15 Mysterious Events That We Still Can't Explain

These mysteries will leave you speechless...

Remember the days when people thought the earth was flat? That the sun revolved around the earth? Or that sperm had little people inside of them? And that we were all made of bile and mucus? All those "theories" seem so ridiculous now that it's hard wrap your head around the fact that actual scientists believed them. But that's the beauty of science isn't it? To keep questioning theories and facts to truly find the truth and explain what's going on all around us. Over the years, scientists side-eyeing other scientists, have debunked things like phrenology which is the study of a person's skull to determine a person's character and mental capacity and has led to remarkable discoveries. It has gotten the point that there seems to be a rational explanation for everything.

Well .... almost everything.

Believe it or not, there are still some things out there in the world that we haven't been able to explain. *cue ominous scary music* But living in a world where most things can be explained logically, things that can't be explained are quickly disregarded as a hoax or ignored completely. The curiosity for truth, the rebellious nature of thinking outside the box and the humility of simply just being able to say, "I don't know," has become unnatural for human beings, especially scientists. We need things explained and if it can't be explained, we'll take a half ass explanation or file it under, "Sh*t people with tin hats say."

We'd like to invite you to push that feeling of being uncomfortable with the unknown aside for a bit and crack the window to your mind open just a tad. Drop that heavy bag of skepticism and let the inner tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist that resides deep inside you out for some fresh air while you read about these 15 paranormal events that we still can't explain.

14 The Baltic Sea Anomaly


Remember that one time when a couple of  Swedish marine explorers saw that looked like a U.F.O. crashed deep under the Baltic Sea? Remember how it made headlines all over the world? And it was all CNN and Fox News could talk about? OMG we were like, enough already, am I right!?? Haha! Of course you don't, because that's not what actually happened.  In fact, I'm betting some of you haven't even heard of the Baltic Sea Anomaly and all the different things that happened that they can't explain, like how the divers' electric tools and their satellite phone stopped working when they were above the object. (After swimming away from the object, their equipment worked just fine again.) Geologist Steve Weiner did tests on samples and concluded that it was not a geological formation and was created from metals that nature could not reproduce herself. The OceanX team, the original divers who found this anomaly, revisited it to take a closer look. They discovered right angles, walls with smooth surfaces, passage ways, corridors and what appeared to be a staircase and a second anomaly nearby that has yet to be explored.


In 1974, Carl Sagan and friends decided to send out the most powerful radio broadcast with the 1,000 foot Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. They used the universal language of math via complex binary codes carrying basic information about us humans like the make-up of our DNA, our average size, our population, and where we were located in the solar system. All this info was shot out to the heavens, specifically on the corner of 7-11 and globular star cluster M13. It was sent out as a demonstration of our technological achievement rather than a real attempt to connect with something extraterrestrial (or, you know, inadvertently send out our EXACT location to a hostile alien species, but whatever.) because they estimated that it would take 25,000 years to reach its destination and they assumed, it would take 25,000 years to get a reply back. But it appears something out there got the message and has Interstellar Amazon Prime Delivery because in 2001, a crop circle (or square) appeared in Chilbolton that looked remarkably like the Arecibo message sent in 1974 with just a few changes. Those changes included things like an additional strand of DNA, change in population value, appearance, changes in the solar system chart - as if to respond to us about who they are. It's remarkably large and very specific. Is this really a response or just some dudes having fun with a 2x4 and some rope?

13 Crop Circles


Speaking of crop circles, the last time crop circles were taken seriously was around the same time people with mutton chops and bell bottoms were also taken seriously. It was around that groovy era that crop circles started to appear in rural farms. There have been a lot of theories as to what causes these crop circles such as localized wind patterns, undetectable energy fields called ley lines, and one theory even suggests that these are patterns made by super horny and humpy hedgehogs' vigorous sexual activity. In the 1990s, two men confessed that they had created them, using a plank, some rope and having zero social life.

