15 Of The Most Creepy Things Taxi Drivers Have Confessed

When you get into a cab, you rarely think about who you’re getting into a cab with. You just assume that it’s not going to be like the movie Bone Collector, where you end up traveling around with a serial killer. You pray that once you get into the car that you're going to be able to get out of it. But the truth is when it comes to being a taxi driver, it’s a career that attracts many different people, and you never know what kind of a personality you're going to come across as a passenger.

It’s not just taxi drivers either; sometimes, it’s the customers that turn out to be the creepy ones. If you think about how much time some drivers spend in cabs, then you'll understand how they're bound to meet some pretty crazy people during their days. Whether it’s the driver or the customer sometimes, there are some pretty unusual stories that come from traveling in a taxi cab. When talking about crazy stories, you could hear a lifetime of weird rides. “Was it the girl who rushed out of the cab seven times to puke? Or was it the guy who, without the slightest provocation, just started screaming? Or the basket case who got out of the cab in the middle of the 59th Street Bridge?” If you like a good creepy story, then you're bound to love these. Stay tuned to hear some of the most creepy confessions from taxi drivers.

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15 The Kidnapper

As creepy as it sounds, it seems to be pretty common for people who drive a taxi or pretend to drive a taxi to try to kidnap passengers. Yikes, it really makes you rethink ever getting into a cab again. “I got in the back, and we took off. Quickly I realized there was someone sitting next to the driver in the passenger's seat. They were talking about where should they go and mentioned a street that was nowhere near my home. The driver‘s friend said they should go to that street since he has a young female friend there and 'WE ALL could have some fun.' Then the driver‘s friend turned to me and asked if I wanted some vodka. I started asking them to stop the car and let me out; I could walk home. They assured me I would get home eventually. I started sobbing quietly while they were making plans where should they go. My only thoughts were that I‘m going to die and my friends and family have no idea where I am. I asked them several more times to let me go. I waited till the car stopped at red light, opened the door and ran as fast as I could to some suburban area. As I left the car behind me, I heard them shouting 'Hey, bitch! Pay for your ride!!!'”

14 Members of the Mob

One taxi driver learned pretty quickly that he was giving a couple of hit men a ride from the courthouse one day. The two men discussed the ongoing trial that they were dealing with and mentioned that they would have to go back the following Monday. “I knew at this moment as well as I could ever know that these guys sitting five feet behind me were card-carrying members of the mob. So how do you drive when you know that the fellow sitting just behind you puts bullets through people’s brains for a living? Carefully!” When it was time to drop the men off, they could only offer him a ten-cent tip. “I’m sorry, my friend, but I have not much money today,” one of the men said, placing an arm on the cabbie’s shoulder. Let’s just say it was pretty easy for the taxi cab driver to let them go without any attitude.

13 Girl Passed Out

A couple was hailing a cab one night in New York, and when one pulled over, they got inside, only to find a girl passed out in the backseat. “She was sitting directly behind the cab driver, so he didn't see her. Apparently, she was out drinking with some friends. They all got into a cab to head home and then left her in there by accident - Home Alone style. Her phone was ringing off the hook (on vibrate), but she was too drunk to notice. We talked to her friends to get the address to drop her off. Meanwhile, the cab driver, who is dumb as rocks, is upset because we diverted him from our original destination. We had to explain to him FOUR times that he had a person IN the car before we got in. Finally, when he understood what was happening, he admitted that he was on his way to the cab company to drop off the car, but decided to give us a ride. So, if he hadn't picked us up, he would've probably left the car and the girl at the cab company parking garage and gone home for the night.”

12 Blood in the Trunk

One couple wanted to put their bags in the trunk, that was, until the guy saw what looked like fresh blood spots inside. “It wasn't all over the flooring, just on one side. I instantly felt ill. It looked a lot like blood. The spot was wet. With the dim light, I could just make out various other stains of similar but darker colors. I barely began to process it all, until the suitcase was in and the trunk door was slammed. I was now wide awake, and I did not want to get in that taxi. Everything was wrong, and this was a mistake. If this were a horror movie and I was watching, I'd be screaming at myself 'DON'T GET IN THE CAB!' But he did get in. 'You're going the wrong way.' We proceeded to get into a fight with the cabbie, but we did arrive at our destination safely. We get to the hotel, and I made sure to check the trunk again. But it was darker now, and I couldn't see anything clearly.”

