15 Of The Worst Countries To Drive In

Due to multiple reasons, driving has become an annoying thing especially when you are in a foreign country.

The world is a dangerous place, and driving can be extremely treacherous depend on where you live in the world. For example, driving in North America is much safer, considering our roads are generally larger and we drive automatic vehicles. The same cannot be said about other countries on this list, where driving often results in some form of accident or even death.

Getting into an accident can be one of the scariest things that can happen in your life. This is primarily why we go to driving school and take the proper time to learn how to operate a vehicle. The same driving school standards are not the same all over the world though, considering that some teenagers in Russia don’t even need to go to driving school in order to drive a car.

In Africa, they don’t need to go to driving school. They just get behind the wheel of a vehicle and just hit the gas. This is scary, to say the least, and we hope everyone in the world gets the proper education they need to drive.

When going through this list, remind yourself to never drive in one of these countries, because you could be coming back in a body bag for crying out loud. We hear constantly in the news of people getting hit by a passing vehicle abroad, because foreign drivers do not care about pedestrians and will do whatever they can just to get from point A to B.

15 Russia

Russia is a dangerous country, especially since Vladimir Putin has assumed power in the 2000s. The police have too much power and they can literally arrest citizens without an actual reason, which is absurd.

On top of that, it’s a dangerous place to drive, especially if you’re a foreigner. For example, Russian insurance companies often require drivers to install dashboard cameras, so that when an accident does indeed happen, the insurance company is able to play the tape over again and see what really happened.

These dashboard cameras have shown the world that Russian roads are extremely scary, with aggressive drivers and strange being present. The traffic in certain Russian cities is absolutely horrible as well, especially in Moscow. Russia’s largest city is often congested with a large volume of cars. Traffic jams can last for hours on end though and drivers can get extra agitated.

14 Turkey

Over the last few years, Turkey has gone through several phases of instability. From the military coup last summer to the rise of ISIS-related terror attacks in Istanbul and Ankara, the country is in a continuous state of flux.

But driving in this country is absolutely horrible, and we’d advise all foreigners to actually stay away from this nation. Even to get a taxi in Istanbul can be overwhelming and really scary, because they drive so aggressively and often try to rip tourists off in order to get more money.

Based on our research, though, some regions of the country don’t even have a paved road, and congestion is still a huge problem in major cities. Don’t forget either that Istanbul has one of the highest car-accident rates in the world as well!

13 Thailand

According to a certain report, 478 people died within one week in Thailand in the beginning of 2017. We are still trying to verify the validity of this source, but this number is disturbing, to say the least.

It seems that road safety in Thailand is not a priority for the government, considering many citizens are able to obtain cars and scooters when they don’t even hold a legal drivers license. How crazy is that?

Tourists also get caught up in these incidents, considering they unknowingly will enter a taxi, even though the driver isn’t registered or hold a license. The Thai people will do this just so they can cheat the system and make an extra buck or two. The point is though to never drive in Thailand.

12 Libya

Libya has destabilized over the last few years, since the fall of their cruel dictator. This has left the country in ruins and several different political and military groups have vied for power amongst the ruins of the North African nation.

These days, you’ll find a lot of stolen vehicles on Libyan roads. Oh and don’t get us started on the road conditions because Libyan roads have been left in a state of ruin. The harsh desert sun doesn’t do any good either their infrastructure, considering it helps to break down the concrete and cement.

We’ve also heard of a lot of accidents happening in this nation, especially within populated areas around the metropolis. People will often be hit by a car and yet no one will really care. They just let them rot in the middle of the road under the scorching sun.

11 Philippines

The Philippines is a strange country and their environment is often subjected to storms, cyclones, typhoons and earthquakes. It doesn’t help either that they have a weak government that often struggles to control the people.

It appears from this photo that the roads are often in a state of destruction, and it looks scary to even attempt to drive over this rugged terrain just to get to the other side. Let’s hope the government gets their act together and starts establishing some safe road conditions and stable infrastructure.

10 China

China is known for essentially two main things, horrible drivers and gross food. Focusing on the driving aspect, China is so messed up that if you get hit by a car in the country, nobody will come to your aide. If you look at CCTV footage, you can see that people get hit and will laying in the middle of the road, and nobody will help them for hours. This is because insurance policies in China are complicated and messed up, meaning that a passerby may be implicated in the accident and could be liable.

We must also touch upon the fact that the traffic in several cities is absolutely horrible. There’ve been instances where people have been stuck in traffic jams that lasted for days. The infrastructure in several major cities cannot handle the large volume of cars on the roads, leaving cities crippled by grotesque congestion.

9 Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in turmoil for the last 50 years. The Soviet invasion in the 70s left the Afghan road system in an absolute state of disarray. Years later, the Taliban would takeover and cause more destruction to the ancient country.

Fast-forward to the American invasion in 2001, and the country was in a complete state of chaos. Major highways were bombed and there were multiple fuel shortages (Afghanistan does not have any oil reserves), meaning drivers were stranded and transportation was brought to a standstill.

