15 Non-Legit “Doctors” That Risked People’s Lives

Of all the people on Earth, doctors are the ones we trust the most. Their profession symbolizes dedication, professionalism, and respect. That's why it's such a shock when we find out stories about doctors who have abused the trust we place in them. And sadly, these stories are more common than you might think. Sometimes these doctors have done terrible things in their line of work that ended with them being jailed, shamed, and discredited. In other situations, these doctors were never actually licensed healthcare professionals in the first place, and they posed as doctors in order to take money from innocent people.

The people who trusted these fake doctors are the ones that suffered. Some of them were disfigured permanently. Some were fooled into thinking they had terminal illnesses, just so these fake doctors could charge them tons of money for fake cures. In rare situations, these doctors even infected people with diseases by accident. Perhaps the most disturbing of these stories is the fact that many people actually lost their lives because they entrusted the wrong person to perform risky procedures on them.

So what's the moral of the story? Be very, very careful about who you trust with your health. Because this isn't just about money, or convenience, or trust. It's about your life. So make damn sure you know that the person you choose as your doctor knows what they're doing and is 100% legitimate. Because putting your life in the wrong person's hands can lead to severe consequences. Just ask these people.

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15 Man's Face Disfigured Because Of Cheek Fillers From Fake Doc

via: media.allure.com

Jerson Trujillo, a 28-year-old man from Colombia, found out the hard way that it wasn't the best idea to trust just anyone with performing facial cosmetic procedures. This man wanted his face to look "more feminine," so he trusted a random woman who was claiming to be a doctor. According to him, she injected him with some kind of polymer as cheek fillers, which then reacted badly with the oil she put on his face to moisturize it. Then, the worst thing imaginable happened – Jerson's face started to rot away.

In his own words, Jerson admitted: "Naively, I wasn't aware of what they'd put in my body. When this other girl did the procedure, she injected some oils into my face and those oils made a fusion with the polymer that I already had in my face.  I started to get granulomas in my face. It became all red, hot... My face was destroyed, rotten; pus came out." Jerson now says he's lost about 50%-60% of his face, but it could have been so much worse.

14 Fake Doctor Injects Cement Into Women's Behinds

via: foxnews.com

Another huge story was the case of Oneal Ron Morris. This woman who was born a man but identifies as female, was busted for injecting cement into women's curves to help them achieve their beauty goals. The victim is too embarrassed to come forward and identify herself, but says she was injected with tire sealant, mineral oil, and cement – a potent and potentially deadly mixture. The guilty woman who posed as a doctor has since been arrested, but detectives had a hard time finding her, describing her ability to elude police as "ghostlike."

The victim of this terrible liar is now having to pay exorbitant fees in medical bills as a result of infection, abdominal pain, and several other side-effects from being injected with this mixture. In the end, she thought she was getting a deal by going to someone who was offering to give her butt injections for only seven hundred dollars, but it cost her much more.

13 Unlicensed Teenage Surgeon "Dr. Kitty" Performs Operations In Her Basement

via: dailymail.co.uk

Jingyi 'Kitty' Wang was another person who tried to pose as a doctor, trying to make a business out of her false persona. She posed as a doctor and performed cosmetic procedures out of her basement in Toronto, Canada. She went by the nickname "Dr. Kitty." Within a few weeks of visiting her makeshift clinic, a woman was forced to go to an actual hospital with real doctors, because Dr. Kitty's work was so bad that the woman had developed an infection that required corrective surgical procedures.

The woman was only 19 years old, so it's very surprising that anyone actually trusted her with performing cosmetic surgeries. She started to advertise her services in a newspaper, which the woman in question responded to. She must have been a very good actor, because the woman trusted her enough to go under the knife. Now she's being charged with aggravated assault.

12 Plastic Surgeon Jailed After Illegal "Downstairs" Surgery Gone Wrong


Mark Schreiber has a long history of causing serious harm to people in the state of Florida, in the capital of plastic surgery, Miami. When he was finally arrested and put in jail for over 3 years, he was already infamous for botching a large number of surgeries, leaving people seriously mutilated and damaged as a result. By the time of his most recent arrest in 2015, he had already been stripped of his medical license and thrown in jail. But that didn't stop him from practicing in secret, giving people the false impression that he was a real doctor.

You'd think that people would have got the picture by now, but that just wasn't the case. Mark Schreiber seemed to always find the right people to prey on, those who had no idea of his terrible reputation in the medical community. One particular man who fell victim to this man's lies was a fellow who came to Mark Schreiber for a filler for one's private parts. When he woke up after the surgery, he apparently found his privates completely mutilated.

