15The Explosive Deer Cam

via: youtube.com

A man wandering through the forest one day found a random deer cam lying in the woods. He decided to pick it up and see if anything was on it. However, when he retrieved it, he noticed that the camera was missing batteries and an SD card. He kept it anyway,

in hopes that he would find some batteries to use it. He ended up gifting it to a friend who was a hunter.

The friend decided to use the camera the next time he went out hunting, however, when he put the batteries in the camera, the camera exploded, and sent him flying backward. The man survived with a few fewer fingers than before and contacted local authorities. They interviewed the man who gifted the camera, and he told the police where he'd originally found it. After the police began investigating the forest, they came across two more cameras, that were also missing batteries. They quickly disposed of them, and never found the owner...

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