15Kids are allowed to run riot these days!

Do any of you have any idea what's actually going on here? We're just asking because we're pretty sure that we don't, and we're scared that it's two children holding someone up with guns. We're hoping that they're toys, but taking a look at their surroundings, we wouldn't be surprised

if they weren't toys. It also looks like this was taken somewhere in the UK, which would explain why children feel comfortable waving toy guns around in public. If you did that sort of stuff while you were in certain areas of North America, you'd end up either being arrested or shot. Don’t people think it’s insane that there are actually areas in this world where the police don’t have the power to pull a gun on you? Maybe if we removed guns from the system, then we wouldn’t have so many unarmed (black) people being shot in the street by police officers… Just a thought.

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