15 Panoramic Photo Fails That Came Straight From Hell

For years, “panoramic” was something tricky to pull off. The idea was great, a huge photograph or video of a large area that showed it as far as the eye could see. In the 1950s, movie studios made a huge deal of the “View-O-Rama” of huge screens that required special cameras to film. As technology has improved, folks have used panoramic a lot more, usually for magazines. But today, most cell phones have the option and it’s been used well. It’s become a common thing for vacation photos and such and folks love to show them off. However, often, the attempts at this aren’t quite as great as they seem but end up a disaster.

The issue is that panoramic uses image stitching which takes multiple photos and mixes them up. Done right, it can lead to great stuff. But done wrong and the images mix together the wrong way. Bodies can be cut off, twisted and look utterly horrible. Not helping is that sudden movements like a sneeze and a jerk can throw the whole thing off as well and look absolutely crazy. Sometimes, it’s funny and just a joke but other pics can be…strange. Bizarre, freaky and even downright terrifying, some panoramic photos can be bits of horror. Here are 15 freaky AF panoramic photos and how you have to be careful when you do this.


15 Human Slinky

The fact everything else in this photo looks normal just makes the one bit that doesn’t freakier. Presumably a parent, someone is taking a large photo of a huge gym to get the full effect. It’s a pretty good one, nicely set up with plenty of equipment and seems to be the “kid’s hour” class. So you see kids running around, jumping, using the various vaults and such and having fun. A little girl is walking by, another taking a tumble, it all looks normal. And then there’s a kid who’s stretching to inhuman limits. It’s not just the length, it’s also how his spine seems to crack and turn about like some nightmarish snake, leaning on his hands while his torso twists and melds around. Again, that the rest of the photo looks fine just makes this look even crazier. Kids and gyms are usually a good combination but this pic shows how one freaky sight can make it chilling.

14 Text Nightmare


It’s one of the most annoying parts of modern society. You’re doing your day nicely and all of a sudden comes someone who’s focused totally on their phone texting. It’s led to a rise in accidents, people literally walking into traffic, so focused on their phones that they block out all else. In the case of this guy, he has no idea he’s running what’s meant to be a wide shot of a city street, capturing traffic and such. As he marches along, focused on his phone, he doesn’t realize he’s being captured to make it look like multiple versions of himself marching along in a melded form. It’s like someone took a bunch of those “horse body” costumes and stitched them together. The baggy pants just add to the nutty effect, like a walking tent with multiple legs. Maybe it’s what the guy deserves for being so focused on his phone and why texting and walking is a combination that can lead to something ugly.

13 Cerberus

In Greek mythology, this dog was the three-headed guardian of the Underworld, set up by Hades to keep anyone from escaping. Some myths add in a snake tail and other bits but it’s the three heads that’s most famous. One of the twelve labors of Hercules was to wrestle the dog down in order to enter the Underworld. Even Harry Potter used it with the idea of a huge Cerberus as a “pet” for Hagrid. Thanks to how this dog was ducking about as this photo was taken, it looks like he’s joined that type of breed. The three heads are nicely placed together, each with tongue wagging and eager to jump around and maybe munch on something. Of course, it’s just a normal dog but thanks to the way this photo was taken, it appears something otherworldly and one can easily imagine how nasty a dog with three heads could get when riled up.

12 Two-Faced Girlfriend


The reason for this pic is pretty obvious. It was going to be a good picture, a couple on vacation (it appears Italy) and posing in a wide shot. They figured it was the perfect entry for the photo album, the two together, all smiles and the background just wonderful. They had the pose, the smiles, the light, the water…and then the woman sneezed. As a result, she now appears to have two heads, one still with that bright smile. The other looks like in mid-sneeze or just hating the entire thing. The options abound like this is a Siamese twin and one head liking the boyfriend while her sister despises him. Or somehow, this is the woman’s true feelings on the guy coming loose. Either way, was what meant to be a highlight of their trip turns into a photo to forget. Many a man complains of their girlfriend “turning out to be two-faced” but this is taking that to an extreme.

