15 Normal Pictures That Were Ruined By Something Horrifying

We all have good pictures that we use to remember a nice time in our life. When we start talking about pictures that represent memories, your mind probably starts to flood with some memorable pictures of your own. Maybe it was a graduation picture, a drunken photo from your travels, or a goofy picture at a wedding. These photographs don’t always have to be special occasions either. Sure, everyone has their camera out for Christmas or when it’s someone’s birthday, however, not all good pictures get taken just because something special is happening. Sometimes, you’re bored and you just pick up the camera sitting on the table next to you. Maybe you’re just so happy at the moment that you want to start photographing everything around you! Sometimes, that’s all it really takes to take a good picture. However, it’s the story that goes along with them or maybe something you don’t see at first glance that turn these happy-moment pictures into horrifying ones. They might have been a nice photo at one point, but knowing what we do now about all of the pictures on the list, be sure you have a strong stomach and mind before scrolling. Here are 15 Times A Good Picture Was Ruined By Something Scary:

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15 The BTK Killer And His Daughter

One of the greatest abilities that come along with the use of the camera is to document things we want to always remember. You use a camera to take pictures of yourself with family members to always have a piece of the day you spent together, to look at and remind you of the love you share with another human being. The two in the photo above look as though they were having a lovely day fishing as father and daughter. Indeed, they were, and this photograph will always prove that. The reality behind this “good” picture, however, is that the relationship isn’t as wholesome as you might want to believe. The older man in the photograph isn't just your typical dad. He's actually the notorious BTK Killer or BTK Strangler. "BTK" stands for bind, torture, kills, which is what he did to his victims.

14 Photos Found After A Couple Died In A Tsunami

Vacations are times when you definitely want to have your camera handy to snap memories that you’ll always be able to look at and remember the good times. The couple above decided to have a fellow beachgoer snap their picture so that they'd both be in the photo. It seems like a good photograph of a couple enjoying their vacation. Unfortunately, what you don’t see in the picture is the giant tsunami headed their way. The couple, unfortunately, died in the tsunami only for their camera to be found after the storm. Their final moments were spent vacationing together and luckily, their family was able to see these photographs and have a reminder of their lost loved ones. We still can’t help looking at a good photograph like this and feeling a bit uneasy, remembering the horrifying reality behind it.

13 Spooky Ghost Photobomb

When you head to a destination spot, go on vacation, or travel somewhere to check out the sights that the city has to offer, it’s common to stand in front of different buildings with the people you went on the trip with in order to document your time standing in front of a historical building. The couple above did exactly that when they decided to snap the picture you see above. What they ended up also capturing, however, was a spooky face looking out at them through the window! They wanted to have a nice wholesome picture to remember the time they spent together on that day, but they ended up with something that even the biggest horror film directors are envious of. This is certainly a photograph that would have been a nice one to frame and hang above the fireplace. Now you might only want to do that on Halloween.

12 Left Behind To Swim With The Sharks

The couple above is Tom and Eileen Lonergan. They seem like a happy couple in the picture above, and although sometimes staged photographs like this one can come off as cheap and unauthentic, they seem legitimately happy to be sitting next to each other, smiling on camera. They look like a typical couple, and seeing a picture of them like this together gives us hope that they did live out their holy matrimony happily ever after. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all. They ended up getting left behind in the middle of the ocean by their diving team and no one knows exactly what happened to them. Their bodies were never found, it’s likely they died out at sea. They went on a scuba trip together hoping that they would see something interesting, but they were abandoned by the people that were supposed to teach them safety and fun.

11 Unknown Woman

There’s something about the paranormal that has always intrigued people. Whether it’s using an Ouija board or going on a ghost-hunting tour, people have always been fascinated by the afterlife, wondering what other kinds of paranormal creatures are lurking among us. In the photograph above, you can see a group of people intrigued by the paranormal who are posing together before going on a ghost tour! They were all there in hopes of seeing something spooky, and their wishes were definitely answered, though not on the actual tour. It wasn’t until they were reviewing the photograph after taking it that they realized someone might have crashed their picture! The girl in the middle remains an unidentified woman and no one claims to know who or what she could be! Everyone else is accounted for, but the identity of the woman in the middle of the group still remains a mystery.

10 Fatal Snake Attack 

The photograph above looks like a happy family posing on a nice backdrop for a photograph that they will have forever. Kids grow up so fast, so it’s always good to try and get the family together as often as possible so you can always remember your time together with the little one before they get too old to want to take photographs with their parents anymore. This was supposed to be one of those nice family photographs until they were photobombed by a dangerous threat, barely visible in this picture. You can see from the dad’s face that something is on the ground. If you look closely, you can see a snake that is about to attack the mother! The snake bit her and the dog, unfortunately killing it. The mom was lucky enough to make it to the hospital in time, but knowing what could have happened all for the sake of taking this photograph is chilling.

9 Scary Peeper Creeper 

It’s always a good time when you get your girls together to let loose and party. Sometimes, that means getting in the jacuzzi tub with your top off! We’re not passing judgment here and we’re sure if we had enough drinks we’d get in too! That’s all just talk, however, but if you look at the window above the girls, it looks like someone was there to legit crash the party! What was supposed to be a cute photo of some girlfriends just hanging out in a tub turned out to be the night they would remember as getting peeped at! The scariest part of this photograph is that whoever is looking in doesn’t look human. Perhaps it was just a prank to scare these girls and hopefully whatever happened they still had a good night!