After the confession, people pretty much stopped wondering about crop circles even though more crop circles kept popping up. Some of them so large and so incredibly elaborate that there doesn't seem to be any possible way for even a group of people to do this in one night without being noticed. There is also some notable changes in the plants inside the crop circles that is beyond human ability. Microscopic changes, like elongated yet undamaged nodes, that can't be explained away by some two bored dudes with some extra lumber lying around.

12 The Big Foot Patterson Film


Wait, hold up. Hasn't this been debunked already? Didn't we already prove this was just some guy in a suit? (Because lifelike female gorilla suits were available at your local retail stores in the 60s.) When the film first came out, a lot of people immediately sniffed this out as a hoax because of the man behind the camera, Roger Patterson, was out in the woods specifically making a Bigfoot documentary. But there's a reason why this is film is still considered one of the best films of Big Foot, especially after Bill Munn's analysis. Bill Munn is a Hollywood special effects artist who knows a thing or two about making lifelike costumes. After being granted permission to actually analyze the actual footage given to him by Patterson's wife. He took high definition photographs of each frame and he concludes that whatever Patterson filmed was an actual living thing and not a man in a costume. Bill Munn says that the anatomical proportions of the body are extremely unusual and it would be very hard to find a human being who has the appropriate anatomy to fit this "costume."

11 The Betty And Barney Hill Abduction


One of the first and best documented cases of alien abduction is the story of Betty and Barney Hill. Betty, a social worker and her husband, Barney, who worked for the post office, were driving home after their vacation in Niagara Falls on the night of September 19, 1961, around midnight. Betty saw a bright "falling" star in the sky that wasn't falling so much as it seemed to be following them. Barney stopped the car to take a closer look and reported seeing humanoids inside the rotating, pancake shaped object that was about 40 feet long. The next thing Betty and Barney Hill remembered was hearing a series of beeps and that they had traveled 35 miles from where they first stopped to observe the orb. Betty and Barney Hill reported the incident after they were experiencing some strange sensations and strange things that happened to their car. Betty's dress and Barney's feet (scrapes on top of his toes as if he had been dragged on the pavement) were part of the report. They underwent a series of interviews and hypnosis where they were able to recall all the details of that night. Betty and Barney were interviewed separately, but their stories of being abducted, picked and probed by strange creatures matched up. Truth or just fantasy, something happened that night to Betty and Barney that we still can't explain today.

10 Roanoke Colony Disappearance


In 1587, John White led 115 colonists to the new world and the colony settled in Roanoke Island. John White was asked by the colonist to go back to England for some help after one of the natives in the area had killed a colonist, along with supplies. When John finally returned to Roanoke, he found the area abandoned. There was no sign of an attack, struggle or battle. The people of Roanoke, along with John White's daughter and granddaughter; the first English child born in America, Virginia Dare, seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Before he left, John instructed the colonists to carve a Maltese Cross into a tree if they were forced to leave. John and his men did not see a cross carved anywhere when they returned but they did see the word "Croatoan" carved into one of the wooden posts. There are theories that they were abducted by aliens, but later, future settlers and explorers claimed to have spotted natives with light hair and eyes and spoke perfect English, which probably meant that the colony said, screw you John White and integrated with the Croataon tribe.

9 Belmez Faces


In 1971, Maria noticed a stain on the floor that over time seemed to grow and morph into a face. Maria asked her husband and son to try and take away the stain. Her husband and son demolished the old floor and put in a new one but shortly after, the face appeared again. Word spread around the village about Maria's uninvited house guest. Surveyors came to the property and they decided to excavate the kitchen. After the excavation, they found skeletons buried 10 feet under. They replaced the floor with a new one and made the problem worse because after they replaced it, multiple faces appeared. The faces developed over time, like a picture. Maria claimed that the faces also moved to different places on the floor. To this day, there is no explanation as to how these faces were appearing or why. There were no traces of paint or ink on the floors so they knew no one had drawn them in. Was Maria's cooking so good that the smell of her albondigas bringing in hungry people from beyond? Your guess is as good as mine. The only thing they knew for sure about these faces was that they would only appear when Maria was around. If Maria was sick, the faces lost their intensity. When Maria finally died in 2004, the faces didn't go away. Instead, they reappeared at a house where Maria was born.

