15 Of The Most Terrifying Creatures Caught On Camera

Scientists are discovering new species all the time. We like to think of our world as mostly discovered, but there are a lot of things we don't know about what's living alongside us. Even more, there are the unknown unknowns; the things that we don't even know we don't know. Events beyond our comprehension may be happening right before our eyes and we can't even tell. If we had no concept of color, then we couldn't even imagine the color red. Who's to say that there isn't some kind of foreign sense that we can't even imagine detecting? This explanation would explain inter-dimensional travel, aliens, ghosts and many of the items you'll see on this list.

The above statement may be a little bit too embedded into my hippy (admittedly I'm kind of a low-key hippy) way of thinking, but it is meant to open your mind. To get the most out of a list like this, you have to suspend disbelief to a certain extent. If you're a skeptic, I understand. A lot of what you're about to read is going to set off your fake alarm within the first few sentences. I, like many of you, have been incredibly jaded by the internet. I question every viral video or spooky story I see. There always seems to be an ulterior motive. If you want to enjoy this article, however, you have to suspend your pessimistic view of the world for a few minutes; in the end, none of us really know if these are all real. One thing's for sure: this is some creepy footage, and just the prospect of these creatures existing in this world is considerably terrifying.


15 Headless Ghost

A video was uploaded to YouTube by a group of young boys who decided to explore an abandoned school in their town. The whole video is about four minutes long, but the action takes place two minutes in. As the boys enter a classroom, the panning camera catches a ghostly figure strutting towards the group, followed by what sounds like a loud, billowing grown. The sound is so loud that it sounds like it's coming from a loudspeaker, and the boys are scared enough to leave the area. They never seemed to notice the ghost that was walking towards them, but they check some other rooms for the source of the noise and come up empty. Of course, as is the case with all paranormal videos, people claim that this video was faked, but there are no other explanations as to what this figure might have been. There's no chance it was the light or a speck of dust, so if this is a genuine video the most plausible explanation is the improbable: these boys encountered a ghost.

14 Creepy Old Hermit


A cell phone video was uploaded to YouTube that showed a true nightmare playing out in real-time. A man was driving down a dirty path in an unknown location, when he happens upon what appears to be a short, old woman with a cane. The creature (not convinced it's human) staggers towards the car with matted black hair covering her face. The driver yells and backs up, but continues to film and catches the creature in his headlights. The video ends as the creepy figure in white screams and hobbles quickly towards the car. The last thing we see is a black screen with the sound of the driver yelling and accelerating away from the area. While the legitimacy of the video has been called into question, there's no denying the feeling of horror you get when you watch it. Whether this was organized, someone pulling a prank, a genuine hermit or something even worse, this footage will make you think twice before going down that dark path at night.

13 Icelandic Worm Monster

The legend of the Worm Monster is just like the story of any mythical creature. The first mention of the giant worm was in the 1300s, and ever since it has been part of Icelandic lore, much like the popular Loch Ness Monster. In 2012, though, a video surfaced that reportedly showed the giant worm moving through the ice. In the video, you can see a long, stringy creature swimming through icy waters, pushing blocks of ice out of its way. A fair bit of skepticism followed, as is to be expected, and a lot of people were comfortable with the idea that it might have been a fishing net being dragged through the water. While this is a possibility, a lot of fisherman and other supporters have come forward saying that this might not be the case, and that something was intelligently moving in that video. While it's unlikely to be a 700 year old monster roaming the waters, it could be a massive, undiscovered creature looming beneath the waters.

12 Figure in the Forest


This video was taken by a Spanish documentary film team in 2006, but it wasn't released until only a few years ago. The documentary team were camping in the woods, when they began to hear strange sounds from outside their camp. It didn't sound like an animal, so they decided to investigate further. The group found a trail of feathers, and followed it to where this creature was hiding. The video shows a clear picture of an extremely skinny, hairless man squatting on the ground and possibly eating. The creature resembles a human, but its behavior and demeanor is that of a wild animal. The crew gets a few clear shots of the creature before one of them steps on a stick and makes a noise. The creature's head darts around and it looks directly at the camera. The crew turn and run, and no one really knows what happened to them or the creature they captured on film.

