15Hell's Angels - A Smelly "Baptism"

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Probably the most famous of any gang on this list, the Hell's Angels have hundreds of chapters in dozens of countries across the globe. When one thinks of a motorcycle gang, these are the guys who come to mind. The rituals, beliefs, and practices of this group came to light

in the United States after journalist Hunter S. Thompson spent a year with a California chapter of the gang, publishing a book (amazing read, by the way) titled Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

Their initiation ritual may not be practiced by all chapters these days, but it is pretty simple and disgusting. When a new member is ready to be "patched in," they are instructed to go buy a new pair of jeans and a denim jacket. The members then gather a large amount of fecal matter and urine and proceed to dump it on that new recruit. There is then a period of time during which those clothes cannot be washed.

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