15 Most Unsettling Mysteries That Still Can't Be Explained

One of life's greatest appeals is that it is a mystery. Coincidentally, however, this is also one of its downfalls. While not knowing what the future brings and where the lost things go can have some appeal, most of us can agree that knowing the truth is the most important thing of all. The truth is something that is often shielded from our eyes and minds, as knowing too much can make it hard to keep going through the motions of everyday life. As a result of this, governments keep information classified and unsettling cases unresolved to protect the minds of the public from encountering an information-overdose.

Despite all of this, people still enjoy reading about unsolved and creepy mysteries, and this is probably because it lets their imaginations run free. Is it aliens? Is it paranormal activity? Or is it something even deeper than that? For now, all we have are some of the puzzle pieces.

Life is strange, but you probably already knew that. In fact, those who think it isn't will surely have a rude awakening sooner or later. With so many unexplainable mysteries in this world, it is a wonder that many of us can sleep at night. Regardless, many of us have no issues plunging into a deep and dark beauty sleep every single night. All that may change after reading the following 15 unsettling mysteries, however.

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15 The Lighthouse Keepers

Off the coast of Scotland, there is an island that is rumored by locals to be possessed by paranormal forces. There is a large, and now ancient, lighthouse that was once run by 3 lighthouse keepers. One day, crew members docked a monthly supply ship on the island and waited for the lighthouse keepers to pick up their shipment, but no one ever came. Curious, the crew members decided to investigate.

Unable to locate any of the lighthouse keepers, the crew returned to their boat, leaving the silent island to its own endeavors. Authorities eventually returned to investigate, finding a disheveled kitchen, missing rain jackets, and one last log saying, "The storm has passed, the skies are calm, god is overall." It is suspected that the 3 lighthouse keepers were carried off by this storm. However, the storm did not exist, as it had not been recorded or seen by anyone else in Scotland.

14 The Fiji Cellphone

When you find a cellphone in a cab, it is customary to try and return it to its owner. Before doing so, however, looking through its contents can be a fun pass-time while on a taxi ride through Fiji. In 2015, a traveler found a cellphone and decided to do just that, but what he found on it petrified him to the core. On this cellphone was a 10-minute video of 4 men being murdered in the ocean. These unknown men clung to wreckage in the water, surrounded by ships while being shot at. Doing what any sensible youngster would do, the traveler uploaded this video onto YouTube, causing Fiji authorities to seek action. Problem is, however, that no bodies were ever found, making the case invalid to pursue.

13 The Malaysian Ghost Ship

The SS Ourang Medan was afloat in the ocean when its crew member first began to send out distress calls. The Silver Star, an American Merchant Ship, was off the coast of Malaysia at this time, and quickly responded to the S.O.S call. While on their way for a rescue, they received the message, "All officers, including captain, are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead," in Morse code. Shortly after, another message came through saying, " I die." When the Silver Star crew got onboard, they found every single crew member dead, with their eyes wide-open and arms outstretched in front of them. The crew quickly got off the boat and left to get the authorities. However, when at a comfortable distance, the SS Ourang Medan suddenly caught fire and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

12 Pauline's Mysterious Doppelgänger

Back in 1922, a little girl name Pauline Picard went missing from her family's farm in France. For the following week, search parties set out to try and locate Little Picard in the woods near her home but were unsuccessful. That same week, a young girl matching Picard's description was found wandering the streets of Cherbourg, a town situated 300 km away from the place of her abduction. Detectives showed photographs to Picard's mother, who instantly identified the little girl as her daughter. The family was reunited and life was good, for a while at least.

A month later, a neighbor stumbled past the decomposing body of a young girl while walking near through the Picard's land. Next to the body were neatly folded clothing items, which no doubt belonged to the body. The Picards later confirmed that the body belonged to their daughter and that the clothing matched what she wore on the day of her initial disappearance. Who then was the doppelgänger they had taken in?