8 Falling Off The Edge 

The photograph above was posted to social media by the guy in the picture. It’s about him and his wife, who’s several weeks pregnant, just enjoying your average romantic cuddle session. They both look very happy to be embracing in each other, but unfortunately, hours later, both fell to their death from the couple’s apartment balcony. He had stabbed her before she either jumped over herself or was pushed off the edge by him. He was a veteran who suffered PTSD and likely had an episode the night he committed the murder-suicide. No one knows exactly what went on in the moments after this picture was taken to have triggered such a violent act. This looks like just an innocent photo of a loving couple. It's a reminder of how quickly things can change in just a few moments.

7 Unsolved Disappearance 

The two girls above are Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. They look like two young girls excited and happy to be headed on an adventure. If you saw this picture and stopped reading right here, you could go the rest of your life thinking these two girls are just like any other on a hike, taking a selfie to remember the day. Unfortunately, you decided to keep reading, so now we’ll explain the truth. Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers decided to go on a hiking trip and never returned home. Their bodies have never been found, however, some of their belongings were eventually discovered. A backpack with both cellphones was discovered along with one of their shoes. The horrifying part? Their shoe had one of their detached feet inside. On the cellphones, it was clear they had been calling for help, but their calls weren’t getting through. Among the last pictures they took on their camera are some pitch-black shots, suggesting they might have used the flash for light, or perhaps to illuminate an imminent threat approaching.

6 Paranormal Party Pooper 

The photograph above looks like your average high-school or college party. You have pretty much every trope and stereotype of a typical party like this standing somewhere in the photograph. The thing about the picture is it's a little different from your average party. Move your eyes over to the ghost lurking around the doorway on the right side of the photograph. It wasn’t until they were reviewing the photograph later on that they noticed they might have had a paranormal party crasher. The guy even looks like he might not be human! Sure, there’s always a chance that this was nothing more than a prank by one of the people who went to the party, but either way, it's still a good picture that's ruined by something terrifying.

5 Scary Family Reunion 

The picture above is an older one posted by someone on Reddit terrified after going through old family photographs. It looks as though there’s just a bunch of family members sitting on someone’s porch, everyone looking fairly happy and normal. Wondering what's so horrifying about this picture? You can make out what looks to be a ghostly figure wearing a Victorian dress standing behind all of them! The girl who posted the picture stated that several of her relatives had claimed to have seen a woman in a dress wearing a hat wandering around the house. This photograph only solidifies those claims and reminds us that sometimes the paranormal and real worlds can cross paths. Since this was a photograph taken on film rather than digital, it’s also more likely to be legit since it’s harder to alter something taken on film after the fact!

4 House Guest 

There’s nothing better, for some people at least, than starting a family. Having someone you love to raise children with and a house where you can create all sorts of wonderful memories is something that most people only dream of. Once you get the chance to have these things, you’ll probably never want to let it go. That was the case for the couple in the photograph above that decided to document their little family in front of their cute home. The thing that they weren’t expecting to photograph? The creepy ghost standing in the front doorway! It looks as though there was someone standing behind the door, even though the family claims that the house was empty. The photographer is standing a bit away and with the lighting and shadows, there’s no way the figure in the door is just a reflection. This was supposed to be a nice photograph of a cute little family, but instead, it turned out to be a sign that they should probably pack up and leave!

3 Creepy Tradition

The little girl in the photo above looks like a sweet little child that the family adored. She has a pretty face and her eyes really draw you into the picture. Of course, people are always taking pictures of their children because they’re young for such a short period of time that you want to do whatever you have to remember their childhood. The thing about this nice picture of the sweet child is that she’s actually already dead. In the Victorian era, it was a trend to photograph people once they died in a tradition known as post-mortem photography. Taking pictures was harder back then and not everyone had access to a camera. Getting your photograph taken was expensive, so a post-mortem photograph might be the only picture you would ever have of a loved one, and it might be your last chance to remember what they looked like.

2 The Sad Story Of Rosemary Kennedy 

The gorgeous woman above is known as Rosemary Kennedy. She was part of the Kennedy family, and if you know anything about them, it's that it was important to keep up appearances, especially when you have such a presidential family. Rosemary wasn’t like the others. She wasn’t afraid to be herself and she was known to enjoy a party every now and then. The family saw her as the wild child and newspapers knew her as a woman who liked to drink. This was not at all acceptable at the time of the Kennedys, so the solution for a wild woman like Rosemary was to give her a lobotomy. Lobotomies were supposed to help those who suffered mental illness, but all it really did was make them zombies. The process was basically to mash up the part of your brain that makes you who you are. This photo was taken before the lobotomy that ruined her life.

1 One Of The Worst School Shooters Of All Time

The photograph above looks like one of a nice teen boy. It was probably taken by his mom or dad, or someone else who wanted to remember the happy face of a young boy forever. We all have random pictures like this. No setting in particular, labeling it as a holiday or other special occasion. Just us, smiling into the camera, giving anyone who looks at this picture the impression that that’s all there is to it. For this picture, however, it’s much more than just a smiling boy. It’s the face of one of the deadliest school shooters of all time — the Columbine school shooting. He seems like just another teenager, but he was responsible for killing his classmates and remains one of the most notorious shooters of all time. It’s horrifying to know that there’s nothing particularly identifiable about killers like this boy, and that most just look like everyone else, smiling when there's a camera present.


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