11 Fake Doctors Perform Liposuctions - Leaving Patients Disfigured

via: abcactionnews.com

Claudia Orozco and Marlon Barcelo were two others who tried to pose as surgeons, defrauding people out of thousands of dollars and causing extreme bodily harm to those who trusted them. Their specialty was liposuction treatments, although they were not very good at it. After a number of complaints to the authorities, the police found out that these two posers were not real doctors and had no business performing such complicated procedures on people.

These people were arrested and charged by police, but their punishments will not undue the amount of pain, suffering, and permanent harm done to people. As one detective explained: "We have true victims in this case that now are scarred for life. When I talk about scarring I don't mean just a small two inch scar. We're talking scarring from your midline all the way to your waist in some cases – extreme discomfort, a lot of pain these victims were in."

10 Bottom Implants From Unlicensed Doc Has Tragic Results

via: usatoday.com

Another pair of doctors who unlawfully performed procedures on an innocent person were Denise Rochelle "Wee Wee" Ross and Jimmy Joe "Alicia" Clarke. Their choice to pose as legitimate healthcare professionals ended with the death of Wykesha Reid, a 34-year-old woman who had paid for butt injections from the unqualified pair of "doctors." These doctors apparently injected her with silicone, which caused immense pain to Reid. The silicone then traveled through her bloodstream, into her heart, and became trapped in her lungs. She was found in an empty salon that was being used as the operating room. In the words of the police that came across the scene, she had been abandoned there "like a piece of trash."

The death has been ruled a homicide, and both people responsible have been arrested. But as you will see, this is hardly the only example of something like this happening.

9 Doctor Lied To Patients About Them Having Cancer To Sell Chemotherapy Meds

via: newsweek.com

Perhaps the most disturbing case of a doctor doing very illegitimate things is the case of Dr. Narid Fata. This man intentionally lied to his patients, telling them they had cancer when they were actually completely healthy. He also lied to people who were terminally ill, claiming that they would be cured if they would just continue with chemotherapy infusions. It was obvious to any doctor that these people were not going to make it, no matter what any doctor did. They spent the last days of their lives being conned, pumped with expensive drugs, under the impression that they would soon be cured. In the end, Dr. Narid Fata was charged with defrauding Medicare, accepting illegal kickbacks, and money laundering. He will spend 45 years behind bars. This is an obvious case of a doctor who wanted to prey on the trust people gave to him, just to make a few bucks.

One child of a now deceased patient revealed: “He stated that [my mother] had a very aggressive cancer that would become untreatable if she stopped chemo and then he wouldn’t be able to save her. Several times, when I had researched and questioned his treatment, he asked if I had fellowshipped at Sloan Kettering like he had. She kept putting things off, thinking that she would have time ‘when she got better’... [Our mother] was never able to accept that she was dying because Fata convinced her she was not."

8 Negligent Cambodian Doctor Causes Massive HIV Outbreak

via: youtube.com

Yem Chroeum was recently given 25 years behind bars for infecting over 100 people with HIV. The Cambodian doctor made the textbook mistake of reusing dirty needles, a decision that altered and arguably ruined the lives of an entire community. The man was unlicensed, and his actions were illegal even before he infected village residents with the terminal illness. In Cambodia, the use of such illegal and unlicensed doctors is common. This has drawn attention to a massive problem in the third world.

The incident took place in Rokar village, where a panic began over infections. They turned to the unlicensed doctor, who ran blood tests to see if people were infected. Some of the charges laid against the doctor include intentionally spreading the HIV virus, and although this seems inconceivable, it's not really clear what happened in that village.

7 Another Bottom Surgery Ends Tragically

via: nypost.com

Another woman who fell victim to a fake doctor was Latesha Bynum. This Harlem resident was convinced by an unlicensed, fake doctor to allow herself to be pumped with illegal injections into her rear, which later proved to be deadly and poisonous. A few hours later, she experienced intense chest pains and dizziness and was taken to the hospital. After a few days, she was pronounced braindead and taken off life support. This was because the silicone was injected in an unprofessional and unsafe manner.

All the warning signs were there. This individual who was posing as a doctor allegedly used a table at Dunkin' Donuts to meet and greet new clients, and even had someone pose as a nurse to welcome people into the establishment where he would conduct the procedures. And this "establishment" was simply an apartment. No one, not even the landlord, had any idea the building was being used to perform illegal cosmetic surgeries.

6 Silicone Injections From Fake Doc Proves To Be Poisonous

via: miamiherald.com

Getting cosmetic procedures on your body or face is a very big decision. If people do indeed decide to go forward with this procedure, they should spend many hours trying to find the right person for the job. It's their responsibility to find someone legitimate and professional who will respect their body. Because as you've no doubt seen so far, there are many fake people who pretend to be licensed professionals. When choosing the right clinic, you should do a little digging into its background. Because if you're not careful, you could be booking a surgery at a clinic run by an adult film actress, who hires unlicensed people to perform various procedures.