11 Possible R----t

This girl found herself stranded after a party when a cab driver pulled up to the street. She told him she had no money and no way home, and he still offered to give her a ride. He wasn’t the nice guy that he seemed to be, however. This is one girl's experience: "'How old are you? Are you a virgin? Are you married? Do you carry a gun in that big purse, hahaha?' I lie and tell him yes on the gun, starting to feel creeped out. He stops talking after that for a bit until he notices he's almost out of gas. I look, he really is almost out. So, we pull up to a gas station, but instead of parking next to a pump, he parks behind the building, near a dumpster and says 'I'm going to pay for gas and have a snack, then I'll take you back.' I make a break for it, swinging the door open and jumping out of the still-moving car. I feel like I'm fucking flying as I hit the dirt of the sidewalk and crabs walk until I can get to my feet, then I break out in a run. I probably looked like a lunatic, arms flailing, but I did not care, nor did I bother looking back.”

10 A Serial Killer Trip

So, you hail a cab, and then your cab driver starts talking about how he would kill people if he were a serial killer. What would you do? I say RUN! “I took a cab back to the hotel from a bar one night with a friend. It was the middle of the night, and we were picked up on a sketchy side street. At first, we were talking to the driver, but then he started getting weird. He talked the entire ride about serial killers, including graphic details about what he would do with the bodies if he were a serial killer to avoid getting caught. He also said that most serial killers had the middle name Wayne and if he had a son he was going to give him that middle name in case he became a serial killer. The two of us sat there wide-eyed, drunk and convinced that he was going to take us somewhere to kill us. Luckily, the ride wasn’t long, and to our actual surprise, he stopped at our hotel to drop us off.”

9 Looking for Quality Time

How would you feel if your taxi driver tried to get into the backseat of the car with you? I imagine that just like me, you would freak out. After hailing a taxi and getting one, this girl had this experience: “We are a few minutes into the fare driving when all of the sudden he pulls the taxi over to the side of the road and starts walking around to my door. At this point, I’m so confused as to what is going on. Until he opens my door. I grabbed my phone out and dialed 911 right away and told him I was calling the police. He started to panic and told me not to be silly, he 'just wanted some quality time' as he reached for my arm to get me out of the car. I pushed him away, closed the door, and waited to be connected. I said I need assistance and gave her my address. While this was all happening, he was walking back to his driver’s side and attempting to get back in. I don't know if he would have driven away but I got out and he sped off. I kick myself for not getting his taxi ID which is something that I usually do.”

8 The Stalker

The last thing that you want when you're riding a cab is to have the driver become your stalker. After all, there are times when you hail a cab and want to be dropped off at home. The driver then knows your address and knows where to find you. We don’t even think about this small fact, though; when we hail cabs, we just hope for the best. Well, in the case of one woman, the cab driver made it clear he knew where she lived and intended on returning to see her at another time. Her mouth must have hit the ground when he said that. Talk about terrifying. Hopefully, she immediately called the police and reported him. “After flirting with me, the driver told me he now knew where my house was and would visit me later.”

7 The Bone Collector

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This could be a story very much like the one of the serial killer from Bone Collector. This taxi driver was definitely sinister and looking to possibly hurt people. “My friend finally flagged one. This was some random car, but it had the signature luminescent bar on the top with TAXI written on it, so I brushed it off. The driver put down the window and gruffly asked us where we were going. We replied with our address. He then asked us how much we were willing to pay, equally as gruffly. Even to my drunk friends, this was weird. But being one of those exceedingly friendly Americans, one kept talking to him. She was just about to get in when I happened to look up at the glowing TAXI sign and noticed how distorted it was. Looking closer, I realized he'd just spelled TAXI in black tape across it! From afar it looked legit. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her away, telling her to look at his sign. At first, my friends didn't notice, but when they did, they freaked out. Realizing this, he drove off real quick.”

