15 Of The Weirdest Things Found In The Forest

When you think of creepy places, you probably think of the forest because some of the scariest things happen there at night. While there's usually nothing to fear in your local forests, sometimes things are discovered in them that are more than a little creepy.

Whatever reason you may have to be in the forest, it's safe to say you'll probably get the feeling of being watched. Many people get this strange feeling at least once inside the forest. It's because forests are very isolated places, with not many people visiting them. This can be calm, and rejuvenating for some, but can leave others fearing what lies deeper inside.

Some of the densest forests in the world hold some of the creepiest secrets. Everything from strange creatures, to off-hand traps set by someone who owns the land. In the end it might be better to just stay out of the forest. At least during the night that is...nighttime is when the creepiest things happen in the woods, whether it be weird noises, or strange things walking about.

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15 The Explosive Deer Cam

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A man wandering through the forest one day found a random deer cam lying in the woods. He decided to pick it up and see if anything was on it. However, when he retrieved it, he noticed that the camera was missing batteries and an SD card. He kept it anyway, in hopes that he would find some batteries to use it. He ended up gifting it to a friend who was a hunter.

The friend decided to use the camera the next time he went out hunting, however, when he put the batteries in the camera, the camera exploded, and sent him flying backward. The man survived with a few fewer fingers than before and contacted local authorities. They interviewed the man who gifted the camera, and he told the police where he'd originally found it. After the police began investigating the forest, they came across two more cameras, that were also missing batteries. They quickly disposed of them, and never found the owner...

14 The Strange Forest Fire

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One day in Grapevine, Texas firefighters were alerted to a forest fire that was getting out of control. They rushed over to put the fire out but it revealed a gruesome scene. After putting out the fire, the officials discovered the body of a 24-year-old woman, who was a student at the nearby university. Investigators began searching for clues that would lead them to answers of how the woman ended up in an early grave.

They discovered that she was last seen with an exercise coach that she had met at a bar a few nights before. CCTV footage from the bar shows the two leaving with a third friend. The police also tracked her cell phone, which showed it at the man's house, along with her purse which was found in his garbage. The man was charged with capital murder and now has a million-dollar bond on him.

13 The Mysterious Campsite Filled With Missing Posters

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Someone was walking through the woods of New York, in search of vandals who'd recently vandalized their property. What they would find leading into the woods is nothing like what they expected. The man enters an empty campsite and sees nothing but missing person posters lining the trees. For unknown reasons, the owners of the campsite were collecting posters of missing people, specifically young women.

They even went through the trouble of laminating them, so they wouldn't be destroyed by the rain. The person who discovered it theorized that it was a place for the killer to reflect on their kills, and see all the work they've achieved. There are other things that suggest the killer is squatting here, such as a shovel, and a freshly looking hole that was dug recently...

12 Ancient Alien Race Connected To The Nazis?

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We know this sounds like the plot of a horrible sci-fi movie, but hear us out. A couple of Russian hikers were out hiking one day when they ran across a strange, but intriguing looking cave. They decided to enter it, even though they had the feeling of dread. Inside the cave, they ran across a pair of strange skulls that looked like humanoids.

The skulls were missing jawbones and had large skulls, which stretched far beyond any normal human skull. After performing a failed DNA test, the pair concluded that the skulls didn't belong to something from Earth. The strangest part is they found a small lockbox that had Nazi symbols on it. They claim that the forest was used as a meeting place for the Nazis and aliens. Maybe? Maybe not?

11 The Strange Creature That Moans In The Night

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A woman wakes up in the middle of a night to an unworldly sound coming from her backyard. She decides to go investigate in the woods behind her house. She makes sure to be extra quiet, as to not alarm whatever is making the noise. She found a strange creature that no one has ever seen before. It's slimy, small, and pink. It has two limbs, and what looks like a head of some sort.

The body of the creature is covered in some strange ooze. She posts a picture of it to her Facebook wall in hopes that someone will know what it is, but no one has stepped forward with an answer. She claims it is still sitting in her backyard, and she doesn't know what to do with it. Could this be proof of alien life?

10 The Mysterious Cannon Ball

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Two friends were digging up a plot of woods located in Arkansas. During their dig, they discover a strange round object that is perfectly cylindrical. The two believe the object is a historical cannonball from the civil war era and give it a toss to judge just how heavy it is. Little did they know how close to death they came. One of the men decides to bring it back home to get a second opinion from his family.

They all agree the object looks interesting, so they decide to clean it off and power wash it. They also decided to contact a Civil War museum about their find and decided to take it in for inspection. Upon close inspection the museum informed them that they didn't have a cannonball, but a Confederate land mine. The mine was also equipped with a pressure sensitive fuse, one that could have easily been triggered throughout the man's journey...

9 Disturbing The Diseased

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Three brothers hiking through the woods of Pennsylvania made a gruesome discovery when one of the boys tripped over something they thought was a rock. However, after inspecting the item they noticed it was a human skull. The boys didn't know it was a human skull, however, and took it back to their mother who was a nurse. She immediately called the police after seeing the skull, and the three boys led investigators back to where they found it.

