15 Mugshots You Won't Believe Are Real

Mugshots are kind of an art form. Generally, when someone gets arrested, they’re not at their high point in life. Something has driven them to a life of criminality, and sometimes whatever that something is comes across in their jailhouse photo.

These photos are moments captured in time. Moments that reveal a life that might be teetering on the edge or a life that has completely flown off of it. These people are messed up. They have issues and problems that will likely never get resolved.

Some of the characters in these creepy mugshots are…well...creeps. Some of them are very public figures with interesting (or disturbing) backstories, but others are total mysteries. We don’t know why they got arrested, but we can make all kinds of guesses. Some were probably on all kinds of substances when they got taken down to the cop shop. Others are just strange-looking individuals, with injuries or body modifications you won’t believe actually exist.

A mugshot is a window into the dark underbelly of society, a place where you can rub shoulders with all sorts of bizarre and interesting people—the kind of people you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alleyway late at night. Onto the list:

15 More Tats Than Skin

via Gawker

This guy’s got so much ink that it actually provides the backdrop for the art, with the color of his skin filling in the finer contours.

We’re not sure what this guy did to wind up in jail, but we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t mess with him if we passed by him on the street. There’s just something about a guy that gets a whole head tattoo that says, “try me.” If someone is willing to alter his natural appearance so drastically, then he obviously doesn’t care that much about social conventions in general. They probably have some personal demons they’re trying to share with the world too.

Perhaps most disturbing of all though, is the pentacle outlined in the middle of his forehead. Traditionally, the pentagram inside a circle is the symbol for magic and witchcraft. Is this guy a Satanist?

14 Creepy Eyes

via Check Hook Boxing

This one’s just a little weird. Most criminals are well aware of their situation by the time they got caught, handcuffed, and dragged down to the clank. This guy, though, seems to be absolutely stunned by this turn of event. It’s almost like he’s thinking, “Oh my God, they’re taking my picture? What if they find out about...”

Whatever he did, it’s got to be bad. He’s clearly got a secret to hide. He just seems so alarmed. Like, what did he expect the cops to do once they got him down to the station?

I know the criminal justice system abides by the maxim “innocent until proven guilty,” but judging from the expression on the criminal’s face, I think it’s fair to say that the court of the internet pronounces him guilty of something. Would an innocent man really make that face?

13 Headless Wonder

Yep, you thought this one was fake. I know you did.

But incredibly, the guy in this mugshot is reportedly a real person named Carlos Rodriguez and his oddly-shaped head is actually the result of a car accident. He was driving drunk, got into an accident, and landed on his head. But somehow, he miraculously recovered. Then, of course, he managed to end up in trouble with the law again, which is how he ended up on this list. It’s amazing that the surgeons were able to remove that much brain matter and still leave Rodriguez as a walking, talking human capable of committing crimes at all.

I imagine it wouldn’t be hard for him to be released on his “own recognizance.” I mean, it’s hard to disguise a missing skull fragment. I think the the lesson here is pretty simple: don’t drink and drive, kids.

12 V-shaped Forehead

via Bodybuilding.com Forums

This is one serious-looking dude. He’s obviously a fan of body art—such a fan that he’s managed to transform his face into a totally original shape. It appears from this photo that he has (at least) six face implants in his forehead to form the shape of a “V.” The resulting effect looks incredibly cool, but still, why? Does the “V” represent something, maybe the guys name or a gang he’s affiliated with? Or was it just a cool shape? This forehead mod would certainly be intimidating if he was staring you down on the street.

As if the implants weren’t enough, he’s also got a huge nose piercing and some kind of hieroglyphics tattooed on one side of his face. It’s all Greek to us, but whatever it means, I’m sure it’s not about sunshine and rainbows. This guy means business.

11 Bulging Forehead

via 97.3 The Dawg

Okay, what is that thing? Either this criminal has an enormous tumor growing out of his forehead or he’s had some very strange body modifications done. The weirdest thing about it is that it’s in such a prominent place–his forehead–and it seems like even if it is a growth brought on by some horrible disease, he should be able to get it removed. I mean, it’s bulging right out of his face! There’s got to be some way to cut that thing down to size.

The creepiest thing about this shot might not even be the enormous face bulge, but the sadistic smile on this guy’s face as he stares into the camera. He’s also got some weirdly dirty teeth, which give him this whole creepy next-door-neighbor vibe even before you consider whatever happened to his face.

This is one strange individual.

10 Burn Victim?

via ebaumsworld.com

Maybe putting this one on the list is a little unfair. The perp in this picture looks like he was horribly disfigured by either a fire or a pot of boiling acid. But that doesn’t make his face any less horrifying to look at! Whatever this guy did to deserve being put in jail, it can probably be excused by the fact that he has to walk through society looking like that. Wouldn’t that drive anyone a little insane?

Maybe this used to be a totally normal-looking guy; attractive even. Maybe if he hadn’t been through what he’s clearly been through, he wouldn’t have turned to a life of crime.

We can offer all the human sympathy we want, but if someone turned around in the line at the grocery store to reveal that, you know that you’d be quickly sent scurrying to a different queue. That’s one creepy photo.

9 Mr. Mustache

via Mirror

In a way, this mugshot might be worse than any of the others. This guy’s notable appearance doesn’t have anything to do with body modifications or disfiguring injuries. He’s just one heck of a weird-looking dude. This criminal is named James Owings, and he was arrested for driving violations in Oregon.

James has a big forehead, normal eyes, a slightly hooked nose, a huge mustache…and then his face just ends. Looking down his face is like climbing down a hill that you thought went all the way down and suddenly reaching a sheer cliff. You clamber back up to safety because you don’t know what’s down there. The creepy handlebar mustache just makes everything a little more crowded. It sort of seems like his nose, his mustache, and his mouth are all one thing, especially right in the middle of his face.

