15 Of The Scariest Pictures Taken In Hospitals

Hospitals should be some of the safest places on the planet. Patients at a hospital are regularly monitored by a team of nurses and doctors and always have a button available for them to signal whenever they need something. If you’re not a patient, if you're just at a hospital as a visitor or as someone who works there, you know you’re already at the place you should be if something terrible were to happen. However, although hospitals seem like safe and monitored places, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t absolutely terrifying at times. Hospitals are places where sick patients might end up dying and are the last places people who get into accidents might be alive. If you believe in ghosts, you have to believe that hospitals are absolutely terrifying places.

And hospitals aren't just terrifying when they're still in operation; when a hospital becomes abandoned, the scare factor rises quickly. These are places no longer monitored and are instead left for anyone brave enough to roam around and wander through to look for the next thing to terrify them. Taking a look into the past at what hospitals used to be and how they operated can also be pretty terrifying if the hospital is from olden times when the practice of medicine was still very crude compared to how it is today.

Anyone who might work overnight shifts at hospitals has to know that these can be scary places. If you work at a hospital, share your scary experience with us or tag a doctor or nurse to see what they have to say about these next 15 haunting images taken from hospitals around the world:

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15 A Lone Christmas Tree In The Window Of An Abandoned Asylum

When it comes to abandoned hospitals, you can assume that all of the patients have checked out and that no one remains in the hospital anymore. That surely isn’t the case for this abandoned hospital photographed above. Though not technically taken “inside” a hospital, this still ranks as one of the creepiest on our list. Although no one discovered exactly what the light source was when this photograph was taken, most have speculated that the light source in the image above is most likely a Christmas tree. The image is a cone-like shape and the colorful lights and the time that it was taken suggest that it was likely a Christmas tree. Thus the question: why on earth did someone have a Christmas tree in the middle of an abandoned hospital? Was it a ghost who still liked to celebrate? Or did a homeless squatter have the ultimate Christmas decorations that year?

14 What's Standing Over This Patient?

Not everyone believes in ghosts, and even those who do are often skeptical of ghost photographs. After all, there are thousands of photographs that supposedly show a spiritual figure lurking in the background, but many times, such figures are just weird shadows or some strange glitch in the camera. The image in the photograph above is difficult to decipher. What on Earth could be lurking over the patient in the hospital bed in the photograph? It looks as if it's leaning in to check on the patient. Could it be the ghost of a nurse who's still dedicated to caring for the ill even in the afterlife? Perhaps it's an old relative who died in the same hospital and who is checking on the ill patient in bed. Some who have viewed the photograph also speculate it could be the soul leaving the body at the moment of death. What do you think it could be?

13 Something Caught Creeping On Camera

The image in the photograph above is one of the scariest ever to be taken from a hospital camera. The nurse who took the photograph claimed that the patient in the bed died later that night after the picture was taken. That’s not the scariest part, however. The truly terrifying thing in the picture is whatever the black figure standing over the patient in the bed could possibly be. The dark color and strange shape make it look like something more than just a human figure like we’ve seen in previous photographs. It looks as though it might have wings or some sort of strange claw-like limbs. Whatever it is lurking over the patient, it definitely isn't human. Some speculate that the nurse either faked the image out of graveyard shift boredom, or that it was, perhaps, just a glitch in the security camera. What do you think it could possibly be?

12 An Overlapped Picture Of Then Vs. Now

The image in the photograph above is actually two different pictures taken at two different times that one artist combined to show the different time periods. Clearly, the setting is a more recent photograph while the doctors and the patient were Photoshopped in from an older photograph. Some of the workers at the hospital took it upon themselves to paint the operating room with the bright designs you can see all over the walls. It was an attempt to make the room more inviting and less scary while patients fell under the effect of anesthesia before major surgeries. As time has gone on and the hospital went from bustling with nurses and doctors to being rat-infested and decaying, the images painted on the walls became a haunting reminder of what once was. Walking into a decrepit room like that now would be a chilling setting.

