15 Of The Most Creepy Mugshots Of Criminals

Some people love to have their picture taken. Whether it’s professional or just another selfie, a ton of us know people who can’t seem to stay out of the shot of a camera. Some people love it so much they want to make a career out of it. There are people in the world who pay thousands of dollars to specific people all to just have their picture taken. Others can’t stand to be in a picture. Everyone has a relative who seems to never pop up in a photograph because they just can’t stand to be caught by a camera. No matter what you feel, there’s a good chance that those who hate and who love having their picture taken have something in common: no one wants to have a mugshot.

Mugshots are strange photographs. They’re taken right after you’re arrested in order to document the face of a criminal. Once it’s taken, it’s likely there forever unless you know someone deep on the inside. They’re awkward pictures. We’re used to cheesing it up for the camera, but mugshots are only taken when something pretty bad is about to happen or just happened. No one ever wants to see his or her face in that position, but many have and many will continue to do so.

There are some mug shots that are more horrifying than anything you’d ever imagine. Whether it’s an infamous criminal or a horrifying face, we’ve gathered a collection of mugshots sure to give you nightmares. Here are 15 Disturbing Mugshots That Will Give You Chills:

15 A Man Caught M-------bating Across A Playground

Like we’ve already discussed, hurting children is probably the worst thing anyone can do. They’re innocent and trusting creatures who look to adults for help and protection. Luckily, the man in the photograph above was arrested before he was able to actually harm any children. He was caught with his pants down in his car across from a playground. The most disgusting part is that he didn’t even stop when a police officer approached his car and asked him to get out! He can claim until he dies that he didn’t know that there was a playground where he happened to be masturbating, but that’s a hard one to get out of. If that was the case, what’s so bad about waiting until you’re home to start touching yourself? This disgusting pervert is so horrifying-looking it’s chilling to see the picture before knowing what awful things he actually did.

14 He Barely Looks Human

The photograph above looks like a character taken straight from a horror movie. He appears to not have a very visible nose, and the look in his eyes is chilling. He was arrested after a woman found an open can of ravioli in her house and some money missing. He was picked up after they discovered to have a face dirty from ravioli stains. If only he had wiped his mouth, he might have been able to go on rummaging through people’s cabinets! The man seems like a mostly harmless criminal who only wants to take food and some cash in order to survive. Unfortunately, the look in this mugshot is still spine-tingling to us. How would you feel if you walked into your kitchen and saw this man eating ravioli straight from the can? Not good, probably. Not good at all.

13 Where To Start With This One...

The man in the photograph above was arrested after touching his genitals and exposing himself at a local pool in New York. Unfortunately, a seventeen-year-old lifeguard is the one who had to see him perform this disgusting and damaging sexual harassment, but luckily, she caught him before he was able to actually physically hurt any innocent pool-goers. Imagine going to the local pool, extremely hot, hoping to finally cool off, only to have to see this disgusting freak touch himself. Unfortunately, that’s a minor offense, so it’s not like he’s going to be spending too much time behind bars. With such a recognizable face, however, it’s likely he’ll suffer public punishment after becoming a fairly viral meme this past summer. The way he somehow manages to look 60 while also looking 6 is what really baffles those who see this strange mugshot.

12 What's Wrong With His Face?

The man in the photograph above is another case on the list that shows us just how far modern medicine has come. He lost part of his face after being involved in a gun fight and getting his nose and part of his lip shot off. The picture shows a tiny red hole in his face, a place for him to still be able to breathe. It’s truly amazing knowing what doctors are capable of and that even after getting shot in the head, this man survived just fine. What’s unfortunate, still, is that he ended up back in front of a police camera even after being given a second chance at life. He was arrested after kidnapping his girlfriend and taking her to Mexico to dump her off. The reasons are unknown, but either way, something just doesn’t sit right with us when we look at this picture.