11 The Barbadian Coffins

Barbados may be home to one of the freakiest mysteries to ever surface, but you can be the judge of that. In the early 19th century, rumors surrounding the Chase Family Vault in the Christ Church Parish became known throughout the island. This resting place was said to harbor supernatural activity. The Chase Family Vault is made out of concrete, and impenetrable unless opened with a key. Whenever it is opened, however, coffins can be found in opposite corners of the room, seemingly vandalized.

This family tomb had previously been owned by the Goddard family. As to not disturb the dead, the Chase family chose to leave a Goddard coffin in its confinements. However, whenever a new coffin was placed, it would be found overturned or misplaced upon the next visitation. Was the Goddard family coffin to blame? After all, it was the only coffin to remain unscathed, time after time.

10 Kenny Veach And The "M" Cave

The mysterious disappearance of Kenny Veach will surely send shivers running up your spine, as it has for countless others. Veach, a long distance hiker, commented about the "M" cave he had discovered out by the Nellis Air Force Base on Youtube. He stated that as soon as he'd neared the "M" cave, his entire body began to vibrate, and the tremors worsened the closer he got to the entrance. Petrified, Veach returned home from his hike, leaving the cave behind him.

Plagued by the mysterious cave, Veach made plans to return to its location and uncover the truth. Months later, he did just that, although this time he went equipped with a 9mm and a video camera. Despite all of his expertise, however, he was never seen or heard from again.

9 The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass is the story of 9 Soviet hikers who met an untimely end while on an expedition through the Ural mountains in 1959. On January 27, the group set out on their quest to conquer Mount Otorten, a Mansi name translates to, "Don't go there." The group was supposed to reach their destination by February 12th, but they never showed up, causing the authorities to be notified and a search to dispatch.

It wasn't until February 26th that the group's tent was found buried under snow. The tent was cut open from the inside and the campsite left in a haste. After searching the snowy forest, police found 5 out of 9 bodies and returned to search for the other hikers in early spring. To their dismay, they found that the 4 remaining hikers had succumbed to heavy physical injuries, some of which were comparable to being hit by a car. Who were their attackers? Why did they flee their tent from the inside? These are questions that have no answers, only speculations.

8 Ireland's Vanishing Triangle

There is a place in Ireland that locals refer to as the "Vanishing Triangle". This area is dubbed as so due to the unexplainable disappearances that occurred within its vicinity. In a 5 year span, over 7 women seemingly vanished into thin air in this location and were never seen or heard of again. The Vanishing Triangle lies within an 80-mile radius of Dublin, Ireland's capital city. Even more curious, was the fact that some of the missing women had disappeared while taking out the garbage or running errands.

It was later believed that these women had been the products of kidnappings, especially since they all fell into the same group of characteristics; brunettes under the age of 30. The most promising suspect for this case was Larry Murphy, however, no sufficient evidence was ever found against his person, causing these disappearances to be forever blamed on the Vanishing Triangle.

7 Man Vanishes From Crowded Bus

In the 1920s, there was a span of 30 years where civilians inexplicably vanished in Vermont. The area in which these disappearances took place was later given the name, "The Bennington Triangle". Authorities quickly ruled out the chance of there being a murderer in the area, as there were no patterns to those abducted. Both men and women, of all ages, seemingly vanished during those 3 frightening decades.

Perhaps the most curious case of all, however, was the one belonging to James Edward Tetford, a retired soldier who dematerialized while on a crowded bus. In all, there were 14 passengers present on the bus, all of which testified that they had seen him sleeping on a bench one second, just to notice him gone the next. To make matters worse, Mr. Tetford's belongings remained on his empty seat, but he was never seen again.

6 The Wow! Signal

Since the beginning of time, humans have toyed with the possibility of making contact with alien civilizations. Some, however, have been able to reach out a hand and touch fingertips with alien lifeforms, even for just a minute. Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Conjoin, two Cornell physicists, teamed up to create a radio transmission that could send powerful signals throughout space. Nearly two decades later, on August 15, 1977, their wish came true.