11 Real-Life Picasso

Pablo Picasso had a style that’s been long imitated but never fully duplicated. A deeply troubled man famous for losing an ear and later taking his own life, Picasso had no idea he would be revered as one of the most ground-breaking artists of all time. Since his death, his artwork has risen, an original by him can get millions on the market. But as it turns out, you can make something looking like a Picasso totally on your own. Someone was trying to do a photo of this guy and he moved during it. Thus, you saw his face blurring and twisting about into something right out of that artist’s imagination. Had this been a portrait, the photo taker probably could have sold it off as abstract art for a nice price. As it is, it stands as another failure of panoramic and why it’s tricky making this picture work right.

10 Beach Head


You have to wonder about people who take photos like this. They must know how a camera works yet somehow can’t seem to figure out the proper settings. Taking a panoramic of the beach is a good idea as a wide shot of the ocean can be downright breathtaking. And sure, taking a photo of a crowd of people isn’t bad, get a hint of how large a beach is and how many enjoy it. But to focus on one guy with panoramic view leads to sights like this. We have a giant head attached to a single leg with the other leg seemingly transparent. It’s like a human Mr. Potato Head missing parts. Just making it nuttier is the baby sitting by him, focused totally on shovelling sand and not seeming to notice the bizarre mutation on the seat nearby. People may complain about “beach bodies” but no body is something else totally.

9 Double-Ended

There’s an entire site to be made out of photos of folks when drunk. Selfies, videos, far too many people have a humiliating moment they don’t even remember immortalized forever. It can be embarrassing to see happen yet it’s also funny to see. Someone decided for this guy to not just take a selfie or video but a panoramic. One highly suspects they deliberately waited for him to slump over so they could get just this sort of shot. He’s clearly intoxicated and was probably just lying back when it started. But he ends up falling face first in his chair as the photo is taken. Thus, we get what looks to be a guy with two torsos fused together. It’s a wild image, something you’d swear was photoshopped but no, it’s for real. One can only wonder about the guy’s reaction when he saw this pic and how it turned him into some sort of sci-fi monster. Just another warning of the dangers of passing out drunk in front of friends.


8 Wild Crawler


Few things can melt the heart like a crawling baby. It’s just fun to see these children get their first movements going, going on all fours and eager to explore the world. This can lead to funny bits of them running into furniture or baffled at something in their path. So it’s no surprise someone wanted to take a photo of a baby crawling around, seemingly by its grandparents. But the panoramic view makes a cute photo look freaky as hell. The child is suddenly roughly eight feet long with multiple feet and trailing across the room like a snake looking for a meal. The grandma looks thrown at the sight, wondering what happened while the grandfather is too busy with his own phone. Leave it to panoramic to turn what’s meant to be one of the cutest and cuddliest sights into something out a Japanese horror movie and making you want to keep a closer eye on your own child.

7 Wild Grab

If there’s one place panoramic photos are popular, it’s outdoors. Many a photographer, whether professional or a regular person, loves to take panoramics of fantastic vistas of mountains and valleys. This guy obviously thought it would be a great photo, him framed by the mountains behind him, sun shining, it was going to be great. But then he moved, maybe to catch his balance or tripping. The result is that it appears as if his hand is growing out of his leg to balance onto a rock. It’s a common screw-up with panoramics but it still looks like some sort of mutant forest creature from a cheap sci-fi movie attacking. The bright grin at not knowing it’s happening just makes it even funnier. Getting to nature is terrific but a photo looking so unnatural is not a good thing so this guy should have made sure he had a good footing before getting his photo taken here.

