15 Normal Pictures That Accidentally Captured Something Terrifying

Being able to capture a memory by using a camera is probably the most amazing thing we’ll ever encounter. For most of us, snapping pictures is second nature, but in reality, it’s a magical occurrence that we should never take for granted. Sometimes, you might hire someone to professionally take a photograph of you for an important event. Other times, you might quickly pull a phone out of your pocket to snap something happening right in front of you. Either way, cameras are useful in catching anything you might want to remember for the rest of your life. They’re also pretty useful in sometimes catching terrifying things you might want to forget.

Have you ever snapped a picture only to really focus on the image and realize there might be something in the background that you didn’t necessarily mean to capture? Maybe it was a random person who ruins the vibe of the photograph or something ugly that ruins the aesthetic of the picture. We’ve all been there before, but luckily, we can usually take a different picture to try and get a real quality image. Something that probably doesn’t happen to everyone, however, is capturing something absolutely terrifying in the background of the photo. Imagine checking an image only to realize you’ve been photobombed by a ghost or interrupted by a demon!

Do you have any scary photobombs that make the images on the list look like a kids show? Let us know! For now, here are 15 Normal Pictures That Accidentally Captured Something Terrifying:

15 Who's Under The Bed?

One common fear most people seem to have is the possibility that something is under their bed. There’s no better way to keep yourself up at night than to fear what dark secrets are lurking in the corners. Having a monster under your bed or in your closet is a common trope that countless productions have used. For the most part, many people don’t ever actually have anyone or anything hiding under their bed, but for the photograph of the girl in the bed above, that's the reality. If you look at the bottom of her headboard, it appears there's a man hiding underneath! There hasn’t been much said about this particular photo, so it’s hard to know if it’s real or completely fake. Either way, it’s pretty spooky! Perhaps it was a lover hiding from parents so he didn’t get caught in her room!

14 A Demon Face At The Radio Station

The photograph above was taken at the Kiss FM station after the host had a group of cheerleaders on for an interview. After the conclusion of the segment, they all decided to take a big group photo in order to remember the great experiences they had shared. They then posted the video to social media in order to let fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the piece they all did together. It wasn’t until a fan commented on the social media post that they realized they weren’t the only ones in the studio! In the zoomed-in version of the photograph above, you can clearly make out a terrifying face in the window of the studio! Perhaps it was a fake to get attention for their show, or maybe there’s a demon lurking the halls of the studio! Either way, it’s an absolutely terrifying sight and horrifying discovery!

13 A Ghostly Figure On The Cliff

The man in the picture above asked one of his friends to snap a scenic picture of him when they went hiking one afternoon. They went as a group of friends, and each took turns taking pictures of each other in the same position. The one thing that was different about this particular photograph, however, is pictured in the background of the photograph. You can clearly see a figure in the middle of the edge of the cliff. The only thing is that the part the figure is pictured in isn't a path, and it's not safe for anyone to walk in this particular spot. It appears to be a ghostly figure pictured in the middle of thin air! There’s no possible way it could just be a photo of a person. There’s a chance that it’s an exposure issue in the camera or that it's a potential fake. The people claim it’s not fake, though, and since it doesn’t appear in other pictures, it could be real evidence of paranormal activity.

12 Someone Lurking On The Rocks

Vacations are some of the best moments of our lives. Everyone deserves a break from the day-to-day basic motions it takes to be alive as a human being in this world. Getting the chance to escape from the meaningless daily interactions we share with the people around us is the only time some of us are able to feel any peace. Imagine going home after your relaxing vacation only to discover that it might not have been the calming time you believed it to be? That was certainly the case for the man in the photograph above, who wanted to snap his photo in front of a beautiful waterfall in order to remember the gorgeous sights the natural world has. The only thing crashing this almost perfect picture? The terrifying girl in the background lurking on the rocks! At least the man escaped a confrontation with this girl at the time, but he’ll always have this photograph as a terrifying memory.

11 Could This Demonic Face Be The Cause Of The Accident?

Most of us are lucky enough to never have to experience an accident throughout our entire lives. For those that have, though, most know the importance of taking pictures after the incident in order to protect ourselves legally. That was the original intention of the picture that was snapped above. You can clearly see that there has been an accident involving a ledge of the road. Tragic as it is, there’s something much more sinister hiding in the picture that makes this photo twice as scary. Under the ledge, hiding behind some greenery, is what looks like a tiny man or demon staring at the camera! Once you realize that this terrifying creature is lurking in such a devious spot, instant chills can be felt throughout your spine. Do you think that this demon could have been the cause of the accident? Or do you just think it’s yet another example of Photoshop?

10 These Two Aren't Alone In The Picture

Pictured above is a couple who just wanted to capture a shot of themselves. From everything else in the photo, you can assume the couple is camping. There’s a tent set up which suggests they’re staying somewhere alone and secluded. It seems like there’s no better way to spend time with your sweetie than by what this couple has chosen to partake in. The reality? They’re certainly not as alone as they might have thought they were. Behind the couple, you can see what looks to be the figure of a young girl standing right next to them! The little girl looks like she’s wearing vintage clothing, possibly meaning she’s an ancient ghost who haunts the ground they plan on sleeping on that night. Some might say it’s Photoshop, but how can we really know? Maybe there really are ghosts out there that we capture in pictures more often than we think.

