The Gibbons Twins: 15 Mysterious Facts Surrounding Their Case

Jennifer and June Gibbons are a set of English-born twins. The girls were born on April 11, 1963. The duo had a bizarre relationship that has been covered on television more than once, and is made for TV movie and other documentaries which depicted the morbid bond between the siblings.

The story has gained new life as recent talks of turning the creepy tale into a major motion picture have begun circulating. The strange story of the Gibbons girls includes their attempted murder of one another, eerie plays, arson, failed romance, theft, and a secret coded language that the girls designed to exclude the rest of the world from theirs. All the ingredients needed for a compelling movie are included here.

The connection and bond that the Gibbons twins possessed with each other was mysterious and inexplicable. As you learn about them, you will get chills up and down your spine, and the tiny little hairs on the back of your neck will stand up.

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15 Silent Night

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Jennifer and June Gibbons had their own secret coded language that no one else could ever understand nor decipher. This is a common practice for many twins. However, twins who participate in this type of behavior only do so to communicate openly (but privately) with one another. The Gibbons girls only observed this method and did not socially interact with anyone else. Despite the fact that they appear to be happy and sociable in the few pictures that exist of the pair, they were far from it. They were very private and reclusive when it came to interacting with outsiders. Not only is this type of behavior not a part of healthier living, but the type of communication they exhibited between one another was even further from a style of healthy living. We will get into that as you read on.

14 They Needed Each Other To Function

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In order to encourage social interaction with others, the pair was separated. They were sent off to separate boarding schools. This did not help one bit. It only made things worse. The twin sisters became even more withdrawn and reserved when they were split up. Some experts believe that this was when the girls began having insane thoughts, which is also something we will expand upon later on in the article. Younger twins often do not like to be away from their twin. Instead, they spend quite a bit of time with each other. As duplicates get older, they become more adjusted and capable of living without their mirror image. These two never achieved that level. They were more like a married couple, ‘til death do they part.

13 Voluntary Solitary

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Professionals and family feared they were doing the girls more harm by keeping them apart, so they brought them back together. Reunited…and it feels so good! Those lyrics from the popular song may have rung out in the Gibbons' heads, but only they know if they were happy. They were even more reclusive upon their reunion. They would often stay locked in their room together, for days at a time. Some people believe this brought them closer out of a fear of being pulled apart once again. During this period, they became even closer and bonded in such bizarre and creepy ways. The girls had such a dark and eerie link with one another.

12 Crime Novel Authors

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Perhaps the only productive thing the Gibbons did while they were entwined in their strange relationship was authoring a few novels. Don't read too far into this act, though. The genre of these literary works was crime. We are not referring to crime novels like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. The Gibbons focused on violent criminal behavior and typically set their stories in Malibu, California. They were dedicated to this venture as they sent away for information pertaining to creative writing. June penned The Pepsi-Cola Addict about a school hero who has a romantic fling with a teacher. When he is sent to a reform school, he is s*xually assaulted again; this time by a male teacher. Jennifer's book, The Pugilist, centers around a doctor who is so dedicated to saving a child's life that he murders their family dog to harvest its heart for the child. Do you think the girls would make good writers for TheRichest?

11 Life Of Crime

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Perhaps their literary works were a way for the girls to express how they really wanted to live. The novels may have been more of a wishful thinking type of deal. The evil twins themselves turned to a life of crime, participating in such acts as arson and theft. June wrote in her diary, "No friends. Nothing else to do. Nothing to fill the cold hour." This was her justification for her and her sister, Jennifer, burning a barn down among other things. The girls were essentially bored. They engaged in criminal behavior rather than make friends like normal children do. It's a high probability that if the girls were not caught, they would have eventually progressed to more serious acts, perhaps even murder. They are already guilty of attempted murder. You will learn about that briefly.

10 Mental Health Commitment

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The girls were apprehended for their arson and assorted criminal acts. They had to appear in court and were not pleased with the consequences. They did the crime and now they had to do the time. A judge observing their severe social disorder, sentenced the Gibbons to a high-security mental health institution. While at Broadmoor Hospital for 14 years, the sisters were keep segregated from each other in separate cells at opposite ends of the facility. Nurses report often finding them frozen in the exact same odd positions with having had no way of communicating with one another. Some days, one twin would gorge herself on food while the other one starved herself. The next day, they would reverse roles.

9 Morbid Commitment

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The two had such an unnatural bond and some sort of an unholy, almost devilish link between them. They made a life or death pacts among them. Their combined warped way of thinking brought them to the conclusion that one of them must die in order for the other one to go on living. The pact further stated that once one of them dies, the other one would move on and live a normal life complete with social interaction involving others. They even took turns breathing. There were times when one twin could breathe and the other was not supposed to breathe. This is similar to their eating while the other starved. This is almost like some sort of sci-fi horror story where two people are both occupying the same space at the same time.

