15 Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside A Snake's Body

When you play with fire, you are bound to get burned. Just like when you play with snakes, you are bound to get bitten.

Some people like snakes and even keep them as domestic pets. Many people are totally afraid of snakes and suffer from herpetophobia, the fear of reptiles or amphibians. Even more serious is ophiophobia, which is a phobia dedicated exclusively to snakes.

Some interesting snake stats:

Snakes kill 50,000 humans annually worldwide.

In the United States, your odds of being bitten by a snake are less than 38,000 to 1. This equates to somewhere around seven to eight thousand bites per year. Your chances of dying from a venomous snake bite in the United States are roughly 50 million to 1. This amounts to about six fatal snake bites annually in the U.S.

Snakes are complicated animals capable of unhinging their jaws and eating just about anything they want to. More often than not, a snake's prey can be hundreds of times larger than its size.

We have compiled an interesting list of 15 shocking things that have been found inside a snake. When you play with fire, you are bound to get burned. Just like when you play with snakes, you are bound to get bitten.

15 How Many Snakes Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

In this picture, we see an X-Ray of a serpent who was not too bright in the head, so it needed to illuminate its belly. The most perplexing thing about this meal is that we can't determine why the delicate and thin glass did not break. A snake will usually bite their prey or squeeze it to death. Obviously, this was not the case in this instance. Of course, there is also another puzzling aspect in play here. Why did the snake eat the second bulb after eating the first one? Now that we think about it, there are a few more questions to ask here. Is this snake environmentally conscious? Were these "green" bulbs that conserve energy? Who pays this snake's electric bill? Since the other end does NOT unhinge like the jaw, will this snake ever eat another light bulb again after passing this one out.

14 See You Later Alligator…After A While Crocodile!

Alligators and crocodiles are considerably larger that most snakes. Here we see a snake eating the usually more dominant reptile who ranks higher on the food chain. Snakes eating alligators or crocodiles happens more often than you would think it does. The snake doesn't always win because the gator's jaws are so powerful it could tear a snake in half with one bite. In scenarios like this (where the gator is not the one doing the chomping), you must wonder if the gator was overconfident or fell asleep at the wheel. There was a situation in the news where both the gator and the snake died during the dietary duel. In that case, the gator was just too big for its fellow reptile and split the snake's stomach wide open. Neither one of them lived to bite another day.

13 Snake Eating The Snake That Is Eating The Snake Eating The Snake!

Okay now, you must admit that the sight here is as strange as it appears. A snake is eating another snake who is trying to eat the snake that is eating him. It would be a safe bet that the brown-and-white snake won this battle as the green snake has almost been completely devoured. Only the head of the green snake is still visible, and he has his teeth dug deep into his predator. The truth is that the green snake isn't even a snake. Although it seems like it's a serpent, it is actually a lizard. You can tell by looking at the eyes. Its eyes are not the round button-looking eyes of a snake. There is genuine fear in those eyes. A snake being eaten by another snake would be fearless as it becomes dinner. However, snakes DO eat other snakes.

12 Snake On Snake Violence

Now this is an authentic depiction of a snake eating another snake. Although you cannot see the eyes, you can clearly see that the creature being consumed by the hungry reptile has no legs. It is unlikely that the snake ate his legs first, so we can assume that this is a snake being eaten by another snake. Perhaps this snake is a fan of Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. One thing we can accurately assess is that this snake IS a cannibal since it is eating a member of its species.

11 If You Want To Know What's Eating Me…I AM!

This snake must also be a cannibal. Since there were no other snakes nearby, it decided to eat itself. This is another situation like the one with the alligator. Snakes eating themselves happens far more frequently than one would suspect it to occur. It must be a strange thing to witness firsthand as it happens. It must be like turning a sock inside out. Once the snake gets to its head, does it turn itself inside out? There were other photos we dug up in our private archives that are far too graphic to show. Those images did indicate that that's exactly what happens. The snake eats itself inside out. This would be a virtual impossibility for a human to do since it is difficult even to just bite yourself hard enough to draw blood.

10 This Will Really Get Your Goat

Here you see one of those cases we discussed in the introduction where a snake is trying to consume an animal that is considerably bigger than the snake. This slimy fellow is chowing down a goat. This goat was not even a fully-grown goat when it became dinner, cutting its growing days short. The only thing this goat will be doing from this point on is slowly digested. Based on the amount of grub on this snake's plate, he won't be hungry for 3-4 weeks. Now you know why a snake's grocery bill is so low. One goat a month, maybe a sheep or lamb as a snack, glazed donuts for dessert, and some milk to wash it all down.

