15 Must-See Photos Of People Who Had Cheap Plastic Surgery

A little nip here and a little tuck there has become a staple (pun intended) in today's culture. Doctors are reshaping bodies and faces during their patients' lunch breaks, making reconstructive and cosmetic surgery accessible in ways that it wasn't just a few years ago.

As these surgeries are becoming more of a norm in society, people from all economic walks of life are doing whatever they can in order to afford to go under the knife for a bit of augmentation. For those whose funds are little on the lower side, there are overseas options that have been beckoning consumers to travel long distances to receive the same operations for just a fraction of the price. While at first glance these deals are appealing, discounts don't necessarily mean that you're getting a bang for your buck. Some people who get these cheap plastic surgeries are beyond thrilled with their results, but there are serious dangers that come with trying to go under the knife to sculpt out a champagne body with beer money. There's no way to verify that these so-called doctors are certified or qualified to perform these surgeries, and for by the time the people find out the truth, it's a little too late. The people on this list just wanted to gain more confidence by lifting and shaping their bodies, but instead were left disfigured and disgusted by what they saw in the mirror.


15 Butt Augmentation Gone Wrong

A British woman who traveled to Thailand to have cosmetic surgery ended up losing her life. Joy Williams went to SP Clinic in Bangkok to get a butt augmentation. She was told that the operation was simple and straightforward, and it was cheaper than what she could find at home so she was excited. Following the procedure Joy's surgical wounds became infected, and when she returned to the same hospital for corrective surgery, Joy died while under anesthetic. Her doctor was arrested and charged with recklessly causing her death and the office was later put out of business. During the investigation, detectives learned that the "physician" didn't even have a license to perform surgeries.

14 Botched Nose Job


Back in 2010, Bangkok resident Helena Grace finally decided to do what she's been thinking about for a long time and consulted a cosmetic surgeon about about getting a nose job. She visited a doctor and brought along a photo of the new nose that she wanted, and while she only went in for a consultation, she found herself preparing for surgery just a few hours later. When he woke up, she felt as if something was wrong but her doctor told her everything was fine. When the bandages came off, the shape wasn't what she wanted. Not only that, she couldn't breathe out of one of her nostrils. Her doctor told her the surgery was botched and it would take a more expensive surgery to fix it. She fought it in court, but a judge ruled against her citing lack of evidence of negligence.

13 Flubbed Chin Job

Believe it or not, this picture of 61-year-old hairdresser Cheryl Faunch is the photo taken after her surgery. Cheryl traveled from England to Poland to have a face, neck, and upper-eye lift operation. She found that getting it in done in Poland was over $1,000 cheaper than anywhere locally, and Cheryl thought it was the perfect time to be done. As she'd grown older, she was more dissatisfied with how her face was aging. Her operation seemed to have gone well and she stayed in Poland for 10 days during her recovery. When she returned home she noticed that the doctor hadn't removed all of her stitches but her dentist took them out for free. However, as she continued to heal, her chin was more saggy than before, her eye lifts were uneven, and she has an unsightly scar down her neck. Unfortunately she doesn't have the money to fix the problems.

12 Excess Skin Removal


Mimi Valdez and her niece Chrissy had collectively lost 280 pounds, however they both were dealing with excessive folding skin that they wanted removed. Instead of going to a surgeon in America, they found a doctor at the Jerusalem Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. This already sounds like a bad idea.

"Immediately after the bandages were removed, and I took a look in the mirror at my breasts, I had skin hanging out of the incisions," Chrissy recalled. Just two weeks later, she was in the hospital due to improper healing. Both she and Mimi had terrible bruising, also.

"When I went to the hospital they said, 'We don't know if we can save her,'" Mimi said the doctors told her when Chrissy was admitted to the hospital following their cosmetic surgeries. Now the hospital won't even say that the women were ever patients.

11 DIY Lip Injections

I don't trust myself to wear the right shoes with my outfit, let alone give my lips a plump with self injections. A woman who wants to be called "Mary" botched plastic surgery on herself. Her doctor previously gave her small silicone injections in order to smooth a scar, and they seemed painless and easy enough that she thought she could do them on herself to plump up her lips. Mary searched the internet and found silicone injections and when she received them, she poked herself in the lips and face. She was happy at first but it only took 24 hours for things to take a turn. Her entire face became swollen, her cheek was infected, and her face felt like rubber. She hadn't used medical-grade silicone but rather some sort of lubricant.

10 Messed Up Tummy Tuck


Sue Briddick, a 52-year-old mother of three from England, thought she scored big when she found a doctor in Turkey who could give her the tummy tuck and breast lift of her dreams for a cheap price. After the birth of her children, Sue didn't like the way her body changed so she wanted to do something for herself to give her confidence and extra boost.

"The clinic also insisted I pay in cash," Sue remembered. "In hindsight, alarm bells should have rung.[...]After the two-hour operation, I went to stay with the carer who wasn’t medically trained and her apartment was covered in cat hair."

She returned to the clinic a few days later and when her bandages were taken off, she saw that the skin on her abdomen was black. She later learned that her skin had died and she didn't receive the breast lift. Instead, she got a reduction and implants.