6 Centipede Cat


As much as folks can love cats, it must be admitted that they have…issues. They’re independent and often stubborn animals who go their own way and often believe they’re the ones in charge. They see nothing wrong staking out a certain spot or continuing to press on their owner as they assume they should be attended to constantly. So it’s no surprise this cat has found a unique way to mess up this photo. The owner was clearly attempting to take a wide shot of his living room to show off, enjoying the sun and the decorations, he had it all set. Then his cat wanders across and thanks to the camera view, its body suddenly turns into a centipede. The cat, of course, has no ideas what it’s interfering with and probably wouldn’t care anyway. It’s just walking around, no idea the photo now makes it look like it’s ten feet long as it circles the room. Cats do as they please and this one would get a kick knowing how huge it looks in this.

5 Tub Of Trouble

It’s never a good idea to mix obvious drinking with some nutty photos. Too many times, you get a wild mix of embarrassing photos that can cause a lot of trouble if published. In this case, someone decided it would be fun to take a panoramic photo of a guy passing out in a bathtub. It’s hard to tell is the settings were off or if the guy was moving around too much. But the result is that it looks like someone chopped the guy to pieces and tossed them into the tub like a blender. Indeed, it appears like it’s more than one guy, the mixing of body parts bizarre as it looks just freaky as hell to see. Having fun at a party is one thing but this pic makes it appear as if someone has stumbled onto a serial killer’s private home. In either case, it’s a messy situation that you’d need a good long bath to wash off.

4 Swinging Away


This is crazy on several levels. First, the background looks a little twisted, the heavy clouds giving way to sun as if somehow mirroring the bizarre dichotomy at work. There’s the way the guy’s head is blurred, the top half clearly not on the same level as the jaw and mouth. That’s added by some blurring to cover his eyes and looking like his head is moving at two different speeds. The chain right down the middle was an odd choice as it adds to how nutty the photo looks. The topper, of course, is how it looks like his clasped hands are coming out of his crotch. Someone forgot to take into account how moving on a swing can affect a panoramic photo and the result is a mutated guy who looks like a total bizarre freak. This takes the phrase “swings both ways” to a freaky new limit.

3 Elastigirl?

Selfies at a museum are nothing new. Indeed, some museums are coming down hard on this as they think if violates some rules showing things off and annoys other guests. Panoramic views are popular, especially with large museums of huge halls and displays that deserve to be seen in a full view. Yet this attempt for a pic showcases a rather wild mix of selfie and panoramic fails. The girl in the middle is clearly focused on her phone to take a photo while someone else takes a panoramic of her. But as she’s backing up, the girl’s arm seems to elongate to a massive degree. If anything, it makes her resemble Elastigirl from The Incredibles with her arm extending nearly halfway across the hall. She’s totally unaware of this and thus this comes out as a freaky shot that shows this lady could be a museum piece in her own right.

2 Split Run


In theory, it must have sounded great. A high schooler about to do a big run at the track using hurdles. So his buddy decided to catch it on panoramic view. He no doubt figured it’d be a terrific “wave effect” of the man’s run and then the jump, something really cool to show off. Instead, whether by photographer mistake or wrong setting, it turned into a wild hodgepodge. It looks like the guy has been split apart and that part was planned for the “motion” side. But it also shows his head seemingly decapitated, copied and placed in the wrong position with these bodies. Then the torsos seem to be splitting apart as well, mixing up and not matching the rest of the bodies. This should have been a fun pic to showcase the grace and beauty of a runner. Instead, it looks like the Flash hit a major speed bump and got massively ripped apart to show how some “poetry in motion” pics turn into a mess.

1 Horse Of A Different Size

Who doesn’t love horses? Majestic animals in their own right, quite fast and daring and still a wonderful creature to watch in movement, they capture the imagination well. Whether a professional racehorse or just out for a ride in the country, a horse is fun to ride so no surprise folks like to take photos of them. Perhaps this person was attempting a regular photo and accidentally hit panoramic mode. Or they wanted a wide shot of the ranch area and the horse moved faster than expected. The result is that it appears all we have is a horse’s head and its rear end with tail but nothing else. It’s just on two legs, compressed hard and barely enough room for an infant to get on let alone a full jockey. Sure, there are such things as “miniature horses” for little kids to ride but this is taking that mentality way too far.

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