15 Of The Strangest X-Rays We've Ever Seen!

Unless you're very lucky, we've all had to have an x-ray at some point in our lives, so we all know that there's something quite cool about them. Maybe we're just children, but the fact that a machine exists that lets us see what our skeleton looks like still fills us with a sense of excitement that we can't really explain. However, the end result can be quite boring. Unless you're one of the unlucky ones that would likely be featured on this list, you've been in for something pretty routine like a broken bone or an ingested coin, which isn't really that interesting to look at if you ask us. That being said, some of the weirder ones can be a real sight as long as you know what to look for!

What we're trying to say is that some x-rays really live up to the hype, providing us with a look into some of the oddest injuries that the human body can endure. We're not sure how it's possible, but looking at these images, we're amazed that half of these people weren't dead before they had the x-ray taken. Rather than just giving you a look at someone's skeleton, these x-rays give you a look at some of the craziest injuries that any human being has managed to go through and yet survive.

Are you ready to see some of the most insane x-rays out there? Well, sit back and get ready because we've got quite the list for you this time around!


15 Don't pot the black.

Either this is one of the largest kidney stones that have ever existed, or we’re looking at a pool ball somewhere it shouldn’t be. We know the point of the game is to get the balls in the holes, but we don’t think they meant like this! What situation do you have to get yourself into to end up like this? Sure, it could’ve been some sort of sexual thing, but we reckon it’s more likely that somebody was out for the night and happened to lose a bet. “Okay, so I don’t have the money to bet on this next game, but I’ve got a proposition for you…” Can you imagine how much his mates were laughing when they took him to the hospital, their friend unable to sit down in the waiting room because of the excruciating pain in his pelvis? Doesn’t bear thinking about if you ask us…

14 Is that what I think it is?


So, we know that we're looking at some scissors, but what we don't know is how exactly they got where they are... Either somebody put them there of their own accord, or a surgeon is taking the absolute mick by leaving something like this inside someone. Apparently, this sort of thing happens all the time, which we're not that surprised about if we're being honest. These people are overworked and expected to perform miracles each and every day. That being said, it doesn't mean we wouldn't be pretty upset if it happened to us. Imagine having to go back into the hospital due to abdominal pain, thinking god-something is wrong with the operation, and it turns out that you're absolutely fine -- you just have surgical equipment still implanted into your body. We’re not saying we would sue, but we’re saying that there would be a doctor getting quite the earful from us.

13 How do you possibly survive this?

We might be wrong on this one and the person didn't survive, but then, why would you bother taking an x-ray of the guy before you pulled the bullet out? We're fairly sure that a lifetime of television, movies, and video games has taught us that a headshot means you're out of here. There's no way you're getting back up from that one. However, here we have an x-ray of a man who presumably survived this huge bullet piercing into his skull and presumably, his brain. Maybe we're struggling with the concept because it's in 2D, and if we could see where in his head it hit, we might be less surprised. Still, you've got to have a pretty resilient body to take something like this and live if you ask us. If this was our x-ray, we'd spend the rest of our lives carrying this around to brag about it.

12 Would you sue?


It's hard to admit, but while doctors may be some of the most committed and hardworking human beings on this planet, they're still liable to make mistakes along the way. They are, after all, like all of us, and, therefore, will slip up sometimes. However, what they've chosen to do with their lives is admirable; it's just a shame that their slip up can lead to some real suffering. So, the question is, if you had this instrument left inside your body after a surgery, would you take the route that some take and sue the doctor? We know for a fact that we wouldn't, no matter how angry we were. That doesn’t mean we don’t understand why the people that do choose to sue. Anger is a dangerous emotion, one that we often let get away from us, so it’s likely that we'll do something rash that we may regret later.

11 Whatever floats your boat...

Look, we're not here to judge, and everybody's body is there to do with as the owner wishes, but we cannot imagine what was going through this man's head. We're not going to explain in graphic detail what it is you're looking at here because it makes us cringe to the point of nausea, but what we will say is that we imagine it hurt quite a bit to both insert and remove this fork. One burning question that we have is whether they put him under before removing it, or did a rather malicious doctor decide to teach him a lesson by keeping him awake. Sorry, but we’re going to have to move on from this one before the image of this x-ray becomes permanently etched into our memory as one of the most unpleasant things we’ve ever seen. If you’re going to do this to yourself, just remember to keep a firm grip…

10 Looks like someone got really angry.


How angry do you have to be to be able to drive a knife through somebody's head like this? We get that it might not actually be going through the skull and is actually just at the side between the bone and the skin, but we reckon that still must take quite a bit of effort to pull off. Either the person who did this is a really sadistic human being or the guy with the knife in his head really got on his nerves. What sort of life do you have to lead to end up in a room with the sort of people who would do this to you with a knife? We’re not victim-blaming here; we’re just saying that most of us aren’t hanging around with people who carry knives, or at least not knives this big. At most, we’re carrying around a butter knife for toast.

9 Accident or...?

We can't tell if this is an x-ray of someone who's made a massive face-sized mistake or if someone's in the middle of some sort of life-changing surgery. We sort of hope it's the second because we don't want to know what kind of accident could lead to this. Seriously, can you imagine if you fell over onto a pair of what look like pliers, only to pull back and realize that it's now lodged into your face? It’s like a gruesome scene out of a movie or something, although in the movie, you’d end up walking around with them lodged in your face, freaking everyone out, only to realize what the problem is once you look up into some sort of reflective surface, like the glass window of a shop or the mirror in your bathroom. We imagine this would probably come with a lot of pain in real life.


