15 New Mandela Effect Examples We Can't Believe

The Mandela Effect is an unexplained phenomenon that most people have experienced even if they don’t know anything about it or don’t know what the phenomenon is called. The Mandela Effect describes situations where groups of people remember certain things being a particular way which turn out to be incorrect.

The name of the theory – Mandela Effect – comes from the curious instance where thousands of people were certain that Nelson Mandela died when he was in prison in the 1980’s even though in reality Mandela actually died in 2013. However, the people who believed that he died in the 1980’s even had false memories of seeing his funeral on TV.

Many people who experience the Mandela Effect believe that they are constantly switching between parallel universes. The Mandela Effect affects large groups of people and there are hundreds of forums and blogs dedicated to this strange phenomenon. Every day there appear new examples of the Mandela Effect. See below for fifteen new Mandela Effect examples that are sure to astound you or at least make you wonder.


15 Capital Of Brazil Was Once Rio De Janeiro, Now It Is Brasilia

An interesting recent example of the Mandela Effect concerns the capital city of Brazil. Lots of people remember the capital as being Rio de Janeiro even though it is actually Brasilia. Now of course, we know that a new capital city – Brasilia – was built in Brazil in the 1960s. As a result, some people claim that Brasilia being the capital is not actually a Mandela Effect. However, many people disagree.

For example, one person says – “Just because there is a narrative about the capital moving 50 odd years ago does not disprove the Mandela affect. Get straight on the concept of the Mandela affect before you go dismissing it, if you can. So if you grew up always knowing about Brasilia, that means you have always been on that timeline. And those of us who grew up knowing the capital was Rio were on another timeline, and those two have now merged.”

14 "Houston We’ve Had A Problem" Or "Houston We Have A Problem"?


Another recent example of the Mandela Effect is a rather weird one in that it is a flip flop Mandela Effect, meaning that it was something which changed to something else which then changed back to what it was originally. The example in question is a famous line from the Apollo 13 movie starring Tom Hanks.

The famous line is – “Houston, we have a problem”. It’s quite a catchy phrase so when it suddenly became “Houston, we’ve had a problem” people were shocked as it didn’t sound at all right. However, recently the line changed back and is once again the catchy phrase “Houston, we have a problem.”

As you can imagine, people are quite perturbed by this flip flop. One reddit user even says – “I personally witnessed this flip flop and it made me feel a bit unwell. I mean, what is real? Reality literally changes in front of my eyes, and I subsequently went further into the rabbit hole.”

13 Ford Logo Change - The Appearance Of A Swirl

Recently quite a few people began to notice that the Ford logo has changed subtly – a little loop has now appeared on the letter “F”. Most people swear that they have never seen the little loop before and are completely shocked by the slight change.

One reddit user describes his shock at seeing the familiar logo change – “I was driving home from work today and was behind a Ford car, and when I looked at the logo, there was a tiny loop on the end of the middle part of the F that stood out to me. I knew that the writing in the Ford logo had flourishes, but this one looked different from before."

Countless reddit users agree that the swirl on the F was never there – “That loop is new. My first reaction was that it looks so feminine, what Ford truck guy would want that logo?”

12 'Pharoah' Is Now 'Pharaoh'


Another recent example of the Mandela Effect is the spelling of the word ‘pharaoh’. The author of the Mandela Effect Proof Blog was shocked to see the spelling of the word change and says – “When I was 8 years old and reading my children’s bible, I had never seen this word before and didn’t even know what it meant. I sounded it out, like small children do. Pha-ro-ah. I pronounced it “fa-ro-ah” until my mum told me how to pronounce it. Now, it’s spelled “pharaoh”, which changes the pronunciation if you pronounce it the way it’s spelled.”

The author of the blog then goes on to provide numerous examples from the past in which the word “pharaoh” was spelled as “pharaoh” thus proving that the spelling of the word was indeed changed recently.