It’s almost like James used to have a jaw, but then it disappeared.

8 Unfortunate-Looking Fellow

via azureedge.net

This guy might not win any beauty pageants any time soon, but it’s the nature of his crime that lands him on this list. Presumably frustrated in his pursuit of women who were turned off by his…well...everything, the man, named Frank Yeager, tried to lure a real estate agent to his house to take advantage of her. He was quickly reported to the police and arrested, which is when this incredible mugshot was taken.

There’s just so much to unpack here. This guy is a very unfortunate-looking fellow, to put it as kindly as we can. Clearly, there were some serious physical problems while he was developing and being born, and yet somehow, he managed to come out into the world and survive. But looking like that in the world today is not a recipe for a happy life.

He was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for his crime.

7 Huge Chin

via Zimbio

Talk about jaw-dropping!

This guy might not have been the most attractive fellow anyway, but when you combine his average features with a chin that’s...well...enormous, you get a strange-looking human indeed. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit overweight, but when your chin alone is almost as big as your face, maybe it’s time to lose a few pounds? Then again, maybe this guy has a medical condition, and the reason for his appearance is not what it looks like.

We’re not sure what this guy got arrested for, but he probably didn’t have much of a shot at outrunning the cops when they came after him. He also probably wasn’t sneaking in anywhere undercover.

I wish this guy the best of luck in jail because with a chin like that, we’re worried about what the rest of him looks like. The cots in jail are only so big…

6 Rough Night In Town?

via NY Daily News

Everyone’s had a rough night on the town before, right? You got all dolled up, went out to the club with six of your closest friends. Then someone bought you a tequila shot, your friends ditched you, and the next thing you knew, you woke up face-down in an alley with your makeup smeared all over your face and the police cuffing you for something you don’t even remember doing last night.

Well, that’s one version of what happened. It’s also possible that this was a working girl who had to deal with a tough customer and took the worse end of the bargain. She’s not a bad-looking girl, but she certainly looks like she could use a shower, a hairbrush, and a good night’s sleep.

Whatever actually happened to her is unknown. But when you consider that she ended up down at the clank taking a mugshot, you can figure it was certainly a pretty rough night.

5 Florida Man


If you’ve never seen the documentary “Florida Man,” it’s a movie about the strange characters that migrate to Florida because of the nice weather and the proximity to the ocean. They’re people you don’t really find anywhere else—strange individuals, social outcasts who have left their hometowns in search of like-minded people. Florida is like a light that attracts all the weirdo moths.

We’re not sure who this guy is or what he does. What the internet really seems sure of is that this mugshot took place somewhere in Florida. The expression on this guy’s face is a fantastic mix of cheery and slightly deranged, and the standing-up hair only adds to the horrifyingly-evil-clown sense that the whole picture evokes. On the scale of psychotic weirdo, he’s somewhere between your scruffy uncle who ruins Thanksgiving and the guy who sleeps in the gutter behind the 7/11.

4 Bulging Eyes

via Meme Generator

There’s looking surprised and then there’s…this face. I’m not even sure what this lady is trying to do with her expression here, and I’m not sure if she does either. She looks simultaneously shocked, confused, grossed out, and totally drugged out. Her tongue half sticking out and the puffy hair just makes the whole effect slightly sickening. We’re guessing that this grandmother got into some substances that were not entirely legal–if you know what I mean–and ended up going to jail for it.

While she might not be the best-looking lady in the world, we have to concede that this is not the most flattering mugshot. If she’d made pretty much any other face, she’d look a heck of a lot more normal.

Those eyes, though. Those eyes make me scared to go to bed at night…

3 Tim The Tool Man Doin’ Time

via eBaum's World

Wait, is that…? No. It couldn’t be.

Yeah, you bet that’s Tim Allen. Everyone’s favorite 90’s TV dad wasn’t always as squeaky clean as he seemed on Home Improvement. Long before he became a TV star, Allen was caught dealing hard drugs in a police sting in 1978 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Yep, that’s only a couple of hours away from where the Taylors lived, if you’re keeping track at home) Allen actually served two years in prison for the drug conviction, but it’s reported that his sentence would have been much stiffer had he not snitched on some of his connections.

The creepiest thing about this photo isn’t the backstory behind it, though. It’s the old-school mustache that Timmy is rocking. He just looks like a seventies drug dealer. Not to mention someone you probably wouldn’t let babysit your young child...

2 Redrum Forehead Tattoo

via NY Daily News

It doesn’t take someone well-versed in gang culture to figure out what “redrum” stands for. It’s street lingo for what you do when you want someone silenced permanently. And this guy has it tattooed on his forehead. The word is terrifying enough on its own, but someone who’s serious enough to get that in permanent ink on the most visible part of their face is probably not someone you should be messing with. (No one’s walking into a job interview at Apple with “Redrum” tattooed across their face, if you catch my drift) With six stark letters, this man has chosen a permanent path in life.

If the word itself wasn’t terrifying enough, just take a look at this guy’s expression. He looks into the police camera with sheer murderous hatred. It’s probably a good thing that this guy’s in jail, actually…

1 Raccoon Eyes

via Ranker

We’d like to think that this is, at the very least, a tattoo, but it honestly looks more like this guy let his grandkid shade in his eyes with a ballpoint pen (and add a little bunny/ goldfish/whatever that is on his right cheek). But if it is a tattoo, I hope he at least got a refund. That’s just some horrible artwork. How is this guy going to get by in prison? Maybe he’ll just tell everyone that he’s a superhero and hope they leave him alone.

The best thing about this guy is that he doesn’t even seem self-conscious about his weird appearance. He’s just looking into the camera like a normal person getting their mugshot, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his eyes look like they belong to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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