15 Normal People Who Killed Someone In A Jealous Rage

People in love often see the world, and their relationships, through rose-colored glasses. When things don't work out and people throw in the towel, as amicable as a breakup may be, there can still be a bit of jealousy lurking in the shadows. It's not easy watching your ex move on and start dating someone else, and while most people just put on "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette or binge-watch the Bridget Jones series, these 15 people took matters into their own hands.

It's not easy being dumped or cheated on, but if we don't process our jealousy appropriately, things can turn violent or deadly. No rational person's first instinct is to stab their crush's new lover 42 times, but frighteningly, it really can happen. One wife was so fed up with her husband's cheating ways that when she found out he called a woman, she beat him to death with a hammer as he ate lunch. All of these tragic tales are gut-wrenching, but none compare to the stories of the parents on this list who either shot their young children or slit their throats and left them to die.

Yes, love can send your mind spinning, but when a person becomes less of a partner and more of a possession, well, that's when things get downright scary.

15 Ex-Girlfriend Coldly Guns Down Former Lover's New Partner

Terrell Lattner was inside his home when he heard gunshots. He ran outside because his girlfriend, Julii Johnson, just left the house and was making her way to her car. That's where he found her clinging to life with multiple gunshot wounds -- multiple to her torso and one shot to her forehead.

Witnesses said they saw someone running from the scene, and when police searched the area, they found gloves and a gun. An investigation revealed that the perpetrators behind the murder were Marcie Griffin, George Rider, and Eric Gibson. Terrell and Marcie used to be in a relationship, but when he moved on to Julii, that didn't sit well with Marcie. Detectives believe that Marcie had asked her two friends to help her get rid of Julii. George drove the car to the crime scene with the killer, and the DNA on the gloves that were found matched Eric's, making him the runaway shooter. They've all been charged with first-degree murder and are awaiting trial.

14 Obsessed Woman Sleeps With A Man, But Then Becomes Jealous Of His New Girlfriend

Sarah Williams and Ian Johnston weren't in a relationship, but they did have sex a few times. Their relationship wasn't anything serious, but when Ian got back with his ex, 60-year-old Sadie Hartley, Sarah became obsessively jealous. While Ian and Sarah didn't get physical anymore, the cheating Ian did stay in contact with her, and the two would occasionally do a little sexting.

Sarah wanted things to go to the next level with Ian, but she thought that would be impossible with Sadie around. Wanting to get rid of her nemesis, Sarah asked her friend, Katrina "Kitt" Walsh, to help get rid of Sadie. The pair plotted for an entire year how they were going to kill Ian's lover, detailing and documenting their plans in a diary. Then, in January of 2016, Kitt did a "dry run" of the killing by pretending to deliver flowers to Sadie. Not long after, Sarah knocked on Sadie's door, and when the victim opened up, she was shocked with a stun gun. Sarah then viciously stabbed Sadie 41 times, leaving her to die in her home. The murderous pair were arrested and sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison.

13 Boyfriend Spent Too Much Time Checking Out Women On Facebook

Some boys will be boys, and even though they're in loving relationships, they still like to waste time on social media checking out other women. There are plenty of girlfriends who are fine with their boyfriends looking but not touching; however, 23-year-old Terri-Marie Palmer wasn't one of those women.

Terri-Marie just wanted to spend some quality time with her boyfriend, Damon Searson, but he was looking at hot chicks on Facebook. She let her jealousy and hot temper get the best of her when she picked up a bread knife and stabbed Damon right in the heart. She immediately called police and told them that she had tossed the knife at Damon, and it had accidentally plunged into his chest. No one believed her defense, especially after evidence was presented that right before the murder, she made a post on Facebook that read, "He pissing me off sitting on Facebook, completely blanking me when I'm talking to him. All he does is sits there and adds loads of girls. He's a f--king little prick. I'm fuming with him."

She'll serve 12 years in prison before she's eligible for parole.

12 Husband Kills Wife's Teenage Lover In Front Of Their Home

Erin McLean was a wife but not a faithful one. The high school teacher was carrying on an affair with her 18-year-old former student, Sean Powell, and things were getting a little too close for comfort for Erin's husband, Jason. Sean and Erin made plans to go on a date, but when Sean showed up to his lover's house, Jason answered the door and said she wasn't home. Instead of leaving, Sean sat in his car outside and smoked a cigarette while waiting on Erin. Jason believed that this boy was stalking his wife, so he went out to Sean's vehicle to confront him. Sean refused to leave, so Jason went inside, grabbed his rifle, and pointed it at the teenager. That's when, according to Jason, Sean grabbed the barrel of the gun, and it accidentally went off, killing him. Jason claimed he didn't hesitate to call the police and told them that he just shot someone. In 2008, Jason was convicted of reckless homicide and was sentenced to four years. However, a judge ruled that Jason would only have to serve 47 days in jail and then remain on probation for 12 years.