8 The UFO Battle in Los Angeles


In 1942, something flew over the skies of Los Angeles that 70 years later we still can't explain. With the country still recovering from the attack on Pearl Harbor. The military was on high alert and began to fire everything they had at the ...blimp? Japanese plane? A secret military ship? Whatever it was, it managed to get shot at by 1500 shells and stay undamaged before disappearing. The commotion woke up the entire city and witnesses reported seeing things like white lights and a spaceship in the sky. The press explained it off as mass hysteria to what could have been just a military drill. The government stated that the incident was exaggerated by witnesses due to "war nerves."  The United States Coast Artillery Association claimed that they had sent up a weather balloon at 1:00 a.m. that allegedly started all the shooting.  In 1983, the Office of Air Force History wrote out a really long, very "doth protest too much" analysis, concluding that weather balloons did indeed cause the initial alarm and people imagined everything else, like how there was no wreckage of a weather balloon ever found.

7 Travis Walton Abduction


On November 5, 1975, seven loggers working in Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, were coming home through the woods after a long day of work and saw what appeared to be a crashed plane within the trees. Curious, the boss, Mike Rogers, drove into the woods to get a closer look at what the bright light was between the trees. What they saw wasn't a plane crash or even a forest fire like Mike had first thought. It was a huge, stationary craft that was hovering below the treetops. While most of the men stayed inside the truck terrified, one of the workers, Travis Walton, let curiosity get the best of him and walked up to the craft because there's always that one guy.

His co-workers saw a beam of light come from the craft that seemed to paralyze Travis Walton before it shot him up 10 feet in the air. The men in the truck took off in a panic and later returned to try to find Travis, but they couldn't. Travis had been gone for five days before he found himself in the middle of the road and was picked up by his family after he called them from a gas station. Travis later remembered waking up in the craft with weird, large-eyed beings above him and being calmly led back to an examining table by beings that looked human but never spoke to him. Despite skeptics and non-believers rolling their eyes at his story, Travis Walton still insists that on the day of November 5, 1975, he was taken inside a strange craft and examined by aliens.

6 Cattle Mutilations


If you think only humans get the long end of the probing stick from aliens, you're wrong. Some time around the 60s and 70s, there was a surge of cattle mutilations around the United States and all over the world. Farmers discovered one of their farm animals missing (usually a cow), only later to find the cow dead and strangely mutilated. Whoever or whatever were mutilating these cows seemed to take special interest in the reproductive organs, lips, eyes and ears. The lack of blood where the animal is or where the highly surgical incisions aren't are the only things that makes this strange phenomena really puzzling. There is also a lack of prints on the ground from whoever took them there and the animal itself. At one point there were over 130 cases in Colorado alone that the FBI had to investigate but even they couldn't really find an explanation to why these cows were getting hacked or if their body parts were going to Ron Perlman, but as it turns out he's always looked like that.

5 Spontaneous Human Combustion

In 1951, 67-year-old Mary Reeser was found dead by a telegram courier in her apartment.  When the courier couldn't get her to answer the door, he asked the neighbor and some construction workers nearby to help him get into the apartment. They noted that the door knob was warm to the touch and the apartment itself was warm even though the windows were open. Nothing inside the apartment seemed disturbed except in one corner where there was a pile of ashes and a woman's left foot. Apparently, this was all that was left of Mary Reeser. There was no sign of a break-in/burglary. Experts who investigated the scene said there would have had to have been a fire of 3,000 degrees burning for several hours to be able to turn a person into a pile of ashes. How could a fire burning that hot not burn the rest of the apartment? The investigation went nowhere and the police had to put down "neglected cigarette" as the cause of the fire, deeming it the unluckiest Lucky Strike in history.

