15 Of The Youngest Moms To Ever Give Birth

Kids having kids -- that sounds like a lurid tabloid headline, but sometimes, it really is true. Shockingly, children as young as age 5 have been known to get pregnant and give birth. Precocious puberty is a condition where a child’s body develops very early in life – before the age of 8 when it comes to girls. It’s not that uncommon. What's uncommon is when someone takes advantage of that early onset of fertility and a baby is the result.

There are actually more than 100 cases of very early childhood pregnancies documented since 1759. In many cases, naturally, the details are scarce and often amount to little more than a doctor’s record of birth or a small story in an old newspaper.

We’ve gathered a list of 15 of the most shocking stories from those records, and the details aren’t pretty. Most parents look forward to someday being grandparents – but not when their child is practically a baby herself.

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15 Hilda Trujillo – 8 Years Old

Hilda Trujillo was 8 years old when she gave birth on December 2, 1957 in Lima, Peru. The delivery made headlines around the world, although many initial reports – including a feature in Time Magazine – put the date incorrectly at 9 years. In any case, the father and rapist was a 22-year-old cousin who had been staying with the family in their one-room home. Nothing like taking in family members to help them out, only to find out they're monsters. The publicity put the police on the case, and the cousin was eventually arrested. The baby was a girl, born slightly prematurely, but healthy. The mother named her "María del Rosario."

14 Wanwisa Janmuk – 9 Years Old

It was only back in 2001 when Wanwisa Janmuk of Phetchabun province, Thailand gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 9. Here’s the twist: Wanwisa was married to a 26-year-old man. The provincial authorities were brought into the picture when the father went to register the birth, and the mother’s birth date came up as 1981. The mother’s age and identity were verified. Local newspaper accounts mention her large build, and that she looked well over her age. A photograph of her wedding was widely circulated in Asia. Her husband described her as “already a big woman.” Just... not. She might've had the height, but no nine-year-old is ready for marriage!

13 Maria Eliane Jesus Mascarenhas – 9 Years Old

In Jequier, Brazil in March 1986, Maria Mascarenhas was due to give birth. The doctors wanted to deliver the baby surgically by cesarean section, and Maria was a little reluctant to go under the knife. So, they promised she’d have dolls to play with when she was done. That’s what Dr. Antonio Carlos de Souza, the baby's pediatrician, told the press at the time. Maria’s own mother died not long after she’d been born. She’d been adopted by an old farm couple, and it was their 16-year-old grandson who ended up as the baby’s father. No charges were filed against him since the sex was deemed to be consensual. The baby was a girl that she named "Diane in Jequié."

12 Leyla Mafi – 9 Years Old

In some parts of the world, it doesn’t matter that you’re only 9 years old and intellectually disabled – you still bear the blame when you find yourself pregnant. Leyla lived in Arak, Iran. Her mother apparently prostituted the developmentally delayed girl out to men, including several male relatives, from when Leyla was just 8. She ended up having three children, the first at age nine in 1992, and then twins at 14. But this was Iran. In 2002, at 19 – assessed as having the mental capacity of an 8-year-old – she was arrested for the so-called moral offenses of debauchery, incest, and being a mother out of wedlock. She faced the death penalty. The case made international headlines and brought about intervention by Amnesty International. Her lawyer managed to get the sentence reduced to a public beating and imprisonment. By 2006, she was out of jail and, after some time in rehab, was living on her own in an apartment with a caretaker.

11 Grace Chelagat – 10 Years Old

Grace Chelagat became known as the youngest mother in Africa (although the title is unverified) when she had a baby in June 2005 at age 10. The baby was born at Kericho District Hospital in Kenya. Grace was going to the Chemamull primary school at the time. What’s especially disturbing about her story is that the father is the 60-year-old caregiver who raised her after her parents had passed away and the reports that she’d been sexually active since the age of six. For whatever reason, pics of Grace holding her baby resurfaced on social media in 2015, causing a flurry of speculation and gossip, but there’s no word on what’s happened to her since.

10 Valentina Isaeva – 11 Years Old

Valentina Isaeva was 11 years old in 2005 when she became the youngest mother in Russia. Valentina was living in an apartment complex in Moscow with her grandmother when a guy from Tajikistan by the name of "Habibula Patahonov" rented a room in their apartment. He didn’t just stay in his own room, clearly. After the baby girl was born, the authorities charged and sentenced Habib. But the sentence was conditional because he pledged to support Valentina and the baby. Of all the cases, this one may be actual real love. While it was illegal for the two to marry, Habib kept in touch with Valentina and his daughter until she turned 18, and then, he married her. The pair became well known after appearing on a TV show and actually got a lot of bad press in Russia, largely because Habib was Muslim. There are reports of both of them being harassed and even assaulted in the street – yet, these two are still together after all this time.

9 Zulma Guadalupe Morales – 8 Years Old

Her parents tried to keep it quiet when Zulma Guadalupe Morales, age 8, delivered a baby on January 12, 1993 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. But Mexican news agency Excelsior leaked the name to the world anyway. The healthy boy weighed over 7 pounds, and her physician, Dr. Ever Rodriguez Arias, reported that both mother and child were doing just fine. The family came from northern Mexico, and Zulma had been assaulted by an uncle, as it turns out. One thing we find truly disturbing is the number of uncles who are connected to the names that appear on our list. We’re also hoping Zulma has been able to lead some kind of normal life after the experience.