8 Mysterious Death

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The Gibbons girls truly believed that one of them must die in order for the other one to be capable of living a normal life. They felt that this was not possible with both girls living. The girls were transferred from Broadmoor to Caswell Clinic. After much deliberation, it was decided that Jennifer would be the one to die. A journalist named Marjorie Wallace came to visit the girls to document their case. Over a cup of tea, Jennifer proclaimed, "Marjorie, Marjorie, I'm going to have to die." When Wallace asked why, Jennifer just calmly replied, "Because we decided." During the trip from the asylum to the clinic, in March 1993, Jennifer slept in June's lap with her eyes open. Upon arriving at the girls' mandated new location, Jennifer Gibbons was unresponsive and pronounced dead. The cause of death was later ruled a sudden inflammation of the heart. An autopsy uncovered no signs of poisoning or any other explanation for her demise. The death remains a mystery to this day.

7 Complete 360

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Upon Jennifer's death, Wallace came to visit June again. June gladly decreed, "I'm free at last, liberated, and at last Jennifer has given up her life for me." For two sisters who were so close, June didn't seem to mourn the loss of her closest relative and seemingly best friend in the world. Instead, June seemed relieved as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Jennifer's passing would now enable June to live a normal life. She began acting normally without any help or coaching and was totally accepted back into her community. Today, she lives near her parents in Wales, where the girls grew up in their dysfunctional environment.

6 They Loved Each Other To Death

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Besides the fact that the two made an agreement for one of them to die, they often tried to kill each other. One girl would either try to drown the other girl or one of the sisters would try to smother her sibling to death. Despite that, the girls would often try to murder one another and they were able to look beyond the homicidal treachery that was afoot. Many religious beliefs encourage forgiveness, which is a good thing. However, those same religious beliefs also say that thou shall not kill. The girls seemed to have ignored this commandment and would frequently try to do the other one in. Most of us who have siblings have quarreled with them at times. While we are often able to mend the fences, we typically don't act on any thoughts of killing them.

5 Elaborate Plays

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The macabre twins would often write and act out elaborate theatrical plays for one another, sometimes using puppets as the main characters. They would record these performances and present them as a gift to the other sibling. At least this is some form of constructive creativity. However, we are not sure about the exact nature of these plays but it would be safe to assume that the content would be similar in context to their novels. There surely was some sort of crime of violent behavior depicted in these plays. Any non-medical expert could clearly tell that there is something just not right about this type of thought process. By now, we would assume you are past the goosebumps stage and moving into the stage where you are forming your own assessment that this is some crazy stuff going on here.

4 Hello, Sailor

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The ship sunk on the girls' one chance at normal lives that would have seen both of them living. For a very brief time, the Gibbons girls had a shot with the sons of a United States Navy servicemen. The fling was short-lived. Presumably, the two boys discovered that the Gibbons girls, for lack of a better phrase and in layman's terms, were not dealing with a full deck of cards. Their picnic baskets were blatantly a sandwich short. There were bats in their belfry. This really is a shame that one of the girls had to pay the ultimate price due to an apparent mental incapacity of both girls. It is possible that some sort of chemical unbalance occurred while they were in their mother's womb. We can't say with absolute certainty what the problem was. We can positively assert that there as an issue, and it seems to have died with Jennifer Gibbons.

3 Monkey See, Monkey Do & After You, NO! You First, I Insist

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The girls would exhibit similar behavior based on whatever the other sister did first. If one girl fell off a horse, the other girl would force herself to follow suit. They did not act independently or with their own motivation. Their efforts were a combined group decision. We already mentioned that they would take turns breathing or eating. If one girl had the urge to skip, the other would mimic this even if she did not want to or initiate the idea. There have been documented cases of one twin getting injured and the second twin, though miles away and not knowing the events, would feel pain in the identical location on their body. This scenario goes over the top though. Wouldn't you concur?

2 Diaries Of Two Mad Black Women

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Tyler Perry was not involved in this one and there was no Madea in this story. The Gibbons gals kept comprehensive diaries documenting all of their morbid thoughts. We have not been privileged to read their innermost feelings and they have yet to be published. There is no confirmation if they logged their criminal enterprises or their plans to commit their heinous acts either. Keeping a diary is said to be therapeutic in dealing with emotional stress. Although, it didn't seem to matter one way or another in this case. It may have even contributed to furthering the unstable state of the sisters. Their writing may have encouraged them to implement their criminal plans. One thing it did do was enable them to map out their potential course of action and refer to them in the future in order to reaffirm their beliefs.

1 Famous OR Infamous?

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The girls did achieve fame but NOT fortune. The negative notoriety came when their story became public and sparked the curiosity and intrigue of those who heard about the Gibbons almost paranormal connection. In 1986, a made for TV movie about the Gibbons aired. The film, The Silent Twins brought more attention to the silent twins. Since the film was produced in 1986, Jennifer Gibbons was still alive. Their story has appeared in multiple TV specials or documentaries, and as of 2015, a full-length feature film has been in talks. Jennifer Gibbons and June Gibbons will have already become famous and immortalized for being infamous.

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