8 What's going on here?


So, at first we thought this was someone who had a spoon in his face, as if someone had tried to remove his eyeball with it, which is bad enough, but now that we're looking closer, it looks way too much look like a hook for our liking. Are you with us when we say that this is definitely worse? That being said, we suppose we'd like it if someone got it out quickly with a hook rather than took their time with about ten plastic spoons, the handles continuously breaking off and leaving us with shards of plastic around our eyes. Have we made you cringe as much as we first cringed when we thought about that sentence? Sorry, but we felt it was only fair to give you the same experience that we were having, because this one really did get to us, although probably not as much as the fork one did…

7 This is why you don't throw scissors!

To think of all the times we would laugh at our teachers for worrying about us kids running around with scissors, holding them the wrong way and lightly chucking them across the room so our friends could borrow them without us having to get up from our chair. Now, we see exactly why that sort of behavior can lead to tragedy! Can you imagine the moment this person realized he had scissors lodged in his face? The sheer creeping terror that comes with moments like that just cannot be described. You have to live it to understand. Thankfully, this doesn’t look like it was some reckless child but rather an adult who arguably should’ve known better. However, this could've taken a much more tragic turn if we had found out that someone had actually done this to another human being with a pair of scissors on purpose. We cannot imagine the sort of mind who could do that.

6 That must've taken some force...


Apparently -- and we're not lying to you here -- that foreign object piercing the skull is a metal pipe. Now, without getting into the fairly unpleasant circumstances that would lead someone to force a metal pipe into any part of another human being, can you imagine how much power it would take to do this sort of thing? Not being funny, but we struggle with opening jars sometimes, so how is it that other people on this planet are able to forcibly ram a metal pipe through another human's face? Are we the only ones who would like to meet the human body that was able to gather enough force to do this? Obviously, we'd want to stay a fair distance away from him as well but definitely get close enough to see what kind of muscles we're going up against. The moral of the story is: do not annoy someone with a metal pipe and a huge amount of physical power.

5 Probably didn't go as planned...

At first, we thought this was either a marriage proposal gone wrong or some sort of weird jewelry robbery, but we very quickly realized that it was a dog x-ray and not a human x-ray. That being said, it doesn't rule out the possibility that some boyfriend thought it would be a cute idea to have the dog propose on his behalf, maybe putting it on the animal's collar, along with a note saying "will you marry me?" before sitting back and waiting for the squeals of excitement from the other room. Instead, the dog did what all dogs do, and that's bite at the new thing on its body. It's new, and the only way they can interact with it is to smell it and bite it. Next thing you know, you're driving a wheezing dog to the vet and trying to explain what you were thinking to your nearest and dearest.

4 Cat lover or cat hater?


This is either the work of someone who sincerely loves his cat but has accidentally gotten them injured or it's the work of a heathen who deserves the death penalty for inflicting such an unpleasant attack on a cat. We don't care what you all think, but cats are essentially the best animal that's ever lived. People always go on about dogs, but they're way too needy if you ask us, always wanting to be around you and cuddling. Cats know when it's time for a cuddle and when it's time to give you some space. What we're trying to say is, anybody who would willfully do this to a cat needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, hopefully ending up dead as a result. That's how much we love cats. In fact, if you have a cat and this picture doesn’t anger you, there’s something wrong with you.

3 Keep an eye on your kids, people!

Just like dogs, human children have to spend a large number of months experiencing the world around them through smell, touch, and taste. We don't know why this is, but we do know that it leads to them accidentally swallowing an insane number of things, sometimes metal things, which then either have to be excreted out or removed by a surgeon. Believe it or not, this happens on a regular basis, and because they obviously can't keep any child that happens to eat anything in the hospital, the parents are expected to search through their potty until they've passed the object. Seriously? How is that sentence not enough to put literally everyone off having children during their lifetime? We know a lot of people who wouldn’t do that for a pet, never mind for an actual human being that they birthed onto this planet. Honestly, what are people thinking?

2 How does something like this happen by accident?


Believe it or not, but there are stories of people working with nail guns and sneezing, not realizing they've accidentally shot themselves in the face until someone else sees it, or if it's entirely lodged in the skull, they start to experience headaches from nowhere. Pretty scary to think that you could be walking around with something lodged in your head and you have no idea about it, but at least we know our bodies have the ability to inform us about it as well. There are even those who didn't realize they had something in their head until they attempted to go for an MRI scan, and the piece of metal in their skull started to react. Could you imagine anything more unpleasant than that? Seriously, it’s enough to put us off going to the hospital to get checked out ever again, although this is obviously irrational because we don’t work with nail guns.

1 Merry Christmas!

What sort of a person looks at a candy cane and has this idea pop into his or her head? Candy canes make us think of the winter period and spending time with our family, maybe eating too much bad stuff and regretting it later. What we don't think of is having to be rushed to hospital by our embarrassed mom and dad who have to hurriedly explain to the A&E staff that you decided to go upstairs and give yourself a little Christmas treat while everyone else was messing about with their presents downstairs. You've also effectively ruined every single Christmas from then on. Your family won't be able to look at a candy cane the same way again, somehow trying to explain to Nana why it is that she can’t have her favorite Christmas treat from the tree. Think about it people; it’s just not worth it in the long run, no matter how good it feels.

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