11 Abandoned Blood Samples

When a hospital is abandoned, we can imagine all of the horrors that are left behind by the doctors and nurses who no longer work there. Mostly, we can assume that broken equipment, unnecessary documents, and a bunch of other random worthless stuff are left behind. For this particular hospital, much more terrifying substances are left for the brave who like to discover abandoned buildings. You can see that the bottles in the photograph above all filled with terrifying mysteries that no one in their right mind would ever touch. Some are simply blood samples, others are toes and fingers waiting to be dissected. We would hope that whoever was in charge of these bottles and vials would have disposed of them properly so as to not put anyone who might stumble upon them at risk. Who knows what could truly be in the bottles? Perhaps the next terrible virus just waiting to spread?

10 The Ghost Of A Young Patient?

The photograph above looks like any other picture taken inside a hospital after hours. Nothing too out of the ordinary stands out that would make you think that this is a haunting photograph taken in a hospital. That is, until you look to the bottom right of the picture. It’s kind of hard to see at first, but if you look closely, maybe tilting your computer screen to get a better look, you can see what looks like a little girl standing in the hall. She’s very transparent, so it’s hard to see, but she’s certainly there. The people who work in this hospital believe that she might have been one of their leukemia patients that had passed. If you stare closely at the girl in the image, it looks as though she doesn’t have any hair, making her more likely to be a previously chronically ill patient that could have passed recently and now roams the halls.

9 Creepy Tunnels Beneath An Abandoned Asylum

If you’ve seen American Horror Story, you probably remember the scene when Sarah Paulson’s character decided to break into the asylum by using underground tunnels. It seemed so terrifying that it would only work in a show of horror fiction; however, creepy tunnels under asylums were a very real thing, at least in the case of this creepy asylum. The terrifying part of discovering abandoned tunnels is wondering what exactly they might’ve been used for. Some speculate it was for carrying out the dead patients so that the others wouldn’t be able to see. The fact that they’re brick and seemingly well kept, at least at the time the asylum was open, suggests that they were put in by the asylum for the use of the workers there. What they were created for in the first place might just remain a mystery that will haunt our dreams.

8 Something Caught In The Doorway

The image in the photograph above is probably one of the clearest we’ve had so far of creepy figures captured on camera within a hospital's walls. It clearly looks as though it has a torso, a head, and an arm reaching out. The scariest part about this figure is that it's not transparent like some of the others in different photographs. It looks solid, suggesting that it’s either a very clear and apparent ghost, or that it’s something more terrifying than a paranormal projection. Some speculate that when hospitals close, they don’t always find new places for their patients and instead just set them loose no matter how mentally unstable they might be. This has led to many urban legends about unstable patients wandering the empty hospitals and claiming the area around them as their new home. Some believe these patients are harmful, but like the photo suggests, perhaps they are just as scared of the visitors as we are of them.

7 Scratches On The Door Of An Abandoned Asylum

One of the scariest things you might find on the walls and doors of abandoned hospitals has to be the image of scratches. This horrifying detail makes us begin to wonder who or what might’ve made the scratches in the first place. What circumstance were they under that they felt the need to try to scratch their way out of the room? Were they in danger of someone or something and felt that this was their only way out? Or was it just the mental state that they were in that made them feel like they needed to get out of the room? Either way, it’s absolutely terrifying to think about. Even if it was just the mental state of the patient, imagining going through the mental illness they were at the time is terribly heartbreaking, especially when it comes to an abandoned hospital. Did they make it out okay, or were they forgotten, like many mental patients are?