11 "You Can Dance If You Want To" Changed "To We Can Dance If We Want To"

Another recent example of the Mandela effect is lyrics from the song The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. The lyric in question is the most popular lyric in the song. But what is the most popular lyric in the song? Is it “You Can Dance if You Want to” or “We Can Dance if We Want to”?

Apparently, the lyric is “We Can Dance if We Want To” but most people remember it as being “You Can Dance if You Want to.” However, those people who remember the most popular lyric of the song as being “You Can Dance if You Want to” might be onto something because even the official webpage of Men Without Hats uses the lyric “You Can Dance if You Want to” as a direct quote on their ‘Band’ page.

10 'Cruella Deville' Changed To 'Cruella De Vil'


Recently there has been much debate about the name of the villain from the animated Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. Do you recall the name of the villain? If so, do you recall it as being ‘Cruella De Vil’ or ‘Cruella Deville’?

Apparently, the actual name of the villain is ‘Cruella De Vil’. However, many people remember the name being as ‘Cruella Deville’. They say that ‘Cruella De Vil’ is clearly a word play on ‘Devil’ and that it just seems too simplistic.

As one can imagine, people have been quite perturbed by this strange change. Here’s to hoping that the name will change back to what many consider to be the original name – ‘Cruella De Ville’.

9 Tweedledee And Tweedledum - Hats With Propellers Or Flags?

Recently, people have been claiming that they remember two characters from the 1951 Disney version of the animated classic film Alice in Wonderland looking differently. The two characters in question are Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

So how have the characters changed? Well, the two characters wear hats. Most people remember the hats to have been adorned with little propellers. But it turns out that the hats are in actual fact adorned with little green flags.

However, most people vividly remember the two characters wearing propeller adorned hats. Proof that the characters’ hats were once adorned with tiny propellers is abundant – there’s plenty of artwork and costumes with propeller adorned hats.


8 Froot Loops Or Fruit Loops - Flip Flop


People have been long debating the name of one specific brand of cereal, known as “Froot Loops” or “Fruit Loops”. Some people are certain that the cereal has always been called “Fruit Loops” and that it recently changed to “Froot Loops”. Others are saying that the cereal always went by the name “Froot Loops”. However, now it appears that there has been a flip flop.

One reddit user says – “It did flip flop – I witnessed and documented the flip flop and my husband also witnessed it. In late October of 2015, my husband and I were shopping in Target, noted that it was Fruit Loops, and we had a conversation about how it used to be Froot Loops when we were kids. By December 5th of 2015, I noticed it had changed back to Froot Loops.”

Another reddit user agrees – “Yup, agree 100%, it flip flopped right under my eyes. Me and my sister witnessed it as we were talking about how it was spelled FrUIt and we remember it as FrOOt, but then she saw the cereal box in a supermarket as FrOOt and took a photo and sent it to me.”

7 Laughing Cow Nose Ring Is Missing

Product logos seem to also be changing all the time. Recently, people were surprised to find that the cow in the Laughing Cow cheese brand logo no longer has a nose ring. A lot of people were taken aback by this chance and swear that the Laughing Cow definitely had a nose ring in the past.

One reddit user says – “I was talking to a friend about a month ago and showing her this cheese product when I was snacking on it as she’s never seen it before. I remember her laughing at the nose ring since it was funny when she first seen the logo. I vividly remember it too. Others say they remember it being gold. I don’t think it was the earrings we were laughing at. This is a really weird one for me because I even took a photo of it to send her and I found the photo now but it seems weird without the nose ring.”

6 "An American Tale" Changed To "An American Tail"


Another recent example of the Mandela Effect is the supposed change of a movie title An American Tale. The title of the movie is now An American Tail. Many people find the new title very strange as they distinctly remember it being An American Tale.

