15 Murders That Are So Creepy You Won't Believe They Actually Happened

Murder is far from being the most pleasant of conversation topics. On the contrary, talking about somebody getting killed is one of the most unpleasant things you can do. At the same time, murder stories are some of the most interesting things a human being can read or talk about. You see the paradox, right? We all know that murder is wrong right down to our core. Still, we cannot help but find and read stories about these disgusting acts of inhumanity that occur every day. When we think about it, murder is about as human as breathing. You don’t think that the cavemen killed each other for women, food, or territory, do you? Yes, we can be fairly sure that this whole thing did not start with Cain and Abel or whoever your religious beliefs might tell you is the father (or mother) of murder.

But bringing us back to the point, we all know that murder is wrong, unless of course you are a deranged psychopath who loves killing other people for fun, in which case we absolutely do not want to antagonize you. So take what you will from this article.

We have established that although they might not be the most pleasant of conversation topics, murders are some of the most interesting. And something that we found out is that the creepier the murder, the more it entices people’s curiosity. With that in mind, we have separated a list of 15 murders so disturbing you won’t believe they actually happened.

15 The Seal Chart Murder

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The early 1900’s are a gold mine for creepy murders that ultimately went unresolved. This time, we will go all the way to England, where a Major General named Charles Luard found his wife, Caroline, dead at home after returning from a walk. Caroline Luard had two clear gunshot wounds to the back of the head, which would usually mean that she was executed. Here is where things get interesting. The last person to have seen Carol alive was her husband. Naturally, the community immediately tagged Charles for the murder. The thing is that Charles was a 69-year-old man who had solid alibis that clearly proved him innocent. His alibi was so tight that he was with someone at 3:15 PM, the exact time of the murder, according to neighbors and experts.

Being accused of the murder of his wife was so devastating to Charles that he woke up one day, walked to a train station, and committed suicide by jumping in front of a train.

Only years later, a theory about the murder would surface, in which Charles had nothing to do with his wife’s death. But instead, the culprit would be a man named John Dickman.

Dickman was a known ConMan, and the officer who made up this theory believed Caroline had fallen for one of his traps and sent Dickman a check he ended up changing for a larger amount. When Caroline thought about going to the police to report him, Dickman found her and executed the poor woman.

14 A Sizzling Killer

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What is the biggest problem that murderers face when trying to get away with their crimes? Evidence. And what is the primary evidence of a murder? The body. So what is the easiest way to make sure that you will get away with someone else’s murder? Make sure no one ever finds a body. No body equals no murder. At least that was the train of thought that John George Haigh followed when he committed a series of murders in the 1940’s.

This British psychopath had a peculiar way of getting rid of the main pieces of evidence of his crimes. Instead of burning the bodies as most rookies do, this genius decided that it would be a better idea to give baths of acid to his victims. Fortunately, for everyone else, Haigh’s brilliant idea was not enough to keep the cops away for too long, as he was eventually caught and executed for the murders of six people.

13 Hannibal Lecter

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No, we are not going to talk about the killings committed by the legendary killer from The Silence of the Lambs. But we would like to talk to you about someone who had as messed up a mind as Hannibal did. Meet Issei Sagawa, a rich student from a wealthy family who took the path of a murderer in the 1980’s.

It all started when Issei met a beautiful classmate. He locked eyes on her and just could not look away. But unlike most guys, he wasn’t thinking about falling in love or things like that. His immediate thought was that he wanted to eat her. Literally, he wanted to eat her.

Eventually, that fixation turned real when she unwittingly heeded one of his calls to go to his apartment. Issei murdered the poor classmate and went on to satiate his sick needs. Unfortunately for him, he could not finish the meal, and the police caught him while he was dumping the remains into a nearby lake.

12 Dear Judith

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Couples who engage in murder have quite the cinematic appeal. Just think about how many movies or TV series you have watched in which the two main characters are a pair of murderers who are deeply in love. Unfortunately, for everyone in the world, this movie trope can turn out to be real from time to time. A testament to that is the case of Alvin Howard and Judith Ann Neelley. Alvin was 26 and Judith was 15 when they met. It was love at first sight, and Alvin left his wife and three children to marry the teenager.

Their love took a turn for the dark in September of 1982, when Judith convinced a 13-year-old girl to join the couple at a motel. They r*ped and tortured that poor girl for days before putting her out of her misery. Days later, they tried to repeat the horrific act. But this time, they convinced a couple to join them. After shooting the man, they took the woman to their motel room and murdered her the same way they did the young girl.