6 Someone Waiting At The Desk To Check Out

The image above was one taken inside an open hospital after dark. It seems pretty basic when looking at it, but when you stare at the edge of the desk on the left-hand side, it looks as though a figure is standing right in front of it. The scariest part of the figure is that it's clearly floating with no indication that it might be a real person who looks distorted from a camera glitch. It’s hard to tell if it’s a pixelation problem from a poorly taken photograph, but the head of the figure also looks to have a rather ghoulish face. The figure also appears to be wearing a hospital gown and has long black hair similar to the girl in The Grudge! Seeing a horrifying image like this is enough for us to never want to step foot in a hospital again, but unfortunately, hospitals remain pretty important to living a long and healthy life.

5 What Could Have Killed This Cat?

The image above was yet another taken inside an abandoned hospital. The subject in the terrifying photograph appears to be a dead cat that has begun to decay. This was not a picture taken in an animal hospital or a vet’s office, but rather, in a hospital made for humans! We can assume that the cat made its way inside after the hospital was abandoned, but there’s really no way to be certain. The scariest part about the dead cat is the position it’s in. It appears as though it might have been screaming when it died! If it had died from an illness, it’s likely the cat would have been able to tell it might be dying and would have found a nice place to rest before it died. If it was injured, it would have done the same thing as that’s been found to be the norm for what wildest animals do when they can feel they’re dying. This cat looks like it was literally scared to death.

4 Someone Standing On The Roof Of An Old Hospital

The photograph above was taken outside at an abandoned insane asylum. It’s a pretty poorly taken photograph, and it doesn’t give a very clear image, but if you look at the roof of the asylum, it looks as though someone is standing on top of it. Many speculate that it’s possibly a deceased patient lurking the grounds in the afterlife. Like the other photograph of ghosts in the halls of the hospitals, this patient also looks as though he or she is wearing a hospital gown. It has to be a ghost because if it were a real person or even an animal, the roof would be a difficult place to access and to stand in. The person who took the photograph wasn’t even attempting to capture the ghost; rather, it was a terrifying accident.

3 A Reflection Not Meant To Be Captured

The image above was yet another terrifying photograph taken by a nurse after hours in a hospital. Many people have trouble believing in ghosts because of the unlikelihood of it all. There’s no evidence, other than these photographs, that would suggest there is the potential for past life to be lurking around the hospitals. If you think about how a ghost might be real and what it would take for it to haunt a place, a hospital really seems like the likely home for a lot of ghosts. Not everyone who visits a hospital will die there, but for many ill people, a hospital will be the final resting place. Even if someone dies at home, there’s always the chance that the body will be taken to a hospital to try and be revived or for an autopsy. This means a lot of dead bodies are going in and out of hospitals, so photographs of ghosts like the one above aren’t likely to be uncommon.

2 Children's Morgue In The Basement

Although there’s no paranormal activity in the photograph above, it’s still a terrifying look into an abandoned hospital. The image above shows the morgue in a children’s hospital. The holes in the walls are basically drawers to keep dead bodies cold so that they don’t begin to rot and smell. Thinking of how many children might’ve been put into the drawers like lifeless objects is absolutely heartbreaking. The drawers are also a bit smaller than the typical body drawers at morgues, making this photograph even more heartbreaking. The way we store bodies after they die makes sense, but seeing it like this and really thinking about how we just stuff the lifeless children into the walls is pretty terrifying, and this would be the case whether the hospital was open or abandoned. Hopefully, when the hospital was opened, these morgues stayed mostly empty.

1 Children Of Mental Asylum Patients

The image in the photograph above was taken in an old insane asylum. The children aren’t mentally ill; rather, their parents are patients of the hospital. The children needed somewhere to go while their parents were getting taken care of, and if a family member wasn’t available and no one else could take care of the children, they were often sent to live at the asylum with their parents and have nurses and doctors look after them. Although the children were taken care of, this still doesn’t seem to be the place to raise a child. You can see from the expressions on many of their faces that they aren’t necessarily overly ecstatic to be there. Some of them look absolutely terrified, while others simply look lifeless. Out of all the pictures on the list, this one is one of the most haunting.

Source: Wikpedia.org

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