11 Ningen

The Ningen is a mythical creature that has been rumored to traverse the sea since the 1990s. It is reported to be a humanoid creature, with arms and legs, but much larger than any human on earth. No one has discovered anything like this creature, and all video evidence of the creature has largely been debunked. One of the only credible video footage of the Ningen comes from a United States vessel, who captured the movement of a large underwater creature that fits the description of the Ningen. Skeptics have claimed that the footage is of another type of sea creature, but there aren't really any known species that resemble this. It's not definitive proof of the existence of a similar creature, but it appears as though this video captured some sort of unknown sea creature at the very least.

10 Goblin


A home video was uploaded to YouTube that a mother took of her infant son as he played in their kitchen. The mother is filming her child when a small, humanoid creature bounds across the background of the camera and under a table. The mother shouts in surprise when she sees it, but the audio quality begins to glitch. She puts the camera under the table, but by that time whatever was hiding was gone. While it may seem far-fetched, many people believe in the existence of goblins and other small, humanoid creatures. Skeptics claim that the video was faked, but if it's not doctored it appears to be clear evidence of some other life form living on this planet

9 Bigfin Squid

In 2007, the Shell Oil Company produced a video that depicted a large, squid-like creature floating near one of the company's oil drills in the Gulf of Mexico. The body of the creature is small and wavy, with giant, skinny tentacles that extend to the bottom of the frame. When the video was released, many people speculated that this was some kind of unknown sea monster, and some even referenced H.P. Lovecraft's mythical creature Cthulhu, due to the location that the video was taken. Some even said that it was an alien dwelling in our ocean. In fact, this was just a regular-old squid that was already discovered by scientists. The squid was named Magnapinna Squid, or Bigfin Squid when it was discovered, but this footage is one of the only times it has even been seen on film. In fact, scientists who have attempted to catch this creepy squid on camera have mostly failed, making this accidental footage even more unique and possibly chilling. I'm of the belief that all of these wild creatures in the deep oceans are aliens, as they inhabit a completely different world than our own, so I haven't ruled out the possibility that this thing is indeed an alien. Also dolphins are going to take over the world. Hot takes 2017 edition.


8 Russian Building Crawler


A video surfaced out of Russia in 2014 that reportedly depicted a massive, four-legged creature scaling a tall building in broad daylight. The video begins, and a large, stick-figure-like being begins to crawl up the side of a building, seamlessly moves to the next building and climbs onto the roof. There's little context for the circumstances of the video, but this is not the only time this kind of creature has been spotted. There was another video that took place in Russia, where the same type of creature was crawling up a building at night. People have claimed that this is the work of CGI, but for those who suffer from hardcore arachnophobia, I'd stay away from Russia for the time being.

7 Peruvian Giants

A video was taken in Peru that reportedly shows the existence of giants, or at least incredibly large humanoid creatures. The video begins with the woman filming speaking in Spanish to her mother. She assumes she is just filming two men on the top of a hill near her home, but it becomes clear that they were sitting or squatting when one of the figures stands up. This gives the woman filming quite the scare, as she begins to yell and tell other people to come see what she's filmed. This originally just looks like a person standing up, but an investigative team recreated the video and showed that this wasn't the case. They filmed from the same spot, and the regular people standing on the hill are about the size of the other creatures when they're sitting. The creature that stands in the original video is about ten times as large as a regular person. Check out the original video and recreation here.

6 Chinese Monster


Unlike many of the items on this list, the legitimacy of the beast found in the waters of China cannot be called into question. The only question that relates to this video is: what is this thing? The workers who found this beast did not know what to make of it, and when they brought it back to town in a cage, everyone was perplexed. One of the more plausible explanations is that it's a miniature bear who lost its fur because it spent most of its time in the water. While it was trapped in the cage (do feel a bit bad for it in this respect) it repeatedly attempted to free itself by biting and ripping at the bars, but only managed to break a tooth in the process. There was never any consensus as to what the creature really was, but with one look at those massive claws I'd stay the hell away from it.