6 The Jailbird

Sometimes taxi drivers divulge more than we want to hear and those stories can be a little disturbing. We don’t know why they tell us creepy stories, but it really makes you wonder. “Some friends and I were planning to rent a car to drive from Kingston, Ontario to Henrietta, New York in order to meet a guy one of them had been talking to online. There was a snag with the rental company, though, so we decided to take a taxi to the border - about two hours. The driver we ended up with seemed pretty nice, if a little too interested, in the three young women he was driving. Still, the actual ride passed without incident. As we were getting our bags out of the car, though, he mentioned that he was glad he was able to get across the border because he had spent time in jail for assaulting a State Trooper who confronted him for drinking on the job.”

5 Blood on His Hands

One cab driver had a passenger covered in blood. Talk about a great start to a horror movie. Surprisingly, the guy let the man into his cab. The cab driver asked him what happened, and the guy said, “I think I killed him. I hope I didn’t kill him.” When the cab driver prodded him further, he found out that the man was an ex-marine who got into a bar fight. He fought with the guy, and it got pretty violent. At one point, the man karate-chopped the man in the windpipe and then fled the scene. He was worried that he had killed the man but didn’t stick around to see if he did. “I gave him the only advice I could: Talk to no one else about his incident other than a priest. Don’t let your feelings of guilt put you in a jail cell,” the cabbie said.

4 An Extra Tip

You have to be very careful when taking a cab and make sure that you always have enough money to pay; otherwise, you might end up with this creep who asks for a little extra. The last thing that you would expect is for someone whom you're trusting to get you home safely to be the one that puts you in a dangerous situation. But it does happen, and that’s why ladies always need to make sure to protect themselves. “That one time in London I was going out to Dolphin in Hackney, and it was like 4 o’clock. Decided to head back home in Mile End. Couldn’t be bothered to take the bus. Asked a random cabbie to take me and I had only 10 pounds, he wanted 15. He then suggested I pay him ‘in other ways’ while touching his crotch. I thought, ‘OK, I’m gonna walk tonight!'”

3 The Stunt Driver

In the case of this passenger, it’s as if he had gotten into the cab with a driver that used to be a stunt driver. That was the way that he acted anyway. What does a taxi driver do when he is faced with going the wrong way? Well, you would think that they would stop in a driveway and just turn around, right? Wrong! In the case of this poor passenger, he got the ride of his life. “This mother$$$$er entered onto an HOV ramp by accident, and so instead of just dealing with it, he REVERSED backward against oncoming traffic to get off and out of it. At some point, he made this million-point turn, and the whole time I’m getting so car sick and his cab smelled so bad of stale cigarettes.” We can totally understand how he might have felt that way.

2 The Concerned Driver

A woman found herself in a taxi cab with a driver that asked too many questions, and she started to wonder if she was going to get out of the cab alive. "The worst possible experience I had was a guy who kept asking me increasingly personal questions, like if I had a boyfriend/husband or if I had kids. When we got close to my destination, he asked me for my phone number. I told him I didn't have a phone at the moment (which wasn't true), and he said he didn't feel comfortable letting me out of the cab to meet my friend until I found out if my friend was at the location. It was just creepy! He wasn't concerned about me. He just didn't want me to get out of his cab." If you are in this situation, you must get out quickly.

1 A Hospital Visit

When you're desperate to get to the hospital, the last thing you want to deal with is a crazy taxi cab driver. Two women on the way to the hospital were creeped out by their driver. “One woman described a time when she used Hailo, the taxi hailing app, to get a cab to bring her and her friend to the urgent care center. When the cab arrived at her house, her friend was crying in pain from a kidney infection. Once in the car, the cabbie asked where they were going. She replied 'urgent care.' The cab driver said, "I'm a doctor; lie down in the back seat, and I'll inspect both of you right now," and laughed evilly. The two women sat in horrified silence for the rest of the ride. To Hailo's credit, when she called and complained about the incident, the company fired him on the spot.”

Source: curbed.com

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