15 Ocean Urban Legends That Could Be True

The ocean is a massive body of water that extends all across our world. It’s so massive, in fact, that we’ve actually discovered less than 90 percent of the entirety of all four oceans. For that reason alone, it’s safe to say that there’s absolutely no way to be certain what might lie beneath the icy blue waters. Surely, we haven’t come face to face with photographic evidence to prove that we’ve met any mythological creatures; however, with us having explored so little of the sea beneath us, there’s a pretty good chance that something terrifying is swimming about while you sit comfortably behind your screen and read this article.

Many people have stated they’ve seen some messed up stuff around the ocean, and many people dispute them by claiming there’s no possible way anything too crazy has the capability of existing. How can we say that, though, with only such a small percentage of the oceans being accounted for? Most of what's left to be discovered lie miles and miles below the surface, much deeper than is safe for humans to explore. We might not ever have the chance to be totally, without a doubt, completely certain that something terrifying, something that only exists as a legend, could be real.

Even if we had discovered all of the ocean, there’s a good chance the next 15 things on the list wouldn’t reveal their secrets to us right away. Here are 15 Ocean Urban Legends That Could Be True:

15 Ningen Have Allegedly Been Spotted

If you had to picture a terrifying sea creature only made for nightmares, you’d probably imagine something along the lines of the photograph above. It's a photo that shows what a Ningen might look like if it were real. A Ningen is a Japanese mythological creature that's half human-half sea monster. It has human-like hands and a similar upper body but usually, has either a tail like a mermaid or tentacles. The Ningen was first sighted in the 1960s, and there have been countless other sightings since. Many people believe that those who think they saw a Ningen just saw a strange looking seal; however, Ningen are distinct in that they are over 60-feet long. There aren’t many animals, other than a rare albino whale, that would look like the image above and be as big as 60+ feet! If they weren’t seeing a Ningen, it’s still terrifying to think of what animal they might have seen.

14 The Ocean Is The Biggest Graveyard

Most of the humans that have ever existed on this planet are dead. For that reason alone, we can safely assume that we’re surrounded by dead bodies. Even though you might not live near a graveyard or cemetery, that doesn’t mean that hundreds and hundreds of years ago, dead bodies might not have been buried beneath where you’re sitting right now. That’s also true for the ocean. Some would say that this isn’t true and that dead bodies float, so they would wash ashore. However, there have been countless people lost at sea, people who drowned in the ocean or people murdered and were dumped into the waters. Not all of these bodies will make it back to the shore and are instead either fish food or stuck in the bottom of the sea. Either way, anytime you step foot in the ocean, you’re probably swimming in someone’s grave.

13 There Are More Oceans Below Us

If you’ve taken a basic science class, you know we have yet to reach the center of the earth. We’ve gone pretty deep before, and we have a pretty good idea of what lives below us, but like all the other legends on the list, there’s no way to be absolutely certain of what might lie beneath. Many people believe that there are actually many more oceans beneath our land and that the center of the earth is actually water, meaning we’re all just on really big islands. Without actually reaching there ourselves, this theory could hold some water, no pun intended. That would mean that much more than just 90 percent of our oceans is left to be discovered! If there are more oceans beneath the very land we’re sitting on now, unless, of course, you’re on a boat, then all the rest of the legends on the list have an even higher chance of actually existing!

12 The Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is another urban legend you’re probably already a bit familiar with. It's a natural area that forms a triangle and is known for being the final resting place of many people who fell victim to its curiosities and wonders. The image above shows all of the boats that have sunk around the triangle and become just part of the wildlife. Many people believe that there's some sort of mystical element involved that makes this particular area difficult to boat through or fly over. Every time a plane flies over the area or a boat swims through, it risks mysteriously vanishing like many before it have. Some believe it to be a black hole; others think it’s a gate to hell. Either way, there is factual evidence that something has happened to several boats that have entered the Triangle as seen in the picture above of all the shipwrecks in the area. What do you think is the cause of the disappearances?