11 A Grandfather Who R----d His Girlfriend's Granddaughter

The man in the photograph above doesn’t have scratches on his face, half a head, or a hole for a nose like the rest of some of the disturbing people on the list. He’s pretty average-looking, but staring into his face in this mugshot certainly gives us chills. He looks like a serial killer or some other sort of creepy horror movie trope. Unfortunately, this man is a terrifying monster in real life and does more than just fit the description. He was arrested for rape after his victim was able to record the incident and post it to her Snapchat stories. Her friends then called the police who checked on the girl and discovered she’d been taken advantage of with alcohol and attacked by this horrifying man. The scary old guy in the picture also happened to be the boyfriend of the young girls’ grandmother. Luckily, she's OK and recovering, and this man is locked up.

10 A Happy Murderer Moments After Stomping Someone To Death

Although most of us are used to smiling when we get our picture taken, most of us would probably be pretty upset when it came time to get our mugshot taken. The man in the photograph above decided to stick to what he knew, however, and took it upon himself to flash his pearly yellows to the camera after being arrested for murder. The man was enjoying a beer at the bar with another man he had just met when they began discussing how they had both served in the military. A dispute began over which positions they were in that resulted in the man in the photograph stomping the other man to death in the bar where they were sharing drinks just moments before. It’s absolutely chilling to see him with a beaming smile moments after. Perhaps he was still in shock, or maybe he has no regrets about what he did.

9 Where Are All Those Scratches From?

There’s a lot to unpack when looking at the man in the mugshot above. The first thing we notice is his uncanny resemblance to the characters from Beavis and Butthead. It seems as though only a cartoon would be capable of sustaining life with a head shaped so similar to a light bulb. Many people thought that this was Photoshopped when it first started popping up on all corners of the internet. Soon, they realized that this is definitely what this man looks like in real life. The second thing we notice about his appearance is all of the many scratches all over his skin. Apparently, he got them after running into a thorn bush. Looks like the bush won. The reason he was arrested in the first place was that he was found in someone’s home wearing their mother’s clothes. One thing you probably haven’t even noticed because of all the other chaos is that he doesn’t even have two eyes of the same color.

8 Not Photoshop

Just looking at this photograph, even if it weren’t a mugshot, gives us chills all over. The head is certainly the most sensitive part of our body. Of course, there’s no way that we’d ever want to let anything bad happen to it. If we don’t have our heads, the only thing we have left is a big meat sack filled with blood and bones. Unfortunately, this man suffered a very serious car accident while driving high on drugs that caused him to fly through the windshield and land directly on his head. Luckily, doctors were able to save his life; however, not all of his head was salvaged. He’s still the same man, however, now, just known as half-head. The reason he was photographed in the first place was that he was caught trying to solicit a prostitute. Poor guy.

7 An Anti-Gay Marriage Lawyer Gets Caught With Child P--n

Some of the worst people on the planet are those who hurt children. Most of the time, you’re met with a creepy face and some guy who wears strange glasses. In the unfortunate case of the daughter of the woman whose picture appears above, it was her own mother who abused her and forced her to perform sexual acts on herself and grown men while her mother recorded it all on her cell phone. The most hypocritical part about this woman? She actively served as a lawyer for an anti-gay marriage group. It proves that people who are so against homosexual people living their lives are probably just distracting others from their own deep problems with the mirror of bigotry. Luckily, the daughter is OK, and her mother was charged with forty years in prison. It’s also likely that the mother will suffer torment from other mothers locked up behind bars who aren’t cool with sharing a cell with a pedophile.

6 A Woman Arrested For An Illegal Abortion

Wearing top hats and waistcoats and staring eerily into the camera, these are the thieves, tricksters and accused killers who made up Syndey's Underworld in the 1900s.   Historic black and white images taken between 1910 and 1930 show the criminals just after they were arrested and taken into police custody.  Many were still wearing their best clothes when they were plucked from their surroundings and remanded in custody at the Central Police Station, in the lower half of Sydney's CBD. PHOTOGRAPH PROVIDED BY IBERPRESS +39-3428017058 http://www.iber-press.com/ nimarafat@me.com

The mugshot above is a rare look into what mug shots used to look like almost one hundred years ago. The woman in the photograph was arrested after it was discovered that a woman she was connected to died from a botched abortion that the woman was responsible for. This was a common arrest for women in her day. Most intelligent people are aware that not everyone is capable of carrying a pregnancy to full term, and in a time when women were much less respected and more commonly sexually abused by their spouses or other men, abortions were sometimes life-saving. Unfortunately, abortions were also responsible for some women’s deaths when performed in their own homes instead of a hospital. Luckily, no woman has died from an abortion that occurred in a facility in the U.S. in decades, but this mugshot is a chilling reminder of the world that used to exist.