Luckily, John Hancock survived the shooting and was able to help police, enough that Judith and Alvin were eventually caught and convicted.

11 The DeFoor Murders

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Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Being a good person is not enough to keep you alive in this cutthroat world we all live in. That was especially true before the turn of the 20th century. Atlanta was far from being the gigantic city that it is today, but it was not free of crime in 1879. At least, that is what Martin Walker found out when he entered his grandparents’ house on July 26th of that year.

The scene Martin found was something tough to describe with words. After looking for his grandparents in their home, he walked into the bedroom and found the elderly couple lying in their bed. Their slumber was not an easy one, though. The couple had been brutally murdered, and both were nearly decapitated because of vicious blows from an axe.

The killers were never found, but there was enough evidence for the authorities to make up the scene of the murder. Apparently, the criminals had been hiding inside the DeFoor household for an entire day. And when nightfall hit and the couple went to sleep, the killers slipped downstairs and committed one of the most grisly murders in Atlanta history.

10 The Blood Countess

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In order to earn a nickname as intense as “The Blood Countess,” someone really needs to have a terrifying rap sheet of murders. And guess what? Erzsébet Báthory had the resume to justify her reputation. This woman was not just a terrifying killer, but something that made her even scarier was what she did after she killed her victims.

Choosing to go after young women mostly, the body count of this historic figure is something that today’s serial killers could only dream of attaining. According to reports, Báthory killed over 650 people during her murderous career. She had a reason for the killings, however. According to the legend, Báthory was an avid advocate of bathing in the blood of virgins to stay young. We are not kidding. This really happened. This woman existed, and she killed a bunch of virgins so she could stay young. Count Dracula could learn a thing or two from this bloody countess.

9 I See You

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Serial killers are weird people. Some of them put up a normal façade while some of them might even look like your neighbor or be your neighbor. Ha ha! Sleep with that one tonight. Still, while the killers who evade arrest the longest are the ones who best put up this regular-person mask, deep down, they are insane people. Most of them not only have the desire to murder their fellow human beings, but they also have some kind of kink involving the death of other people.

Out of all the terrible and clinically insane murder kinks we have heard of, Charles Albright might have the weirdest. It is a head-to-head race with the cannibalism one, but Albright’s clinical approach to his murders made it all that weirder. This killer’s kink was that he enjoyed removing the eyes of his victims. Three poor women lost their eyes and lives before the eyeball killer was eventually caught by the authorities and sent to rot in jail.

8 Another Axe Murderer

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People who are born and raised in small towns are usually scared of going to the big city because of crime and violence. However, after going through some of these terrifying murder cases, we have to wonder if that assumption has any truth to it. It seems like the most grisly of murders end up being the ones that happen in small towns rather than the big cities.

The residents of Villisca, Iowa witnessed firsthand how no one is safe even if they live in one of the friendliest towns in the Midwest. In a sunny 1912 morning, a neighbor thought it was odd that the Moore family was locked inside their home with all the windows shut. She called a relative, and they went to investigate. When they entered the house, they found eight corpses. The six members of the Moore family and two friends of their daughter were all mauled to death with an axe. Not only that; the killer also covered all of the mirrors and windowpanes around the house. Not creepy enough? He also covered the disfigured heads of his victims with cloths.

And if you were wondering, no, the killer was never caught.

7 Murder In The Red Barn

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If you want a good murder story, leave it to the British. In 1827, a young pair of lovers wanted to run away together and live happily for the rest of their lives. William Corder and Maria Marten were not your usual upstanding British citizens of the time. While William was quite the troublemaker, Maria was not the most “pious” of women. By the age of 24, she had already given birth to two bastards and remained unwed. Needless to say, her potential marriage to William was not well-seen by the community.

Either way, the two lovebirds wanted to be together forever, so they planned to run away as (according to William) the authorities were scheming a plan to arrest Maria for having bastard children. William and Maria were supposed to meet at The Red Barn and from there, go to the town of Ipswich to live out the rest of their days.

William made it to Ipswich. Maria, however, never left The Red Barn. The young man lied to Maria’s family for years, claiming that she was well and they were married when the truth was that William had murdered Maria in The Red Barn and buried her body in there.

6 Not Even In Anime

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The Japanese are known for having a peculiar culture. No, we are not talking about samurais, discipline, or honor. We are speaking of something more recent, something that this new generation has developed and introduced to the rest of the world. We are talking about anime culture.

