15 Most Shocking Things Ever Drawn By Kids

Kids are known to be very unique artists. In fact, the art is so unique that child art is considered a style all on its own. Most kids love to color, paint and draw, showing little inhibition as they make their creations. Child therapists and counselors often have children draw their feelings when they have trouble expressing themselves out loud. In addition, teachers all over the world have gotten some absolutely crazy and downright shocking artwork turned in by children through the years. They are used to this, because so many assignments in school involve kids showing their thoughts through art. This, combined with the importance of developing fine motor skills, make for lots of opportunities to show their honesty and their true colors!

Beyond the funny, frightening or startling artwork, there are also some child prodigies that have displayed an incredible artistic talent from a very young age! The ability of these kids to visualize an idea and perfectly transfer it to canvas or other physical space is absolutely amazing...especially in a world where many adults have a lot of trouble doing more than drawing stick figures. But with all the funny, chilling or magnificent artwork that kids have created over time, here are 15 of the most shocking examples.

15 A Way With Words

Via: Pinterest

It really just does not get any better than a special occasion picture from a little kid! The reason for this is because kids have a tendency to say things in the strangest ways. Take this particular "happy retirement" picture that is obviously not drawn by a middle aged guy with a mortgage. At first glance, the picture seems to be a kid being brutally honest, wishing the poor retiree an early grave. But then when you dig a little deeper, you realize that the kid meant to write "I am sad that you're leaving." The English language sure can play tricks on you! Sure, kids say the darnedest things, but I am sure the recipient of the picture could not help letting out a little chuckle, despite the sadness of the kids.

14 Do You See Dead People?!

Via: WeLikeViral

Where do I even begin?! Well, look at these happy folks in this picture. Everyone seems blissfully happy and unaware of the shadowy figure off to the side. Mommy, Daddy and Julian are all holding hands and clearly a happy family. But the black, shadowy figure is clearly a part of the picture as well. It has the figure named "The Taking Boy," but it could be lacking a letter, making it "The Talking Boy." Either way, that's a heck of a creepy name and something Mommy and Daddy may want to investigate. Kids have imaginary friends all the time growing up, but this particular picture has the hair on the back of my neck standing up straight! Then again, it could be a kid that had just finished watching The Sixth Sense.

13 That's Not Playing!

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It would appear that this is the beginning of a story that the young artist was beginning to tell. If you were just reading the words, it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary. Two dogs playing together isn't really a big deal is it? Well when you add the artwork, the kid's definition of playing seems to totally change! It sends us all back to our own childhood, where we recall not quite knowing why those two dogs were playing... like that. The notion is shocking, hilarious and a little sad all at the same time. Nevertheless, I'm sure that someone had a little conversation with the child after they showed off their artwork. "A" for effort though kid, as you have some early signs of artistic talent in there.

12 Doodle For Google

Via: Google

Google offers some really cool stuff to the world! Beyond all the cool web stuff they've done for all of us, Google does an awful lot to help spark creativity in a variety of ways. One of the coolest contests they do is the "Doodle 4 Google" contest. In this contest, you can really see some amazing talent. Looking at the winner and finalists in every category is shocking all on its own, but take a look at this particular entry. The three dimensional design is pretty great, with most adults claiming an inability to do this type of artwork. Now be shocked to learn that this comes from a child between Kindergarten and 3rd grade! It's pretty cool to see such young children being so creative and using their talents.

11 Decapitation Artwork

Via: Boredpanda

Kids often do not have much of a filter. While they may know that they get in trouble for saying certain things, kids seem to think drawing is a safer zone to express themselves. They aren't considering that drawings like this are absolutely terrifying and cause for concern. Let's analyze this one, shall we? First of all, there are direct, written threats on here, saying that what is in the picture will happen to you (whomever "you" is.) I'm not really clear if the person is using a sword or chainsaw to cut off the head, but perhaps the most shocking part is that the person is happily doing it with a smile on their face! Until the kid gets some professional help, it may be a good idea to sleep with one eye open.

10 Kieron Williamson... Brilliant Genius!

Via: KieronWilliamson.com

Mr. Keiron Williamson displayed a unique and natural talent for painting from the age of six and never looked back. His parents realized very quickly that this was not a typical child artist. On the contrary... Keiron has been dubbed the next "Monet" and his work is taken quite seriously by collectors and professionals in the industry. Today, Keiron's work has been shown around the world and his work fetches an extraordinarily high price tag! What put him in the national spotlight was when at the age of seven, his first exhibition sold out within hours. He has made millions over the years creating the art that is inside of him. Shockingly, his parents work very hard to maintain as much of a normal life for him as possible, keeping a balance between art and typical adolescence.

9 Trapped Feelings

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Sometimes with children, what they show us on the outside is the complete opposite of what they feel on the inside. When we look at kids, we usually think of carefree innocence and pure joy. Too often though, children aren't feeling what we think. One of the best ways to determine what a child is feeling or going through is to ask them to color, paint or draw a picture. In this picture, the child obviously takes us to a very sad or potentially dark place. The faces show anger and sadness. It is not clear who is who, but it is obvious who the child is in the picture. She is also the one with a very sad look. Seeing pictures like this can shock us all, but they can also break our hearts wanting to give them a big hug and tell them everything is going to be ok.