11 The Ocean Could Be Filled With Ghost Ships

Ghost ships certainly do exist, but not in the Flying Dutchman some of us believe to be true. If a lonely sailor dies at sea, it’s not guaranteed that his ship would sink or crash. In fact, one ship was found almost in perfect condition many years after the sailor had died of a heart attack while out on the ocean. Since the ocean is such a large place, there’s always a good chance that if a boat gets lost, you’ll never see it again. Aside from abandoned ships floating out on the water, many believe in ghost ships as well, either completely fake ships that are only a projection of what once was or an abandoned ship that's now powered by the ghost of a lost sailor. Some claim to have seen these ghost ships out on the ocean and that they disappeared after the sighting. Others think that the only way an abandoned ship doesn’t crash into shore is if someone, or something, is powering it.

10 Krakens Have Always Been Around

A Kraken is a large octopus-like creature that has allegedly been spotted off the coast of Norway and Greenland. It has massive tentacles with the ability to overtake ships and pull them under water, causing them to disappear forever. Many people throughout history have claimed to have seen a Kraken; however, most people probably actually just saw a giant squid. A Kraken differs from a giant squid in that it has more crab-like features. It might be covered in more spikes rather than tentacles and usually has a larger head than a squid. Either way, the fact that a creature that looks like the photograph above might exist somewhere out in the deep dark oceans is enough for us to not want to step foot on a boat! Even if people saw a giant squid and not a Kraken, we still don’t want to come face to face with anything that even resembles this terrifying mythological creature.

9 Lost Cities Hide In The Deep Blue

Everyone has heard of Atlantis, a mythological city buried deep in the ocean somewhere in the world. Atlantis is not the only city in popular mythology that might exist somewhere in the ocean. There have been countless sightings and structures with no explanation or backgrounds sighted all over the world! Usually, people speculate that mysteriously found structures belonged to shipwrecks or were the result of someone playing a hoax, but there’s no real way to be certain that these structures weren’t part of an old underwater community. Not only that, but there’s a pretty good chance that these cities are actually buried beneath layers of sand that have covered the cities over the last hundred years. Even though humans can’t survive in the dark zone of the ocean, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some other sort of life from way down there living in cities similar to ours.

8 Cthulhu Could Be Real

Cthulhu is a fictional character created by the famous writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Cthulhu is different from the rest of the urban legends on the list in that it was fictionalized before people started believing it was real. None of the other entries on the list were born from fictional works of literary novels, and rather, were created out of sightings and fantasies of people all over the world. However, Cthulhu makes the list because of the fact that it now has a cult that actually worships him. That’s right -- there are many people throughout the world that believe Cthulhu is a real entity that H.P. Lovecraft actually saw and knew and only later decided to write a story about. Whenever something strange occurs in the deep blue sea, people all over claim that it was probably because of Cthulhu. This one might be the least believable on the list, but hey, maybe his followers are right, and he’s out there hiding somewhere.

7 Massive Monsters Are Lurking In The Dark Zone

Like we’ve previously discussed, we’ve explored very little of the actual ocean. The majority of what’s left to be explored lies beneath what humans can withstand in the deepest parts of the dark zone. Here, we know very little of the life that exists. The only hint we have as to what might lie in the darkest parts of the ocean is when something dies, and it floats to the surface and washes ashore. Even when we send cameras down, the pressure is so great that it can crush the equipment like an aluminum can. How can we know, for sure then, that there aren’t massive animals floating around like the ones pictured above? Perhaps they aren’t capable of swimming too high because of the way they're used to the immense amount of pressure deep below. But we’ve never been to the bottom of several oceans, so how are we to know what really lives there?

6 We're All Evolved From Fish

One theory of how we came to be what we are is the theory of evolution. This theory is that we evolved from our primate ancestors. This is the most plausible explanation with countless skulls, drawings, and other clues that make us almost one-hundred percent certain that this is the way things happened. But before we were even monkeys, many scientists believe that we came from fish. They believe that fish developed legs, which helped them survive both inside and outside of water. From there, we developed into primates, and from there we became humans. Not all people believe this, but it's the most likely statement on the list so far. It still remains a legend, however, because just like we can't definitively prove the existence of many of the legends on the list, we also cannot definitively disprove their existence.