What many people in the West might categorize as cartoons is actually an art. And whether you believe it or not, many people in the West already recognize anime for the art that it is. Just walk into a Comic-Con and you will see what we’re talking about. To bring us back to the point, we have to remember that something that a lot of anime are notorious for is gratuitous violence and cruelty. Those are not qualities you see in everyday Japanese society but something we saw in one particular murder.

It was back in 1988 when a 17-year-old student was kidnapped and murdered by four males. The whole thing happened in Tokyo, and the poor girl was r*ped and tortured for almost 44 days. And when the criminals were done with her, they disposed her body by tossing it into a giant drum filled with concrete.

5 The Wood Chipper

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Who here has never walked close to a wood chipper and imagined what would happen if any part of your body ended up getting snagged by that damn thing? That is a terrifying prospect, mostly because a wood chipper is literally designed to take apart and pulverize anything that gets into its zone. Or do you think your body is strong enough to withstand the force with which that machine will try to break it if you end up on the wrong side of it?

There was one murder that involved a wood chipper. But luckily, the chipper was not the cause of the death. It is still tragic, but at least no one had to feel whatever pain would ensue from being chipped. What happened was that after he got wind that his wife found out that he was having extramarital affairs, Helle Crafts’ husband, Richard, decided to take out his beloved. His method of disposing the body was the interesting part as he used the wood chipper to pulverize his wife’s corpse.

4 The Axeman Of New Orleans

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Do you know what the most terrifying thing about fictional serial killer stories is? Deep down, we know that there are people in our world who would be capable of doing such horrific things. Take the Axeman of New Orleans as an example. This real-life serial killer ended up getting his own little feature during one of the seasons of American Horror Story.

But while it could be entertaining for some to watch the Axeman doing his thing in the TV show, we can guarantee you that the seven people who were brutally murdered by this disturbed killer would not be too happy watching the show. This vicious killer attacked 12 people between 1918 and 1919. His M.O. was that he would find any kind of axe in his victims’ homes and use them to brutally attack the unsuspecting homeowners. And get ready for a hard pill to swallow because this madman (or woman) was never caught.

3 Save Your Grandma

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We have already made the case that serial killers are some of the most despicable human beings you will ever find. Some would even say that serial killers are not people anymore, but that is besides the point. What we are trying to get at is that even within the ranks of these deranged and disturbed individuals, there are those who somehow rise above the rest. While it is despicable to kill anybody, the killing of children and the elderly is particularly terrifying. These are the two kinds of people who least have the ability to defend themselves. Hence, preying on them should be the biggest of crimes.

Between 1989 and 1990, an Australian nursing home worker crossed that line. John Wayne Glover quickly went from being a regular person to one of the most despicable murderers on our list. Using a hammer that he carried around, he killed six elderly women in a short span of time. The hammer was not the only weapon that Glover used as he supposedly also enjoyed strangling his victims with pantyhose.

2 Don’t Save Your Grandma

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In the previous entry, we talked about how children and the elderly are usually the folks in society who least have the ability to protect themselves. It turns out that we were wrong. You should never generalize about anything. While we will not approach the subject of kids who become murderers before adulthood, we will talk about one particular grandma who made the news all around the globe.

Tamara Samsonova seemed like your usual 68-year-old Russian grandma until she was caught on tape carrying a saucepan out of her home. Unlike most grandmas, Tamara didn’t have any soup inside that saucepan. No, she had the severed head of one of her victims. Yes, this old lady was a serial killer who killed over 10 people. She carried her killings in a way that would cause envy on the vilest of fable witches. She allegedly drugged or poisoned her victims before killing them. And after the deed was done, she cooked her victims and feasted on her latest conquest. Yeah, if this doesn’t prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we don’t know what will.

1 A True Mystery

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Unlike the authorities would like us to believe, most of the murders that occur around the world are not solved. And that is the most terrifying murder fact you can ever tell anyone. The only closure a family can get after having a loved one or a friend killed is for the killer to be caught and put behind bars, or in some states and countries, put to death. However, that kind of closure is not something everyone gets.

We saved one of the most mysterious cases ever for our final entry. There is not much to talk about because little is known of this murder. It was June of 1996 when a young Swedish woman suddenly disappeared right outside a Boston nightclub. No one knows who took her or how she died. All that anyone ever found out was that her body was discovered inside a dumpster the following day. Sorry, the upper part of her body was found inside that dumpster. To this day, no one knows how she died or what happened to her other half.

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