8 Aren't Little Boys Cute?

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I guess it isn't really all that fair to assume that it was a boy that drew this. But let's be honest... little boys seem to be fascinated with farting. Imagine being the teacher that looked at this picture for the first time. I'm sure their eyes bugged out a bit and perhaps they had to suppress a laugh. Can't you just hear the kid saying that that's a picture of his mom, or perhaps older sister. Some kids may want to take revenge on their teacher and draw a picture of her letting one rip. Either way, we commend you little one for the detail you put into the fart clouds coming out of the rear end. It was also nice of you to label exactly what was happening (in case we didn't get it). Bravo!

7 Autumn DeForest...Another Example of Brilliance

Via: AutumnDeForest.com

There are art schools that specialize in training people to create different types of art. Just about any four year college or university will have some degree of an art department that offers instruction in this area. People spend a lot of money and a lot of time trying to learn different techniques, styles and find different types of inspiration to accomplish what kids like Autumn DeForest has as a child. Autumn painted the above picture at just nine years of age. Like the other child prodigies that have made the list, she has been painting from a very young age. She is now a teenager with her work commanding a pretty steep amount of money. We continue to be shocked by all that young people like her are able to accomplish!


Via: Smoth

The innocence of childhood can't be overstated. Sure, when you looked at this picture you knew exactly what was so shocking about it. Not only is this a pair of scissors, but it is written (with correct spelling I might add) plain as day that this is indeed supposed to be scissors. So while the kid is not necessarily the world's greatest artist, when you know exactly what you're looking at, it is pretty clear what it is. So we should all be absolutely ashamed of ourselves, but at the same time, it is both funny and a little shocking when you first take a glimpse. They are most likely supposed to be the big safety scissors we all remember from Kindergarten and that is ok with me. I think I will just go hang my head in shame for a bit.

5 Wang Yani...Monkeying Around

Via: Pinterest

Looking at this sweet little girl, Wang Yani, you can't help but be totally mesmerized and utterly amazed at what is in her little head. This brilliant little phenomenon from China is now 42 years old, but began painting at the age of two! Her work toured all across China when she was four and she became something of an international sensation in the art world. She loved to paint all types of things, but she was regarded for having loved to draw monkeys. While she has gone on to paint her entire life, marrying a photographer who can appreciate her love of art, she is still known today for the amazing work she did as a young girl, touring the world and in high demand as a genius of the art world.

4 What. On. Earth?!

Via: Boredpanda

I don't quite know where to begin. But it is very clear that this is perhaps one of the most shocking pieces of child art available. Where do I even begin? This appears to be a woman that is urinating. Please note that we have purposely blurred out the questionable image that was originally drawn, but I think you get the idea. I'd guess that this is urine due to the color and stream. What I can't figure out is if this is a bucket or a really tiny toilet. Now, why this girl has a wrapped gift in her hand is beyond me, but the whole thing has really got me wondering what on earth is going on here! The blurred image coming out from underneath a dress is also somewhat puzzling as well.

3 Akiane Kramarik... Soulful Genius

Via: Art & Soul Works

When you look at the work of artist and poet Akiane Kramarik, you can't help but feel humbled and truly amazed. The online gallery showing Akiane's works through the years allows the viewer to see how she has truly progressed and become one of the greatest artists of her generation. The above work was painted by Akiane when she was only eight years old! But not only does she have the gift to create visual masterpieces... she is also a gifted poet. Today, she is in hear early 20s, barely able to enjoy a drink with patrons at any of her many art exhibitions. People like Akiane make us all stop and remember to slow down and enjoy watching life unfold. She is able to perfectly capture life in all respects brilliantly on canvas.

2 Future Comedian...Or Criminal

Via: Heavy

This kid has a whole lot of pent up anger! The amazing and very shocking part of this picture is that we aren't sure if the kid is destined to be a stand-up comedian (one of the sarcastic, nothing bothers him ones), or perhaps a criminal. This kid is really not happy with his father, nor apparently someone named Jed. He has drawn a pretty good rendition of what we all know to be The Devil as well. He has a pointed question, wanting to know how they're doing in hell, which I guess is a pretty fair question. Sadly though, this young lad Joey has some real strong feelings about something and pictures like this shock us all when we first see them. Hopefully, someone sat down and had a nice long conversation with young Joey about his feelings.

1 Aelita Andre...Art Prodigy

Via: ABC News

This young lady is a ten year old abstract painter named Aelita Andre. The most amazing and shocking part is that she has been painting since she was about two years old! Aelita had her work featured in a gallery for the first time while she was still in a stroller. Now several years later and her passion has only grown stronger! As you can see, her work is very complex and her gift is very evident. Aelita is Australian and has been fortunate enough to have sold many pieces already at a premium price. Her work is highly sought after and has been featured all over the world. She speaks freely about the joy she gets from painting still today as this is quite literally something she was born to do.

Sources: ABC News, Doodle4Google, BBC

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