5 Tsunami Figure

A lot of videos were released following the devastating Tsunami in Japan, and all of them were horrifying in their own right. One of those videos, however, captured a bit more than the natural disaster that rocked the country. The person filming was likely only trying to document the damage of the storm and the subsequent flooding, but caught something that could be even creepier. The video isn't of the best quality, which makes it difficult to determine what we're seeing, but it appears to be more than just a lighting problem or camera trick. About halfway through the video, a wave crashes up to shore. Out of the wave rises a white figure, which appears to climb on a building and disappears into dust. It's clear that this isn't just water, and many have speculated that this shows the spirit of a recently deceased or even an alien life form that had been inhabiting the ocean. More level-headed critics have said it could be a fire extinguisher exploding or something more mundane, but I always gravitate towards the creepier explanation.

4 A Dragon


I know, I know, we're all huge Game of Thrones fans, but is the existence of dragons a possibility? An anonymous user posted a video that showed the body of a dead dragon on the beach. The backstory doesn't give us much insight, as all we really know is that an American man reportedly found the beast on a remote, unnamed island. Perhaps this is the sign of the king who will prevail against the darkness?

In all seriousness, the video has been heavily criticized, mostly for the fact that if dragons did exist, we probably would have seen more footage of them. There are some videos of flying dragons floating around, but this dragon is close-up and perfectly matches the way dragons are depicted in western stories.

3 Alien in the Graveyard

A man recorded some footage of a rundown graveyard in 2005, but it wasn't until years later that he noticed something lurking in the background of the shot. It's hard to notice right away, even when it's directly pointed at. In the slowed-down, zoomed-in version, however, it's unmistakable what we're seeing. An alien figure, about the size of the gravestone is standing and looking at the man with the camera. It has an over-sized head and skinny arms, and resembles the stereotypical look that aliens are given in the movies. There's no other footage of the creature, but it appears to be avoiding detection from the man with the camera. Perhaps it knows what would happen if it was directly acknowledged.

2 Bigfoot


There are hundreds if not thousands of videos of Bigfoot floating around YouTube, so there's no real point in giving a backstory or situation to any one video. A lot have been exposed as hoaxes, but there are others that are more convincing and show evidence that is hard to refute. Bigfoot truthers are out there, even if they're too afraid to admit it. Honestly, if you look at the argument objectively, it's not that hard to imagine that there might be an evolved, human-like creature that walks on two legs and is smart enough to know that if it's discovered by humans it will be eradicated. If you believe even one of the items on this list, then your mind must be open to the possibility of undiscovered creatures on this planet. Bigfoot has been captured on film an uncountable amount of times over the years. Is it so far-fetched to think that maybe even a few of these videos were real?

1 Men in Black

When most people think Men in Black, they think of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and how the third installment was actually a lot better than they expected it to be. Those who follow the world of UFO encounters, however, know that these men may be less fictional than we have been led to believe. A lot of the content from the MIB movies were taken from reported contact with agents from a secret organization. These agents visit the homes of people who have reportedly seen UFOs, along with those who frequently report on such subjects. These men (if they are men) are not as witty or satirical as the two in the films, and multiple sources have described them as being extremely tall, pale white and hairless, with eyes that are much bigger than normal. They are also reportedly telepathic, look identical and refer to themselves as numbers rather than names.

One of (if not the) only documented video footage of the MIB came when a hotel manager and security guard spotted a UFO. Two men showed up the next day and began asking questions of the staff, requesting to talk to the two. They weren't there that day, but the manager watched the tape and saw the two men walk in the door, just as they were described to him. It's unclear if he was ever contacted by the men again, but it gave quite a scare to the staff of the hotel. Listen to the hotel manager recount his experience here.

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