15 Mysterious Incidents That Will Completely Freak You Out

There are many weird and strange mysteries throughout the world that many of us cannot explain. We don’t want to believe that there is any type of sinister forces out there that we can’t control. When we watch horror movies, we watch them in the comfort of our home without any real fear that anything could actually go wrong in our lives. We watch these movies for the thrill of it to delve into the world of the unknown, and then we switch the movies off and go to bed to sleep soundly without a care in the world. Well, what if some of the maddening things were real; could you live with the fact that something terribly creepy could happen to you without any explanation at all? Strange things happen to real people every day, and some of those real events turn into movies that we forget about the moment we stop watching them.

It's not just ghosts and goblins I’m talking about but real life mysteries about the human body that can’t be explained away. Things like bodies combusting without any explanation whatsoever. Many of the things on the list below have been going on for years, and the authorities and doctors that are involved have no explanation for why they happened. They are part of the unknown mysteries that plague some people's lives. Are you ready to delve into the creepy mysteries below and hope you can sleep afterward? Good luck!

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15 A Real Poltergeist

Via The Telegraph

You’re all familiar with Conjuring 2…the story of the little girl that gets possessed by an old man that died in the home they moved into? It turned out that the old man was just a doorway for a demon to take possession of the girl to take her soul. Great movie right? Well, the movie was based on a real-life poltergeist that took over someone's home. The Enfield family had such an occurrence in 1977 when they witnessed something that even the authorities couldn’t even explain. Furniture was thrown, sounds were heard throughout the house, and people were thrown around like they were dolls. The girl that was possessed was seen levitating above her bed, and even sightings of teleportation were witnessed throughout the house. It was one of those instances that you love watching in the movies, but the last thing you want is for it to be something that can happen to you in real life.

14 Combustion of the Human Body

Via Blumhouse.com

At times there have been strange things that have happened to the human body that can’t be explained. There have been many cases through the years of the human body going up in flames for virtually no reason whatsoever; in fact, there have been hundreds of cases reported. There is no explanation for it, and yet it occurs too frequently. “Mary Hardy Reeser spontaneously combusted while sitting in a chair in her Florida home. Upon discovery, all that remained was the burned seat springs, some bones, a shrunken skull and one foot that was still wearing its slipper. Again, the burning was localized.”

In the 80’s, a firefighter by the name of George Motts died in his apartment. His body seemed to have gone up in flames through no source, and the only thing that remained was “a leg, a shrunken skull, and pieces of his rib cage.”

13 An Unknown Message

Via Anil Aggrawal's Forensic Websites

During the summer months of 1999 police found the body of Ricky McCormick in a field in Missouri. He had gone missing but had only been gone for about 72 hours by the time someone stumbled upon his body. The weird thing about Ricky’s body was that it was badly decomposed as if it had been there for weeks instead of just a few days. No one could explain why the body was so badly decomposed. In 2011, however, FBI eventually revealed that they found a note in Ricky’s pocket that was written in some weird code. It made the case that much more puzzling considering Ricky was known to be a high school dropout who was unable to write his own name. To this day the note and the body was never explained, and it went down in history as an unknown phenomenon.

12 A Woman in Two Places at the Same Time

Via Huffington Post

Creepy right? Shit yes! It’s a story of a man and woman who go out together for a wonderful dinner. Upon returning home, the husband put the key in the door and opened it. When he did so, he saw his wife sitting in front of the computer working, a sight that is most familiar to him. The problem was that his wife was standing beside him at the door. He didn’t think much of it until he went to bed and told his wife the story. She became stone silent and softly told him that she saw the same thing when she entered the house with him. It was a weird phenomenon for the both of them, and they couldn’t account for what they had seen. It was something that happened after they heard about the neighbor's two-year-old daughter who used to stare at the TV screen while it was off and say that there was a person making faces at her and she wanted them to stop.

11 Body Found in Water Tank

Via Business Insider

A dead woman was found in a rooftop water tank of a hotel in 2013. The body was that of Elisa Lam, and she was staying at the hotel at the time. The management and the authorities couldn’t figure out why her body ended up in the tank. When they looked at the surveillance videos from the hotel, they watched Elisa go through the steps of her evening. Although they had video surveillance of the girl, it only caused more confusion about what happened to her. They saw her enter the elevator quickly and hide as if she was being pursued. She was clearly very frightened and yet they couldn’t see anyone following her. In the video, she continued to peer outside the door as if she is looking for someone to show their face. No one ever showed up and yet her body is found weeks later in the rooftop water tank. They have no idea what happened to her and the case eventually went cold with no killer brought to justice.

10 Unconscious Passengers with a Creepy Driver

Via Super Adventures

As if the title isn’t frightening enough there is a whole creepy story behind it. We have to give credit to EMT drivers because they often go into situations that would send most of us screaming into the night. In this case a man spotted a Mercedes parked with its hazard lights on. When he shined his light on the car, there was a man slumped in the backseat and the driver was just sitting there staring straight ahead. The driver didn’t respond at all when the EMT knocked on the window; the man didn’t even blink. The EMT went to call the police, and when dispatch asked for the license plate, he had to return to the car and get it. A large truck was passing at the same time however so the EMT had to wait, but once the truck had passed by him the car on the other side of the road was no longer there. There was nowhere for the car to have gone, it just vanished.

9 Mysterious Photo

via Creepypasta Translation

There have been many photos released throughout the years of things or entities appearing in people’s photographs. Many people claim that it’s just the work of digital manipulation, which these things couldn’t possibly be real. But considering that many of these photos are centuries old it’s hard to buy into the fact that they were manipulated. The Cooper family was innocently taking a picture in their kitchen in Texas when something bizarre showed up in the photograph. It’s the kind of thing that would instantly cause chills to go up my spine, but maybe that’s just me. What they saw in the picture was a man hanging from what could only be the ceiling and dangling in the right-hand corner of the picture. It’s one of those creepy things that no one has an answer for. If I were the Cooper family, however, I would have moved out the very next day.