For example, one reddit user says – “I did a search for An American Tale. But what came up were all of these results for An American Tail. And I thought to myself, 'Well that doesn’t seem right? No, that doesn’t even make sense.'” So immediately, the thought that popped into my head was, this has to be a Mandela effect. Well not long after that I spent a few minutes searching through the entirety of the results and found major residual evidence. Articles and books with the sheets of music, and practically all of them mentions both versions of the title of the movie on the same page.”

5 'Green, Yellow, Red' Or 'Red, Yellow, Green'?

A curious Mandela Effect example that is very popular at the moment is the upside down traffic lights. Some people claim that in their universe the colors of the traffic lights were different than what they are today. Nowadays, the colors of the traffic lights are red, yellow, and green (top to bottom). However, some people say that they remember traffic lights as being green, yellow, red (top to bottom).

One reddit user says – “I remember it green, yellow, red. This one is one of the most head spinning for me. I remember the lights going up to down... not down to up... like just that makes no sense to me. The last year I clearly remember is 2013. My boyfriend, every time we were in the car and stopped at the street lights, would ask our boys what does green stand for? Then yellow, then red... and it started at the damn top!” However, this Mandela Effect is rather controversial as people seem to disagree on the color order on the traffic lights.

4 'Boss Baby' Changed To 'The Boss Baby'


Another recent Mandela Effect concerns children’s movie that was recently released – The Boss Baby. Recently there has been debate over the title of the movie. People can’t seem to agree on its title. Some say the title is Boss Baby while others say the title is actually The Boss Baby.

It seems that the correct title for the film is The Boss Baby. However, most people don’t recall the title ever being that and claim that it has always been Boss Baby. These people also point out that the translation for the movie title in most countries is simply Boss Baby, without “the” in front of it.

3 'Alaskan Airlines' Is Now 'Alaska Airlines'

It seems that the airline name Alaskan Airlines recently changed to Alaska Airlines. This shocked quite a large number of people. One reddit user says – “Alaskan Airlines is now Alaska Airlines. I also found this 2008 article mentions “Alaskan Airlines” at the beginning [...] and mentions the website at the end. When searching on Google, there is a cached version of the title: Alaskan Airlines-Horizon Air, although when clicking on the link, a different directory website shows up.”

Another reddit user agrees – “Interesting. I Googled it myself and found a ton of people using the Alaskan name, including surprisingly legit news articles.” So it seems like the name of the airline has indeed changed subtly, at least according to some people.

2 The Global Seed Vault Used To Be In Alaska, Now It Is In Svalbard


Another recent example of the Mandela Effect is the location of the global seed vault. Obviously nowadays almost everyone knows that the global seed vault is located in Svalbard. However, many people claim that they don’t recall Svalbard at all and that they are certain that the seed vault was located someplace else, such as Alaska or Greenland.

One reddit user says – “The global seed vault was in Alaska, not “Svalbard”. Well, that’s how I vividly remember it. Even the Svalbard place name never existed in my “universe”.”

Another reddit user agrees, saying – “I am sure Svalbard did not exist in my reality as of one year ago. I know this because my friend chose the name Svalbard for a team and described it vaguely as something from myth. I liked myths and googled it and there was no page on Google’s first page about Svalbard, though a link had 1-2 sentences in passing describing it as a place of Norse myth.”

1 'Rhea Pearlman' Changed To 'Rhea Perlman'

Celebrity names seem to be changing constantly and as such are a popular example of the Mandela Effect. One such recent celebrity name change is the name of the American actress Rhea Perlman. Currently, her name is supposedly spelled as Rhea ‘Perlman’. However, there is plenty of evidence online pointing to the fact that Rhea’s surname was once spelled with an ‘a’ – ‘Pearlman’.

Lots of articles from a few years ago spell Rhea’s name as ‘Pearlman’. Rhea’s name is also spelled as ‘Pearlman’ in a newspaper from 1991. So, as you can imagine, people are perturbed by this sudden change in Perlman’s name.

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