15Running Away In A Zig Zag Pattern From Gators & Crocs


Gators and crocodiles are most dangerous when you encounter them in the water. Their ambush style of attack catches most of their prey unaware as they inflict their infamous death roll. While most don’t escape an attack when they’re in the water, on land humans have a much better chance

of escaping a chase. For whatever reason, people have been taught to run away from gators and crocodiles in a zig zag pattern. This is because the reptiles have short, low legs and they are thought of as having difficulty turning quickly. This is a complete waste of energy and could lead someone to trip and fall instead of getting away. Speed is the key here, since the reptiles won’t be able to keep their pace up for long once on land. Save the zig zag pattern and your life for your next game of tag instead.

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