When the investigators arrived at the scene, they discovered the full skeleton and claimed it belonged to a woman between the ages of thirty to sixty. Strangely enough after running dental records police were still unable to find a connection to someone in the state of Pennsylvania. Police assumed the body was dumped there from an unknown place outside of Pennsylvania, and that it had been there a long time.

8 The Ghastly Suspect

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Someone driving down the interstate late one night sees a car pulled over, and decides to go help out. After discovering the car was empty the person notices a woman's body located a few feet deep in the nearest forest. The woman is bloodied and appears to be deceased. The man frantically runs to a nearby house to seek a phone to call the police. After the police arrive they have to use highly industrial equipment to cut the woman's body free of the vegetation that covered her.

Shockingly, she had a pulse. The woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and one of the neighbors alerted police of seeing another woman roaming the area. They claim the woman was acting suspiciously, and that they should investigate it. The police sent out a search team, but they came back empty-handed. The person responsible still hasn't been found to this day.

7 Real Life Pet Cemetery

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A woman walking through the woods near her home is stopped by a strange stench in the air. The stench travels through the air, and gets worse the deeper she gets. It isn't long until she finds the source of the smell. She discovers a large plot of land that has dozens of dead animals strewn across it. She is in shock by what she's found, and immediately contacts police.

The investigators discover that each of the animals have collars with name tags that resemble common pet names. They trace this back to a vet's office that was paid by the government to dispose of all the animal bodies and were instructed to incinerate them. However, in order to save money, they decided to simply dispose of them in the middle of the forest.

6 The Ghost Child

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A seven-year-old girl went missing and was soon discovered to have been abducted by a kidnapper. The little girl passed away in the summer of 1967, however, this wasn't the last time she would be seen. In the summer of 2015, she would show up in a photograph taken in a forest. This sparked a ghost hunting team to set out to capture the girl's ghost on camera.

They traveled to where it was said she died and set up cameras. As they were panning the camera they captured a small figure in the distance that resembled a small girl in a white dress. The figure seemed to cast its own light source, and the investigators are certain that this is the spirit of the girl who passed away so many years ago.

5 The Discovery Of River Wolf

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A homeless man by the name of River Wolf is wandering around the woods when he makes a strange discovery. He steps on something that feels loose and kneels down to take a better look. It revealed a tombstone of woman who supposedly passed away in the late 1800's. Her name was Mary Holmes, and she died at the age of 21. Strangely the tombstone offers no other information.

The tombstone didn't even say that she would be missed by anyone and didn't even list a birth date. However, River Wolf didn't think too much of it, as he'd seen a lot of strange things in the woods before. That is until 2012 when the name Mary Holmes came back to haunt him. He was reading an article online that described her, and it all came back to him. He quickly read her tragic backstory and went to see if he could find the tombstone. He found it and donated it to a local museum, so someone could finally care about Mary.

4 The Man Who Lived Outdoors

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At the age of only 18, a man named Christopher decided to abandon civilization, and live out the rest of his days in the woods. He left all contact with human beings and didn't speak with anyone until he was 46 years old. Around this time Chris was caught by police for breaking and entering to several places to steal supplies, and food to help him live in the wilderness.

Chris became known as the North Pond Hermit and was said to have burglarized over a thousand places. He became something of an urban legend, and often people felt bad for the man. They would leave food out for him during the winter months, and it was said that if you didn't he'd break into your home. He was very careful not to leave traces that could lead people back to his home in the woods, but eventually, he was caught.

3 Cabin In The Woods

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A man is walking alone in a forest in California when he runs across what looks to be a homemade cabin. The man claims it looked like some sort of murder house, and that whoever built the house went to great lengths to conceal it from the public. Inside the cabin, it looks like any other cabin. It's a small one-room house, with all of the essentials, including a working kitchen.

The man quickly contacted local authorities about the cabin, and they soon posted an evacuation sign on the front door. A few days' later police searched the cabin again and were shocked at what they found. The entirety of the supplies inside the cabin was gone, along with the whole cabin itself. Somehow the person was able to completely dismantle the house, and move it before authorities showed up. Either that or the cabin never existed in the first place.

2 The Mysterious Trunk

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An interstate worker was working on repairing a roadway when he felt the urge to use the bathroom. He stumbled into the nearby woods to relieve himself when he found something strange. He found an old beaten up suitcase and decided to open up and see what was inside. Instead of infinite riches, he got infinite nightmares.

The man unzipped the suitcase and discovered a skull staring back at him. Freaked out, he immediately contacted police, who flooded the scene. They discovered even more bones under the skull and claimed that they belonged to an older lady who'd gone missing in the area a few years before. The bones were so decrepit that it was difficult to find any more clues about her passing.

1 Ferocious Beast That Lives In The Woods

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Near India, a dense forest can be explored, but proper precautions must be taken. The forest is home to a large amount of dangerous wildlife, specifically a group of around five hundred tigers. This large group of tigers is responsible for attacks on 60 people every year. They've been known to come out of the forest, and into nearby villages. A famous story tells of a tiger who entered a village and snatched an old lady from her home at night.

Another story is of a man who entered the forest in search of food for his family. However, he didn't know that a tiger was ready to do the same. The tiger attacked the man and brought him down to the ground. The tiger dragged the man deep into the water in an attempt to drown him, but somehow he got free and ended up escaping.

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