested in having kids to begin with, the research for this article certainly turned me away from the thought of adoption!

Below are 15 very disturbing stories of adopted children and their adoptive families. There are varying degrees of disturbing here. It ranges from dismembering plastic dolls to stabbing stuffies, to punching parents, and molesting siblings. There are even some atrocious crimes from the parents found here. So, get ready to take a scary stroll through the adoption process!

What Do You Do When Your Kid Dismembers Her Dolls?

Everything was all sunshine and roses when Cherry Willoughby and her husband John adopted the two lovely girls Maryann and Nicola. They were three years and six months old respectively. Shortly after their arrival, Maryann started dismembering dolls. First clue. Then she started soiling herself at school, tearing apart furniture at home, and soliciting neighbours for sex (once she started puberty). It didn't stop there though. When Cherry tried to lay down the law Maryann beat her severely with her bare hands. All the time spent on Maryann, no one noticed that Nicola was becoming quite the little thief. All in all, they are both now in prison now. Maryann is there because "she was one of a vicious gang who burnt and tortured a vulnerable woman with a red-hot iron and slashed her with a kitchen knife."


14 The Toddler Who Drove Her Mother To Murder

Nina Hilt was an adoptee from Russia who would destroy her adoptive parents' property as soon as their backs were turned. She would have violent tantrums, and she even went as far as scooping up out of her diaper and spreading feces on the walls. "Then [Peggy] Hilt did something unthinkable. She grabbed Nina around the neck, shook her and then dropped her to the floor, where she kicked her repeatedly before dragging her up to her room, punching her as they went," says Pat Wingert of Newsweek. "I had never hit a child before," mother Peggy Hilt said. "I felt horrible and promised myself that this would never happen again." But it was too late for that. Nina woke up with a fever, and then started vomiting. Peggy called the ambulance (which she should have done in the first place). By the time the ambulance got the child to the hospital, she was dead. She was 2 1/2.

13 Adopting A Sociopath...


Sociopathssuck329 gave a chilling account of her adopted son..."I adopted a sociopath teenager. I didn't know it at the time. Had I known I NEVER would have brought that monster into my home. He played the victim very well. I loved that kid so much, as did my husband and other children. He stole from us, lied to us, emotionally abused me to the point where I am being treated for PTSD. His birth mother has called DHS and the police on me, using her favorite claim of "child rape." my adopted son is over a foot taller than I am, and significantly stronger. I did not give him everything he wanted, I set boundaries and he crossed them daily. He was caught in his Web of lies dozens of times, and always had an excuse for his behavior. Everything was always someone else's fault. Always." And somehow people still blame her for not being strong enough...

12 Artyom Savelyev - The Russian Nightmare

At age seven, this kid frightened his adoptive parents so much that they eventually broke and sent him on a one-way flight back to himself! They claimed that the Russian authorities were hiding information about his issues. Even now he is passed through the Russian system and is apparently "not in his right mind". How did he scare his new family? "Artyom apparently drew pictures of the family house burning down and would gloat that he was planning to do the deed. He also talked about killing his adoptive family, and showed streaks of extreme violence against the family." Imagine you spend all this time working to adopt a child and the first thing they do is start talking about how they're going to kill you and your family! This is why children are so frightening in horror films.

11 Nature Or Nurture?


This woman adopted four children. Three of them apparently are nightmares. "The oldest daughter (now 17) has been in and out of the psych ward since she was 5, and now that she is a teen the doc says he is pretty sure she has antisocial personality disorder to the highest degree. No amount of medicine or counseling can cure that!!!! Her next stop should be jail, she already has a juv record and all they give these kids is a slap on the wrist because they don't want to clog the system up with them...The worst thing I ever did was adopt these kids. Nature OUTRULES NURTURE and don't let anyone tell you any differently. There is no bond... They have stolen, lied, brought druggie criminals into our home and are well known by the police in three towns. I AM AGAINST ADOPTION!" There are people on the same forum who think this woman is a terrible mother. What do you think?

10 Rylan And His Buddy "Bleeder"

"Rylan’s bizarre behavior started when he was only 18 months old, when he would intentionally hold his breath until he passed out. By three years old he was violently stabbing watermelons and by four, he was hurting his siblings and animals," says Katie Zuppke of The Clever. But that was just the beginning. Then came the cutting off of his own fingertips and the discovery of his imaginary friend Bleeder. The new imaginary addition to the family urged Rylan to kill his family. Zuppke goes on, "Rylan’s mother was a meth addict and his father had bipolar disorder. His adoptive family was terrified by his shocking behavior, and even went to Dr. Phil for help." I have to say, if things were that serious I would not go to a sham of a doctor for help. That's just attention seeking in the face of something very disturbing.

9 Samantha Wasn't So Sweet After All


Like most of these kids, Samantha just seemed like the perfect child. Of course, she was adopted at 20 months, so it's pretty difficult to tell. But when she started removing clothing and urinating on her brother...that was just the beginning. Then she tried both strangling and suffocating her little sister and her little brother. The brother was only two months old. She didn't get any better either. She'd draw pictures of morbid methods of murder and she'd practise on her stuffies. Apparently, it was the only thing to make her happy. This is why The Omen is so terrifying. Now, Samantha lives in a home for disturbed children and is apparently on her way to becoming a clinically defined psychopath. Not everyone can be rehabilitated I guess.

8 The Voices Told Alex To Kill Her New Family

"I'd refused Alex a treat - an outing with my sister - because I knew she'd be so disruptive. An hour later, I was at the kitchen sink when I heard a single clicking noise behind me.