9 I'll Have An Order Of Kangaroo Please

Here is another much larger animal that has fallen victim to the hunger of the scaly beast. This snake didn't want steak, chicken, or fish. It wanted kangaroo. This snake appears to have strangled that marsupial to death. When a snake wraps itself around an animal, it slowly squeezes the life out of the animal it has placed on today's menu. Once the snake is wrapped around you, as it has done here, it continues to squeeze tighter as you exhale. This allows you to suck in less air each time you breathe. If one could hold their breath for a few hours, the snake might give up and go away, but that is not happening. This kangaroo could not hold its breath and wound up in the belly of the beast.

8 Eat Crap!

Here's a snake in a toilet. If you live in an area where there is a snake infestation, it could happen to you. Some people go beyond common gender courtesy by not only leaving the seat down but the lid as well. Always look before you leap and before you sit on the porcelain throne to do your business. There have been documented cases where a snake has been able to navigate through the plumbing and the pipes and come up through the toilet. This list is about shocking things found inside a snake and not shocking places snakes have been found. We would not be doing our due diligence if we did not at least spark your curiosity and ask you to imagine what must be in this snake's belly, considering its location and what its options are.

7 Snake In The Grass, Errr...Snake In The Guts

This photo does not precisely show something inside the snake's stomach. It shows a snake inside a woman's stomach. Maybe she sat on the toilet in the previous section of this article. In any case, the X-Ray clearly shows that there is a snake in her belly. How it got there, through what means, one can only wonder. Which route did the snake travel to get to its destination? Did the woman swallow the snake? Did she somehow ingest a snake egg and it hatched inside of her? Is she married to a snake and this is their first child? Inquiring minds want to know!

6 Don't Forget The Eggs

This snake was destroyed and cut open because farmers believed the snake had eaten a newborn calf from their farm. The snake appeared to have an over-swollen belly which indicated that something quite large was in there. However, the snake was pregnant and had a couple of dozen eggs inside its belly. The discovery did not sadden the farmers. The snake would have eventually laid the eggs. The eggs would have hatched. Those snakes would have grown bigger and caused problems for the farmers by preying on the animals on the farm. They thought they were going to find a baby calf in there, but they found baby snakes and saved the lives of a few calves that would have made it on the snakes' menu.

5 Wildebeest Attack Me Or Will I?

This a photo of a python devouring an animal as large and as aggressive as a wildebeest. It is rare that you would ever find a lion this size in the belly of a snake, let alone a wildebeest. After this python's main course is through, the beast is left to the mercy of the serpent's gastric juices. This is something that would appear beyond shocking to be found in the belly of a snake. And although this may seem unreal, it did happen in this photo. Now, Mr. Python's belly will remain full for at least a week or two. That's enough time for Mr. Wildebeest's family and friends to flee the serpent's territory before they find their names written on the menu for the next meal.

4 Bringing Home The Bacon

Everything tastes better with bacon on it, doesn't it? This snake was in the mood for pork chops, a side of ham, and some bacon. As seen in the photo, the snake devours this plump little porker. This little piggy went to market because he wanted roast beef, and he won't be able to cry, "wee wee wee" all the way home. The sow's new home is in the belly of this snake, and the Big Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants, but the snake will probably eat him too.

3 Batman VS Python

Several factors of this photograph are strange and shocking. This snake is about to have a bat inside of it. This is no case of butterflies in the stomach. It is a bat! First, what is a bat doing near a snake? Next, we must examine the location. It is taking place in the middle of the street during broad daylight. Finally, would you look at the size of that bat? That is a pretty big bat the snake is about to eat. This snake is going to a severe case of bats in his belly, not bats in the belfry. This would be a shocking thing to see the aftermath of...without a doubt.

2 Man, What's For Dinner?

This incident took place in India. Initial reports claimed that this snake ate the town drunk who passed out in front of a local liquor store after having one too many drinks. Later, reports rebuked those claims by accusing the photo of being faked. There is something terribly big inside that snake's belly, even if it is not a man. If it is a forgery, it is an awfully good one, because it looks real. As we mention in the opener, snakes cause 50,000 deaths annually in the entire world and have been known to eat their human victims. Snakes cause more human deaths than any other animal if you discount mosquitoes, the tsetse fly, and man itself. Just like the snake that eats itself, no one kills more humans than humans.

1 Human Consumption Not For Consumption

We can speculate over the validity of the last photo all day long, but this image is the real deal. By the time this photographer snapped this picture of a snake eating this man, intervention was futile since the man was already dead. The photographer allowed art to immortalize life by visually documenting nature at work. Plus, you don't want to take a meal away from a ravenous snake, especially in this case when the man's life has already been lost. You might become a replacement meal for the snake...or possibly, its dessert. This snake was destroyed afterward so the man's remains could be collected for his surviving family members to lay to rest. While no one kills more humans than humans, in a morbid turn of events, humans value human life over the lives of all other animals.

Sources: National Geographic, World Almanac

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15 Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside A Snake's Body