15Man's Face Disfigured Because Of Cheek Fillers From Fake Doc

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Jerson Trujillo, a 28-year-old man from Colombia, found out the hard way that it wasn't the best idea to trust just anyone with performing facial cosmetic procedures. This man wanted his face to look "more feminine," so he trusted a random woman who was claiming to be a doctor. According

to him, she injected him with some kind of polymer as cheek fillers, which then reacted badly with the oil she put on his face to moisturize it. Then, the worst thing imaginable happened – Jerson's face started to rot away.

In his own words, Jerson admitted: "Naively, I wasn't aware of what they'd put in my body. When this other girl did the procedure, she injected some oils into my face and those oils made a fusion with the polymer that I already had in my face.  I started to get granulomas in my face. It became all red, hot... My face was destroyed, rotten; pus came out." Jerson now says he's lost about 50%-60% of his face, but it could have been so much worse.

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