5 The Disgusting Men Who Held Young Women Captive

One of the most horrifying discoveries in the past decade was that Ariel Castro had been keeping several young girls locked up in his basement where he repeatedly raped them for years. He wasn’t the only man responsible for holding these young girls captive, however, as you can see from the other two men’s mug shots above as well. They all knew what was going on in that horrifying home and instead of doing the right thing decided to keep these women locked up. The young girls were robbed of childhoods, had to socialize only with each other, and were sexually abused almost daily. One of them even gave birth to a child that she had been forced to carry after being raped by Castro. Luckily, all three men will never be able to hurt anyone again, as Castro is dead and the other two are rotting behind bars.

4 Happy About Being Caught As A R-------t

Like we discussed in a previous post, smiling in a mugshot is pretty creepy. Sure, maybe the photographer counting down before taking the picture was an automatic way to make the man smile; however, it just seems like a weird time to want to show off your creepy grin. The man was arrested after being caught raping a girl repeatedly for a three-year period. He’s not only grinning creepily in the picture, but it looks as though he was caught mid-laugh. He’s beaming and looks like he continued to do so after the camera was done taking the picture. What on earth does he have to be so happy about? He’s a terrible person who deserves to sit behind bars for the rest of his life, but for some reason, he still can’t help but smile? Seems pretty strange, but just another mugshot to fit perfectly in the list of mugshots that we’ll be thinking about in our nightmares.

3 Caught Trying To Buy Children To Use For Sex

You don’t have to hear any of the backstories about this man’s arrest to know that he’s a pretty terrifying-looking person. The way his face is all smashed together in one small spot on such a large head is a horrifying image. That’s not even all of the horror. He also has the sweatiest, greasiest eyes anyone has ever had in the history of eyes. Are they soaked from crying because he got arrested? Is he sweating because he’s nervous about what’s going to happen to him? Or is he just a disgusting freak? Aside from looking like the villain of a cartoon, the man above was arrested for a pretty terrible reason as well. He was caught trying to buy children to use strictly for sexual purposes! He was known in his community as a religious man, but on his days off, apparently, he was on the hunt for a sex slave. Disgusting.

2 What's Up With His Scalp? 

The wrinkly headed teen you can see in the mugshot above was arrested after holding a gun to the attendants of a children’s birthday party! He and his companions were there to rob the place, but luckily, they were arrested. Unfortunately, this teen is only 17 years old. Hopefully becoming a viral meme will help turn his life around, but we know what happens to teens that go viral. Some have made fun of him mostly for the appearance of his wrinkly scalp. He has no disorder, and nothing’s wrong with him; he just happens to have more skin than he needs on his head. It kind of looks like he doesn’t even have a skull and that the skin is just forming a layer right over his brain, though! At least he has most of his skull and skin, unlike the unfortunate half-headed criminal whom we saw earlier.

1 A Man's Demise In Mugshots 

The man in the photograph above can be seen across several different mugshots. It’s pretty unfortunate, actually, that he didn’t see the first two, or three, or four, or five and decide that that’s when he needed to turn his life around. Instead, he continued on a path of destruction that also involved a pretty serious addiction to crystal meth. The charges that resulted in the mugshots you see above were all for different reasons, each one a little worse than the next. He was a pretty good-looking dude in the first mugshot -- just a young adult with his whole life ahead of him. By the last picture, however, he looks like a character taken from a post-apocalyptic video game. Unfortunately, these aren’t even all of his mugshots, as a few still exist between the beginning and the end of the ones you see above. Although he’s in pretty deep, hopefully, he gets the help he needs to never have his mugshot taken again.

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