11 Wife Beats Husband To Death While He's Having Lunch

Georgina Challen was suspicious that her serial cheater husband, Richard, was back to his old habits. The couple was separated and living apart but recently got back together in an effort to patch up their marriage. Georgina kept his receipts to keep a record of how much money he was spending, and before they separated, she even followed him to a brothel. When Georgina discovered that her once-estranged husband had called another woman while she was out grocery shopping, she was furious.

As Richard was eating lunch, Georgina took a hammer and hit him 20 times. Then she cleaned herself up, washed the dishes, and covered Richard's body with curtains. She wrote out a suicide note and drove to a cliff where she intended to end her life. She called her cousin and gave a full confession, but instead of committing suicide, Georgina was arrested. She was convicted of her husband's murder and sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in prison, but a judge later reduced that to 18.

10 Teenage Girl Dismembered Her Friend And Then Ate McDonald's For Dinner

High school student Sarah Kolb and 16-year-old Adrianne Reynolds were once friends, but as boys began paying more attention to Adrianne, Sarah couldn't handle it. Sarah didn't hold her tongue when it came to telling people how she wanted to one day kill Adrianne, but no one took the threats seriously. In 2005, Sarah invited Adrianne to join her and some friends for lunch at Taco Bell. While they were in the car, Sarah and Adrianne began to argue, and once they made it to the parking lot, a boy named Cory held Adrianne down as Sarah strangled her former friend with a belt and beat her with a wooden handle.

They took Adrianne's body to Sarah's grandparents' home and tried to light the girl's body on fire. When that didn't work, they called up another friend, 16-year-old Nathan Gaudet, to help cut up the body. The group dismembered Adrianne, put the body parts in garbage bags, and dumped the bags in a park. Then they all went to eat at McDonald's as if nothing had happened. Sarah received 53 years in prison, Cory was sentenced to 40, and Nathan served four years in juvenile detention center.

9 Jealous Ex-Lover Hunts Ex-Girlfriend And Commits Double Homicide

Obrian Lewis wasn't ready for his ex-girlfriend, Mytia Purdie, the mother of his four-year-old son, to move on. The 24-year-old and his former lover had an on-again-off-again relationship for seven years, but Mytia found herself a new beau, 26-year-old Marcel Edwards. This wasn't just some stranger she had met in a bar; Obrian had a long-standing grudge against Marcel and didn't like him.

Mytia was inside her apartment with her son, Marcel, and a friend, Quentin Watson Jr., when Obrian showed up. According to reports, he broke into the home with a gun and fired off 20 rounds. After shooting and killing Marcel and Quentin, Obrian found Mytia hiding in a closet, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her across the floor. She escaped from his grip and ran for help. Police arrived and found the toddler unharmed with his father, and they promptly arrested Obrian.

8 Ex-Husband Makes Former Wife Sign Contract Saying She'll Never Date Again

All Belinda Jo Bates wanted was to get out of her marriage after ten long years with her husband, Brian. However, in order to do so, her husband made her sign a contract stating that after they were divorced, she would never date anyone again. We know, that seems far-fetched... but that was the only way she was able to get rid of the man she no longer wanted to be with. Brian moved from Florida to Maine, and Belinda thought she would finally be able to move on with her life. She secretly dated her high school sweetheart, Michael Kemp, and it didn't take long for the two to become engaged. Her happiness was short-lived, however, because someone alerted Brian of his ex-wife's new romance, and it made him see red.

Brian drove from Maine back to Florida and parked his vehicle a block away from Belinda's home. As she was about to get into her Jeep, Brian crept up from behind, attacked her, and shot her repeatedly in the torso. The killer then drove to a nearby wooded area and shot himself in the head.

7 Two Women Named 'Els' Fall In Love With The Same Man, And It Turns Deadly

Els Clottemans (#1) and Els Van Doren (#2) were skydiving partners, but like some female friends, they let a man, 25-year-old Marcel Somers, come in between them. The ladies met Marcel at their parachute club and although Els #2 was married, that didn't stop her from having a sexual relationship with him. During the same time, Els #1 also started sleeping with Marcel, and to make this love triangle even more complicated, the women divvied up their time with him; #1 had Fridays while her friend took Saturdays.

In 2006, the Els and Marcel were sleeping over at his house. While #1 was laying on the couch, she could hear Marcel and #2 in the bedroom. In a jealous rage, #1 took #2's parachute and tampered with the release strings. A week later, the threesome went skydiving together, and lo and behold, #2's parachute didn't work, and she fell to her death. An investigation led police right to #1, and after an emotional trial, she was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

6 Lonely Woman Became Jealous Of Listening To Neighbors...

We'd like to think that if we had neighbors who were happily in love, we'd encourage them and want them to spend more time with their family. Not Melanie Smith. Liam Timbrell and his partner, Lee-Anna Shiers, lived in the same building as Melanie with three small children. The family didn't have any problems with any of the neighbors except for bitter Melanie who often complained that Liam and Lee Anna would leave a child's stroller in the hallway. Melanie was described as a sad and lonely woman whose contempt for the couple stemmed from her jealousy over the joy they had in their relationship.

