15 MS-13 Facts The Government Doesn't Want Us To Know

When speaking about MS-13, President Trump had the following to say (these words still send a shiver down my spine):

"They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob, they stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. They're animals".

It wasn’t the most eloquent speech ever given by a president and almost reads like an excerpt from a particularly disturbing Dr. Seuss book, but Trump was not incorrect in his description of the group. Those involved in MS-13 make up what is arguably the most reprehensible gang in the United States. The organization, which has chapters in almost all 50 states, partakes in torture, rape, and killings, and treats the completion of such acts as a badge of honor.

MS-13 also includes many insane rituals. Examples of these rituals include submitting to vicious beatings before being enrolled as a member, sleeping with a team of at least 15 gang members before being accepted as a member if you're a girl, and openly worshiping Satan.

Here, for your perverse reading pleasure, are 15 Horrifying MS-13 Facts The Government Doesn't Want You To Know.

15 Everything Is A Murder Weapon

For the most part, gangs don’t kill for the sake of killing; in fact, many criminal organizations will try to avoid murder unless it is deemed absolutely necessary so as not to bring attention to themselves. In MS-13, however, murder is a part of day-to-day life and members are taught early on that every object is a potential murder weapon in much the same way improv students are taught that every object can be used to entertain.

This school of thinking has led to MS-13 gang members bludgeoning rivals to death using things like kitchen chairs and baseball bats. Many of the most ruthless MS-13 members have even been known to choose such blunt murder weapons over a readily available gun so as to prolong the suffering of the target prior to the actual execution.

14 Child Sacrifice Is Commonplace

MS-13 has a history of Satanic worship. Let’s get a little bit deeper into that and discuss exactly what it entails. In a bizarre attempt to please the Dark Lord, members of MS-13 have been known to sacrifice underage girls. This may seem a little far fetched at first, but it comes straight from US law enforcement officials who have been keeping tabs on the group and its rituals for decades now. Furthermore, a 14-year-old high school student who was held hostage by members of the gang has spoken about her experience and has claimed that she was told her blood would be spilled in order to fulfill a Satanic rite. In preparation for the ceremony, gang members held the girl to a hotel bed and forcibly tattooed an image of the Grim Reaper on her torso and legs. Although she eventually managed to escape, she has claimed that another girl who was held hostage alongside her was not so lucky.

13 Face Tattoos Are Now Discouraged To Avoid Being Easily Recognized

MS-13 gang members can be easily identified through the face tattoos which homeboys have been expected to bear since the group's inception in the latter half of the 20th century. The face tattoos were introduced as a means of separating MS-13 gang members from the less violent, and therefore inferior, gangs of California. However, it seems clique leaders have since come to regret that idea.

The infamous face tattoos have been used by law enforcement to identify and track down members of the gang, which has led to the arrest of countless MS-13 members. In an attempt to keep homeboys out of prison, MS-13 leaders have suddenly begun to discourage face tattoos for fear they will be used to locate more members of the group. There are some within the gang who oppose the new attitude towards facial ink as they believe tradition should take priority, but they wouldn’t dare speak out against their seniors.

12 More And More Of Their Children Are Selling Themselves

MS-13 is infamous for its shoddy treatment of female members. Women who align themselves with the group are expected to take frequent beatings from their male counterparts and are forced into prostitution in order to bring in more money for the gang leaders. In the United States, the prostitution of adult women is always going to be a hot market, but over the past couple of years it seems those in control of the MS-13 empire have discovered that there is also a sickening demand for the prostitution of children. Lower tier members of the gang have been forced to pimp out their own spawn for the apparent good of the group, with some willingly offering up their children to high-ranking members. This emphasis on child prostitution is building a worrying degree of steam in the United States and is already a major means of income for the group in El Salvador, where reprehensible European tourists have been known to travel in search of child sex slaves.

11 You Must Accept An Invitation To Join

It is rare for MS-13 (or any gang, for that matter) to actively pursue one particular person for membership. It is unclear just what makes somebody so appealing to MS-13 that gang leaders would be motivated to send out an invitation for that individual to join them in their murdering, raping, and controlling. What is clear, however, is that if you receive such an invitation, you had better not turn it down.

MS-13 leaders are known to be ironically sensitive and do not take kindly to being “disrespected” by those who choose not to join the gang despite receiving an invitation to do so. In the past, clique leaders have employed tactics of fear and intimidation to terrorize anybody who refuses to align themselves with the group, often times even targeting that person’s family and friends. In extreme cases, once promising recruits have been brutally murdered for the simple act of turning down an MS-13 invitation.

10 They're Not Above Recruiting Children

MS-13 attempts to lure high school students into joining the group by supplying them with drugs and alcohol at wild afternoon parties. Recently, however, reports have emerged that the gang’s leaders have decided to shift their focus to younger children.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a surge of interest in MS-13 and many teenagers have familiarized themselves with the gang by reading about it online, meaning most of them know better than to align themselves with MS-13 homeboys. For this reason, those tasked with recruiting new members have been forced to take their search to elementary schools, where they have been known to brainwash pre-teens who have not had the forethought to research the gang over the internet.

9 Random Passersby Are Fair Game

MS-13 members do not just limit their terrorizing to those who have disrespected their gang or those who have made it difficult for them to carry out their various illegal dealings. As far as the higher-ups are concerned, an integral part of keeping control of a neighborhood is the constant intimidation of civilians as they try to go about their daily business. Much like they are taught to be creative with their murder weapons, up and coming members of MS-13 are repeatedly reminded that passersby are fair game when it comes to robbery and rape. MS-13 members are particularly aggressive towards white people and have been known to brutally murder any Caucasians they happen to come across while in the mood for killing (which is pretty much always).