I spun round to find Alex pointing Daniel's red metallic spud gun at me, her eyes locked to mine. I looked down. A 2in nail lay on the floor, inches from my feet. I was too stunned to speak." To be fair to little Alex, she heard a voice in her head that told her to kill her adoptive family, and said that she had to leave them. There was a moment that Alex and her adoptive mother shared where Alex said she didn't want to go, but the voice said that she had to. This is a heartbreaking story and while Alex is in the care of the system, her adoptive parents still see her every once in a while. Sad though this's better than finding a dead family, and a confused Alex standing over them.


7 Run Away From Adoption!?


Neveragain2011 shared her story on Experience Project "We initially said we would adopt 2, but we were matched with a group of 4, and (foolishly) said yes. We were lied to about the level of problems these kids have, and have received NO HELP in getting the correct services for them. I wish every, single, day, they would go away. JUST GO AWAY." It turns out that this mother simply has no way into connecting with these kids. They go out of their way to take from her apparently. It's sad that she is almost certain that at least one of them will end up in jail. And she can't wait for them to leave. "I literally have a countdown loaded onto my computer waiting on the day they will turn 18 and I can be rid of them." I think what is ultimately happening here is resentment because of her three biological kids along with her four adopted ones. "I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

6 The "Perfect" Little Boy

An anonymous mother shared her horrifying experience with adoption on the Experience Project forum. "We adopted two boys from foster care, one 6 weeks and one 7 1/2. I loved them both with all of my heart and sought medical care and support for the younger brother who has severe cognitive disabilities, RAD and Bipolar Disorder. The older boy we could not have loved more and he appeared to be the "perfect" son. We found out too late that over a two year period he had been grooming and molesting our biological (younger) children as well as our other adopted son. He also sexually abused 15 additional children. Not one of them said a word and some could not since they were ranging in age from 4 months to 10 years old." I can't imagine how that came to light, or how the parents must have felt when it was discovered.

5 Beautiful But Batty Beth


"At six years old, sweet Beth slaughtered a nest of baby birds, and beat her little brother while he was sleeping. Shortly after, she smashed her brother’s face into the concrete floor, sending him to the hospital" according to The Clever. Her family tried to find out about her biological past, but the system wouldn't allow it. It didn't help when shortly after that, Beth told her therapist that she wanted to stab her family with kitchen knives. And she had already been tormenting family pets...she even tried to make a pass at her own grandfather. Thankfully, Beth eventually did receive the treatment she needed. As it turns out, she is no longer the nightmare that she was. She is now a registered nurse, and she gives care to children who are going through the same issues she experienced as a kid.

4 Peter Zimmer And The Good Life

To be fair, this story doesn't come from his parents. But there's a pretty dark reasoning for that. TheClever said it best: "14-year-old Peter Zimmer murdered his adoptive mother, father and little brother. Peter shot his father in the head five times and stabbed his mother to death, penetrating her skull and brain, then dragging her into a shed and placing a rosary on her body. Peter then stabbed his ten-year-old brother 25 times." After doing the deed he hopped in his parents' car and tried to escape. But he was 14, so of course, he was caught. But he was charged as a minor for all three murders so he was out on the street in only four years. "with a clean record and a new name and a large sum of money he ironically inherited as the sole survivor of his family trust."

3 Amelia Dyer's Dark Secret


When Amelia was a young girl, she was adopted. By her aunt specifically, so she was still technically with family. But that didn't change how disturbed she was. At a young age, Amelia began working as a nurse. She started running shelters for women and girls who didn't want to keep their newborns (this was a time when it really mattered how and from whom kids came to be). Well, Amelia swore to the women that, for a certain price, she would care for the children until they could be adopted. But that's not what happened. She drugged the children, starved them, and strangled or smothered them. She did all of this just for that little bit of money from desperate women. She allegedly killed near 100 babies.  Her mother had died of typhus, and instead of helping those the way she had been helped by her aunt, she conned mothers and killed their children!

2 Jeremy Strohmeyer - The Casino Killer

Jeremy was adopted when he was just an infant but that didn't change anything about his craving for crazy. To be fair, for a good chunk of his youth he was looked at as the perfect kid. But once he turned 18...well, he went to a casino with a friend and happened upon a young girl who was wandering around the place (her father was gambling somewhere without her). Jeremy managed to coax the girl into the women's washroom, assaulted her, strangled her, and left her there. Where his friend was? No idea. Just for the record, that girl was only 7 years old. Yes, you can blame the father quite a bit for letting his little daughter run around. And the staff for not noticing a little girl in the casino. But, ultimately the blame is placed on the kid who killed her. Jeremy's adoptive parents sued L.A. County as it turns out they withheld information that Jeremy's biological mom was schizophrenic and spent most of her life in institutions.

1 Guy Georges - The Beast Of Bastille!


Guy Georges was kept in foster care basically from birth until he was six years old. He was adopted into a family that already had a dozen other children (all adopted). When he was a teen he attacked two of his sisters (one of whom he tried to strangle). Instead of getting the troubled teen help, his family simply kicked him out. Turning to booze and petty crime, it didn't take too long for this failure of the adoption process to get really violent. He stabbed two women in the face! Amazingly, they both survived and Georges went to prison. But when he got out, he decided it was time to try out murder. Charged with the rape and murder of seven women, I'm sure his adoptive family was happy they kicked him out. Although, if they tried to get him help, it may never have come to that.


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