9 Someone Else Wanted In On The Pic

In the photograph above, nothing really looks too out of the ordinary. It appears to be another average photograph of two young boys throwing up their hands to look cool in a picture. We’ve seen this kind of photo a million times across all sorts of social media. It was just intended to capture yet another normal photograph of two teens enjoying a hangout session. The thing that sets this picture apart from others of its kind is a truly terrifying image of a face sticking its head out from what looks like a doorway. The boys didn’t notice this figure at the time, so the fact that it’s been caught on camera is startling. It appears to be some sort of terrifying demon and something not even close to being human-like. What do you think the figure could possibly be?

8 More Than Just The Birthday Girl

Everyone has a picture like this sitting somewhere at home. When our birthdays come around, it’s time to sit in front of a camera while posing in your birthday hat with your birthday cake so you can always remember what you looked like on your birthday. It’s a classic picture meant to be remembered and to always have as a keepsake. Not everyone probably has what’s in the background of this photograph, however. On the left-hand side, towards what looks to be the front door, you can make out a ghostly figure lunging towards the camera. It’s an absolutely startling sight and probably not anything close to what this little girl was hoping for on her birthday! She thought that she was alone when this picture was taken and that it was just another normal photograph. In reality, it was a picture that accidentally captured something that seriously terrifies us.

7 Someone's In The Window

This photograph is another on the list taken at an abandoned asylum. It seems like there’s a trend nowadays of people visiting abandoned hospitals, museums, schools, and anything else that looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie set. For the most part, no one ever finds anything all that creepy. These places are just buildings that no longer provide any monetary benefits, so they're left behind to never be remembered. In reality, these are just empty hallways that some squatters and other people looking for a roof to sleep under might find some peace in. There’s always a chance that these places do offer up something a little more sinister, however. This photograph is a zoomed-in picture of what was meant to be a shot of the outside of the asylum. When the photographer zoomed in to one of the windows, however, this figure staring back was captured, an absolutely terrifying sight.

6 Who's That Outside?

The picture above is another celebratory photograph taken in order to remember fun times with two friends. One of the greatest things about our ability to capture photographs is that we can have physical memories that can perfectly set the scene of the day that we still think about when we need to get cheered up. You can look at an old photograph and recall what you were wearing that day, what your hairstyle was, whom you were with, and that demon thing peeking through the window. OK, so not all of us have memories of ghosts or demons lurking on film, but for the two girls in this particular photograph, they’ll always remember that one time something was looking in the window! Imagine the girls’ horror when they realized there was someone trying to crash their party! It may not be a good memory, but this is certainly an unforgettable one.

5 Someone's Here To Crash The Party

Remember that basic picture formula we were talking about before? The one with the cool teen boys who throw their hands up in different ways when getting their picture taken? Like we mentioned earlier, it seems as though this is an inescapable type of photograph that seems to plague every type of teenage boy. We can’t even escape it on this list of fifteen photographs that aren’t even specifically about teenage boys! This one is a little different than the last, however. In the doorway, you can see a pretty terrifying figure peeking its head around the corner! It seems as though young boys get haunted often, or maybe it’s just that they’re always taking pictures of themselves, so it’s not surprising that they would capture something sinister every once in a while. The pattern does make us question the authenticity, however. What do you believe?

4 A Suicide Jumper Crashing A Vacation Pic

The photograph above was one taken of a monumental bridge in China. This bridge also happened to be known as a destination spot for a lot of suicide jumpers. This particular photograph was taken one day in order to capture the memory of the people who visited the bridge. The photograph also captured something else that there’s a good chance they might not want to remember. On the side of the bridge, in the thickness of the fog, you can see what looks to be someone jumping off the bridge! It's also been confirmed that this picture is completely authentic and not a fake. Unfortunately, the jumper did die, and those who visited the bridge that day will always be stuck with the memory of someone jumping to his final destination. It’s a tragic sight and something that we wish could be prevented. Fortunately, there are people who patrol the bridge to stop suicides moments before they happen.

3 A Terrifying Face In The Car

The photograph above was taken by a woman who had just lost her mother. She was visiting the final resting place of her deceased mom and wanted to snap a few photos for posterity. First, she took a picture of the grave. After, she wanted to take a picture of her handsome husband waiting in the car. Everything was normal until they got the photos developed. They soon realized that in the back of the car was what looked like a figure, sitting awaiting the driver! The photographer believes that it's the spirit of her mother waiting patiently in the car for her! This photograph was taken at a time when people couldn’t use Photoshop, and the negatives of the photo also proved the figure to be there at the time this photograph was taken! This makes it all the more believable that a photograph intended to capture something beautiful caught something a little more!

2 A Woman Wandering The Halls

Pictured above is a photograph taken at an abandoned mental asylum. The photographer was just hoping to capture a picture of the spooky hallway, but a terrifying figure on the side made this photograph all the more horrific. Pictured on the right side of the hallway is what looks to be a woman wearing a dress standing barefoot. This asylum is said to be haunted by a nurse who committed suicide in the hospital by hanging herself from a light fixture. At the time the picture was taken, no one had seen anything that made them think there might be a ghost in the hallway. The photograph, once developed, showed something much more sinister than the original intention of the picture. It doesn’t appear to be faked, but as with most paranormal photographs, that's always an unfortunate possibility.

1 Someone Else Wants To Swim With The Family

The photograph above is another vacation picture that a mother decided to snap of her and her family taking a cool dip. The scary part about this photograph? It appears that there's another figure in the background that the mother in the photograph believes is another ghost baby that decided to go swimming with the family. Many critics have come forward to quickly state that this is completely faked or just a splash in the water that happened at the time. The mother, however, is staying dedicated to her word and continues to state that this is not fake; there was no splashing, and there was another ghost baby swimming with them that day. For all the pictures on the list, it’s hard to say one way or another for sure if they're real evidence of something scary or pranks meant to get attention. What do you think?

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