15 Notorious Killers Who Found Love In Prison...And Got Married

Why would a woman be interested in a killer who's in prison? First of all, there's that whole "prison" thing; it isn't like they would actually be able to hang out or do anything together, but secondly, and definitely more importantly, in case you missed it, the guy is a killer. This is taking liking bad boys to a whole new level. Some dude is rotting away in prison and he killed someone, and these women are lining up to get married to him? And there you are, trying to be a nice guy, and you can't even get a date. If you think about something like this too long, you're going to get pretty depressed.

Some of the killers on this list are world-famous serial killers, others are men that are relatively obscure and that just have one victim. In fact, the only thing that they all have in common is that they all killed, and they all found some incredibly messed up chick to marry when they were behind bars.  And here you were thinking that your last girlfriend was all screwed up. The odd thing about this is that a lot of these women seem even crazier than the killers that they married. Sure they're not as dangerous, but they're definitely crazier.

Here are 15 killers who got married in prison. Pretty darn romantic, wouldn't you say? Maybe some of these women are still on the market, guys. You could only get so lucky.


15 Lyle Menendez

Lyle is one of the two super creepy Menendez brothers who murdered their parents for money. This would seem like it would be something that would drive women away, but if you think so, you'd be wrong. Women are literally crawling all over him, it seems. He first married Anna Eriksson, who had been his prison pen pal for years, but they ended up getting divorced after she found out he had been writing another woman named Rebecca Sneed. Then, Lyle and Sneed ended up getting married. Hey, ladies, there's no need to fight; you can both write Lyle as much as you want. After all, he's in prison for murdering his parents. Maybe you both needed to be reminded that that isn't that good of a thing.

14 Erik Menendez


I know that some of you ladies have the hots for Erik Menendez instead of Lyle, but don't worry; there's plenty of Menendez to go around. Erik, of course, is the brother of Lyle, who also killed his parents for money. If he didn't go blabbing about the crime to his psychiatrist, then the two might still be free today. Erick married a woman named Tammi Ruth Saccoman over the phone while in prison. They had a Twinkie for a wedding cake. Again, as much as one has to wonder about why a person would kill another, it's in some ways even odder that a woman would knowingly marry an incarcerated murderer. Although, of course, I'm sure that he fed her some line about his innocence that she believed.

13 Oscar Ray Bolin

Oscar was convicted of raping and murdering three women. You would think that would be a turnoff, but not to Rosalie Martinez, who left her husband and children to marry him. According to Murderpedia, "As newlyweds, they meet every Saturday in the cafeteria of the state prison in Starke, Fla., where they kiss, hug and hold hands. However, they have not consummated their union. 'I... desire to be passionate with him,' she said, 'but we have to be strong.'" All right, Rosalie... it's pretty much official: you have some serious issues. Bolin was executed in 2016, making the decision to marry him made by Rosalie even more dumb than it seemed in the first place, and that's saying something.

12 Bobby Lee Harris


Harris killed his boss with a knife during a robbery attempt, and that would have been the end of that if Dagmar Polzin hadn't seen his face in an ad. In an ABC News story, she said, "It was something in his eyes … there was this remorse, sadness ... I was attracted. I'm a woman, and I knew he was the one." Polzin then wrote to Harris, and as the two communicated through letters for months, she grew to love him and became convinced that he didn't deserve to die. She actually ended up moving to the United States to be closer to him. Alright, so I have to admit this one is super romantic. Actually, no it isn't. It's just as insane as all of the rest of them. These women are nuts, wouldn't you say?

11 Ted Bundy

We all know who Ted Bundy is. He's one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. He got many of his victims by being incredibly charming, but in reality, he was a very vicious and sick person. But see, all of his victims didn't actually know that he was a psychotic killer, but the woman that married him did. Carole Ann Boone married him while he was in prison, and somehow, the two even had a child even though the prison didn't allow conjugal visits. I am sure that wherever that kid is now, he or she is completely and totally messed up. Speaking of messed up, what kind of issues might Carole have? Marrying Ted Bundy while he was in prison doesn't seem that stable. The whole thing kind of boggles the mind.

10 Phillip Jablonski


Usually, one feels incredibly bad for the victims of murders, but I have to say, this time, not so much. Phillip Jablonski was in prison for murdering his first wife when he met Carol Spadoni through a personal ad. The two got married, and he was eventually released. You probably know what's coming. Jablonski then murdered Carol, as well as her mother. He also killed a couple of other people, just to kind of show that he wasn't messing around. Ladies, here's a pro tip: if you know of a guy who's killed his wife, you probably don't want to marry him yourself. Why, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's because he might murder you, too. Someone should have told Carol all of this, it seems. It might have helped.