If you try and drive today in Afghanistan, there’s a chance you could get kidnapped on the side of the highway, or you could die due to a suicide car bomber. Either way, Afghanistan is a dangerous country and should be avoided at all costs!

8 Syria

Syria has been torn into pieces over the last five years since the civil war started. The government has been trying to reclaim territory controlled by certain rebel groups, while ISIS has taken over large swathes of land in the eastern parts of the country, bordering Iraq and Turkey.

Much like Afghanistan, there’s a lot of opportunities to get kidnapped or murdered because certain roads are not safe. There’s also the threat of suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices on the side of the road, which could greatly harm you.

Until Syria regains some sort of stability, it’s important to avoid traveling to this region at all costs.

7 South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, one of the most dangerous countries in the entire world. The country has one of the highest crime rates in the entire world, and the media is constantly reporting on murders that happen every single day.

Driving in this country is something on another level, though, considering there are thieves at every turn who are waiting for you to stop on the side of the road to fix your tire, or to fill up gas. The number of reported stolen vehicles that are reported every day is absolutely insane.

Drivers are a bit harsh when it comes to navigating the road. The country has some of the most complicated traffic rules that you must follow, however, unlicensed drivers also litter the streets, meaning you have to watch your back when navigating the streets of Johannesburg. 

6 India

Things are a little different though when you look at the driving conditions in India. For starters, there are cows everywhere, even on the streets! This is because the cow is the most sacred animal in Hinduism, and it is generally known that cows are allowed to roam freely throughout major Indian cities.

When driving in India, you also must consider that there’s a lot more people around in general, especially if you compare it to North America. This means there tends to be a lot of congestion, which can cause massive delays, especially in cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi. After all, India is home to nearly 1 billion people!

Some tourists do take taxis, though, but they’re advised to watch out because thieves and pickpockets are always willing to work in collaboration with taxi drivers in order to take your money.

5 Sudan

Sudan is in Africa and is often regarded as a conflict zone, mainly because the country was rocked by a horrific civil war in the 2000s that saw hundreds of thousands of people die. The country still has not stabilized and the living conditions in the nation are extremely poor.

Therefore, you can’t expect to have amazing roads when the government can’t even feed the population or ensure a high literacy rate. Therefore, those willing to drive in Sudan often have to have a lot of money and access, because fuel is hard to come by and you need a vehicle that can withstand the terrain.

4 South Korea

South Korea is a modern nation that has taken the world by storm. They’ve produced the technology giant Samsung, and have taken over the world through k-pop, a cultural export that has captivated the online world abroad with colorful outfits and catchy songs.

While the country may be extremely modern and fascinating, drivers should beware. This is because a lot of South Koreans drive under the influence of alcohol, meaning there are a lot of accidents involving DUI’s.

There are multiple reports on YouTube of people being hit by drunk drivers and abandoned on the spot because the drivers usually flee the scene in their intoxicated states.

3 Ghana

This African country is known for its high temperatures and rich culture. But driving? No. Driving and commuting in this country is very risky because human trafficking is a very big social issue. In most of the places, people demand money from whites. Here and there you may have to bribe local authorities and border guards, who are very strict with tourists. Also, when you are driving in this country, make sure you don't take pictures in the wrong place, your camera will be seized!

In some places, you have no other option than using public transport. In rural areas, your car may create problems and you will have to find a mechanic. In such circumstances, you will struggle to find a place to spend the night. The hotels may not have good bathrooms and hygienic food, so before embarking on a trip, plan everything beforehand.

2 Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country. To drive on this country’s roads you must have an international motor insurance card and also a vehicle registration paper. If you are not the owner of the car then you must have a 'power of attorney' from the owner. The border guards will never allow you to enter Hungary if you do not have the above-mentioned documents.

They will check your vehicle, and if you are coming from the Schengen area, you will face domestic customs control. If you are entering Hungary from Serbia, you will have more problems. These travelers are allowed to carry only two packets of cigarettes. If the officers find more packets in your car, you will be questioned and also have to pay fine. The roads are great but the strict rules will not allow you to enjoy your trip. So you might be able to see beauty in this country, but at what cost?

1 Nigeria

Nigerian drivers don't take traffic rules seriously. Getting a forged license is also normal here. Usually, people bribe the police. The country has dangerous roads, though. As per the details released by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), over 150,000 deaths are caused by road accidents every year.

As a driver, you will have to escape from bad patches of road and potholes. During the weekends you'll have to dodge drunken drivers and people rarely use polite words for foreigners!

As a new person, you will have a tough time while driving on the roads of Nigeria. It is advisable to take a local driver who is familiar with Nigerian roads. Locals are excellent in breaking the traffic rules. However, if a foreigner does the same he will have to pay a heavy fine.

Were you planning to visit any of these countries? Well, this list should not discourage you from planning your trip, but remain cautious.

Sources: Complex, BBC

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15 Of The Worst Countries To Drive In