5 The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness monster is probably the most recognizable legend on the list, so it would be absurd if we didn’t include it. If for some reason you haven't yet heard of the Loch Ness monster, we’ll explain it quickly. The Loch Ness monster lives in Loch Ness in Scotland. It's a dinosaur-looking creature that swims around and is rarely seen by most. Many people believe there's simply only one of these monsters; however, some state that they’ve seen entire families of these creatures. There have been endless hunts for the creature and countless sightings, but still, the clearest photographic evidence we have of the creature is the photograph above, and even that isn’t a completely good one. It’s blurry and dark and doesn’t show us much other than a curved figure emerging from the water. It could be a hoax, or it could be real, but for now, the only evidence we have is what we want to believe to be true in our own minds.

4 Sirens Might Be Lurking

One of the scariest mythological creatures that are said to exist in the ocean is the Siren. Sirens are allegedly women who lure pirates, sailors, and anyone else controlling a boat to wreck it after falling prey to the beauty and sexuality of these mysterious creatures. They might sing beautiful songs or perform flirtatious dances to make sailors steer their boats into dangerous areas or rocky shores, the humans' demise. After that, the sirens harvest what they can from the boat, including the men. Although never actually seen, Sirens have been the explanation for many boats and sailors that have gone missing. Some sailors have even claimed to have seen these sirens and escaped their mesmerizing ways. Although mostly a legend, who knows if these evil creatures actually exist? There’s a reason the idea of their existence was planted in the first place, and believing whether or not it's actually true is, at the moment, left for us to decide.

3 Mermaids Could Be Real

Mermaids are the most well-known mythological sea creatures that could potentially exist. If mermaids were real, surely they would want to stay far away from humans after seeing the destruction of the oceans that we’re already capable of. Others believe that like Sirens, mermaids are evil beings that cause the wrecks of many ships out on the ocean. Most people, though, believe that the supposed sightings of mermaids are actually just seals, otters, or other sea mammals that a tired sailor can mistake for a mythological creature. Either way, the idea of mermaids has been around forever, and it probably isn’t going away anytime soon. With so much of the ocean left to be discovered, who’s to say that there aren’t a bunch of mermaids out there living in a city below the surface of our world? What do you believe in? Could mermaids be real?

2 Champ - The U.S.'s Lochness Monster

Champ is the name given to the East Coast’s version of the Loch Ness monster. This creature has not been seen in the ocean, but rather, in Lake Champlain, but it’s off the coast of Vermont and New York so we’re going to go ahead and say “close enough” in reference to the fact that this is an “ocean” list. Throughout history, dating back to when Native American tribes ruled the East coast, there have been hundreds of reported sightings of Champ. The photograph above is the best evidence that something like Champ exists in the waters. Many experts who have seen the picture only give the explanation that it's simply a tree branch or log floating in the water. The water only goes 14-feet deep where the picture was taken, so it’s not likely such a large creature exists. However, that doesn’t look like a tree to us, so there’s got to be some sort of better explanation as to what the image might be. What do you think?

1 The Existence Of Qalupalik

Qalupalik is an Inuit mythological creature that is said to have green skin, long hair, and long fingernails. It lives in the oceans although it's able to sit above water for a long period of time or at least long enough to lure unsuspecting children into the ocean. The terrifying legend states that these Qalupalik disguise themselves as humans and wear similar ponchos as Inuit people. These ponchos have a pouch on the front to carry children in. The Qalupalik kidnap children and keep them as their own. The legend was supposedly started to scare children from running from their parents and being disobedient. However, some have claimed that the Qalupalik are responsible for many missing children around the ocean. This is certainly a terrifying legend on the list, but without much evidence, there’s not much reason to believe in their existence. What do you think was a terrifying legend on the list?

Source: Wikipedia.org

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