8 Two People, Same Dream

via Marketing Bugle

Is it possible for two people to have the same dream but from another perspective? That was the case for one couple. A man dreamed of cheating on his girlfriend, and in the dream, he looked over at the window, and there was his girlfriend staring back at him horrified. He woke up and forgot about the dream entirely. It wasn’t until a few days later that his girlfriend brought up a dream that she had where she caught him cheating on her. She explained the dream as if she had been standing outside the window watching him having sex with another woman. The couple couldn’t believe that they had the same dream but from different perspectives. What could be the meaning behind such an occurrence. Weird concept but I’m betting you that probably caused some serious trust issues in the relationship. Am I right?

7 The Taos Hum

Via The Urchin Movement

A mysterious humming noise in a town that causes insomnia and nosebleeds? That definitely sounds like something the X-Files should investigate. That is in fact what is happening in the small town of Taos, New Mexico. In the small town there is a buzz, a sound that has been compared to that of a diesel engine. It’s a sound that never goes away and something that doesn’t seem to have an origin. Many people in the town are disturbed by the disorienting noise that occurs throughout the town. The noise is so disturbing in fact that the people in the town have experienced insomnia, nosebleeds, nausea, and headaches. The sound can certainly be heard by the naked ear but sound detection devices have never been able to pick up the noise or figure out where it comes from. They call it the Taos Hum and it’s never going away nor do they know where the sound comes from even though it’s disturbing people’s lives all over town.

6 A Man Who Lost an Hour of His Life

Via FIMFiction.net

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has said they felt as if they lost an hour of their life, but it's usually a joke. In this case, however, a man actually did lose an hour of his life. He was on his way home with his friends when his parents called to see when he would be home. He told them 25 minutes when he turned the bend and saw a full moon. The road was empty and without any explanation everything went black. There were no headlights on the road nor were there any dashboard lights, creepily enough there was not even music playing. Just as quickly as it left the music was playing, and a car was suddenly in front of them on the road. The man thought he had fallen asleep at the wheel but the clock in the car read an hour later. They were all freaking out and they determined that it had to have been a malfunction of the car. That is of course until they got to his parent’s home and they wondered why he was an hour late.

5 The Man with Two Lives

via Torrent Butler

I’m not going to lie; I wouldn’t mind having two lives. After all, wouldn’t it give you a chance to live life over and do things you never had the chance to do? In this case there was a man who woke up for work one morning at the fish market. He went about his daily routine that consisted of getting dressed, making tea, going to the docks for fish, everything he did before he started selling fish. He spent the day working, talking to friends and even returning home to eat dinner and go to bed. The very next day he got up to go back to work at the fish market except when he did he found that he had a wife and that it was Saturday, he didn’t have to go to work. He never worked at a fish market, he had a completely different life. He had no explanation for what happened to him the day before.

4 The Doll

Via Steam Card Exchange

A girl tells a story about her dad who had this orange monkey that he used to tease his children with saying it was his favorite child. It was a family joke and the kids would always try to unsuccessfully steal the monkey. One day, the kids got a hold of the doll and drew all over it before throwing it in the trash. They snickered as they watched their dad search all over the house for it. He gave up eventually assuming the kids had thrown the doll out. A few years later the girl turned 17 and one day she was walking down the street when she saw something on the side of the road that caught her eye. When she walked up to it, she saw that it was the same orange monkey with the marker all over it. She couldn’t imagine how the doll had found its way to the street that was nowhere near their home and what the chances were that she would be the one to find it?

3 A Case of Teleportation

Via The Weekly Nabe

One day a man was waiting for a train when a woman approached him and asked for money for roses. She wanted to bring some to her brother in the hospital. The man was worried she was a drug addict but he gave her the money anyways. When the train was pulling away he saw the woman asking someone else for money as well. He arrived at his destination 15 minutes later and caught the bus, staying on it for another 10 minutes. On one of the stops the doors opened and the woman with the roses walked on. She looked at him as she passed him on the bus and he stared back. He couldn’t figure out how she got to her post ahead of him when he left before her and took the only bus in that direction.

2 The Cold-Hearted Woman

Via Superpower Wiki

Jean Hilliard was on her way home one night in the 80’s when her car hit some ice and she slid off the road. The car would not restart, and the temperature outside was frigid. She decided to walk the two miles to her friend Wally’s home. She never made it to his house; she collapsed before she got there. The next day her body was found frozen completely stiff. She was so frozen in fact, that the doctors at the hospital couldn’t even penetrate the skin with a needle. They tried to track her temperature but it was slow they couldn’t even read it. Her eyes were frozen solid and even when they were thawed they would not react to light. They continued to warm her body with heating pads, and miraculously Jean was revived. A few days later she could walk again, and a month later she was discharged from the hospital. There were no long term effects.

1 Mysterious Footprints

Via Indiegogo

There was a family that lived on a small farm in Munich, Germany in 1922. They had a maid who fled the house a few months later and refused to return saying that the house was haunted. A few days before the massacre the man of the house, Andreas Gruber found footprints in the snow that lead from the forest to the house but there were none that lead back to the forest. One night the family heard footsteps in the attic and when they investigated they found newspapers they had never purchased. A new maid arrived one day, the same day that she and the rest of the family were murdered with a pickaxe. It was a massacre like the authorities had never seen before. They issued a large scale investigation but no one was ever caught for the crime. It was yet another unsolved crime that had no explanation.


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