Melanie's anger grew when, one evening, she heard the couple having sex. She noticed that the stroller was once again in the hallway, so she set it on fire. The blaze spread quickly, and firefighters battled the deadly blaze. They were only able to rescue Liam and Lee Anna's 15-month-old son, Charlie. Lee Anna, her four-year-old nephew Bailey, and her two-year-old niece, Skye, died in the fire. In 2013, Melanie was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 30 years.

5 Man Becomes Obsessed With Roommate, Kills His Ex-Girlfriend

Former Navy pastry chef Daniel Willyam was carrying a torch for his friend and roommate, Nathan Shuck. What Nathan didn't know was that this crush was developing into a full-blown obsession that was spiraling out of control. Nathan soon began dating Samantha "Shelley" Nance, a 20-year-old small town girl who was studying at the Art Institute of Dallas. Nathan was Shelley's first boyfriend, and although they had the official relationship title, the couple were taking things slow. We mean, "the most physical contact they had with each other was holding hands" type of slow.

This new relationship made Daniel's blood boil. He didn't like that Nathan was spending all of his time with his new girlfriend. Daniel let his jealous anger get the best of him, and he went to Shelley's house when he knew she would be alone. There, he slaughtered her, stabbing her 42 times in her bed. He'll have plenty of days to contemplate his crimes as he was sentenced to life in prison.

4 His Friend Started Dating His Ex — So He Killed Him

Pedro Bravo and Erika Friman were high school sweethearts. The couple dated for three years before Erika ended the relationship as she prepared for college. Pedro's best friend and roommate, Christian, started dating Erika, but they wanted to keep their relationship under wraps so as not to hurt Pedro's feelings.

Unfortunately, Pedro found out about his ex-girlfriend's new romance, and he was less than thrilled about it. The two would fight about girlfriends and bro-code, but Christian continued to see Erika. One day, the male friends were on their way to Best Buy when they started fighting in the car. Prosecutors argued that Pedro drugged and strangled Christian in a Walmart parking lot then purchased a shovel, sleeping pills, duct tape and a knife. He then asked Siri where he could hide a body before burying his friend in the woods. Christian was missing for 22 days when hunters stumbled upon his body. For his crimes, Pedro was sentenced to life in prison.

3 Catfight Turns Into Deadly Teenage Love Triangle 

Ladies, if a man is playing games with your emotions and unwilling to commit to you, let him go. He's not worth the headache -- or the potential murder. Teenagers Sarah Ludemann and Rachel Wade were both dating 19-year-old Joshua Camacho. He would bounce back and forth between the girls, causing them to grow to hate one another. The girls would send each other angry texts, voicemail messages, and social media posts. They would show up at each other's workplaces and taunt the other with scathing words. In 2009, Rachel called Sarah and left her a threatening voicemail saying she would kill her. Thinking that enough was enough, Sarah and friends jumped in her father's minivan and drove to Rachel's location with the intention of fighting her.

What Sarah didn't know was that Rachel had a steak knife, and before Sarah could throw a punch, Rachel started stabbing her. One of those stabs would go right through her heart, and Sarah bled to death as she called Josh to tell him what had happened. Rachel received 27 years in prison.

2 Man Kills Family After Discovering Wife Was Having An Affair With His Boss

Ramon Salcido was going through a rough time. In 1989, Ramon was having trouble at work and close to getting fired, and his marriage was on the rocks. On April 4th, Ramon started bingeing on alcohol and cocaine. The could-be deadly cocktail sent his mind into psychosis, and he believed his wife was having an affair with his supervisor, and that his children weren't his. He took his three daughters, four-year-old Sofía, three-year-old Carmina, and 22-month-old Teresa to a dump site where he slashed their throats.

As if that wasn't gruesome enough, Ramon then went to his in-laws' home and killed his mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. After that, he went back home and killed his wife before driving to the winery where he worked and killed his coworker, Tracey Toovey. We have to note: there was never any evidence that his wife was having an affair or that his children were illegitimate. Little Carmina lay in a field next to her dead sisters for 36 hours before she was rescued. She's the only survivor of Ramon's brutal attack and was adopted.

Ramon is currently on death row.

1 Mother Shoots Her Three Children For Boyfriend Who Didn't Want Kids

Love can make you do crazy things, but killing your children shouldn't be one of them. Diane Downs started having an affair with her married lover, Robert Knickerbocker. Diane had a reputation of being a "good time," so Robert thought that she was the perfect candidate to have a fling with. However, Diane developed feelings for Robert, and it seemed as if he wanted their relationship to progress as well. He told her that he would leave his wife for her, but he later changed his mind. He also made it clear to Diane that he had no interest in having children, and considering she had three (Christie, 8, Cheryl, 7, and Danny, 3), that was pretty much a deal breaker.

Diane didn't want to lose Robert, so she shot her children while they sat in her car and shot herself in the forearm. She drove to the hospital and told the staff that she and her children were the victims of an attempted carjacking. Cheryl was already dead and neither doctors, nor police, believed Diane's story. During Cheryl's trial, Christie took the stand and told a stunned courtroom that it was her mother that had shot her and her siblings. Cheryl was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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