9 Zayd Rashid

Rashid is in prison for shooting a man to death during a robbery. He married Asha Bandele while in prison. Asha even wrote a book about the experience called The Prisoner's Wife, which was meant to address the stereotypes of women who marry guys in prison, especially murderers, I suppose. I have to say, though, I'm just not feeling it. Even if a guy made a mistake and has made amends for it, even if he's totally changed, does that change the fact that he actually is in prison? This isn't like you already were married and then stuck with a guy that got sent to prison; this is like you met a guy and married him while he was in prison. Sorry, Asha, you're just as nuts as the rest of them, so stop playing.


8 Richard Ramirez


Richard Ramirez was known as The Night Stalker and was one of the most terrifying and prolific serial killers that the world has ever seen. He broke into numerous homes to rape at least 13 women in the mid-'80s in California before he was finally caught. A woman named Doreen Lioy wrote over 70 letters to him, and the two eventually got married in 1996 while Ramirez was behind bars. They ended up getting separated, and he became engaged to someone else, but he died of cancer before he could make anything official. There is no word on what Lioy is up to now, but it's said that she always thought Ramirez was innocent and that he was her best friend. So, she's officially either rather insane or not that smart.

7 Susan Atkins

Susan was a member of the Manson family and was found guilty for having helped commit 8 murders. This one is kind of interesting as Manson is famous for being a person that got his followers to do things, meaning that one doesn't think of Susan as being particularly manipulative. But still, she ended up getting married twice while in prison. She married her second husband in 1987, and they were still married when she died in 2009. Oddly enough, Whitehouse is a lawyer. He was 24 years old when he married her, and she was 40. I don't know what kind of clients Whitehouse gets, but I can tell you one thing: I don't think I would want to hire someone who makes these kinds of decisions to represent me.

6 Tex Watson


Tex Watson was another member of the Manson family. When the murders went down, he was the one that did most of the actual dirty work, as most of the other participants were women. He became a born-again Christian in prison because why not? He then met a woman named Kristin Joan Svege, and they got married. They even had 4 children while he was incarcerated before divorcing. Now that must be a family with some issues. You grow up, your dad is a killer who was a member of the Manson family and who is now in prison, and even better than that, your mom married him and got pregnant by him while he was in prison. This really seems like a recipe for teenage rebellion if I ever saw one.

5 Scott Watson

Scott Watson was sent to prison for the murder of two people on his boat and married a woman named Coral Branch a few years later. This one makes more sense than most because a lot of people in New Zealand, where this case occurred, believe that Scott is innocent. In fact, it's a very famous case there. I'm not saying that Coral is any less nuts than the other women on this list, but what I'm saying is that a lot of women really have that whole protecting and mothering thing going on, and if they truly believe a guy who a lot of other people believe is innocent is truly without fault, they might do a lot to try and help. The two separated a few years after marriage, though, so it seems she came to her senses.

4 Kenneth Bianchi


Bianchi was one of the two men who were known as The Hillside Stranglers. He was, without a doubt, incredibly insane, manipulative, and also quite devious. That's why it's no wonder he was able to hook up with someone while he was incarcerated. He even pretended to have a split personality to try and get a lesser sentence for his crimes.  He married a woman named Shirley Book over the phone when he was in prison. This is the kind of guy that you don't have to even try too hard to figure out. He spent his life controlling women in the vilest way possible, and I'm sure even getting some insane woman to marry him gave him some little shot of adrenaline. Good job helping him out, Shirley.

3 Chucky Mamou

This one actually is even a little odder than most on this list, and that's saying something. Chucky killed a couple of people during a drug deal gone wrong and was sentenced to death. He was married to Sandie Blanton after she visited him just a couple of times in prison. Wow, what a happy ending, right? So romantic. Well, not really. She ended up dumping him for another guy on death row named Reggie Blanton. She took his name, but he was put to death before her divorce was final. Man, what a drag. Sandie, you may just have become the absolute nuttiest chick on a list that's filled with pretty much the nuttiest chicks in the world. At least for a little while, you were the hottest chick on death row.

2 Angelo Buono


Angelo Buono was the other half of the infamous Hillside Stranglers. While his partner, Kenneth Bianchi, was more the smooth-talking psycho, Angelo tended to get things done more with sadistic brute force. It's rare that two guys this psychotic would ever team up, let alone meet, but they obviously had a lot in common. One thing they had in common for sure was that they both got married in prison. Angelo married Christine Kizuka while he was incarcerated. They met while she was visiting her husband, who was also in prison. So she was like, "Oh man, I sure am in love with my prisoner husband, but the Hillside Strangler over there is totally flirting with me. What do I do"?  Yes, Christine, you sure are dumb; there's no doubt about that.

1 Walter Timothy Storey

Walter killed his neighbor after breaking into her apartment and stealing her purse. He was sentenced to death and has since been executed. A woman named Gea Storey moved to the United States from Holland and then almost immediately moved back home. Maybe getting married to a total psycho loser who was in prison for killing someone didn't work out as well as she thought it was going to. Although I have to say, I would imagine making smart decisions is something that most of these women are probably not well known for because no matter what these women are known for doing in their lives, they all have one thing in common: all of them married a killer who was in prison. Good move, ladies.

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