15The Lighthouse Keepers

Off the coast of Scotland, there is an island that is rumored by locals to be possessed by paranormal forces. There is a large, and now ancient, lighthouse that was once run by 3 lighthouse keepers. One day, crew members docked a monthly supply ship on the island and waited

for the lighthouse keepers to pick up their shipment, but no one ever came. Curious, the crew members decided to investigate.

Unable to locate any of the lighthouse keepers, the crew returned to their boat, leaving the silent island to its own endeavors. Authorities eventually returned to investigate, finding a disheveled kitchen, missing rain jackets, and one last log saying, "The storm has passed, the skies are calm, god is overall." It is suspected that the 3 lighthouse keepers were carried off by this storm. However, the storm did not exist, as it had not been recorded or seen by anyone else in Scotland.

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