8 Mexicans Are An Old Enemy

Despite President Trump’s relentless attempts to use the crimes carried out by MS-13 across America to build resentment towards illegal Mexican immigrants, the gang has historically been staunchly anti-Mexican. In fact, the reason the founding fathers of MS-13 put the gang together in the first place was to provide some degree of protection to immigrants from El Salvador who were being victimized by Mexican gangs. Today, MS-13’s main focus is on the running of their many illegal “businesses”, but some of the more traditionalist members of the gang still try to make time to hassle Mexican immigrants in revenge for what they did to Salvadorans during the early 80s. MS-13 members can often be found lying in wait at Mexican borders, ready to play border patrol.

7 You Must Accept An Invitation To Party

In keeping with the theme of the supposedly hardened members of MS-13 being astonishingly sensitive, let’s take a moment to discuss what you can expect to happen to you if you turn down an invitation to party with the gang. If you guessed murder, you were correct!

This rule of RSVP extends not only to those who are not yet indoctrinated into MS-13 but even to dedicated long-standing members. In fact, the most infamous instance of MS-13 executing somebody for not being able to attend a party came in May of 2006, when Ernesto “Smokey” Miranda, one of the gang’s founding members, was assassinated for turning down an invitation to a party thrown in honor of a gang member who had just been released from prison. Miranda was already on thin ice with the gang for his decision to pursue a degree in law in an attempt to keep his children out of the criminal organization.

6 Deported Members Must Be Smuggled Back

A significant portion of Donald Trump’s presidency has been spent attempting to locate and deport illegal immigrants, particularly those who are continuously breaking American laws. The current administration claims that several thousand members of MS-13 have been arrested and deported since Trump took office this past January. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it seems that keeping deported members of MS-13 out of the country is not quite as easy as officials had anticipated.

Because MS-13 puts a great deal of emphasis on brotherhood within the organization, the moment a homeboy is deported from the United States, his remaining comrades begin plotting his return to the country. Members of MS-13 are expected to do all they can to smuggle a deported gang member back into the US, even if it means risking their own capture and banishment.

5 Fear Is A Friend

Back when Donald Trump was discussing the heinous crimes committed by the “bad hombres” who make up MS-13, the future president was accused of relying on fear mongering to create a culture of contempt towards South Americans to bring in voters. Funnily enough, members of MS-13 also rely on fear mongering in order to keep their organization growing, and President Trump has given them plenty of material.

In an attempt to create a “them versus us” mentality, those in charge of recruiting for MS-13 will captivate potential members with tales of the American government oppressing the people and making it impossible for immigrants to earn a living without turning to criminal activity. MS-13 is painted as the only workable solution to the near-dictatorship that has taken hold of the United States and young people are brainwashed into believing the failure to align themselves with the group will result in the continued persecution of them and their family by the elitist government.

4 Other Gangs Are An Obstacle To Total Control

For MS-13, nothing is more important than control. The aim of each clique is to seize control of all neighborhoods in their area, which means all other gangs are seen as an obstacle to their ultimate goal. MS-13 is an enemy to all gangs and makes it clear that any rival gang members found on MS-13 “property” will be executed in the most barbaric way imaginable.

In 2007, a member of the Long Island chapter of MS-13 by the name of Julio Chavez was arrested for the murder of a man he believed to be a member of the infamous gang The Bloods. As it turned out, the victim had no association with any group and was merely a civilian wearing a red jumper. Regardless, Chavez exhibited no remorse for the killing.

3 Arrests Must Be Resisted

Gang members often talk a big talk - many of them even walk the walk - but the vast majority of them come tumbling down when they are confronted by law enforcement. This is an example of common sense from people who seem to be totally devoid of it. They know hassling the police or resisting arrest will do nothing but increase the severity of their eventual punishment, therefore taking them away from their families and their gangs (which are often synonymous).

Members of MS-13, however, are taught from an early age that law enforcement should be shown no respect, regardless of the situation. For this reason, most news stories regarding the arrest of a member of MS-13 will feature a couple of lines about the suspect becoming abusive towards the police and resisting arrest in order to uphold the supposed honor of the gang.

2 Disconnection From Non-Gang Members Is Encouraged

Over the past couple of decades, MS-13 has evolved from a small organization arranged to protect El Salvadoran immigrants from Mexican aggressors as they crossed the border to something of a cult. Once somebody makes the decision to commit themselves to the group, they are expected to remain a part of it until the day they die (likely in some bloody gangland battle). To further its similarities to a new religious movement, younger members of MS-13 are encouraged to cut all ties with family members and friends who are not a part of the gang. This results in low-ranking members of the gang becoming dependent on their superiors, which makes them far more intimidated by (and far less likely to return to) the outside world.

1 Nicknames Denote One’s Personality

Nicknames aren’t exactly a new thing when it comes to gang life. In fact, even us regular folk have nicknames. The difference between the nicknames partitioned out by the leaders of MS-13 and those given by our friends, however, is that the latter is generally a play on one’s name while the former denotes a defining part of one’s personality. The nicknames of those involved with MS-13 can be pretty terrifying, particularly if the nickname in question belongs to a veteran member who has been around for long enough to show just what he is capable of. For example, a recent arrest of multiple devoted MS-13 members captured criminals with nicknames such as “Chucky”, a name taken from the infamously gory slasher film, and “Muerto”, which translates to “Dead”.

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