9 Loss of Limbs

Is getting your butt right and tight worth losing your limbs over? Apryl Brown was faced with death after she visited a cheap clinic to get silicone butt injections. She wanted a fuller behind but instead found herself in excruciating pain and clinging to life in a nearby hospital. After her injections she got a staph infection that soon turned her limbs black from necrosis. In order to save her life, emergency doctors had to amputate parts of her legs and arms, as well as the flesh around her butt. In the end, she had 27 surgeries. So what did the original "doctor" inject her in the behind with? After testing, the lab result came back and what was supposed to be silicone was bathroom caulk.


8 New York Woman Dies


Beverly Brignoni from the Bronx found a little place in the Dominican Republic to get her tummy tuck, butt lift, and breast lift done. A friend of her's recommended the clinic, so she and her boyfriend thought she was in safe hands. She had recently lost a significant amount of weight and wanted to get rid of the excess skin.

Beverly and her boyfriend flew to Santo Domingo the day before the surgery and within 24 hours she was dead. Her boyfriend sat in the waiting room as Beverly went under the knife. A doctor would tell him that the love of his life died of a pulmonary embolism. Following Beverly's death, the clinic was shut down briefly after a health inspection found sanitation violations.

7 Bitten By A Shark

Another mother who wanted to tighten up some places on her body was 30-year-old Gemma. She wanted to get a tummy tuck after she saw a change in her body following the birth of her three children. She saved a few thousands dollars and found a cheap clinic to do the surgery, but she said the result left her looking as if she was "bitten by a shark."

Her husband was working abroad so she thought it would be a good idea to do the surgery while he was gone and surprise him with a new body once he returned. Gemma said her nightmare first began when she woke up during the surgery, but it only got worse. She developed an infection that led to gangrene, and once healed her body was lopsided and wrinkly. She was happy with her reconstructive surgery, but it still wasn't what she initially wanted.

6 Disfigured Tummy Tuck


Another tummy tuck gone wrong happened to Helena Grace in England. The 36-year-old nanny had gastric bypass surgery and while she was excited about her slimmer figure, she wanted to get rid of the large amounts of excess skin around her stomach. In 2009 she finally had the surgery and the doctors told her they removed almost seven pounds of skin from her body. Helena was thrilled.

When the bandages came off, Helena was initially excited to see how much of the skin had been removed, but the large scar gave her pause. "I had a horizontal scar from hip to hip that measured over 12 inches long and cut straight across the middle of my stomach," she said. "I had, as predicted, no belly button and large flaps of skin that hung over my hips." She had to spend more money for reconstructive surgery and Helena is now happy with her new body.

5 Tried To Get Rid Of 'Arm Wings'

If we don't work out our arms, as we get older those pesky "bat wings" can form. People looking for a quick fix will have cosmetic surgery to tighten their arms instead of hitting the weights, including this woman. She became insecure about wearing short sleeves and because her insurance wouldn't cover the surgery, she found a cheap clinic in Brussels who would do the job for nearly half the price.

The doctor told her they didn't use anesthesia and instead she would be given a heavy sedative. A few days later when she changed those bandages, she saw a hideous scar. Her arms also looked the same size as before and the pain felt like electric shocks.

4 Near Fatal Augmentation


Claire Hawker, a beauty therapist, thought she was getting the deal of the century when she went abroad to Prague to get breast implants. What she thought was going to make her sexy meter go off the charts instead almost cost her life.

She got size G implants (from a B in one breast and a C in the other) that she couldn't wait to see, but by the time she got home and took a look at the results, she noticed that the implants were coming out of her body and leaking brown fluid. She was rushed to a local hospital and was told that her implants were too large and she needed immediate surgery to remove them or she would die. Left with the aftermath, she later learned that she would need to wait two years before reconstructive surgery would even be an option.

3 Nearly Went Blind

The new cosmetic "in" thing is changing your eye color. Rapper T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, traveled to Africa to permanently change her eye color from brown to gray. This procedure doesn't exist legally in the United States, so people are going to far away places to get the job done.

Shenise Farrell from London flew to Panama in Central America to permanently change her eye color from dark brown to light brown. When she arrived, she was told by her doctor that they didn't have any light brown discs in stock, so they would give her blue. She went on with it anyway, and during the 20-minute surgery she felt so much pain she began screaming. When it was over she could barely see anything and was left temporarily blind until she returned home and had the colored discs removed.

2 Butt Implants Gone Wrong


Imagine getting silicone butt implants and having a surgery done so poorly that you could rotate your implants inside of your body. Former VIP nightclub hostess and Las Vegas stripper American Renee had to endure just that in 2010 after she went under the knife to get a bigger bum. The party girl wanted to add padding to her backside, but instead was left with a deformed figure. Doctors told her they needed to take it out, however her body would look more deformed than it already did. American Renee hopes that her story will teach women to love themselves the way they are, and if they don't like what they see in the mirror, she wants them to rethink getting surgery for a quick fix.

1 Implant Hanging Outside Of Chest

Oh, you thought there would only be one breast implant hanging out of some poor woman's chest on this list? No way. Lauren Yardley said that she had always had a "boyish" figure and wanted to take her A-cup breasts to a DD. That's a drastic leap, but Lauren was assured by the doctor of a private clinic that it could be done. Her cheap surgery went on without a hitch, but it didn't take long for her body to reject one of her implants.

Her right breast was hard to the touch before turning lumpy. It began falling out of her body and through the skin, quickly going from a blister size to something much more troubling. She says she didn't feel much pain, but her discomfort levels were off the charts. She was diagnosed with capsular contracture and had to have the implant removed. For seven months she walked around with one totally flat breast and one DD, and had to pay another $1,000 for reconstructive surgery.

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