4 Ghost Writer


Ghost writer usually means to write something for someone else who is named the author.  But in the case of Pearl and Patience Worth, Pearl was the one writing for the ghost.  Patience Worth made her appearance to Pearl and her friend one night summer in 1913, when they played with the Ouija board. They weren't really getting anything and were about to put the board away when suddenly they got a message that said:

"Many moons ago I lived. Again I come. Patience Worth my name. Wait! I would speak with thee! If thou shalt live, then so shall I. I make my bread by thy hearth. Good friends, let us be merrie. The time for work is past."

That's ghost speak for: "Let's Party!" Pearl was like, all right girl, let's do this. The ghostly party lasted over the next 24 years with Pearl dictating more than 3,000,000 words for Patience Worth. These stories and poems all seemed to be primarily in the language of 17th Century England. Nobody could prove that it was Pearl writing these because Pearl had not only left school at the age of 14, she had no experience in writing, especially a 17th century language and had no reading experience with Shakespeare or any other book using 17th Century English. Patience Worth wrote a novel called The Sorry Tale that got rave reviews in the New York Times. The writing only stopped after Pearl's death (which was predicted by Patience Worth) in 1937. Let's hope Patience was on the other side to greet Pearl with a hefty pay check for all her hard work.

3 Mystery Of Flight 19


The Bermuda Triangle is well known for eating up planes and ships and never spitting them out. Although, some experts say that the strange occurrences in the "Devil's Triangle" is due to natural magnetic forces or an "electronic fog," it's still pretty hard to explain what happened to Flight 19 on December 5, 1945. This was when five U.S. bombers took off from Florida on a navigation exercise and disappeared without a trace into the triangle. About an hour into the exercise, Flight 19 got lost with two of their compasses malfunctioned. Several attempts were made to try to steer Flight 19 back on course but the instructor had no idea where they were either and radio communication was lost at 6:20 p.m. A search was sent out to try and find the five missing planes, but there was no trace of any wreckage or bodies of the men. The Bermuda Triangle decided to keep doing its sh***y disappearing trick and added another one to their missing list when one of the search and rescue planes vanished during the search.

2 The Piri Reis Map


The Piri Reis map was discovered in 1929 while they were converting a palace in Istanbul into a museum. The map that was found is actually one-third of a larger world map that has been lost. Many say this is the oldest map of the Americas. Allegedly it has a copy of the map that Christopher Columbus used in 1498 and was like the Google Maps of the 16th Century. The Piri Reis map is highly detailed and extremely accurate. But what makes the Piri Reis Map even more incredible is that not only is the Antarctic shown on the map 300 years before it was discovered, but also by the fact that it shows the coastline under ice. Evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC. It seems impossible that this map was actually made prior to that. Other unusual findings show that the maker of the map knew the accurate circumference of the Earth within 50 miles and that map is drawn to show the Earth as seen from space.

1 Dyatlov Pass Incident


In 1959, something so strange and bizarre happened that caused nine experienced country skiers to die. The facts around their death was filed as "Top Secret" and visitors could not go near the area for the next three years. The skiers were students going on a ski expedition led by Igor Dyatlov. When the skiers failed to return, their families got worried and rescue teams were sent out to go look for them. Their camp was discovered on February 26. The tent they used was ripped open from the inside where the skiers shoes and belongings were discovered. The skiers bodies were found around the area, they wore very little clothing, some appeared to only wear socks and others were completely barefoot. The victims all suffered from some kind of trauma, broken ribs, crushed skulls and one victim was missing her tongue. There were no external wounds even though the trauma they experienced was equal to a car crash. They found high radiation on their clothing and five bodies had a deep tan/orange color on their flesh. A camper nearby reported seeing strange orbs floating in the vicinity of the victim's campsite. What happened the night these skiers died still remains a complete mystery.


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