The alien signal lasted no more than 72 seconds and was sent from an unknown location near the Sagittarius constellation. This signal was received from over 120 light-years away and was so surprising that a volunteer at the time wrote down, "Wow!" on the original transcript — giving the signal its name. This mysterious event caused many people to believe in alien activity, however, this signal was never traced again.

5 Flight MH370

On March 8, 2014, 227 passengers and 12 crew members vanished from thin air while aboard the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Its disappearance was sudden, unforeseen, and inexplicable. Less than one hour after takeoff, Flight MH370 made voice contact with the Malaysian air traffic control center, indicating that all systems were a go. Minutes after, the flight lost all contact and deviated from its original flight path, as seen on radar. It was tracked for 30 minutes until it disappeared over the Andaman Sea.

Authorities tried to piece the puzzle together but to no avail. There simply wasn't an explanation for Flight MH370's behavior. There'd been clear skies, no distress call, and no mention of technical problems. Until today, what happened to the 239 people on the Malaysian flight is still a mystery, as no bodies were ever found.

4 The Valentich Alien Abduction

Frederick Valentich was last seen on October 21, 1978, right after leaving Melbourne, Australia, in his single-engine Cessna. On route to the King's Islands, Valentich encountered some strange activity, causing him to make radio contact with air traffic controllers nearby. Valentich asked if there were any other aircrafts operating in the area, to which the answer was no. Under 10 minutes later, Valentich contacted the air traffic controllers once more, this time insisting that there was some type of aircraft following him within close range.

During this exchange, Valentich described the vessel as, "An elongated cigar-shaped aircraft with a shiny exterior." Before Valentich's aircraft disappeared from the radar, he continuously said the words, "It is not an aircraft." Coincidentally, there were many UFO sightings reported to the authorities that night over King's Islands. Sadly, Valentich and his plane were never seen or heard of again.

3 The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey

The death of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey has greatly troubled the world for over 2 decades. Ramsey was born into a wealthy household and immediately recognized for her beauty-pageant talents, which quickly brought her to fame. What makes her murder even more puzzling, is that she was found in her very own home, along with a ransom note. This ransom note, which demanded $118,000 for her safe return was quickly disregarded, as her body was later found in the basement of her family home in Boulder.

Ramsey's murder has been a cold case file since its occurrence on December 26, 1996, as no worthy evidence was ever been brought forth. The fact that this young girl's murder was staged in her very own basement is all the more troubling, as this indicates that a person who had access to her home was responsible. However, no arrests were ever made, making the Ramsey murder case a mystery that may never be solved.

2 The Death Of Kendrick Johnson

There are few mysteries as unsettling as the death of Kendrick Johnson. Johnson was a high school student who showed a lot of promise in basketball. One day, however, Johnson went missing. He was eventually found deceased and rolled up inside of a wrestling mat in the gym of his high school. While his death reeked of murder, it was eventually ruled out as an accident — to his parents' dismay.

It is said that Johnson lost his shoe and fell into the hole of a rolled-up wrestling mat when trying to retrieve it. However, the autopsy concluded that Johnson had succumbed to blunt force trauma. Despite the evidence that Johnson's death was, in fact, a murder, the court ruled against it — forever burying this unsettling mystery.

1 The Crew Of Sara Joe

The crew of the Sara Joe consisted of 5 male crew members who lived in Hawaii. One day in 1979, the crew set out to sea on their fishing boat and were never seen again. Their disappearance was blamed on the storm that swept the oceans on that fateful day, but no one could know this for sure. Nearly 10 years later, the Sara Joe fishing boat was found on one of the Marshall Islands. Next to it; a shallow grave. However, when this grave was dug up and examined, authorities could only piece together the remains of one single missing crew member. Digging deeper, it would have taken the boat up to 3 years to drift to the Marshall Islands, meaning that the entire crew would have succumbed to starvation. This, however, leaves little explanation for who dug the grave.

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