8 Lina Medina – 5 Years Old

Lina Medina of Peru is officially the youngest girl ever to give birth. Her family was poor and living in a small village in the Peruvian Andes, where she was born in 1933. The pregnancy was discovered after the little girl complained of stomach pains and her tummy began to grow. They seem like obvious symptoms, but not for a five-year-old. Her parents took her to doctors, who thought she had a large tumor in her abdomen. When they ran tests, however, they were astonished to discover that she was seven months pregnant. She gave birth to her son in 1939 and named him "Gerardo" after the doctor who delivered him. While her father was initially arrested for the assault, he was released for lack of evidence.

7 H – 6 Years Old

clean newborn

A young girl known only by the initial “H” delivered a girl weighing just over 4 pounds on June 7, 1932. The birth occurred at the Victoria Zanana Hospital in Delhi in what was then known as the "British Raj" – modern-day India. She was six years old. As with many other such cases, doctors at first assumed the child was suffering from a horrible abdominal tumor. But once they began to operate, they quickly discovered their mistake. Her father tried to pass her off as 7 (like it would be better?) but her records revealed her birth date as October 25, 1925. Remarkably, even though her body was (obviously) not fully developed, she was able to breastfeed the child for 9 months.

6 Liza (Yelizaveta) Pantueva – 6 Years Old

This one is a real horror story. Yelizaveta, or Liza, Pantueva (also known as "Gryshchenko") was born on August 19, 1934 in what is now the Ukraine – then part of the Soviet Union. Her mother’s father assaulted her when she was five years old, and she gave birth a few days after she turned six. Her parents feared a cesarean section or surgical birth, so they used forceps and retractors, which doomed the baby, a girl who died during labor. If the birth had been quicker and the baby had been given oxygen, she could've survived. The worst part? After the incident, the family moved to Vladivostok – and took the pervert grandfather with them.

5 Unnamed – 8 Years Old

This one happened in 2004 in Colombia. The pregnancy came to light when a cop saw the girl’s swollen stomach and thought someone was using her to transport drugs. When he took her to the hospital for an X-ray, however, doctors found she was 32 weeks pregnant. Apparently, the girl had been sent by her mother, who was ill, to the pharmacy in Ciudad Bolívar to get a prescription filled, and the pharmacist assaulted her. He then threatened the girl and her mother, who were scared into silence. The girl was taken into the protection of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) and eventually had a healthy baby. The mother refused to press charges against the pharmacist, and he was never charged with the crime.

4 Mum-Zi – 8 Years Old

Mum-Zi was born into a harem in Nigeria on the island of Calabar in what is now a tourist area of the country. A harem is a system where the multiple wives of a tribal leader, in this case, Chief Akkiri, lived essentially in seclusion from the outside world. Harems would often include young children, and in Mum-Zi’s case, she developed very early and had a baby of Chief Akkiri’s at the age of 8, back in 1884. To be fertile at that age is unusual, and in her case, possibly also genetic. Her own daughter, named "Zi," had a baby at roughly the same age, making Mum-Zi a grandmother at the young age of 17 -- possibly the youngest grandmother ever.

3 Griseldina Acuña – 8 Years Old

It was back in September 1936 that Griseldina Acuña had a baby boy, just past her eighth birthday. She lived in San Zenón, Magdalena Department, in Colombia. Griseldina had an unusual medical history even before that point. She had reached the stage of precocious puberty at the very early age of 3. Precocious puberty isn't very well understood, and the causes aren't identified in most cases. In Griseldina’s case, it was a family friend who had gotten to the little girl and assaulted her. We’re guessing that the girl’s parents didn’t feel too great about letting the creep into the house for dinner and drinks. Yuck.

2 Name Unknown – 10 Years Old

In 1999, Paul Narvios, a 51-year-old man, was sentenced to 31 years in state prison – the maximum penalty – for his sexual abuse of an unnamed 9-year-old girl. She'd gotten pregnant after his repeated molestations that the trial judge called “warped and inappropriate.” The girl had given birth in 1998 at the age of 10, and the baby was removed from the girl's home and put up for adoption by the San Mateo county welfare officials in California. Narvios was convicted of 19 felonies. Apparently, he'd been dating the girl's mother for a period of several months when the abuse occurred, and what's more, the mother knew about it and did nothing. She was convicted of two felonies for her part in the situation and also served prison time.

1 Kordeza Zhelyazkova – 11 Years Old

Kordeza Zhelyazkova was just 11 years old, and her husband – yup, husband – was 19 when they had a baby in Sliven, Bulgaria. In fact, she went into labor during her wedding ceremony in 2009. The media went crazy over the story, and Kordeza told reporters in an interview, "It feels strange... now I must grow up. I am not going back to school." Right. Jeliazko, the father, told media that he had met the young girl when he had noticed her being bullied in a playground. Some boys were making fun of her, and he stepped in to tell them to leave her alone. He said it was love at first sight, and, in fact, the baby came into the picture within the first week. Sex with a minor carries up to a six-year jail sentence in Bulgaria. Jeliazko says he thought she was 15. Kordeza is a Roma or gypsy, and her family allowed the young girl to marry. It’s common in older, traditional cultures. A three-day traditional Roma wedding was planned, but the birth cut into the celebrations, at least for Kordeza.

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