That's exactly the kind of clinic Suyima Torres found herself at after giving birth to her children, losing weight, and finally deciding to treat herself to a butt implant to finish her post-pregnancy transformation. But she made a fatal mistake when she went to the wrong people. Jose Robusto, the man who injected her with silicone, claims to be a doctor in Venezuela, but these claims have not been confirmed. In the end, the young mother died as a result of these injections, and Robusto will be deported back to Venezuela.

5  Doctor Lied To Men About Them Having Prostate Cancer To Make Money

via: abactionnews.com

Another man who used his position of trust for despicable purposes was Robert E. Wheeler, aged 70. When this man made the news for wrongly diagnosing several men with prostate cancer, his medical license was already taken away. This man has been described as a menace to society, and a real danger to people out there who just want to make sure they're healthy. An undercover police officer went into Wheeler's clinic, and was asked to pay over three thousand dollars to get a diagnosis. Of course, he found out that the undercover man had prostate cancer, and then offered the cure for $50,000.

This should have been a huge red flag for the many men who were duped, because you can't actually diagnose people with prostate cancer without doing the proper examinations, which Wheeler failed to do. He also claimed to have a machine that could cure prostate cancer without any invasive surgery, which obviously appealed to a lot of men.

4 Fake Doctor Sells People Dirt - Told Them It Cures Cancer

via: youtube.com

A lot of so-called doctors have figured out that they can use fear to make money. And what's scarier than cancer? A lot of people out there would do anything to cure themselves of cancer, and when you're faced with a terminal illness like that, they'll do anything to find a way to survive. You get desperate. You start turning to some really, really questionable people in the vain hope they will save you: people like Vincent Gammill, a 69-year-old man who posed as a doctor, claiming he had the cure to cancer. That "cure" turned out to be a bizarre concoction of expired medicine, strange techniques, and literal bags of dirt.

This man claimed to have cured himself of cancer in 2009, after refusing surgery and instead creating his own cure. On his website, the phoney doctor made the claim that "His health is fully restored and the center has been running smoothly, working both to extend lives and to help the participants conserve resources." Obviously this was just a huge scam, and it's made all the more disgusting that his primary victims were people with late-stage cancer.

3 "Doctors" Perform Risky Surgeries With No License 

via: 11alive.com

A huge mess was exposed in Georgia when 3 people running a cosmetic surgery clinic were exposed to be involved in various illegal and immoral activities. The first thing that set off red flags for the authorities was the fact that one of the men, Peter Ulbrich, didn't even have a medical license while he was working at the clinic. He had previously had his license stripped from him after having s*xual relationships with his female patients, and engaging in Medicaid fraud. But he was still somehow able to be present in the operating room, sometimes assisting, and writing prescriptions in the other doctor's name, a man called Nathaniel Johnson. This man knew that Ulbrich had no medical license, and still hired him and allowed him to perform procedures regardless.

On top of all that, a third employee, Shannon Williams, was also assisting in operations and in many other activities usually reserved for a licensed nurse or healthcare professional, to the point where many assumed she was indeed the office nurse. As a result of all this, it's hardly surprising that more than one patient suffered infections after visiting this clinic.

2 Yet Another Woman Poisoned After Unlicensed Bottom Implants 

via: theblackloop.com

Kelly Mayhew, who was only 34, died from "systemic silicone emboli due to cosmetic silicone injections of buttocks," after receiving cosmetic procedures from an unlicensed doctor posing as a professional. She was found dead in her home just a few hours after receiving the dangerous and illegal procedure. The woman who administered the silicone injections immediately fled when Kelly Mayhew lost consciousness, running from the house and fleeing in a grey SUV in a panic. Kelly's mother was present, and she tried to administer CPR before Kelly was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Kelly's mother was convinced that the woman posing as a doctor was a professional. It's unclear who got in contact with this poser doctor, but the damage has been done. Kelly had a bright future ahead of her, and worked for the popular media company BET.

1 Woman Poses As Doctor, Performs Illegal Abortions

via: operationrescue.org

Another incredibly disturbing example of people posing as doctors was Bertha Pinedo Bugarin. The 48-year-old woman led innocent people to believe that she was a doctor, and that she was qualified to perform abortions on people. Those that trusted her with this complex procedure in some cases suffered complications and pain that should not have happened to them. Some patients claim that they were given medication that didn't work properly, resulting in a premature birth months later. Other say that she botched the first abortion, and they had to return for a second abortion days later.

In the words of district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, "This defendant preyed on women in the Hispanic community. By passing herself off as a doctor, she put these women's lives in serious danger." She faces 9 years in jail for abusing people's trust in such a despicable manner.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, nypost.com

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